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Cousins at Play: Part 2: Exploration

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Following the wonderful discovery that they both like spanking, David and Sharon find exciting new games to play together

** This is first story I have written. Thank you for the feedback on Part 1. I hope you enjoy this second installment.

“… one hundred. Coming ready or not!”

I took my hands from my eyes and started to search for Sharon’s hiding place. She had to be upstairs, because that was the rule. I started off in my bedroom. She wasn’t under the sheets or behind the curtains, I couldn’t find any sign of her in my parents’ room either. She had to be ìn the spare room.

I threw the door open, hoping to surprise her, but I was out of luck. I had no more success when I yanked the wardrobe open. I was about to give up when I heard little chuckle. The chuckle was coming from beneath the bed. I looked everywhere else in the room, making melodramatic cries of fake anguish when I couldn’t find my young cousin, until eventually, I knelt down and looked under the bed.

“There you are,” I declared in my most villainous voice, “you should know you can’t hide from Dastardly Dave!”

“Oh no, please don’t hurt me” was Sharon’s fake plea as I dragged her out from under the bed.

I pushed her down, face first, across the bed and delivered a volley of playful spanks to her skirt covered bottom.

She wriggled and giggled until I lay down next to her.

“Okay your turn to hide, “Dastardly”.

I tried to think of a good hiding place. If Sharon found me I would have to endure one of her sloppy kisses. But if I outsmarted her and she gave up, I would win the right to spank her again.

This was typical of games we had played together during the months since she had first invited me to spank her little girl bottom and we had both discovered the greatest joy of our young lives.

Now we were playing our new games whenever we could and the grown ups weren’t around.

Sharon was such a good playmate.

If spanking was the prize for winning, my lovely cousin always played to lose.

When we played “make believe” she always found a way to do be naughty or careless and earn bad girl spanks over my knee.

And on sleepovers she would present her bottom for bedtime spanks in her nightie before kissing me good night.

We had the BEST GAMEs EVER! It was so much fun.

I was a good cousin too though.
I never bullied Sharon or made her do anything she didn’t want to. I always took great care not to anything that might hurt her, or worse still make her want to stop playing!
So far everything was great. She always let me do anything I wanted and she was always ready to play.

Our parents couldn’t believe how well we were getting on!

I felt like the luckiest boy alive. My young cousin was absolute dream, and I did dream about her – my little willy became a sturdy flagpole every night in my bed. However, I was a boy and boys always want more.

I was delighted to spank and touch Sharon’s beautiful bum through her skirt, but I really wanted to see her knickers and slap, stroke and squeeze her nearly naked buttocks.

Would I ever get the chance, would Sharon allow it or was that just so naughty and cruel that she would never let me near her bottom again?


One day me and Mummy got on the double decker bus and had a ride to Sharon’s house. It was bigger, brighter and warmer than ours and I liked it.

We met my aunt at the door and I was forced to give her a kiss (yuk). I glanced around the room for my favourite playmate and Aunty got the hint.

“She’s in her bedroom. Go on up.”

I didn’t need telling twice, but I crept up slowly – this was our game.

I could hear Sharon’s voice through the door and I opened it silently, treading as carefully as I knew how. She was standing by her bed, her teddies and dollies sitting in rows in front of her. She was talking like a school teacher and didn’t hear me sneak up behind her.

Slap! Slap! Two firm spanks landed on the seat of her skirt.

“Oh David! Not again. I never hear you coming.”

She turned around and kissed me, completing our usual ritual. Then she grinned.

“I’ll teach you sneak up on people.” She pulled me onto the bed, wrestling me and scattering soft toys in all directions.

We pushed and pulled, tumbled and fumbled our way to the floor, before I pinned her down and started to tickle.

I loved to see her wriggle and writhe as I tickled her ribs and belly. I was surprised to find my willy getting hard as I held her down, but I didn’t mind.

She rolled onto her belly to try to protect herself and I saw that her skirt had slid up to the top of her thighs. I took the chance to tickle her bum. It turns out that she had a very ticklish bum!

“I give in! I give in! Stop! Please!”

I stopped, leaving my hand where it was. On her bum. Her skirt come right up in the struggle. Her knickers were on display. Lovely.

We both knew what my prize would be for winning the wrestling bout. I paused for a moment, considering my options and decided to risk it.

I’d better not be too hard.

Spank! Spank!

Just two medium strength blows to her knickers and the uncovered parts of her bottom. I left my hand in place, enjoying the textures below my finger tips and waiting for Sharon’s reaction.

The room was silent. The silence seemed to last for hours.

“Can you see my knickers?”

There was no point in lying, but I tried to “play it cool”.

“Yes they’re lovely.”

“Do you think so? They’re new, Mummy bought then yesterday!”

My cousin spun round onto her back and pulled up the front of her skirt to show then off properly.

“I like the little bunnies, but my best ones have ponies on them. Do you want to see them?”

I nodded my head and Sharon jumped up and raced to her underwear drawer.

Amazing, I wasn’t in trouble. She didn’t mind that I’d pushed her skirt up , looked at her knickers or spanked her almost naked bottom. In fact she wanted to show me her knickers – the most exciting, tiny bit of naughty clothing in the world!

Sharon’s naughty knickers were flying across the room as she searched for her favourites. Little pieces of soft delicate forbidden feminine loveliness now open to my sight.

“Oooh, I can’t find them” she tutted. “They must be in the wash. I’ll try to wear them next time I go to your house.”

But what’s all this mess, young lady?”
I Iooked sternly at the clothes and toys that littered her room and she could tell from my tone that I was ready to play.

“I’m sorry Sir, that was very naughty of me”. Her tone confirmed Sharon was in the mood to play too.

“You know what happens to naughty girls don’t you?” I sat on the edge of the bed and patted my lap.

“Yes Sir,” came the faux reply with a faux sob.

Sharon lay herself gently over my right knee, keeping her tiptoes on the floor and reaching as far down to the floor on my left she could. It was her customary and practiced position for a “bad girl” spanking.

I was worried that the earlier spanking had been a fluke , so I took care as I grasped the hem of her skirt and pulled it up. Up over her knee, over her thighs, over the crease of her bum cheeks and right up over her cute little blue knickers with their pretty little bunnies. She didn’t flinch or complain, this was no fluke, she wanted me to see her bottom like this. And she wanted me to spank it.

It would have been rude not to.

I liked the sound of my hand on her knickers and naked bumflesh. I was enjoyed the way it flattened and bounced back into its gorgeous shape. I adored the feeling of the cotton knickers and soft skin beneath my palm. But above anything else I was in love with the dear little girl lying over my knee, giggling, squealing and enjoying the game every bit as much as me.

The spanking complete I lay my warm hand on her reddened bottom. Stroking, squeezing and caressing – claiming it as my own.

I pulled her skirt back down.
I would decide when it was coming back up again.

To be continued, of course….

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