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I was raped when I was 10 years old by several men

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I was a blonde, green-eyed, innocent schoolgirl. My mom was single and never had any boyfriends. She was always reclusive and lived from money my father’s parents sent to us. That’s what she told me when I asked.

I walked to school using a dirt road.It was never dangerous, but I was alone that day. My friends were sick but I was not. The guys were huge, full of muscles, and ripped my clothes apart immediately.

They covered my mouth and made my pussy and ass bleed with their cocks. One of them was filiming it, directly pointing the camera at my eye.

They called me slut, whore, and told me my mother was a slut when she was young, and the money she got was from her ex-sugar daddy, that was my real daddy instead of her dead husband.

I began to cry and told myself it was a lie.

When they came on me, other two took their place, until an entire gang of 30 had completely destroyed me.

When they were over with me, they told me they would kill my mother if any of them was ever caught.

I was left alone. I come back home and told everything to my mother, but she didn’t call the police.

Instead, she took my clothes off, and gave me a bath.

She told everyone I was sick two, and for two weeks she sold my clothes and acquired new ones.

Sluttier ones. For children.

She brought men home and allowed them to have their way with me if they wanted, after they fucked her.. Most just wanted a suck, but one day a father brought a 13 son and he fucked me in the pussy. It was nice, really nice. He was more nervous than me..

When I was 13, after having sucked over 100 cocks, she told my father was a rich guy who liked to rape girls with his friends and paid her support because she was his “favorite” rape victim.

I then asked if he was really my father or if he heard she was pregnant and wanted to film a innocent 10yo that looked a lot like my mom being raped in exchange of money, and that the second part of the deal was for her to turn me into a child whore.

SHe cried and said she was only trying to make things easy for me, because men sooner or later would rape me anyway. That sexist crap was the breaking point. I slapped her on the face, grabbed my bag that was full with last week’s money and left home to never return.

I fucked a lot of truck drivers for years, and I still fuck them today. I just reach a place, spend my money, fuck some other guys, and finally fuck another truck driver to leave. Legally, I’m probably dead by now. I became a folk story in the city in the city I was born. Like a ghost.

My mother is now a famous pornstar. MODCILF.

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  • MAT

    is it true story ? where did this story happened? no law, no police ? what is this ?!!!