First time I was bred

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This is a true account of the first time I was fucked bareback.

OK then so after being based in Paderborn Germany I only had 3 1/2 years left in the army, I was and am still married.
An opportunity came up in which I would be posted back to the UK in a place called Aldershot (its a shithole) as I was at the time buying a house in Somerset, this meant that I would be going married unaccompanied to Aldershot.

So what does a horny solider do when he finds he has his own transport and lots of free time on his hands?

Well I went on a number of sites like Fabswingers, fabguys & Grindr. Well a couple of weeks in Aldershot and wasn’t getting any luck on any of them, so one evening I thought let’s have a look see who’s about. Scanning over grindr ( it was about 1400hrs at this time) and no-one was meeting when I see a profile photo of a really gorgeous pair of blinkers ( eyes) so I send a tap to that profile. Not really expecting anything back, but then 2 minutes later a message comes up.
“Hi, how are you thanks for the tap! You looking to meet?”
I was like wow straight to the point.
I replied I was hoping to meet and that I have not done very much with guys only been with a handful about 4 or 5.

So we get chatting asking what I’m into? As he was a top.

I was happy with that asked if he can accommodate inwhich he could, so he send his address I tell him I’ll be there in 20ish minutes.
So I grab my bottle of lube as he said he didn’t have any and I drive to the provided address and then receive instructions on how the get to his flat.

I knock on the door and this slim built guy answers in his dressing gown. He let’s me in we introduce ourselves and he shows me to his bedroom ( yes as you cam see zero small talk) so once in the I strip and he drops his gown.
I grab his cock with is a nice size 6.5 inches and a nice thickness too, so with my hand rou d his cock we start to kiss he’s clean shaven and smooth on his face ( and cock) he sicks is tongue in my mouth and he tastes nice as we are kissing I’m wanking his cock it’s getting hard and it feels great, he starts to kiss my neck and niples, reaches behind me and gropes my arse.

So he horny as I cam tell by his rock solid cock and I’m getting more turned on I feel some precum leaking from him, so I get on my knees and i take his cock in my mouth, he let’s out a little gasp as I take half of him into my mouth, I suck him slowly holding his cock with my right hand while massaging his balls with my left.
I can taste his precum and its tasty I suck the precum from his cock swallow it and then move my gob further down his shaft, sucking him and flicking the tip with my tongue when I move my head back up then I move back down taking as much of him in my mouth as I can, he pushes his cock further down my throat which makes me gag, while I am sucking him he is standing up his cock is so hard you could hang your coat off of it.
He says let’s move to the bed, so we do I he then starts to kiss me again and then says “bend over I want to rim your arse” so like the good bottom I am I do ( this is the first time I’ve been rimmed) he spreads my arse cheeks and drives right into my hole with his tongue, wow this feels amazing he’s tongue fucking my arse and I’m loving every second of it, I then let out a little moan so he trys to go deeper, I’m so fuckinv hor.y at this point I will agree to anything, he asks if I brought lube I say yes and then grab it from my jeans pocket when I return to the bed he straight away eats my cock taking it all in his mouth pulling my foreskin back with his lips I’m leaking so my precum at this point he just lick if all up then looks up and says ” I so badly want to fuck you”
I say please do I want to feel you cock in me.
He then looks up again from sucky cock and says “I don’t have condoms so are you have with RAW”

I tell him I’ve never done BB but ok ill give it a go.

He moves up and kisses me on the mouth again while he’s doing that he opens the lube and starts to apply it to my hole, sliding a finger into me.

I stops kissing me and say fuck your arse is tight.
He lubes up his cock pushes my legs up to my shoulder and rubs his cock over my lubed up arse hole.

He locates the entrance to my fun area and tries sliding into me, sadly he’s not having any luck getting in me so he tries again still no luck ( I’m thinking come on get it in there)

He say” let try doggy” so I trun around he puts the tip of his cock on my hole and applies a little bit of pressure then holds it there, I then start to rock back onto him and.he is right my arse is really tight.
I rock back and fourth when suddenly pop he’s in me oh fuck it feels good so I push back more till his entire sharft is inside me, I reach in between my legs and cup his balls.

He then starts to fuck my, pulling out most of the way and then pushing back into me balls deep, behind me fucking me slow and deep when I feel his hands move onto my waist and he grips a little tighter.

He then ups his pace speeding up but fucking my arse just as deep.

Oh my fucking god I think as I feel his pulling out then ramming back into me, I let out moans of pleasure which must have turned him on more as he really started to fuck me harder and as deep as he could get.

He’s fucking me I’m loving every second of it when he says “I’m going to cum, I want to cum side you”

All I can do is make a little pleasure noise and say OK.

So up until now I thought he was fucking me hard, fast and deep, shit he is going for a sprit finish pushing harder and deeper inside of me when he let’s out a load moans forces his cock as deep as it will go in me ( if he could have gotten his balls in to I think he would have done) and then I hear AAAHHHHHHH FFFUUUCCKK YEEESS MMMM YES FUCK, then he does a.couple more hard thrusts into me.
He’s kneeling behind me now cock still inside me I’m so turned on I then start wankinv my cock no more then 30 seconds latter I feel myself about to cum I tell hims “I’m going to cum” he says “do it’ I then shoot which looked like a bucket load of hot cum over the blanket he put on his bed.

Once I’d cum he then pulls out of me gets up and say” you have a.fucking amazing arse”

I ask to use his bathroom clean myself up gets dressed and thank him for an amazing hour.

He walks me to his door inwhich we kiss again, I get hard again.

Hoping he is the same , unfortunately he says thank you and he is going to have a nap now. If I want to be fucked again raw to find him on grindr.

Well sadly I never did meet up with him again but it did set me on a path to get more sex with guys, I never turn down sex these days.

That’s was.5 years ago I’ve since been fuck by more guys and fucked a few I may even tell about one or two.

And yes this is 100% true, and yes I did 24 years in the infantry ( regular) and still serving as a reservists army air Corps.

Hope you enjoyed the memory, I’m now going to ho back on grindr see if I can get more cock mmmmm

Thank you

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    Fuck yea cunt I was so fucking hard reading thst

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      Lol bet you wish you could breed me to

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    Yes, getting fucked like that is so fun. I will open the door to any cock that wants to use me.