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Young white girl attracted to a obese black man and latin man. PART 2

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A young preteen girls likes an obese black man

In part 1 i had just sucked off and old obese black man and swallowed his cum. I went back into the clinic and went into the restroom. and masturbated until i had a massive orgasim. I thought about Robs cock for the next few days. I was lookling forward to see him again soon. But he had to go out of town and would be gone a short time. Just thinking of sucking him again kept my pussy wet. He had awoken all this sexual feeling i had begun to feel. If a young girl my age could be horny than i was. I decided to turn my attention toward Jose. He is the 65yo Puerto Ricon. He had been a little bolder that Rob. He would grab by ass where Rob just rubbed it. So the next time i knew he had an appointment . I wore a pair of tight and short pair of shorts. My parents didnt like it but said that u r already here and dont wear those here again. I play the part i was very sorry and it wont happen again. IF my plan works i wont have to. I saw Jose in the waiting room alone, i walk thru of couple of times and noticed that Jose noticed. The last time i stopped and talked to hlim.. HE said u sure look good. too bad ur not older. I turned to walk away and he grabbed a fist full of ass cheek. I stopped walking and let his squeeze it longer and tighter. Before i went back into the office . I turned to him and said , dont let my age stop u. His eyes opened wider and his mouth was open. Jose was called into one of the treatment rooms. He winked at me when he walked by. I saw Jose when he checked out. He said see u next time pretty young one. I went into attack mode. Jose drove a large van . Because of his size he needed a large van. I followed him out to the parking lot. He got into his side and i opened the passenger side door and hopped in. He was so surprised. He ask me what in the hell i was do and what did i want. I didnt say anything and pointed toward his penis. He said Ok its yours; Like i said he was bolder than Rob. He undid his pants and underware and pushed them down. I moved over to him and grabbed his cock. It wasnt hard yet but it started to get hard as i played with him. i stroked his fat brown cock and cupped his large cum filled balls. Very quickly it rose to fat 10 inches. I took it into my mouth and started sucking him. i managed about 5 fat inches but Jose push my head down and forced 2 more inches in my mouth. i choaked alittle but i adjusted. He didnt last long. He called out here it comes little girl. He put a big tasty load of latin cum into my mouth. To my surprise i swallowed it all. He told me that was so good. He said he hadnt been sucked in a long time. He wasnt a virgin like Rob. I jump out and said see u next time.

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