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Please Mister (Part 5)

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Sorry its bit long winded!! needed to tye up some characters. Pardon the pun. I hope like minded readers enjoy. No pain, No Kane in these chapters??

Tara Kane. Age 16, lays naked on a mattress she has just urinated herself on. On her right hand side laying on her back moaning in agony is Sarah Murphy. Tara’s friend and co-rape victim Jane’s sister. Her ordeal has caused her terrible internal injuries and Tara sobs heartily at the image of the young woman fighting and losing the will to live. Her moans are now a whimper and as she looks at Tara with fading eyes Sarah breathes her last breath. The rooms silence is deafening as Tara stares at the lifeless naked woman. She wonders if this is her future too and turns, curling into herself and crys herself to sleep.
John Kane had been looking forward to getting home but his daughter Tara fucked up his plans by contacting the police. “Fucking witch. Now Tommy wants a meeting and he’s pissed at her and me.’ meantime at a police station in the city D.I. Liz Brannan is briefing her team. “OK. Guys, I know you’ve all heard about your colleague Julie. I can’t say anymore than she’s suspended at present. What she left out telling them was Julie was indeed suspended. In a special interogation room given over to Brannan with a given, special dispensation in her methods of extracting information. Ex DC Julie Vargas was currently hanging from a wall mounted set of stocks, her petite body naked, bruised, every orifice on the lovely 22 yrs old blond has also been thoroughly raped. She would be left in brannans care until the case was finished, or until Liz had had enough of her juicy spurting pussy.

Tommy’s gang were aware of this however as another informant on his payroll told him they were raiding his warehouse and brothels the next day. Tommy was livid. “You knew she was going to tell the cops. Why the fuck didn’t you stop her. Dumbass!! If the Albanian didn’t think you were going to be an asset to us in parliament, you’d be fucking headless by now. He’s not called the chopper for fuck all John. you prick!” The chastised politician just sat in his car and said nothing. “You go home get your fucked up family and slut wife and await my orders you hearing me cunt.” John hated having to listen to this thug but had no choice. Tommy was his old pedo gang leaders nephew and had been blackmailing the perverted parliamentarian for last two years. Coincidentally Tommy’s uncle was the old bastard who had coerced and repeatedly raped Tara and Jane last year? Danni Kane was also listening to her orders being relayed in her ear piece. “Yes uh huh yes. I know! Oh for fuck sake, why? they’re only kids You know.” Danni paused as the voice In her ear angrily interjected. “Im very aware she’s cute, I know she does but…!!” More angry words. Yes I hear you Tommy, loud and fucking clear. I’ll have everything ready. No no one’s called about Tara or her dad yet.” Danni’s call disconnected. Danni knew she was being constantly watched so.. She did as told? The unusually clothed mother brazenly, in front of her 11yr old son Leo. Hitches up her dress drops her cotton knickers and presents her freshly shaved, musky cunt in his face. Leo grins, wraps his little hands around mummy’s arse cheeks and pulls her pouting slicked fanny even closer. The son slots her clit to his mouth whilst inserting two fingers inside mummy milfs silky fuck hole. “Leo…!! Mmm…oh you naughty boy.” Danni purrs, holding the 11yr old boys head tighter between her shaking thighs. “You’ve certainly learned real quick what mummy likes baby.” She croaks, humping her hungry fanny on his little hand.

Tara’s awakened by the noise made from Tommy’s henchmen. They’re unceremoniously wrapping Sarah’s dead body in her blood soaked sheets. She’s dragged off the filthy bed and hauled out like rubbish. Tommy appears along with a gorgeous eastern european looking woman. He looks at the dirty, piss stained bed Tara lays on. She stares tearfully back at him. “So your the bitch that snitched hmm?” The female walked around to stand at the other side of Tara’s bunk. “Pity.” She drones in a thick accent. “What a beautiful body” She remarks, pushing Tara onto her side to view her
alabaster white arsecheeks. “Many euro’s we would have got for this ass and pussy. Not to mention her other abilities?” Tara hears past tense in her grammar? She swiftly looks at one then the other. Trembling she stammers “I, didnt.. I never told them anything. Truly, honest….!! Please let me go home? Please Mister, don’t hurt me??” ~ “Hurt you!! I should fucking kill you. You little bitch. You any idea what bother your fucking phone prank has caused us.?” He points to the female. “This lady isn’t going to get her new girls for another month thanks to you. That’s a lot of money you’ve wasted my little rape bunny.” Tommy has his cock out and is toying with Tara’s ginger pubes as he speaks. She flinches and squirms, watching their every move as the woman watches Tommy she unexpectedly cups the terrified teens small firm boob in her right hand while her left prizes Tara’s legs a little more apart for Tommy to molest her pissy pussy a little further. “You are going to have to work real hard to pay us back cunt. Aren’t you.?” The woman’s hands Caresse the trembling teens nubile body, she pulls the embarrassed girls legs a little further apart. Tara stares wide eyed as Tommy’s raging boner is bobbing in front of her terrified eyes. The perspiring child is so engrossed watching his every move that she squeels with fright! When suddenly, the woman’s long nailed index fingers surreptitiously slink inside her greasy jailbait cunthole. Stretching, teasing her arousal further when she feels her clit thrumbed. Tara groans cursing this invasiveness in protest. Dissent is cruelly slapped into silence while the duo’s molestation and ravishment go on. Tommy slowly wanks his thick erection Tara affraid her rape is imminent watching it grow harder and harder. The giggling woman cruelly humiliates Tara, swearing at her while brutally abusing her young tits and pussy. Tommy arches his back, pulling faster and faster as he’s nearing his finish

Tara squeals again and the woman sighs. Tommy’s arse clenches again as his balls deposit his spurting hot sticky spunk over the delectable looking 16yr olds fuckable minge. He stands with his dribbling cock in hand for a few seconds. The woman kisses Tara’s left tit while reaching her hand onto the girls cunt mound gently collecting a fingerful of hot jizz, she forcefully inserts it into the petrified child’s mouth. Saying. “Oh your a good girl aren’t you my pretty one. Real slutty good!! I hope your back door feels as good princess, coz I’ll be opening it up for use real soon angel.” She runs her finger down Tara’s cummy chin to her tits, over her stomach and slowly down to her twitching pulsing, spunk covered pubic mound. Tommy is shoving his cock into his jeans while watching the woman toy with the girls mucky cunt. They both suddenly exit the room. Tara lays crying her cunt and nipples tingling the salted taste of cum in her mouth. She looks down tween her thighs and touches her barely turned 16yr old pussy thats now clinging in cold jizz.

Meanwhile John Kane hasn’t arrived at his family’s home? Danni is frantically trying to contact him, she’s worried?Something has happened? Tara and him should be home by now. Tommy’s gang were very insistent that all the family be home tonight?? This order alone has Danni Kane having kittens. Why tonight? What deviant perverted things can they possibly want from her and her children. Children she thinks??Not any longer. They’re just pre teen and underage porn actors. Its just they don’t know it yet. The hidden filming and sound equipment still only in Danni’s knowledge. Janet and Jane would be horrified to know she’d involved them in this live fuck fest, on a 24 HR reality stream online.
John Kane sits looking at the traffic whizzing past the lay-by. Hands free on he says. “Hi, no I’m still not out of London?” He lies. “What’s the hold up. Isn’t Tara finished with the police. When are they coming here John. I’m scared for the kids and you two!!” ~ “it’s taking them longer to check the information she gave them. I’ll let you know when we’re on route.” Danni stared at the phone her eyes tearing up.She jumps when the tone in her earpiece alerts her to pay attention.
Danni listens, thankful she’s alone in the house. She walks wearily to the kitchen. Danni being already semi nude!! The perverts online are demanding some action, so Danni as requested calls for a delivery from the deliveroo company. She then chooses a firm thick banana from the bunch. Grabs a can of whipped cream from the cuboard then hops onto her long worktop pulling aside her damp red thong, revealing her well trimmed, fat cunt which is pouting at the cameras. Her vest has been pulled up around her neck giving full view to her great looking titties. Danni splays her thighs open, sprays her tits and cunt with cream. She puts a dollop on the banana and without hesitation as expected by all watching. Danni inserts said fruit into her moistening pussy slowly fucking herself while licking cream from her left tit. Nipples like studs her messed up fucktube is soaked with her juices and cream. The cameras zoom in and out on her fuzzy frigging hand and engorged labia. The thrusting yellow phallus appearing to be eaten then regurgitated by her foaming wet fuck hole. Danni puts on a good act and as she’s nearing the twenty minute mark she hears the doorbell. Danni walks very unsteadily to the door. “Hi there” The look on the old black man’s face said it all. “Oh just bring it to the kitchen will you please?. Im rather busy with something!! Be with you in a minute?” The humiliating evidence of her messy masturbatory act displayed for his gaze. Sloppy banana and musky thong left laying on the floor. The poor man was trying not to look at this horny, gorgeous milf who’s practically naked and obviously hot for a fucking. Danni on the other hand IS staring at the older man’s crotch and boy was he packing. Danni seductively tells him to “wait please.” as he turns to go. “I’d like to give you a tip?” She purrs, pulling the vest down to expose her left tit again. The man gawps and stares as she suddenly puts his hand onto her creamy cunt. He doesn’t need anymore hints. Seconds later. The streaming clientele are being treated to the sight of a large black mamba thrusting in and out Mrs Kane’s sloppy fanny. The old guy fucks her mercilessly, hammering her into the sofa. Mauling her tits with his mouth and her porcelain white arse with his big black hands. Danni thrashes around orgasming again and again. The man looks into her eyes, he see’s the tears running from both corners. Stopping thrusting he leaves his long hard dick inside her. She nods at him and he pulls off her without cumming. As he’s about to pull his pants up, Danni grabs his long thick snake takes it into her mouth. He doesn’t hump or move a muscle letting Danni do it all until he’s flooding the sobbing milfs mouth with spurt upon spurt of thick salty spunk. She looks up at him, teary eyed and looking very ashamed. He lightly fingers her hair saying. “Thank you lady. I sure appreciate that tip? I won’t tell a soul girl. It’ll be our secret.” Little do you know mate she thinks as he trousers his snake and leaves. Danni heads for a shower and a rest feeling rather stretched below and sad in her heart. Is this what she’s good for in this life. A whore who performs on a whim for perverts and pedophilic psycho’s. She sobs heartily as she climbs the stairs.

Meantime Tommy is clearing out and moving out. He has been informed to move by his Albanian partner and ultimately his boss. Adrian Lucasj. AKA Chopper. So called as he is reputed to have cut off the heads of prisoners he took during the Balkans conflict. He also removes other limbs and appendages allegedly? Helps to serve as a dire warning to anyone who steps out of line or betrays him. As some can attest to. Tommy is well aware of this fact as he gets his trafficked victims and brothel workers away to the rendezvous place. Tara will be going with the other gorgeous young models destined for the high end market buyers and rich clients. Within two hours the gang are gone. The operation being very thorough and well practiced at clearing out pronto when required. Danni was sad about Tara being with the police. If only she knew just who her eldest daughter was with? She looked at the time. Those other two scamp’s should have been home by now too. “Aw I don’t get it boss. How did we miss them again?” “Because someone higher up the food chain than DC Julie Vargas tipped them off that’s why Marko. We need to find out who that is? This is getting bigger by the hour. OK wrap it up here will you. Get what evidence you can and I’ll make my own enquiries internally. Keep anything you find between us mark that’s imperative got it.?” Mark nodded in agreement. Liz contacted someone in the cyber unit she knew and used for assistance now and then. “Hi, any luck with that phone number I asked you to check out earlier Chloe?” ~ “Huh, was a time you’d ask me to check out more than a phone number Liz?” ~ “play your cards right, who knows girl?” ~ “Yeah sure, well I traced the last IP address to a mast near Slateford docks area. Pinged twice about 2hrs ago then switched off?”
~ “well what’d yah know? I’m just leaving there now?. Cheers Chloe. I owe you a stiff one and I don’t just mean a drink babes!! Be in touch. Real soon sexxy. Thanks again. Bye.” Liz turned around and went back to the warehouse to speak to DS Walsh.

Jetmir is going about his work sorting out the rooms for later and keeping watch on the girls for Luba. He pulls the phone from his pocket and having found a charger that fits, plugs it in and goes to check up on his charges. Tara and the others are huddled in a large outhouse. There’s a bed and bedding for four. A dining table and four chairs, a small toilet and sink. It’s locked from outside and no windows as their boarded up. It’s dismal,dank and reeks of its last inhabitants. The girls are all similar in looks, height, age and stunningly gorgeous. Tara is 16. Adriana and Ajola are 15. Jillian is youngest at just 14. All have one thing in common? They’re mid teen-aged, innocent looking. Tara is a ginger, Jilly is blonde, twins are jet black. All have pale complexions. No one has been forced into sexual acts except Tara, who is the only one to have been molested in any physical manner as yet. The British girls find the other two are able to communicate as Adriana talks English and relays their conversations. Jetmir enters the room and they stare in fear of his threatening demeanour. Nothing he’d love more than to strip these little cumdumps and ruin they’re pretty holes before throwing them into the Tallinn brothels. Not so nice as they’re intended destinations. Satisfied all are ok and secure he leaves rubbing his crotch in their direction. Jilly bursts out crying. Tara just closes her eyes and prays silently in the dark…

Emma and her friends are all chattering about boys and getting felt up and who’s done what and where?
The usual tall tales are spun but none as tall as Emma Kane’s. Her best friend Carla dares her to prove her story? Carla and Emma sneak into Carla’s dad’s shed and Carla phone’s her little brother. Soon theirs a trip of young lads aged 10 all eager to see the sights promised for a couple of quid!! They all cream in and using the torches on their phones the boys and Carla watch as Emma duly unbuttons her blouse and pulls up her bra releasing her 14yr old firm titties. Carla giggles as the boys look on wide eyed. Emma then hitches up her short school skirt revealing her white cotton panties the yellow stained crotch very pungent as well as damp. Little Ronnie asks if he can sniff them as his big brother does that with their mums panties? Emma slides them down and throws them to him. Carla shines her torchlight onto Emma’s cunt. The boys all move closer and gawp at the 14yr old blondes sparse pubes and plump pale pussy. Emma spreads her legs a little wider puling her labia apart. Like the opening curtain to the show the boys all clamber to look up her cunt and Dave says can I touch it?
Emma nods and the little hand gently slowly feels around Emma’s moist fanny finally after all have done likewise,Carla included who is also now knickerless and exhibiting her hairy Brunette bush and soging hole. The girls take the boys money and then say they want to see their little dicks. Three young erections are soon in view and being expertly shown by Emma how to wank cock, suck dick, finger and lick cunts and use clit and bumholes to pleasure girls.

Jimmy got first go at Emma as he is Carla’s brother. Big sister in turns had both Dave and Ronnie fingering sucking and eventually fucking her virgin fuckhole. The boys left with a warning not to say anything or no more pussy for them!! Just as Emma was about to help Carla clean up the door fly’s open and a very angry daddy is glaring in Carla’s direction..
Danni was very concerned!! She still hadn’t heard from Tommy in hours and hours? What about tonight? no one was going to be at home as he had ordered. She knew his temper and didn’t want her kids or her hurt anymore by him. She couldn’t stand the waiting. Meantime Carla and Emma are both being chastised for being in her dad’s shed and making out with boys. Carla had her panties in her hand and Emma hers at her knees. The man said he’d deal with both by telling Emma’s mum and his wife. Who’d not be best pleased at her only daughter doing the dirty with her own brother. Both girls tried to explain it was Emma Jimmy humped but daddy wasn’t caring. Emma noticed his growing bulge and the lingering look at both teens cunts. She said she would do whatever he wanted if he didn’t tell her mum?

Two minutes later. Daddy has Emma’s soiled panties in his pocket. Carla watched as Emma took the sweaty grunting 37 year olds load up between her pale soft bumcheeks. His pre cum leaking out her potty hole as the rutting dad’s thick 8″ boner slaps against her teenaged cunt, his fingers practically raping her mouth. Emma was getting very very close and needed to cum. The boys youthful enthusiasm made them peak way too soon for the lolitta and she craved this cock. Carla is excitedly fingering herself watching them rut. She’s amazed at the girth and length of dads dick and even more amazed it’s humping in and out her best friends shitter!! Grunts and oohs and ahhs signal Emma’s climax is near. The little blond shreiks and shakes as she squirts her warm juices onto Carla’s dad’s foraging prick. He slips out her ravaged shitehole with a soft slurp and steadys himself looking at Emma’s gaping bum and Carla’s soaked fanny hair. Without even asking daddy grabs then bends his shocked protesting daughter over his workbench, before incestuously driving his mucky knob end into her small tight virginal feeling fucktube. Carla wails as daddy fucks into her for half a dozen strokes then pulls out to erupt spurt after spurt of hit spunk across her reddened arsecheeks. The old boy was panting but still hard and insatiable, Emma said she was content to have him shag her again? He was more than happy to oblige as she offered him the sloppy cunt his pre teen son Jimmy had enjoyed not long ago. Carla wept as she heard the two going at it again and couldn’t believe her dad had practically raped her. Her hands wiped along her buttocks and she felt his sticky cum on her arse. She wept even more as he spanked her again and said “Don’t you dare move, I’m not finished slut.” Daddy then proceeded to ram his new raging hardon up Emma’s gooey Fanny pumping her for a good ten minutes, then brutally forcing the reluctant 14yr old to take him up her burning arse again. This time he came in her, she groaned as the last of his lava like spend soaked her insides coating the jailbaits rectal walls in hot sticky spunk.

The raping father stood watching the teenage jailbaits he’d fucked. He was sweating and breathing hard when Carla swore at him. Threatening to go to the police!! Daddy slapped her!! hard. He told both sluts to forget it ever happened as he forced the reluctant Carla to clean his messy dick with her mouth. He threw a £20 note at Emma. “Payment whores!! We’ll do it again soon sometime miss Kane.” Carla’s gagging on his sloppy cock while being warned. Oh and I promise I’ll be seeing more of you later my baby girl. when I come to tuck my darling in for the night?” Carla on her knees just stares up at him with teary eyes and trembling lips, his and Emma’s juices mixing with the sticky goo dangling on her chin. Once he’d gone Emma sat open legged. Spunk oozing from her battered fuckholes. Sobbing and angry Emma called him a dumb fuck up and consoled Carla while both kids were cleaning their faces and holes best they could. Emma pulls on her panties that she’d pleaded he hand back to her. Both girls talked and soon agreed to say nothing about the issue. As Emma knew! she’d get a lot more than a spank from her mum?. Emma and Carla wickedly giggle as Emma bets Carla her cunt wont be a stranger to daddys ravaging dick any longer. Carla admits to teasing him sometimes and wouldn’t be complaining? After all he is good at it!! Emma agreed readily, the nympho teen already planning on having him up her horny rapeholes real soon. Both girls laughed and bantered as they headed to the shops. Eager to spend some of their immoral earnings. Their cummy slits oozing his sticky spunk into their panties.

John Kane stared long and hard at the business card in his hand. He knew what he was going to do would end him, his new sense of parental and moral responsibility was overcoming his hesitancy. “Hi, can I speak with DI Brannan please.? Tell her it’s John Kane, Tara’s dad.” Meanwhile as DI Brannan and her team are scouring the warehouse for Tara’s phone or some sign of her. Brannan gets a call. “Me again mistress.” Chloe chuckles. “Just had a ping from that missing girls phone Liz. It’s coming from a mast near Levenstown. I can pinpoint it to an IP address a couple of miles from there?.” Liz takes the IP address and gets on checking out who its assigned to. Thanking Chloe with the promise of more deviant sexual favours!!” She calls John Kane’s number. “Hi, Mr Kane. Sorry I was busy earlier. So has she turned up?” Liz never mentioned Tara’s phone being used. “Ok that’s good, I’m glad you feel that way. Very well I’ll see you later at your home.” Liz Brannan tells her guys to head for the locale she’s been given for the IP address. Tara and the girls are led to a large farmhouse. Their met by Tommy and Luba. She directs them to a bedroom where they’re told to shower and put on the robes left out for them. Luba left and locked the door. Danni is caught off guard as her earpiece buzzes. “Hi slut. Change of plan thanks to your darling daughter I’m sending someone to pick you lot up. Hubby’s on his way and will be there soon. You have those fuckmeats ready to move. I want that cunt Sarah’s mum and sister too. I’ve someone they might want to see. Be ready for 6pm. Two minutes later both kids arrive home. Leo meeting his sister at the shops. Where the fuck have you two been? I told you to be straight home!!
Get those clothes off they need laundering. Shower and dressed We’re going out.?” Danni never said where or who with. “Hurry your dad will be here soon.”

Danni watched as her 11yr,old son and his 14 yr old sister striped off casually in front of her and each other. Danni realising just how far they’d all come on this nightmare journey. She noticed Leo’s erection throbbing as he watched Emma’s sticky panties cling to her arse crack. Danni noticed the shiny snail trails on her inner thigh? “Leo you shower first. Hurry up” Danni waited till he was out of sight. “OK madam.” She challenged Emma as she’s pulling down her soiled knickers hoping mum didn’t notice. “Explain girl?. I know you’ve embraced your inner whore Emma but… Really. At school?? You fucking best not be letting all those pimply pricks use you young lady. In here is unavoidable, but outside isn’t. You stop now no more. You hear me? ” Emma nodded looking very chastened but smirking inside at the tingling still erupting in her cunt and anus. Danni shook her head and smiled, as the girls sexxy little spunk filled bum walked off. Emma bent down to grab her bag, her slicked up labia revealing a drizzle of goo nestled in her engorged cunt folds. Danni phones her husband again still no answer just straight to voicemail? She goes to ready herself after another quick chat with Janet. John Kane isn’t thinking straight as he exits the services onto the busy carriageway heading North and home. The last thing John Kane heard was a loud blast on a horn as he was battered into oncoming traffic. His car somersaults tumbling over the barrier landing onto the southbound lane and further carnage. Liz Brannan is cursing the slow traffic as it crawls up the M4 northbound. Her radio chatter announcing traffic incident both ways. Hold up inevitable. No way to get off until next junction!! Tara and the girls are all showered, hair immaculate as ordered and made up to look even more stunning than they were. The application of make up making them look older also? Not that that bothered anyone with an interest their tonight.

“Jetmir you fat useless cunt. I thought I told you to get rid of that sluts phone?” Luba ragged the Albanian henchman. He stuttered excuses but had the item taken from him. Luba would sell the expensive smart phone back home. Not many there can get hold of such items. She discarded the SIM cards though, before stowing the phone in a drawer in the farmhouse kitchen. Jetmir was told to go get the Kane family as time was going on and they were only an hour away from the farm. The farm was only minutes from the little bay that a large expensive yacht was moored off. It’s large menacing owner preparing the sumptuous lounge for guests he expected later that night, or early morning as things had changed a little recently. His thoughts weren’t on timing. They lingered on the video he was replaying of four gorgeous looking, female teenagers. Worth every penny in his new villa in Dubai. The princes taste as usual was exquisite. The boy would serve along with his sister and mother in other capacities. At least until they couldn’t that is. The father was a great asset so long as he was in the right position in this present government. Adrian Lucasj grinned as he finished perving the girls. “All ready chopper, Luba said over the phone. Kane’s be here in one hour. Bring the guests up when they wish boss.” He grunted and threw the phone on the table. “It’s time gentlemen. The hooded robed figures rise readily eager to enjoy tonight’s deviant delights? Jetmir arrived at the Kane’s to find two police cars parked in the driveway alongside a large Audi with a police sign lot in rear window? He immediately Cal’s Luba. Danni Kane can’t get the fact her husband is clinging to life in a hospital after causing a major incident that thankfully no fatalities have so far been recorded.

This didn’t help either of the three adult females in the Kane’s at that moment. He hadn’t told her about Tara so Liz brannan wasn’t any the wiser as to where the girl was and who with. She therefore couldn’t help put Danni and Janet’s mind at rest as this was the first Danni knew about Tara not being with the police. Why did John tell her she was? Though a result with the phone has placed it at a farm near levenstown on the south coast. DS walsh is meeting his boss there in an hour or so. Liz hoping to get a lead on this girls whereabouts and expecting to apprehend the senior mole in serious crime also. Now she’s armed with the information obtained from John Kanes phone call prior to his accident? DI Brannan drove at speed to rende ous with her DS. She kept putting all the prices in the same slots and a picture was emerging. Tara Kane, daughter missing. John Kane father, turns grass on his blackmailers. The gang disappear as Tara is snatched, her phone traced to a site the gang were using regularly? She bet they had taken her or her phone to this coastal farm. This is her chance to catch them red handed. Tara and the girls are sitting in the very plush surroundings of the farmhouse dining room. All the teenagers are in thin silk robes with only a coloured thong covering their freshly trimmed or denuded pussies. Luba has rubbed their nipples and clits with a special cream she has making them very very erogenous and firmer than normal. Tara is getting flushes as she watches the others being creamed up. Her clit tingling like a current is running through it. She rubs her nipples feeling the stud like hardness and sensitivity from just her fingers. The others are soon ready and they await the other guests arrival.

Soon the large door opens and in comes Tommy with A large dark skinned man in a suit. He’s followed by four more persons, all hooded and robed. Their faces masked. Tara stares, Ajola and Adriana gasp, ” it’s chopper they sigh. They recognise the man in the suit. He killed their parents!! Jillian hangs her head in her palms and sobs quietly. All are trembling with fear of what’s to come. Though not so nieve as not to have guessed what that may entail.
The suited man whispered to Tommy, who nods to Luba. She tells the teens to stand remove their robes and keep their hands by their sides. She then hands each of the hooded men a coloured silk ribbon. The men walk to the terrified girls and stand behind the girl who’s thong matches his ribbon. When all are in place they remove their robes and reveal their growing erections. The girls well aware of this fact as they’re bumping against youthful butticks as the grow stuffer and thicker. ” Ladies and Gentlemen I can tell your all pleased with your choices. However for tonight the girls are free use to any other persons within the room. You however are of course have the right to have exclusivity if you choose with your purchase but I think you’ll enjoy sharing each others little slut. The night is yours do as you wish with them please. The girls screams and protests are drowned out with swearing and slapping of flesh. Their flimsy thongs swiftly disposed of within seconds. Each girl is rapidly and horribly raped. Little Albanian Ajola shrieks as her virginity is ripped from her cunt by a 9″constrictor, the black pole screwing into her young 14yr old freshly shaved fuckslit with forceful brutality. Her little breasts mauled and sucked the nipple’s hard, gripped and twisted achingly. Likewise Tara, whose trimmed ginger bush has fully exposed her pinkish innie cunt lips.

Her impossibly cute arse quivering as she’s wrapped by the legs, around the Arabs man’s neck? Yelping in muffled squeeks while throttling her throat as she’s upside down being held by his neck and back muscles. His long hungry prick forcing the redheaded jailbait to gag helplessly between yelps. she feels his hand on her back reaching for her arse as his long tongue snakes in and around her vulva, her cunt expanding and contracting as he teases her engorged hard clit, arousing more creamy musky lube from her reserves deep inside. He slaps her bum cheeks and withdraws from her mouth. As he pulls her over his knees, her delicious posterior arched like a ripe peach. He viciously thrusts two fingers into her sopping fanny while spanking her pale white arse cheeks a shade or two pinker. She’s positively squelching by the time he stands her up on two feet. Forcing her to bend, touch her ankles from behind, and spread her thighs wider he rams his raging spit soaked cock straight up her perfect slit from behind. The other british girl is open mouthed and laid over the dining table with a long blond haired 30 something blond tongue fucking her clit and pussy like a cat with cream. The poor teen is swaying and moaning as her virginal cunt is being brought to heights of pleasure the girl has never known. Her pleasure is short lived as once the woman has her cunt wet enough she stands up revealing her dick. The gorgeous tranny then thrusts her impressive 8″ truncheon against Jillian’s small opening. She forces it as far as it will go, the girl arches her back her shrill screams a momentary distraction to the rutting gang of rich sadistic perverts. Selectively gathered to view each others deviant and cruel preferences. Adriana has a young white man stop her back, his mask has slipped and he looks into her teary eyes as he fucks between her cute tender bum cheeks on the sofa. She’s gasping for breath, the pain wracks her body with each rasping thrust. Deeper and deeper, longer and harder further and faster! Then the rasping in out until the room sways. Her back aches. Her arse feels ripped and stretched out of shape and her bowels are burning she feels her anal ring is on fire.

Soon the excited clientele are shooting spunk and cum into their new found hosts orifices. Tara’s fanny squelches as her protagonist withdraws. Her juices coating his still hard member, his cum dribbles out behind it. Ajola is unconscious moaning pitiful low wails. Moaning louder as the monster cock slowly pulls from her tiny ruined fuckhole. His cum gurgles from her tight virginal fanny, dribbling between her cute bum cheeks and lubing her backdoor for the next unwanted intrusion. This came swiftly in the shape of the man’s fingers,stretching the half asleep teen girls bumhole painfully wide before thrusting around her inner rectum. Tara is being sodomised by her new owner and screams in humiliation as he withdraws forcing her to fart and squirt musky cunt juices over herself. The group giggle at her discomfort and watch as Jillian is held by the tranny he has her holding his neck and her legs round his waist. His cock impaled in her beautiful peachy 15yr old arse as she’s hoisted up and down on his greasy pole. Wailing and crying Jilly is arse fucked for the first time and finds out its painfull but strangely very erotic to her. After a few minutes of agony she finds the extasy? Her aroused cunt explodes! Squirt after squirt of teeny musk is spraying all around, the blond ladyboy rapist’s swinging her from side to side while she’s forced to ride his sodomising prick to climax. Little Ajola is screeching as her pussy is ravaged once more A butt plug is attempting insertion by her guy? Her small anal opening is too tight, he can’t get it in while humping her. He pulls out her drooling little manhole, holds her down on the floor then he twists the invading plug till it drills ever so agonisingly into her tiny little shitter. He resumes his pleasures within her now very wet and accomodating 14yr old fucktube. Her sister Adriana orgasmed so intensely she’s exhausted!!

Her tormentor has spent his load for now so he rests, with her open mouth feebly sucking on his limp knob end. Her tits are mauled and bruised her bum gurgles as she moves, her cunt is spewing thick sticky cum down her thighs. The whole room reeks of sex cum sweat and musk. Their initial lust dispensed with for now. Drinks are taken,while strange substances are passed around? Just to aid any flagging libido. Not that their was much evidence of that!! Luba has the girls go clean themselves one at a time and supervises this herself. Not trusting Tommy’s guys not to help themselves to some cute cunts. Plenty skanks in the barns for them. The young prettys are not so pretty now though more than able to still make a priest hard with the assets they possess.Tara Kane had just returned from emptying her pussy and arsehole of most of the shit up them. Immediately, the tranny and another man. Big, dark, very rough handed, grab her. She’s spit roasted with not even time to utter a word of protest, no point anyway. Their push me, pull me rotation is sending fresh pain resonators to her brain. The 16yr olds mouth and pussy brutalised, ravished and manhandled by two very experienced and sadistic bastards.
Tara’s mind drifts back to old Tommy’s
She’s choking on the thickness filling her throat. Feeling exactly the same fear and hopelessness she had then!! No air, sweating red faced, hearing her own beating heart about to stop. Only this time her squelching fanny is being battered to a pulp also by the evil fat cunt behind her? Suddenly the cock eases from her throat, inch by inch. She gasps and gags for air, her pretty face drenched in gooey spunk. It burns her eyes, dribbles up her snorting nose into her lips, coating her taste buds in salty spicy goo. Her fanny clenches as she suddenly feels her vaginal walks drenched in hot jizz also. Knowing they’ve both came in and on her now. She hopes for some respite. Sadly on this night, that mercy will be in very short supply. As the other three ravaged jailbaits are finding out.

Adriana and her sister are being fucked by the Arab and the younger man. Suddenly Adriana feels another object trying to squeeze in beside the one in her already well fucked cunt. The Arab holds himself deep in her 15yr old pussy as the younger guy slowly stretches the screaming child’s labia to agonising extremes. The Arab grabs her long black hair, pulling her head back. She wails and screeches while both try to set up some sort of rythm as she’s double teamed, this excruciating torture forcing a horrible mooing sound from the pain wracked child. Both men aren’t getting their satisfaction from using the same cunt and the Arab grabs 14yr old Ajola, cruelly pulling her legs apart, he delves into her hairless mucky rapehole. His gleaming white teeth nibbling and torturing her engorged clit and outer lips. His tongue diving into her channel forcing her to pee. He swears and curses at her while brutally pussy slapping her piss soaked cunt. The tormented girl squirms but is held in place by his large hand . While his other inflicts untold agonies within the poor wretches introitus. Luba noisely enters the room pushing a large trolley with drawers in it? It contained restraints, dildos plus some surprising nightmares the teenage rapebaits would have ever dreamt of in their wildest imaginings. “Oh that child is really having fun I see.” She crows sorting out certain items in the drawers. and lays out a selection of toys for the men or girls to use!!. As all men have a finite amount of cum and energy the toys and other items will aid their lustful satisfaction during penile rejuvination.

DI Brannan has had the senior officer John Kane identified held in custody. Liz is extremely surprised to find its her old boss. Chief superintendent Charles Goodman. Not so good after all she thinks. Arriving at the farm lane she leaves her car out of sight and wonders where her DS Mark Walsh is? He was meant to be here ages ago? She approached the main house stealthily, her military training usefully employed. There’s much activity in the barns to her right and men are tooing and froing between them. There seems to be more raucous activity in the large farmhouse itself!! She creeps further forward to get a better look. She’s hiding in the bushes along the patio, when through the thin curtains and the split in them she sees… “Who the fuck are you bitch. Fucking snooper.” DI Brannans world turns black. She awakes in an office, bound to a high backed wooden chair. Hands tied behind the chair back. Her legs splayed open and cable tied to each chair leg. She’s totally naked!! Her mouths taped shut. She is ordered to watch the large screen TV on the wall of the office. She counts 6 or 7 men and four young girls along with an older female. The girls look as if they’ve had a bad time of it. She suddenly recognises Tara Kane. She has no idea about who the others are but, hazards a guess that one of them is Tommy. She watches as a girl of about 15 is strapped to the dining table the older woman picks something from a drawer in a trolley? The girl looks over her shoulder and screams flailing in her bonds. The woman rubs something from a jar onto the girls bald cunt then holds a container over the freaked out child’s smeared crotch? A long tail whips then a grey body stands up, sniffing the scent around the girls labia it dives at her fanny slit. She thrashes her legs screeching pityfully as the rodent sniffs then nibbles at the substance around the teens abused vagina. Blood erupts from the wailing girls ruined cunthole, it’s blatantly obvious to those observing this vile circus. The rat has taken a chunk from the girls outer labia, maybe sliced off her clit? She threshes and screams as another rodent spurred on by the scent and blood joins it’s companion then another and another until they’re scampering all over her body,
feeding on the soft flesh of her pussy and buttocks and chewing at her tits. Nipples are taken but mercifully the girls stopped moving. Her rodent terrorists are suddenly drenched in pink coloured piss. Adriana’s bladder erupts drenching them and her. The gathered crowd roar their unsatiated appreciation of the horror show just performed as the agonised child lays bleeding to death. Liz holds down the bile in her throat. A large fat man grabs a smaller girl who looks like the one on the table. He forces her to lick up some of the piss and smears some into her bum crack before opening her buttocks wide,proceeding to push his thick, dark skinned penis up the screaming shocked girls anus. Brannan is scunnered at this brutal perverted debauchery but powerless to stop it. She only hopes Mark Walsh has got here and gets back up asap!!

Forcing herself to look again at the screen she feels thoroughly helpless as she watches little Ajona being horrifically sodomised and raped. While this is happening. Tara is pulled over the arm of a small sofa. Her clearly well abused labia and gaping anus evidence her present abuse isn’t her first. The welts on her buttocks and thighs are fresh, red and raw. She looks drugged or semi concious as two younger looking men secure her limp arms to the sofa legs leaving her head down arse up. Feet secured to the sofa legs with her obviously well used fanny glaring into the camera. Spunk and detritus drip from her previously ravaged fuckholes. Her red haired pussy is matted, her long ginger hair falls over her face, mercifully hiding her shame and agony from view. The older woman again smears stuff onto and into Tara’s abused holes across her pale buttocks and around her neck area. Three other brutes are having a very good fuck on a tallish blond girls hairless holes.she loks aged about 14? Brannan thinks. All three are very well endowed, quite obviously enjoying watching the medieval satanic goings on while they ravage the shaking girl relentlessly into squirting trembling orgasms time and again.

There’s a helluva commotion in the hallway outside the office Brannans held in. The people in the room all stop and stare as a large chimpanzee is led in. The raping trio pull from the exhausted blond girl, leaving her dribbling from every orifice in creamy gooey spunk. The young sodomy victim is hanging over the lifeles looking form of the other girl the rats were nibbling. All others eyes were on the older woman and her companion.
” This is Charlie everyone.” Liz Brannan suppressed a smirk at the irony in the name of the chimp. “Like that other Charlie, just a fucking chump!!” She thought. The older woman they’re calling Luba? Demands the young girl leave her sisters prone body. “come suck, chimps horny cock.” Luba snarls her order. The small teen baulks and refuses to move. The Arab gent? Rattles her small bare arse twice with his massive hand, turning it red and stinging as shes dragged from her sisters bleeding form. He grips and holds the girl by her head, the chimps rampant dripping knob pokes at her
bruised face. Ajana now covered in drool is unable to resist. The sadistic Arab squeezes her ears painfully, enabling the screeching horned up chimp access to her swollen, sorely used mouth and throat. He had to be restrained as he thrust his pecker down the choking teens esophagus. The girls face smothered in black coarse fur. After what seemed an eternity to the little girl Luba and Tommy led Charlie to a new mate. Tara was apoplectic, she too thrashed and squirmed to no avail, the big ape knew what that scent from his pale buttocked mate conveyed. He scratched at Tara’s shoulders and nibbled at her neck as he lunged his haunches at her labia again and again. Liz felt so sorry for these poor unfortunate children. Also realising with dread that she may be next!! The shrieking and screams as the big primate found his target were difficult to hear. They were also difficult to comprehend? Were they emminating from the poor human female strapped down on the sofa, or the rabid thrusting primate ravaging her over used, clearly over stretched vaginal elasticity. His dick was a mammoth girth and long, so long!! It seemed it might pop out her throat, Tara thought between grunts and terrifying shrieks. The chimp howled and hooped and pumped dollops of thick slimy cum into his human hosts womb. While she humiliatingly shook and trembled in unwanted orgasm’s. The chimp pulled from her grasping cunt with a loud plop and a half cupfull of creamy spunk oozed from the redheaded girls gaping rapehole. The chimp was taken away as the group decided to call it a night. Not though before Tommy reminded them of their new guest in the office. He left Luba to clean up the mess and deal with the girls. The tranny was happy he’d allowed his purchase to be canalised and gnawed by the rats. Tommy promised him/her a discount on another young 11 yr old he was getting from chopper soon! Luba phones Jetmir who arrived with two others and a gurney to take care of Adriana?? Ajola cried uncontrollably the greif ridden teen, unable to grasp what they were going to do to her sister. Tara lay breathless still strapped down. Her gurgling fuckhole a slimy sloppy cumdump dribbling in sweaty smelly ape cum. Tara was numb from the waist down. She knew, she wasn’t going to survive if she didn’t escape from this gangs obnoxious clutches….

Only If wanted.

Thank you.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    You already know how much I admire your writing, but this has got to be your fucking masterpiece! Take any section of this story and it’s full of erection inducing, spunk summoning words and phrases. I love all the squelching, gurgling fuckholes and the nasty violent sodomy and raping going on. I think it’s perfect we’re introduced to Tara on a piss soaked bed. It shows she’s terrified. Very enjoyable!! Please Please more filth and depravity from your Very talenteD pen! Wonderful!!!

    • Spunky ID:59plfoym0

      Fully agree with you cracksniffer. A fucking fantastic story!!

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    Jolly James i don’t have the words to really say, but this story is so brutal and diabolical and very well written that it should be made into some type of movie most likely x rated ! A part of me thinks you used me for your own fantasy and enjoyed watching me being brutalized and raped from various men and that part had me i’m scared just thinking if that really happened to me but on the other hand, part of me wants to be taken and bound and tied up as i’m passed around. I can’t explain why i feel like that but i think your story brought out my own fantasy . The only thing i don’t like is when Tara is on a piss soaked mattress ! Please don’t take my long comment the wrong way because i love this story and i would love for you to continue it and i’m honored that you used my name, when there are thousands of girl names you could have used ! After i read this i got real horny and wet so i got all dressed up and told my boyfriend to have his way with me and be rough like your raping me , after when he was done with me, he asked what the heck got into me and i told him to read your story about Tara and then you will understand. so he’s gonna read it late tonight when he gets home from work ! So thank you Tara !!

    • Spunky ID:59plfoym0

      Maybe I should put you into one of my stories Tara!