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Truckers Bitch

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My family owned a truck stop and we all worked there in our spare time, mum n dad trusted all our truckie customers and treated em like family,

My family run a small country truckstop, a real family business with Mum n Dad owning it and me and my 3 older brothers working there in our spare time , at the time I was 12, slim long black hair fairly athletic from swimming n running.
Troy one our regular weekly customers dropped in every Sunday and Wednesday, he carted cattle from a feedlot down south to the processing plant north of us, he was about 25, muscle thin, long blonde hair, he wore wrangler jeans that seemed to make his bulge big and his ass tight.
Mum treated him like another son.
I loved seeing him arrive on a Sunday, he would always let me move his truck from the fuel pumps to the parking lot with a full load of cows on, he taught me how to drive albeit slowly around the yard. Troy would always wrestle with me and generally muck around, he was way better than any of my real brothers.
One Sunday he arrived a bit earlier than usual, he was telling dad how he wanted to get unloaded early and back along the road to look at a new truck. I had just come back from swimming and was just in a pair swimmers n a towel over my shoulder. He made some remarks about the girls chasing me when they see me near naked walking around. he kicked some dirt up at me n when I run he made a half effort to catch me, this was his usual style of fooling around. he told me to get in the truck n park it for him while he got n early lunch. I parked truck and headed into the restaurant, as it was early on a Sunday he was the only one seated there, so I sat and talked, he asked about school and I said I was on holidays for a month, he asked what I had planned, it would be the usual helping out Mum n Dad here, Mum came in with his lunch and staid talking, Troy asked if I would like to take the overnight run to the processing plant with him, stop and look at the new truck he was looking to buy and have me back home late Monday night, Mum never be said fine and that I had better get changed and grab a spare set clothes.
Damn I was so excited doing a road trip in Troys truck
I changed into jeans n tshirt n grabbed some other clothes n headed back out to the tuck bay, dad was there talking to Troy, told me to be good n do as I told.
so for the next 5 hours we headed north to make the processing plant by dark, Troy wanted to get unloaded and back down the road a bit before he stopped for the night.
We unloaded the cows and headed south again stopping on the edge of the city for the nights break, thats when I though I where I would sleep n also I forgot to pack PJs. I asked Troy, where am i sleeping and that I had no PJs, he said look at the bunk there is plenty of room for both of us and that I would just have to sleep in my underwear like him.
ok that seemed fine, id shared a bed before with my older brothers and didnt worry, after we had something to eat Troy told me hop in the bunk, he stripped down to his under pants and if I thought his cock was big in jeans it seemed a lot bigger out of em, his jock was struggling to contain it, he saw the look on my face and said “dont worry its asleep n tired” than laughed.
we laid side by side, he had a small TV and we could watch some local shows before sleep.
I dropped of to sleep about n hour or so latter. When I woke it was pitch black dark, I coudnt quiet rember where I was , but there was this arm around me and bare skin against my back, n this hot cock poking between my legs, my underwear was off n so was his, he was humping me n holding me tight, as soon as I moved n he realized I was awake, he wrapped both arms arond me tight, in me ear he whispered “stay babe im going to make you feel so good”
I struggled but no good, he was all muscle and so much stronger than me, as I struggled he got more intense poking his thick uncut cock around my virgin hole
His precum was lubing the crack of my ass, his tounge was in my ear and one hand had moved down between my legs
I fought against him and he kept saying “thats it babe fight me, try n stop my big cock from breeding you”
His free hand had something slippery on it and he forced his fingers in my hole, my cock was really hard now as he pushed his fingers in, i struggled less and he kept saying what a good bitch I was , he removed his fingers and started pushing his pulsing hot cock into me, im crying its hurting im on fire, his cock pushed deeper, all the time him saying what a bitch I was and how I would love been breed. He pushed his cock all the way in, the searing pain of this ass invasion, he kissed and licked my neck as he slowly started fucking his new bitch.
He mounts me n fuck the pain starts to go away, im now rock hard as his balls slap into my ass, taking all his man cock up my smooth pink hole, he fucked me for ages stopping n starting always with his cock in me, saying what a hot bitch I was and that I was now his loaded with his cock n cum.
He started slamming hard in me, than tensed tight, I felt his cock pulse and a warm spread in my ass, I also realized I had shot my load under me.
He lay on me kissing me and licking my neck and ear.
he fucked me several more times that night and morning, he missed the time to look at his new truck, by the time we got moving for home I was loving his cock, my ass was so sore, but I wanted more of Troy

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    My uncle first time fuck me when I was 12 years old.

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    Yea Troy=Roy

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      I’m amazed nothing ever happened. Horny guys are always loitering round public showers. Hope you’ve made up for it since!!