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Abused in the changing rooms

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When I was 11, me and my friends got tied up, abused and raped by 16 year old girls in the school changing rooms. It wasn’t as good as it sounds.

Me and my mates loved it in the changing rooms after sports practice, we liked it in there because there was a gap at the top of the wall that divided the boys changing rooms from the girls, we always climbed up the piped to look over and watch and film the older girls getting naked and changed out of their gym clothes.

They somehow found out that we’d been doing it for weeks and this one day when we had an after school sports match, when everyone else had gone home, the girls were waiting for us in the boys changing rooms.

Three of us were alone, the only ones left in the changing rooms, we were getting a shower when the girls ambushed us, there was a support beam in the middle of the shower room, part of the building structure, and they used rope and tied all three of us naked around the circular beam.

They confronted us about our behaviour, we apologised and begged them to let us go, I mean we were only 11 and these girls were 16 and we were scared, they raped us.

I know it sounds odd for boys to get raped but as I said we were only 11 and although we were spying on them because we liked to see naked girls, our brains weren’t really in the sex zone yet, we weren’t ready to what they were about to do to us, it was emotionally and physically painful.

They went around tugging on all our cocks and flicking our balls with their fingernails, it hurt, but our bodies still reacted to the physical contact and we all got boners from it, one by one they jerked us all off and made us come.

But that wasn’t the end of it, they kept us in there for hours tormenting us and our cocks, a few of the girls bent over and forced our cocks in to their pussy and ass holes and they fucked us violently, it was humiliating also because the other girls were filming everything.

My mate to the left of me was crying while one of the girls was sucking him off, he had a small amount of blood on his cock, she must have been scraping her teeth on it.

They tied us up, humiliated us, filmed us, abused our cocks, made us all come several times and made our cocks so sore none of us could pee for days without it stinging really bad.

We learned our lesson though and didn’t spy on the girls again.

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  • Reply jackyboy

    i hoped that you and your friend find a way to repay them ten times…..