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The Job Interview

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An unexpected email sends a college professor to a mysterious job interview that promises to change the rest of his life in so many perverted ways.

Here I was above 20,000 feet as the only passenger in a private jet bound for “Who the FUCK knows where?”, with my head covered by a leather bondage hood, dressed like a maid in pink and my ass stretched with a steel butt plug and all I could think about now was if this was the day my perversions were going to lead to my demise or if it was going to be the most amazing day of my life?

To tell this story, I need to go back a bit. I grew up a pretty normal Midwestern kid that went to college, majored in English and Creative Writing, and after graduation became a teacher at a local Junior College. Throughout college and into my early teaching career I was trying to write that next great American novel that would allow me to call myself an “Author.” I did get a couple of books and short story collections published—mostly at my own expense—but none of them sold enough copies to recoup my investment or convince any publisher to get behind my work. As I gained teaching experience, I was able to get work at several other colleges teaching a variety of classes before finally ending up at a small liberal arts college in a small town where I settled into a comfortable, but very boring, job as a professor of creative writing. I made enough to pay the bills, but not much more.

Because you are reading this, you are obviously more interested in the perverted side of my life, so I need to give you some background on that. Like most kids my age, I looked at porn magazines whenever the opportunity was available. My Dad had a nice stash of magazines that became well “used” by a horny teen. He also had magazines that included letters from readers with incredibly hot stories. Well before the internet, this was my first exposure to erotic stories and dominance and submission as a kink. I saw my first porn movie in a theater close to my college dorm and it was amazing just because it was real sex in every combination a young perv could imagine. I recall vividly seeing a movie where a couple guys fucked and then pissed all over a woman. I was hooked.

Despite all this exposure to smut, I was a virgin until after college and extremely shy around women. Porn constantly reinforced how incredibly small my cock was compared to the cocks I saw on screen and in the magazines. But I wasn’t just comparing myself to those cocks. I had seen many others in showers in school locker rooms and knew that mine was nowhere close to average. I am sure that added to my nervousness around women and my attraction to submission. I went out on a few dates and even got a little serious a couple of times but none of those relationships lasted. The real sex was never close to my fantasy sex life and I could tell that no woman was thrilled or even slightly satisfied with the sex my cock could provide. And I completely understood that. Over the years, I did see a couple of pro Dommes for a session or two but it never seemed to approach the feeling I got from my imagination. So I was eventually resigned to being a bachelor and getting off while watching or reading porn. Thank God for the internet.

At some point when I was about 35 years old and my writing career was at a low, I wrote a short story that fit into the erotic fiction genre and submitted it to one of those smut fiction web sites. They posted it, and within a few hours I was getting feedback and I had more readers in the first day than read any book or story I ever published. So I wrote another one and again got a great response. I now became even more obsessed with these stories. Because I craved submission myself, many of my stories included a male sub and humiliation of various degrees. But my writing explored kinks of every type and over time became more and more extreme as I wanted to write about anything and everything that turned me on. So more traditional BDSM stuff evolved into stories with severe pain and abuse, piss, scat, beastiality and featured younger and younger characters. Not that I had done any of these things in real life, but I still loved the intensity of the scenes and the taboo nature of it all.

My life then became pretty predictable. I taught class all week long and tried to teach my students how to become competent writers, while at home I might be writing a story where a wife was being gangbanged by a pack of dogs as she watched her husband get raped repeatedly by the next door neighbor and his teenaged boys. And my life continued that way until a month ago.

It was the end of the Spring semester and I was scheduled to be off work for the next month before the next class I was teaching started. Like most days, I logged into the private email address I used to submit my perverted stories to see if there was any new feedback and I was greeted with an email with the subject line: “DON’T MISS A LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY **********.” I almost deleted it reflexively as spam, but then froze when I realized that the subject line included my full name. I had set up this email account specifically for absolute privacy because of the nature of the stories I wrote and I had NEVER used anything resembling my name in any email from this account, ever. So, I opened it. The email started with a header that included my name, my home address and the address of my office. It also included my cell number and my office phone number. It then said:

“It is not my intent to scare you with the information above. I include it only to indicate that I am completely serious about this job opportunity as I would not have spent to the time or money to learn all this information about you, if I was not.

I believe your writing talents are being wasted in your current position. I have a job opportunity that I want to talk to you about that will change your life in every way you could possibly imagine.

This email is going to be my one and only contact with you. None of the information at the top of this email will ever be provided to anyone else. If you are interested in knowing more about this job, you must call the number at the bottom within the next 48 hours for further instructions. If you don’t call, I understand and wish you all the best.



Over the next few hours, I read it several more times, trying to understand what it might really mean and if I should actually call the number. I even started to dial it a couple of times before I hung up and did something else. But eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I called. It rang about 3 times before it was answered and a female voice greeted me. She answered with my name and by thanking me for the call. And then she was short and very direct: “My boss will be thrilled you chose to contact him about this job opportunity. He wants to interview you in person this weekend and let you know what the job is all about. We will send a car to pick you up on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. You should plan on being gone all day.” I tried to ask a few questions to get some more information about the job but was just told that she couldn’t provide any more details over the phone and that I really wouldn’t fully appreciate it without getting together in person. Just before we ended the call, she told me to dress comfortably and get some rest because it would be a long day. I thanked her and hung up the phone.

At that point, my mind was racing. Do serial killers have people that arrange meetings and send their car to pick you up before they decapitate you? That sounded like a hassle. Could it be someone wanting to arrest me for what I had written? Writing porn, even extreme porn, was not illegal as far as I knew. And they obviously know where I live and work so if that was the plan they could have just done that. And financial blackmail on my salary couldn’t possibly offset the cost of the investigation to find me. So I decided to get up early Saturday morning and see what this was all about.

Saturday morning finally arrived and I woke up very early and shaved and got dressed. I wasn’t sure what “dress comfortably” exactly meant so I put on a button down shirt and khakis and waited for the car. Right on schedule at 7:00 a.m. there was a knock on the door and a man dressed in black told me to follow him. I walked out to the street and was surprised to see a limousine parked by the curb. I got in the car, and without a word we pulled away. About 15 minutes later, the limo left the freeway and made a few turns before I saw us enter a very small airport and head directly towards a large private jet with its stairs down next to the single runway. The limo stopped at the bottom of the stairs and I was directed to get on the plane.

As I boarded the plane, I saw it could have easily seated more than two dozen people very comfortably but it was modified so that there were now only first class airline seats for six passengers. It also had several couches and beds, a big screen TV and a bar. I was the only passenger on the plane, but after a few seconds I was greeted by a flight attendant who exited the cockpit while slightly straightening her top. I also got a brief glimpse of the pilot and it looked like he was just buttoning up his pants. The flight attendant, who introduced herself to me as Amber, was, to put it mildly, gorgeous. She looked to be in her early 30s. She had long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail with full lips and incredible blue eyes. Her clothes looked a little like every outfit you see on airplanes today but the skirt was much shorter and the top cut quite a bit lower to accent her breasts. The shoes were also not standard airline issue. She had on black six-inch stiletto heels. Finally, she wore a spiked collar around her neck. There was no doubt this was not going to be like any job interview I had before.

I was told to sit anywhere I liked and she brought me an orange juice. “I was so excited when I got your call for the interview. I love working here and I know you will too,” immediately recognizing the female voice I spoke with a couple days ago when I called. She said there would be a few things we would need to do just before we landed, but for now I should just relax and enjoy the trip. The next hour was nothing unusual as I finished off a couple of glasses of orange juice and glanced at some magazines that were next to my seat. But my attention changed when suddenly the room darkened and a movie came on the big screen. It opened with a naked guy on his back on a padded table. His feet and hands were secured and his cock was locked in chastity. His head was also strapped to the table. As he looked on with his eyes wide open, you see a person from off camera start to secure a dildo gag to his mouth. About 2 inches were inserted into his mouth while another 8 inches stuck straight up. A female voice then let him know with a giggle that now the “real fun is about to begin, at least for me.” With the scene set, the camera pulls back showing the woman who is in charge. To my complete shock, it was Amber wearing the identical outfit she had on today. If that was not surprising enough, she then turns her head, looks directly into the camera, smiles and says “This is going to be the most incredible job interview you’ve ever had ****.” As she said my name, I turned my head quickly back looking for her, but saw I was alone for now.

In the movie, Amber didn’t hesitate to remove her thong, climb up on the table, and slowly bury all 8 inches into her completely shaved pussy as she faced his caged cock. I noticed she had a small letter “C” branded on her pubic area with a design that looked vaguely familiar. She slid up and down for more than 10 minutes, cumming twice and covering his face in her juices while telling him that despite her orgasms, he had not done nearly enough yet to earn the same from his pathetic little cock. After she finally climbed down, she removed his gag, spit into his mouth and said “I hope you’re thirsty.” She then reached to the side and grabbed a big champagne glass, put it between her thighs and slowly filled it to the top with her piss. She then held up the filled glass to the camera and winked. With that, the movie faded out and the lights came back on.

“Drink,” was all she said as she appeared at my side and handed me an identical champagne glass. She smiled as I slowly drained all the warm piss down my throat. “Good boy.” I know I was blushing bright red. “We are not too far away from where we will land so time to get you ready. I laid out your outfit for the interview in the bathroom. You need to strip completely naked.”

I nodded and stood up and without thinking said “Yes Ms. Amber.”

She smiled and almost purring said, “Oh, so polite. You are going to work out very well.” As I walked to the bathroom to change, she stopped me and said, “No slut, I meant you need to get naked right now.” I hesitated for an instant but then started to disrobe. She urged me to hurry up as I took off my shoes, socks, shirt and pants but then her eyes lit up as she saw I was wearing pink panties. “Mmmmm, what a perfect sissy you are going to make. But you need to give me those too.” As I pulled them off and revealed my hard but still very tiny cock, she just shook her head. “I can see why you didn’t have much success keeping your girlfriends. I hope you have other talents in the bedroom. Now go get changed.” Completely naked, I walked to the back and went into the bathroom.

Airplane bathrooms on private jets were evidently nothing like I was used to. This bathroom was pretty much the same size as a luxury hotel bathroom with a huge walk-in shower. My outfit was on the counter next to the sink. It was obvious that whoever put it together was very familiar with the stories I had written, especially the early ones. There was a pair of pink crotch-less panties and matching pink bra. To put on over that was a pink sissy maid dress that fit perfectly. There was a pink collar to put on along with cuffs at the wrists and ankles. Finally, there were some pink female flats to wear as shoes. When I finished dressing, I walked out of the bathroom and back into the main cabin.

“Turn around for me.” I did. “Very cute, slut,” she said. “I decided to put you in flats for now because you will be walking quite a bit today. But don’t worry, one day soon I will put you in shoes with heels as high as mine. Now just stand still for a second so I can finish your outfit.” Ms. Amber then added padlocks to the cuffs and told me to bend over. As I did she pulled down my panties and I felt lube at my asshole before a plug was forcefully popped in. “Oh, that was way too easy, slut. You have done this many times before. I am going to have to get you a bigger one in the future.” She directed me to sit back down. “OK, I have one more thing to add.” She then came over with a black leather hood that she worked slowly over my head. The collar was then put through the loops in the hood and tightened and locked on at my neck. The hood had holes at the eyes and mouth and a couple of holes at the nose to breathe. When it was in place, she snapped a blindfold over the eyes, inserted a small cock gag into my mouth and snapped that onto the hood, and locked my wrist cuffs to a couple of straps I don’t recall ever seeing on the first class seat. “Mmmmm; very, very, nice. You are all ready and we will be landing in about 20 minutes. So relax and practice your cock sucking skills and just think about what is to happen, my little whore,” she whispered in my ear.

The next 20 minutes went slowly. I felt the plane touch down on the runway and slowly come to a stop. I felt a cool breeze as the door to the plane was opened. “Come on, slut, time to go.” I felt Ms. Amber snap a leash onto my collar, release the straps from my wrists, and give the leash a slight pull as I was led from my seat towards the door. “Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” she said as she helped me down the stairs outside the plane one step at a time. I walked forward slowly and was guided into the backseat of a vehicle. I then felt the car pull away.

“It won’t be too much longer, pet. Sorry for this part. This is a beautiful area that I really wish I could show you, but you have not been hired for the job yet and for reasons you will soon learn, absolute secrecy about our location is critical. It will take about another half hour to get to our destination. I will take the gag out for the rest of the trip, but the blindfold needs to stay on.” I rode in silence the rest of the way before I felt us make a few sharp turns on a long winding road and hearing what sounded like a big mechanical door open. The vehicle rolled forward and came to a stop. The same sound of a closing door was then heard behind me. At that point, the blindfold was removed and I saw Ms. Amber smiling. “Come on, we’re here,” and she pulled the leash to get me out of the car.

I saw we were now inside a building with blacked out windows and a double-wide garage door. It was only Ms. Amber, myself and the driver in the otherwise empty room. “I want to welcome you to what the people here affectionately refer to as “The Zoo.”” I was told it got that name because this place provides a home to some of the biggest sexual animals from all over the World. Alright, come with me. It is time for your tour.” She continued to hold the leash as I was led over to an elevator which then went down 5 floors before the doors opened wide. I saw there were 8 floors listed. “Yes, as you can see, for some very important reasons, most of this building is not visible from above ground. Come on, time for you to see what this place is all about.”

After walking down a long hallway and making a couple turns, we were suddenly looking into a well-lit open room through a large piece of glass. “The glass here is only one way. We can see them but they can’t see us. They can’t hear us either. The big screens you see with close-ups from various angles are broadcast to several locations in the building.” What I saw was a naked guy that looked to be about 25 years old that was bent over face down on a short padded bench that secured his arms and lower back tightly. His head and ass were completely exposed. He was completely hairless from head to toe. He had a huge ring hanging down from his pierced nose. The one camera angle showed the words “LIFE SENTENCE” branded in large letters into the flesh of his ass. There were welts crisscrossing his back with some drops of fresh blood on the floor under him. I wasn’t sure what he did to get here, but it must have been real bad. His balls were gone. “The guy you see in there is a very special long term guest of ours, though very much not of his own choosing. His cock was actually quite impressive when he got here. But after they castrated him in one our medical rooms, his limp dick was painfully squeezed through an obscenely narrow and well lubricated titanium tube until the cock head finally popped out the other end. At that point, it was probably impossible to ever get it off, but just to make sure, rivets were driven through the tube and into his cock at both ends. That tube is only coming off now if his cock comes with it.”

With him were two very muscular men with enormous cocks. The Hispanic man at his head grabbed his ears and forcefully stuck his cock in his mouth. It looked like all his teeth were gone. As the cock pushed deeper you could hear him struggle to breathe as I saw his throat stretch with each thrust. At the same time, the black man at the other end stuck his massive cock into his ass. He must have been filled frequently because the man went balls deep with that monster in one hard push. The restrained man could only respond with a loud groan that was muffled by the cock down his throat. The fucking at each end continued for almost 10 minutes before I heard both men grunt and cum deep inside him. When the man at his ass pulled out, he immediately inserted one of the biggest anal plugs I had ever seen. The man at his head stuck a huge ball gag in his mouth and strapped it on tight and then chained the nose ring to the bench so he could only move his head a couple of inches. He had a blank stare on his face. They then both turned and left the room without a word and turned out the lights.

I think Ms. Amber could see that I was more than a bit shocked by my first experience at “the Zoo,” but what she said next only made it worse. “That was just his first session of the day. He still has three more to go before his day ends. He has now been here more than a thousand days with the same schedule. Sadly for him, I don’t expect this to end before his life does. ”
Ms. Amber grabbed the leash and we went further down the hallway before stopping in front of another well-lit room. “It’s Saturday. This is a good day for you to be here. On weekends, there’s usually a lot of fun going on.”

In the room, I saw an attractive, slightly overweight, middle-aged woman alone and naked on all fours in on the floor. She had what looked like a short tail extending from a plug in her ass. The door to the left then swung open and a woman dressed in leather led in a Bullmastiff on a leash. “BITCH, you know the rules, wag your tail to greet your Mistress and your Master!” She wiggled her ass to move the tail back and forth. Clearly this was not the first time for either of them as the woman in leather then released the leash and simply said “King, fuck her!” and the dog wasted no time in mounting her. He put his powerful legs up on her back and grabbed on tight and his bright red cock found her pussy immediately below the tail. The naked woman was pushing back to get more of it inside her. You could tell when the dog had knotted her as the woman let out a huge gasp and then King started pumping hard and fast. In less than a minute, both of them began cumming. The dog then repositioned himself so they were butt to butt as his knot was now locked inside her. I heard the woman cum again even harder just a few minutes later as his cum continued to flood deep inside.

“We should probably move along. King isn’t going to pull out of her for at least 10 more minutes. And she will be here all day if we want to see more. I think her record is 8 dogs in a session. She left her husband after she decided that she only wanted to be fucked by dogs. Her tramp stamp that her Mistress in there required her to get, says “BITCH” with a couple of dogs humping the letters on each end. She has her own dog at home but comes here a couple times a month to be used all day long and to please her Mistress with how low she is willing to go. I bet the more than one thousand employees at the company she runs would love to see this, right?” I nodded as I tried to process even some of what was happening in front of me.

The action in the next lit room we passed had clearly been going on for a while. There was an older man strapped backwards and naked to a large cross with bloody marks from his neck almost to his feet. His unimpressive cock was hanging limp. Standing beside him was a woman of about 60 years old, dressed in rubber with her hair pulled up in a tight bun. Across from both of them in a large bed was an attractive young woman in her 20’s who was being fucked by a very well-endowed and muscled black man. As he fucked her faster, you could hear her getting closer and closer to orgasm. When she finally did cum, the woman in rubber immediately turned to the man tied next to her and began counting out a series of cane strikes as she struck him again and again, finally stopping at 11. The fucking continued before the familiar sound of an approaching orgasm began again and the young woman screamed with pleasure as she went over the top. The older woman then took a single tail and began counting out whip strikes to his naked body, this time stopping at 12. The man fucking her finally finished with a loud moan as he blasted his cum inside her pussy. With no hesitation and no comment he got out of bed and left the room.

The woman in rubber then said, “Are you ready to end this now and have me release your husband?” She seemed to think about that for a moment and then shook her head decisively “No.” “OK then, NEXT!!!” And with that another black man with an even bigger cock entered the room from a side door, climbed into the bed and immediately started fucking her. A few minutes later another even louder orgasm hit which resulted in the woman grabbing the cane again and striking the bound man 13 times with even more force. She needed to use smelling salts after the last blow to keep him coherent. I did notice his wife look at him briefly from the bed almost like she had some regret, before she turned all her attention back to the man fucking her and pulled him inside her tight with her legs and kissed him passionately. His orgasm and hers hit almost simultaneously causing the woman to strike her husband 14 more times, again counting out each strike of the whip over his screams.

“This is a breeding session for his wife,” explained Ms. Amber. “It turned out her husband shoots blanks so she wanted to get knocked up by a stud. The beauty here is he is also paying a big financial price for this humiliation and pain. His wife wanted the baby to be black so that all of their friends will know he couldn’t do the job, humiliating him even more. Her pleasure and his suffering today will stop only when his wife chooses. But this may go on a lot longer than both of them expected since the staff here just might have slipped something extra in her breakfast to make her uncontrollably horny today. On the positive side, there’s a good chance she will be pregnant when they fly home tomorrow. But if not, they will both be back next time she is ovulating to try again.”

Ms. Amber then took my leash and led me down to the end of the hall where we got back on an elevator, this time going down to the bottom floor. At that level, I was led down a short hallway to a room with a couple of tables and told to sit down. “It’s about time for lunch so wait here and your meal will be here shortly. I need to run for a bit but I promise I will see you again this afternoon. Oh, and in case you get thirsty….” She grabbed a glass off the shelf, put it between her legs and filled it up. She set the glass in front of me, smiled and kissed me gently on the top of my leather hood.

As I sat all alone, I looked across and saw the opposite wall was fully mirrored. It was really the first time I had an extended look at myself. Here I was a respected college professor that was now dressed like a sissy maid in all pink with locked cuffs, a locked collar and a leather bondage hood. I was turned on and mortified at the same time as I savored my drink from Ms. Amber.

About 10 minutes later the door opened and two girls that looked to be about 16 years old walked in carrying trays of food. They were identical twins. Both had long red hair and both were barely dressed. Their breasts were covered with thin bikini tops which their nipples poked through prominently. Their waists were covered with matching short plaid skirts. One had a “J” and one had a “K” tattooed on the top of their right breast. You could see as they moved that they were not wearing panties. Their feet were bare. They sat across from me, introduced themselves as Jamie and Katie, and asked me how I was enjoying my visit. I smiled as best I could in the bondage hood and told them it was “amazing.” They began eating lunch in front of me as I watched across the table. Jamie then stopped eating and said, “Aren’t you going to eat?” I looked at her for a moment. “Get under the table now slut, we have your meal ready for you.” I froze a second before I understood and I slipped out of my seat and onto my knees and crawled toward them. Jamie grabbed my head first and pulled it between her thighs. She had a tight grip as I extended my tongue into her dripping wet pussy. She put her legs over my shoulders as she began bucking against my tongue harder and harder as she finally came, juices drenching my tongue.

Almost before I could catch my breath, Katie said “My turn” and pulled me over between her legs. She seemed even hornier than Jamie as she had my head in a death grip between her thighs and I struggled to breathe between licking and sucking her throbbing clit. Her orgasm sprayed even more cum into my mouth and onto my hood. The girls were clearly not done as they now pulled me out from under the table and pushed me flat onto my back. My cock may be tiny but it was hard and sticking out of my crotch-less panties as they pulled up the skirt of the maid uniform. They giggled as they saw it but that didn’t stop Jamie and Katie from grabbing it and taking turns stroking it.

As I was getting closer and closer to cumming the door was suddenly thrown open and I heard a young female voice say loudly, “Cunts! Let go of his cock, it’s mine.” Startled, I tilted my head from the floor and was stunned one more time. Standing just inside the room wearing a form fitting latex top and skirt, holding a riding crop and carrying a duffel bag was a girl that couldn’t have been more than 12 years old. She had her dark brown hair cut very short. Her lips were a dark red. Her nipples poked out from her latex top and I could see they were both pierced. Her nails on her hands and feet were painted a matching dark red. Her spiked heels seemed obscene for a girl of her age. She snapped her fingers and pointed and both Jamie and Katie scrambled to their feet and bent over side-by-side, pulling up their skirts to expose their naked asses.

Both girls were apologizing repeatedly, promising it will never happen again. “Please Mistress, we’re sorry!,” they kept pleading. But that didn’t help as she began striking their asses back and forth with a crop, not stopping until they had each received 10 hard blows and were whimpering.

“Now go sit in the corner, it’s my turn to play.” They did so without delay. The young Dominatrix told me to get up off the floor and sit back down at the table. When I did, she walked behind me and I felt her undo the padlock on the collar and pull it off. This allowed her to remove the hood from my head. The cool air in the room on my sweaty face felt great. With the hood off she put the collar back on and locked it. She then moved to the other side of the table facing me. “I like to see who I am talking to. My name is Sarah. You will always refer to me as Mistress or Mistress Sarah unless I instruct you otherwise. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Sarah.”

“Good boy. My grandpa said you are here to interview for the job opening and he thinks you’re the perfect guy to fill it. Though seeing how you are dressed right now he might have meant the perfect sissy bitch to fill it. I have read a couple of your stories and your mind is as fucked up as some of the people that come here. My grandpa sent me copies of a few of them about very young Dommes abusing pathetic men. Was that supposed to be you in those stories?”

“Yes, Mistress Sarah,” I said as I blushed.

She grinned. “How cute! Well I guess it is time to see if your fantasies can live up to reality.”

Mistress Sarah then got up from the table and went over to her duffel bag. She reached in and pulled out a strapon that was not extremely thick but must have been 10 inches long. She ordered her “cunts” Jamie and Katie to assist her. “I had them both tattooed with their first initial a few months ago so I could tell them apart.” She removed her skirt and stepped into the strapon, pulling it tight. “I have some that are longer and thicker but this seemed about right for our first meeting.” I was then instructed to pull off my panties and bend over the table and spread my legs wide. As I did, she reached in and pulled the plug roughly from my ass. “Alright, let’s see if you are as big of a slut as Amber promised.”

She poked the head of the cock at my opening and it slipped in without resistance. She slowly moved forward, imbedding it inch by inch. She was balls deep very quickly. “Well it looks like I needed to bring a bigger one, slut.” She then grabbed my hips and began fucking me. She went fast, then slow, then fast again. She continued for about 15 minutes before she finally pulled out. “I bet Amber that the strapon would make you cum, whore. Looks like I am going to need to try something else.”

Mistress Sarah then went back to her bag, took off the strapon and pulled a long latex glove onto her right arm. She covered it in lube and then returned to her place behind me, working her hand in one finger at a time into my stretched hole. She finally was able to slide her hand in and didn’t hesitate to make a fist. She then started to piston her arm in and out, finally getting all the way past her elbow inside me. But while I was very close, I still didn’t cum despite the prostate stimulation that was causing me to constantly drip pre-cum.

“Fuck!” she said. “I can’t believe you didn’t cum from that. Get on your back NOW, bitch!”

“Yes, Mistress Sarah.” I dropped to the floor and on my back.

She then stepped over my head facing my feet, one foot on each side, her hairless pussy directly above me. “Look up, slut. It’s time for you to show me the same talents you showed my “cunts.”” With that she lowered herself onto my tongue and put all her weight down on my face. She was drenched. I licked hungrily as her clit stiffened in my mouth. She slid back and forth coating my face in her juices. After 10 minutes she stopped moving and her thighs squeezed tight. I was filled with a gush of her cum which I swallowed as quickly as I could. My cock was throbbing as it stood up and continued to leak pre-cum. I felt her relax for a second before she said “Open wide, NOW!” I did and her piss filled my mouth. She then screamed “Drink it all, you fucking toilet!” and with those words, and completely to my surprise, I orgasmed with no one touching my cock. And this was not a regular masturbation orgasm. This was a “HOLY SHIT, is this ever going to end?” kind of orgasm, as spurt after spurt of cum shot from my cock. My orgasm and her flow of piss seemed to stop at about the same time.

“Wow! I guess I know now how to make you cum. I think that was as much fun for me as it was for you.” She stood up and ordered me to lick my cum up. I did my best to scoop what I could off my legs and clothes and licked all the cum off the floor. She then tossed me the butt plug and panties and told me to get ready. My well stretched ass easily took the plug and I had the panties back on a few seconds later. As I was trying to straighten my clothes, she put her skirt back on, pulled a leash from her bag and attached it to my collar, and led me from the room. “Cunts, get this room cleaned up and get back to your bedroom and wait for me. Your punishment is still to come.”

We walked down another hallway in this maze of a complex before finally getting to set of massive double doors at the very end. We entered those doors which took us into a small reception area with a nicely dressed receptionist sitting at a desk. In the vast majority of businesses, I would expect that a 12-year old Domme leading a guy in a sissy maid outfit on a leash would get a look of shock or at least some curiosity. Not here. The receptionist barely looked up from whatever work she was doing and simply said, “Sarah, your grandfather will be here shortly. He said you should both go in his office and sit down.” She pressed a buzzer and Mistress Sarah was able to open the door to his office. She led me in and pointed to a chair directly across from a huge desk that filled the back of the room. Mistress Sarah sat beside me in a matching chair, still holding the leash. Minutes later the door from the side opened and an older man in a designer suit walked in. I recognized him before he introduced himself. He shook my hand and took a seat behind the desk.

The man sitting across from me was Mark Crandall—the Billionaire with a Capital “B,” Mark Crandall. Some called him the richest man in the world. A man so rich and powerful that other billionaires deferred to him. It was now no wonder he was able to discover my identity. Looking at his granddaughter sitting to my side, a lot of information from the National news suddenly flooded back to me. Sarah Crandall was the only child of Mark Crandall’s only child John. John Crandall and his wife Susan—Sarah’s mother–died in a random terrorist bombing at a restaurant while they were on a business trip overseas when Sarah was just 2 years old. She was then raised by her grandfather. She was even a featured part of a segment about him on “60 Minutes” when she was just starting kindergarten. They discussed what the future might be like for the sole heir to the Crandall fortune. But at age 8, Sarah was thrust back into the news for all the wrong reasons. Reports emerged of a sexual assault at her grandfather’s home that was linked to the college-aged son of one of the VPs of one her grandfather’s many companies. His name was Steven Jensen. Jensen was arrested, but while awaiting trial he fled to Europe. Photos and videos emerged online showing him partying at various European hotspots for a couple of months, before the sightings abruptly stopped. And as some other news story became more interesting, the search for him disappeared from the headlines.

“You clearly know who I am, and if you are as smart as I know you are, then you remember what happened to Sarah a few years ago.” I nodded. “What you might not know, is that the guy you saw in the first room you passed this morning, was Steve Jensen. Yes he did flee to Europe as the news reported and yes he did flaunt his celebrity at a bunch of parties. But what the news networks never learned was that my search team caught up with him in Prague and brought him back here so we could administer our own brand of justice. So he was castrated, had his cock imprisoned and was sentenced to the life you witnessed this morning. He will be brutally raped and beaten multiple times each day for the remainder of his life. But don’t think we are completely cruel. We make sure he is force-fed with the worst tasting, but highly nutritious, thick paste so he stays healthy enough to make his life sentence here last as long as possible.”

“As for Sarah, the attack was very hard on her. As you can see from this place, I am not against starting sex young but it should be up to the parents or in this case, the grandparent, when the child is ready for it. And Sarah was not. After this happened, it took several years of intense therapy to enable her to put that trauma in her past and training her as a Domme has been a big part of that. I know she enjoyed branding him one letter at a time. Letting her feel that power and control when it comes to sex has finally enabled it to become a pleasurable experience for her. And as you just found out, she has become quite talented at it.” I looked at her and she was blushing, suddenly looking more like grandpa’s little girl and less like a Domme. “And from what I have seen, she seems to really like you too.” I looked at her and she was smiling at me and nodding.

“But now let’s talk about why you are here. As you have seen from just a few examples today, “the Zoo” is a haven for just about every sexual depravity you can imagine. Our guests typically pay a huge price to take advantage of our facilities and our ability to cater to just about every kink. But so many exciting things happen here and so few know about it. I want to change that. So my plan was to hire a writer to archive some of the day-to-day activities of this place. Names will be changed so identities are protected, but the stories will be written exclusively for all the members of our special group to read. My assistant Amber called my attention to your work after I told her what I was looking for. Your writing was so vivid and touched on so many extreme perversions that I thought you would be even better when you got to see and experience it for real.

Amber was assigned the task to investigate you thoroughly before you ever got the email from me this week. Some of your former students probably still wonder why they got a random call asking a bunch of questions about their teacher. And you should be pleased to know that she said all your ex-girlfriends had only nice things to say about you. I think Amber was even happier than I was when you called for the interview. The video you watched on the plane was entirely her idea.” I was blushing. “Everything I have learned about you, and everything I have seen today, tells me you are perfect for this job. Money will not be an issue. This job will start you at triple your current salary and you can expect generous annual raises and bonuses. We will also provide you with a beachfront condo in town. So what do you think? Are you ready to come work here?”

While I wanted to say “YES” immediately, the whole day had been so crazy that I wanted to make sure I was thinking a little with my head and not just with my cock. But before I could answer, he said, “There is one more thing you should probably consider before you decide.”

Mr. Crandall then stood up from behind his massive desk and walked around to where I was seated and sat on the edge of the desk facing me. “The internet keeps very few secrets, but I think my family managed to keep this one off Reddit,” he said. “My Dad taught me when I was Sarah’s age that to get what you want in business you need to always be the one in control. If they know you are the Alpha, they will fall in line. Just after my 12th birthday, I went into a conference room with my Dad as he met with one of the most powerful men in Europe. They exchanged pleasantries and talked about business things I didn’t understand for about an hour. When it looked like the meeting was wrapping up, I was expecting all of us to leave for dinner. But instead, my Dad approached him, shook his hand and then pushed him to his knees in front of him. While I looked on wide-eyed, without a moment’s delay, the 60-year old billionaire unbuckled my father’s pants, pulled out his 9 inch cock and immediately began sucking it. My Dad joked that he was getting much better after all these years of doing business together. He was pleased that he hadn’t hesitated in front of an audience like he did the first time he was told to suck his cock in front of his own wife and children. It took about 10 minutes before my Dad shot his load down his throat. The man didn’t miss a drop and thanked him for his cum. As my Dad put his cock away he said next time, “my son will feed you too since I am training him to run the family business.” And when they met again a month later, I did feed him my cum for the first of many times. His grandson now runs the business and takes my cum whenever we sign a new contract.”

As he finished his story, Mr. Crandall got back on his feet and shook my hand, looked me in the eyes and then pushed me to my knees in front of him without a further word. The message was clear. He took hold of the leash from Sarah as I removed his belt and slid his pants down. His stiffening cock was straining against his underwear as it snaked down his right thigh. I used both hands to pull down underwear causing his thick cock to spring free. The size showed he had not only passed his Dad in wealth but also had a cock that beat him by a couple of inches. I was very inexperienced being in this position. While I had written many stories about sucking cock, I hadn’t really done it other than an aborted attempt a few years ago at an adult bookstore near campus. Mr. Crandall seemed to sense my lack of skill and he began to direct my performance. He had me start by kissing the head and sliding my tongue along the slit until it was wet with my spit. He then told me to open up as he held my head firm in place with the leash. He slid in slowly an inch at a time until I started to gag then pulled back and repeated it. Over and over again, he would slowly get a bit deeper before he would pull back. My saliva was coating his cock and dripping down on my pink outfit. He never got close to getting the entire monster down my throat but got a nice thrust going as he fucked my open mouth. This continued for almost 15 minutes before he pulled out and let me regain my breath.

“A very nice first effort,” he said. “My Dad was usually happy with a blow job. But I want to be balls deep to really feel that business went well, and sadly so few can take 11 inches down their throat. Good thing there are other options.” He then tugged suddenly on the leash and brought me back to my feet for a moment and then bent me over the desk. He pulled my wrists behind my back and clipped a carabiner into the rings on each cuff securing my arms together tight behind my back. He lifted the bottom of the dress so my ass was exposed and the crotch-less panties provided easy access to the plug. He grabbed the plug and pulled it out roughly. “The strapon fucking from Sarah should have your sissy cunt prepared for this. But I told her to make sure the strapon she picked was narrower and shorter than I am so that you would remember every moment of this interview. Tell me the truth, have you taken a man’s cock before?”

“No Sir, Mr. Crandall.”

“That is the answer I was hoping to hear, boy. Then it is time to pop your cherry.”

He didn’t skip a beat after that. He pushed his cut cock head firmly past my anal ring and began going in inch by inch. He would slide back a bit and then go deeper. Each time it would feel like there couldn’t be more but then he would repeat and I would feel a new sensation deeper inside. After about 10 minutes I felt his balls against mine. He held it there for probably a minute before he leaned his body over my back and whispered in my ear, “Are you ready to be bred, my Bitch?” I just moaned. He then stood up, pulled back on the leash firmly and began to fuck me like I had seen with Steve Jensen earlier. There was nothing sensual about this. He wanted me to know who was in charge. I am not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point I started to push back to meet his thrusts. “That’s right Bitch, show Sarah and Amber how much of a cock slut you really are!” I hadn’t realized until then that Amber was now smiling and watching my deflowering too. Just a few minutes later, Mr. Crandall let out a loud grunt and I felt one blast of hot cum after another fill my ass. It took a while before I felt his cock slowly soften inside me. As soon as it did, I felt my bowels suddenly flooded with his warm piss. The flow continued for a couple of minutes before it stopped. He pulled out and immediately popped the thick steel plug back in place securing his cum and piss. “What do you say after being used as a cum dump and toilet, slut?”

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Never forget that. You will keep that inside until you get home tonight, boy.” He smacked my ass several times before he told me to sit back down.

“Now, back to business. Are you ready to come work for me?” I looked at my host, and Ms. Amber and Ms. Sarah.

The answer was easy, “Yes Sir. I would love to work for you.”

“Perfect,” was his one word reply. He then pushed a button on his phone and instructed someone to bring in the contract.

A few minutes later, his receptionist wheeled in a cart and rolled it next to his desk. I couldn’t tell what was on it, but Amber went straight to the cart and began preparing something. The receptionist handed me the contract and a pen and I started to read. The pay and benefits were far more than I could ever make as a Professor. It was probably more than I could have made if I was President of the college. It started as a traditional contract with lots of legal language but it eventually got very specific about the limitations on sharing information about this location, this facility or the people that visit, live and work here. It didn’t provide any specific details of what might happen if I breached the contract other than mentioning “severe penalties,” in bold red letters but I had seen enough today to know that the consequences would be bad. I signed the contract and handed it to Mr. Crandall.

“Thank you. I also sign every contract too, but not on paper. Sarah, get him ready!.” His granddaughter got out of her chair and took the leash and led me over to the ornate wall where I noticed for the first time there were a number of hooks embedded in the wood. She secured my ankles first then my wrists so I could barely move. She then pulled up the hem of the maid outfit out of the way and used a wide strap to secure my body tight to the wall, leaving my cock exposed in the crotch-less panties. As this was happening, I saw Amber with an open flame on the cart and what I recognized as a branding iron starting to glow red.

“Oh, look; I think our newest employee might even have an erection, or what he claims to be an erection,” he said. “I am sure he has figured out what is about to happen so he must crave pain more than I expected.” They laughed and I am sure I was blushing shades more red than my outfit. “If you were paying attention to the video on the plane, you couldn’t have missed my signature on Amber.” I then saw the familiar Crandall company logo on the opposite wall and matched it with the branding that was on Amber’s pubic area. “It was lucky for you that you shaved this morning. Burning pubic hair stinks and makes it hurt more.”

“Amber, since you like this one so much, I will let you decide. Do I gag him or do you want to listen to his screams of pain?”

Ms. Amber smiled and walked over to me very slowly and silently. She stood in front of me and stared into my eyes for a long time. She then reached down without breaking eye contact and gave my hard cock a couple of quick tugs. She then put one hand into her panties and a few seconds later took her dripping wet fingers out and slid them in my mouth. “Suck.” I tasted her juices as she pushed her fingers in deep. After she removed her hand, she gave me a soft peck on the cheek. “I want to hear him scream.”

Amber then took a pair of scissors and cut off the panties as Mr. Crandall put on leather gloves and walked back with the glowing branding iron in his hands. “This is going to hurt more than anything you have ever imagined. But the pain won’t last long. It just might seem like it is a long time.”

Amber whispered in my ear, “Scream for me, slut.”

Moments later I felt the branding iron pressed firmly a few inches above my cock. There is a brief instant where you feel the pressure but no pain, then the pain goes from 0 to a 100 all at once. And I screamed louder than ever before. The branding iron was removed quickly but the pain just hit again and again in waves. I screamed several more times before I just started to almost hyperventilate and whimper.

“OOOOOO, you are such a good boy,” Amber said as she kissed my cheek again. Her words seemed to calm me down as my panting slowed. It was now just a severe ache.

“Welcome to your new life at the zoo,” Mr. Crandall said as he put the branding iron back on the cart to cool down. “Sarah, get a picture of my signature and have it attached to the contract. You can just relax for a few. Amber will put some salve on the branding in a couple of minutes and you can fly home without panties to let it breathe. I look forward to reading your work very soon.” With that, our business meeting was done. Mr. Crandall turned away and walked back out of the room.

The trip back was far less eventful. Now that I was under contract, no blindfolds were needed for the trip back to the airport. The island was beautiful. In town, Ms. Amber pointed out the luxury condo where I would be living. We sat and talked the entire way back on the plane, getting to know each other outside of the many perversions we clearly shared. I learned that her main job at the zoo was organizing the types of “experiences” that I had seen earlier in the day. As she told me about some of the most extreme requests, I could see why a place like the zoo was needed. The public can be pretty forgiving, but it would be hard to convince any studio to hire an “A-list” actor that loved drinking horse cum and sucking horse cock. They might even try to take back his Oscar.

Back at my apartment, Ms. Amber removed the plug from my ass and drained the cum and piss mixture into a cup. She then watched and smiled as I swallowed it all, recording it on her phone and texting the video to her boss. “He loves things like this almost as much as I do.” Amber then surprised me when she gave me an extended kiss on the lips, exploring with her tongue, and said, “Slut, don’t forget I have read most of the stories you wrote. There are so many twisted things I am going to do to you.” I couldn’t wait.

Amber stayed for several days and helped me give notice to those that mattered and pack the things I would be taking to my new job. She threw out all my male underwear and took me shopping at a store near campus to get replacements. I know she loved telling one of my former students Becky who worked there that all of these panties and lingerie were for me. They were both laughing as they debated which ones would make my ass look best to fuck. Since we were alone in the store, Ms. Amber even had me model the sluttiest outfit for both of them. After we finished spending more than $1,000 there, Amber gave her a business card and invited her to call if she was looking for a better job after college.

When I arrived on the island the following week, I told Mr. Crandall it was only fair that the first story posted on the new site should be all about the writer who would be telling the stories about everyone else. He loved that idea.

And so as I now sit at the kitchen counter in my new condo wearing new pink panties and lingerie with a pink leather collar locked around my neck and my cock secured in chastity, watching the sun rise over a quiet beach, and smelling sizzling bacon coming from the stove; I look up from my laptop into the bedroom and see Ms. Amber getting out of our bed looking even more incredible than the first time we met less than a month ago. She was completely naked except for the keys to my collar and chastity cage which hung down on a necklace just above her breasts. She gave me a big smile and motioned for me to follow her into the bathroom for my morning “juice” as I hit “Send” on the screen and the first story of my new life was uploaded.


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