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with uncle Jay

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My first time with my uncle jay it was great!!!!

My name is Lauren and I had to spend 2 weeks with my uncle jay, I’m 15 years old, and I have c cups with an hourglass shape and I’m light-skinned with black wavy hair.

My uncle jay is tall with abs and he’s white and has tattoos on his chest and right arm, he has shaggy dirty blonde hair.

The first day started with me settling in my room right next to his he helped a little and after that, we had pizza and watched a movie nothing out of the ordinary.

But the next day was weird while I was in the kitchen reaching for the granola bars and he came up behind me he laid his head on my shoulder and kissed my neck and pressed his hard cock against my ass I regretted wearing panties and a shirt I dropped down from my tippy toes making his cock wedge in-between my ass I gripped the counter and stuttered “u-ncle jay” he pulled away and kisses over my now very noticeable Hickey’s from him.

He patted my ass and told me to get cooking I was shocked and flustered I begin cooking and set his plate out going to my room.

I closed the door not thinking to lock it I bent over and reached my hand around into my panties I pushed 2 fingers inside of me and pumped my fingers in my now wet soppy hole.

I didn’t hear my uncle come in uncle my panties were ripped off of me and his tongue inside of me all k could do was let him he pulled away for a second and rubbed my clit.

His boxers were off and his shirt his cock ran up against my puffy slit “I’m gonna tear into your little pussy baby” I could only push my ass against it.

His cock plunged in and he pounded hard and fast nit caring if I was a virgin he covered my mouth and continued to go at it for hours.

The end

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    @Ren how can I get ahold of you I like to talk to you more

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    Ok story, some spelling errors, but lacking details to make it a better story. Just another wam-bam-thank you stories

    • Ren

      I dont remember asking?