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Middle school boys tell lots of stories, and most of them are hard to believe. An escalation of a repeat offender…

I was just sitting on the bus, looking out the window, when we went past a break in the trees, and I saw something.

“Did you see that?” The boy next to me was turned around.

“What?” He shook his head, but of course, it was past.

“Nothing,” I guessed, maybe he wouldn’t believe me if I told him, but I’d swear I saw breasts bouncing, in the short glimpse I got through the trees.

The bus squeaked to a stop, so I pushed his shoulder. “Let me out.” He got up, then went back to talking to his friends. So, I walked up to the front, and down the stairs, with some other kids.

I don’t know, honestly I don’t know anybody at that school. After a full semester, I still hadn’t made any friends, but after the bus roared off, they wandered away, talking.

So, I held onto my backpack, and climbed down the hill carefully, so I didn’t slip. As soon as I got to the trees, the road noise got quieter, and echoey? I don’t know, but I was trying to find my way back to the clearing I saw, just by heading back the way I came, until I found a trail.

So, I followed that, and heard a squeal? It was still hard to make out, or even know which way it came from, since everything echoed through the trees, but I figured that was the right direction, if I didn’t get lost along the way through the trees.

The trail twisted, and turned, and I forgot to make a bee line until it was already too late. I remember that from boy scouts, what you’re supposed to do is line up 1 tree with another behind it. Then another when you get past the first one, so you’re always going in a straight line, and you don’t just run around in circles, but then I heard laughter.

Close enough I was sure that it was coming down the trail, but off to 1 side, and around a rock. A pretty big one, with dirt around it so it blended into the hill, I guess you’d call it a boulder, but not really big enough to call a cliff. I mean, we went rock climbing, and cliff diving at the waterfalls in scouts, but this was starting to become the biggest adventure I’d ever been on in my whole life.

Even before I got to the rock, and the girls ran around the corner. Laughing, and looking back at her friends. At least the first one, ran right into my, and knocked my down.

“OhM God! Are you all right?” She stopped, and turned around, but then her friends caught up, and gathered around, helping me up.

Topless, well most of them were, wearing at least their panties, and running shoes, of course. Some of them had bras on, or sports bras, but a lot of them wore nothing else, except some paint. I looked down, from her bare tits, and saw a big red A on her panting tummy, like the Scarlet Letter.

“I think so.” I checked my hands, them my knees before I realized I fell back, so I rubbed my butt. “Yeah, I think I’m all right.” I dusted my hands off on my pants. “What’s the A for?”

“Oh, uh.” She looked down, and covered up her chest, with a laugh. “It’s just the A in Panty. Line up.” She let go of one side, and pointed. “Everyone show him.”

“How old is he?” One of them asked, in a bra, with a big D on her belly, underneath it. All the way on the end, I went back to the P, and read [P.A.N.T.Y.R.A.I.D.] No space, with them holding onto each other with their arms crossed behind them. Hip-to-hip.

“Oh, I’m 12.” I nodded, and shook my head, but they lined up, and stopped laughing. The A girl, or the first one I talked to, she even let go of her chest, and straightened up, but the top of the A was smudged, and I think that was sweat beaded up on it. “Aren’t you all cold?”

“Yeah, we better get going.” I didn’t see who spoke up, because nobody was talking by the time I looked, she finished, and most of them started running off again.

“It’s a dress rehearsal, of sorts.” I looked back at Miss A. “In answer to your question, if we keep running, then no. We don’t get cold, but if we stop.” She rubbed her arms.

“Yeah, it’s January.”

“Almost February.” She nodded, and kept rubbing her arms, which covered her nipples, at least. I guess it was more modest than a bra, too.

“What kind of protest?”

“I’m glad you asked, well. The school printed this new policy, about sex harassment, and assault. It’s basically victim blaming, and they had a lot of tips for us to avoid it. Like not going out alone at night, dressing provocatively, or getting drunk at parties. Checking our drinks, and getting our own, so the boys don’t get a chance to dose them with roofies, and never leaving them unattended.”

I nodded, “Makes sense.” I was starting to get used to her nudity, now that it was just me and her, so I wasn’t surrounded by half naked young ladies.

“Yeah, but it also basically gives guys a pass for being creepers, stalkers, and frats basically staging gang rapes.”

“Oh, so you must be in college. They don’t have Fraternities in High School, do they?”

“Of course not, you’re pretty smart. What did you say your name is?”

“I didn’t, it’s Scotty.” I looked up, right in her eyes, and held my hand out. So, she could let go, and shake it. “Scott.”

“Nice to meet you, Scotty Scott.” She joked, and laughed, but stopped shaking it, and just held my hand. “I’m Gwen, but you’re really mature for a middle school boy.”

“How so?”

“Well,” she rolled her eyes, “Most of them talk to my chest, even when I’m fully clothed, but not you. You’re different for some reason?”

“Well,” my hand was getting clammy in her’s. “I guess that’s because I have sisters, but I’m the only boy. So, I got used to it, and in trouble when I stared, at my sisters’ friends. Since it’s not polite.”

“You’re very polite, too.” She all a sudden realized she was still holding my hand, and let go. So, I could wipe it off on my pant leg. “You’re not gay, are you?”

“No, I don’t think so.” I thought. “Never really thought about it, I guess.”

“Well, maybe you’re too young to be interested in girls then.”

“Oh no. I don’t hate girls, especially.” I almost said Social Justice Warriors, but I didn’t want to sound like one of those boys, that hate them just for standing up for their rights. “Activists?” She’s really athletic, though. I can tell, it’s not just how strong her grip was when she shook my hand, then held onto it. She also has muscles in her tummy, that make lines under the red body paint, especially when she was still out of breath.

“So, tell me about this protest?” I figured that would get her talking again, since she went quiet, and awkward.

“Well, basically. I figured the worst part about the new restrictions.”

“What restrictions?” I just turned around, and walked beside her, which helped. Even though she stopped trying to cover herself up with her arms, and just swung them, so one bare breast was right there next to me, as long as I kept my eyes on the trail, they didn’t wander over to where it would be rude.

I didn’t say that I already saw them, though. It was almost a lie, even though I didn’t say it. A lie of omission is still a lie, so I felt a little guilty, but it was too late to say it, without interrupting her.

“Uh huh?” Basically, all the safety suggestions were like restrictions, if you thought about them that way.

“So, telling us not to go out alone at night, or we might get assaulted is basically threatening us with rape, if we don’t obey the curfew.”

“Oh, now I get it. So, how did you decide to run around in your underwear, to prove that point?”

“Are you in debate?”

“No, I just talk to people online a lot. You know, how everything naturally turns into a debate, online.” She nodded. “So, that’s where I learned all the logical fallacies like Ad Homonym. You taking Latin?”

“No, French.”

“Well, I think that means namecalling, but I’m not sure, until I take Latin.”

“I bet you’re going to be a real master debater when you get older,” she joked, “Getting started so young.”

“Yeah.” Not to mention masturbating, which I planned to do, just as soon as I got back the the school, and found the bathroom. Being surrounded by all those college girls, topless and in their underwear, I bet I had enough spank material for years to cum.

“Here we are.” We got to the back of a building, and she stopped to look around. Before she jogged up to the door, and knocked on it. “Guys, let me in. Guys?”

“There’s guys in there?”

“No,” she laughed, “Girls, you know the girls.” I shook my head. “I just called them guys, for some reason.” She shrugged. Then pounded on the door, and started shouting again. “Come on, it’s not funny, let me in!”

“Maybe they already got dressed and stuff. I better go around, and open the door from the inside. So you don’t have to,” I almost said dressed, “Like that.”

“Thanks!” She waved at me, when I looked back at the corner, and her breasts shook until she crossed her arms, and started rubbing them again.

So, I went around front, and found the first door. It was warm in there, but the second one was locked, and it had a keypad over the door handle, instead of a lock. Then, a girl ran up, and pushed the bar, behind the glass. She held it tight, though.

“What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in, and.”

“No, this is the girl’s dorm, so no boys allowed in here, Dougie Howser. Get lost.” I knocked on it before she ran off, and she looked back. Rolled her eyes, and held her hands up to yell. “I Said GET LOST!” Through the glass.


She just shook her head, but I don’t know if she believed me or not. She hit a button on the side, and a speaker cracked by the door. “I’m going to call security, so you better fuck off before they get here, you creepy little perv.”

“Huh!” I just shook my head, and went back around to Gwen. Took off my backpack, so I could get my jacket off. “You better put this on.”

“They didn’t let you in, huh? I forgot, this is the girl’s dorm, to they won’t let boys in.”

“Yeah,” I set down my bookbag, and squatted to unzip it. “I don’t know if they’ll fit you, but.” I pulled out my gym shorts. “Here, try these on, so you’re not naked when you run around front.”

“Thanks.” She took them, and bent over to stick her sneakers in. With my jacket on, and zipped up, at least she wasn’t topless, but the sleeves were too short, so the cuffs stretched halfway up to her elbows.

“Uh!” She hipped, and yanked my shorts. “They’re too tight around my hips, but they’ll do, I guess.” She grabbed my head, and kissed my forehead quick. “Thanks. Wait here, while I go put some clothes on. Then, I’ll bring your stuff back down, okay?”

“Yeah.” I went back to the trees, to hide just in case someone else came out to smoke. I smelled the cigarette butts before I saw the coffee can, under a cinder block to keep the rain out, I guess.

CAFE’ BUSTELO it said in blue, on the yellow top of the label. Espresso Coffee in English under that.

A red band under that, but that just reminded me of her underwear. The red panties she wore, to match the red letter, to spell out P.A.N.T.Y.R.A.I.D. “Huh!” If they had 10 girls, maybe they could spell it Pantie, or leave 1 blank for the space, but I guess they only had 9?

She was the first A, and of course, the one topless one I got the best look at. Since she stuck around to talk to me, and I couldn’t even say what the one that ran into me had written on her, it happened so fast, but then we got to well. Right about here, and she leaned over to look around this tree trunk.

Then, she started running again, in her underwear, so the red triangle curved out around her buttocks, and she had to pull them out when she stopped. Snapping the red fabric back tight around her thighs, and her butt cheeks. Reaching up to beat on the door, and the side of her boob showing. Shaking, faster, and faster with each blow of her fist. Harder, and harder.

“Uh! Huh?”

I fell down again, and my knees knocked together so hard it hurt.

“Ahshit. Huh, fuck!”

I felt guilty right away. Not because I never played with myself before, but dangit. I didn’t know what else to say! It felt amazing, of course. Then, I thought to check, and see if I got any on the outside of my shirt, or pants.

“Huh!” Just a drop, 1 drop still clinging to the hole in the head of my penis. It was clear, but not like pee at all. Instead, it was thick, and sticky. So, it left a long string when I touched it, then then pinched my thumb, and finger to rub them together.

Like a detective at a crime scene, to tell if it’s blood. On TV, and only the shows where they don’t show proper police proceejure. On the Forensic Files, and shows like that, they tell you nobody in their right mind would touch evidence like that. Especially without gloves on, let alone taste something when they don’t know whether it’s cocaine, heroin, or poison. Also, I guess you can smell it’s blood, even if you can’t tell by how it feels, between your thumb, and finger, but this was slippery, and sticky at the same time?

That’s why I don’t watch stupid fictional shows like CSI. They get so much wrong, it’s hard to tell what all they get right. It’s certainly not a good way to learn how murder mysteries are actually solved. And other crimes, like rape, and sexual assault, I guess.


“Oh!” I got up, “I’m here.” and zipped up my fly, before I came out around the tree at the end of the trail.

“Here’s your stuff,” She held my jacket out, inside out with the sleeves pulled through. “I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to wash this. I got a little paint on it.”

“It’s okay,” I just tied it on around my waist. Inside out, so the paint didn’t get smeared around any more then it already was.

“I kinda ruined your shorts, too. The waistband tore right here.” she showed me. “If you come in, you can use the laundry to wash your jacket, while I sew up the seam with my sewing kit?”

“Okay.” I mean, I know I’m not supposed to go in, the girl’s dorm, but then again, she’s not supposed to be running around the campus naked with her friends, even if it is for a protest.

She stopped, and put her hand up on my chest, to hold me back.

“Okay,” I heard a door shut, echoing down the hall. “Come on, quick. Before someone else comes.” She giggled when we got to the stairs, and shut the door.

“What’s so funny?”

“The whole thing? I never thought I’d be sneaking a 12 year old into the dorms, after he saw me in my underpants, and. ” She got the giggles again, and it was so infectious, I started laughing too. Finally, she sighed, and got ahold of herself. “Come on.”

“You took a shower,” I guessed, “To wash off the body paint?” Her hair was still wet.

“Yeah, and played with myself. I’m sorry I left you out there so long.”

I just looked down, and my face heated up. Even more then it already was inside, with the heat turned up as high as it is. You know, because it’s a school building, I guess they crank up the boilers here too, just like at my school.

“Me too.”


“Huh,” I didn’t know who else to tell, but I knew that if I tried one of the boys back home. In my neighborhood, it’s not like I don’t have any friends. I just haven’t made any at my new school yet, but there’s no way any of them would believe me.

“Oh, ha.” She laughed, “So that’s what you’re doing back there when I came out.”

“Huh, yeah.” Now, my ears were burning too. “I never, beat off before, but it was amazing!”

“Sh!” She pushed the door bar again. Like the girl down at the airlock up front, only instead of glass, it was all steel. I wondered why they didn’t have a keypad, or intercom on the back door, but she was waiting for the hall way to clear out, so she could sneak me back to her room. Sure enough, they had another combination lock on the stairs door, but not the one up from the ground floor? For some reason, is that safe? In case of fire, wouldn’t it make more sense to lock the door to the stairs up, and not the ones for the stairs down on every floor above that?

“Come on!” She already had her keys out to unlock her room, and shove me in. Then, she just looked around again real quick before she followed me in, and shut the door. Giggling again.

I untied my jacket, while she got over her giggles, and flopped down on one of the beds. “I better wait here, while you run these down to the laundry room. I mean this.” I shook it.

“Huh!” She got up, “Yeah, you’re, you’re right.” I hid behind the door until she left, and closed the door behind her.

“Weird,” she looked disappointed, for some reason, but I wondered which side was her’s while she was gone.

Weird poster was hard to read, with the letters in between a checkerboard of other letters like a crossword, but it said [Elvis] The green picture didn’t look like Elvis, even though he was holding a guitar with his knees tucked in to shake his hips like Elvis. [Costello

My Aim Is True] In red. “Huh!”

Over, the bed she sat on, I assumed was her’s. Then I found the stack of fliers on the desk, there was only 1 long desk, but 2 chairs, and I saw a stack of fliers on the other side from the bed she sat down on.

“Huh!” Next to the door, so maybe she just sat down on the closest one, to catch her breath.


The girls lined up, only inside, and posing for the photo together. I looked for her, but this time, she was the [the] in the middle. So, they must have found more girls. 1, 2… 14 of them, so they had to write [the] across her muscular tummy, instead of 1 letter at a time.

[Panty Raiders] under that, then the date: [Feb. 12, 2020.]

“Huh,” Valentines day. That wasn’t for a couple more weeks, but I took the top one, and folded it up. Put it in my pocket, so I had something to show the boys back home. Probably still wouldn’t believe it, but maybe if I offer them a chance to see a bunch of college girls in there underwear, and some of them topless, they will show up, and Gwen can tell them herself.

She knocked, and then I heard the key in the door. It unlocked, and then it opened, but it wasn’t Gwen.

“Oh, I. Wait, what are you doing here?”

“Just visiting Gwen, uh. I know, I’m not supposed to be in here.” But, I couldn’t think of a good excuse. I know, I’m not very good at lying, so even if I came up with a good one, she probably won’t believe me, so I just didn’t say. Thank goodness she didn’t ask what for? So, I didn’t have to think of something, and lie convincingly.

“Well, let me just grab some books.” She tapped the side of my arm, but she didn’t push me out of the way, I just stepped aside, and she noticed the pile fliers.

“Were you looking at these?” She picked them up, and tapped them on the desk, to straighten them up.

“Yeah, Gwen was telling me about her protest, thing.”

“Gwen?” she shook her head, “It’s not her protest,” and rolled her eyes. “I bet she told you it was all her idea, too?”

“You don’t get along?”

“I don’t know, maybe. She’s not the worst room-mate ever, but when you live with someone long enough, you start to get annoyed by their bull sh?”

Gwen didn’t knock, she just stuck her key in, and came in, to interrupt her.

“Oh, hey. Uh, I know how it looks, but let me explain.”

“I better go, before that girl from the front door calls security.” They both looked at each other and laughed. “What?”

“What security?” Gwen’s room mate kept laughing.

Then, Gwen explained, “That’s one of the things we’re lobbying for. If we had security patrols, then it would be safe to go out at night.”

“And how could you take credit for the whole thing?”

“I didn’t? Just ask him!” She pointed.

I shook my head, “She made it sound more like a group effort.”

“Well, I’m sorry. This is Aggie, and she’s the real one behind organizing everything. Agatha, this is Scotty.”

“Just Scott.” Scotty sounds so childish, I don’t even know why I said that first, except for I guess she reminded me of my sisters, or talking to my sisters. I guess. “Nobody calls me Scotty but my sisters. They don’t go to school here, my big sister, Tasha, she’s going to Oklahoma State, and my little sister Hooree, she’s still in elementary school.”


“Well, her name’s really Uhura. You know, from Star Trek? I know that’s a black name, but she’s not black. Uhm, mom couldn’t think of any other girl name, from Star Trek. She’s a big Trekker, but not a Trekkie. A Trek-Er.”

“Uh!” Her room mate rolled her eyes, and pushed me out of the way. Holding her books up, and headding for the door. So, I got back behind it, just in case there were any other girls in the hall, they might look in, and see me. Even if there isn’t any security to call. I guess that was an empty threat, but just the fact that I believed her probably told her I’m not some Doogie Howser child prodigy, to go to school here. If I was, then I’d know that.

“Why don’t you come sit down?” Gwen was back on her bed, when the door pulled shut, and locked automatically. “I know you’re shy, but.” She pushed the chair back under the desk. “I really appreciate all you’ve done for me, and I want to make it up to you. You’re so polite, and innocent, and cute. Did anyone ever tell you that before?”

“Nn. No.” I’m so nervous, but I wasn’t just imagining things. I wanted to think that she was flirting with me before, but now she was really hitting on me, and, “I don’t know what to do. I never had a girl, flirt we me before. I never even made out with one.”

Stupid, of course you never made out with girls, if none of them ever flirted with you before.

“Well, you can kiss me first, if you like.”

“Okay,” I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and puckered up, but she grabbed my head again. Only this time, she didn’t kiss my forehead, she mashed my lips with her mouth, and licked them. Her tongue wiggled in, and licked my teeth, then she stopped.

“What’s wrong?” I looked down, and she touched my chin. Pushed it up, and looked at me. “Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Yeah, of course I do, I just. Don’t you think we’re moving a little fast?”

“Huh!” She shook her head, and turned away. “Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m just horny as hell.” Slid a board out of the way. She had one of those headboards with a shelf. And 2 boards on each side, but the middle half was open until she slid the one out of the corner, to cover up her alarm clock. “You don’t mind if I.”

She pulled out a plastic baggie, but instead of drugs, it had a little bottle like hand sanitizer, and a round pink ball with a wire hanging out of it. A pink plastic controller on the other end, she pulled it out, once she had the zipper undone.

“Oh, is that, a vibrator?”

“Yeah, I have to do something, but you can stay and watch, if you want.”

“Well,” I joked, “I’m not going to walk around the halls until my jacket gets done in the washer. Go right ahead, I. Honestly never even imagined how girls. You know.”

“Masturbate?” She looked down, and I covered my crotch. “I don’t guess you’re going to get hard again so soon after you just jacked off in the woods out back.”

“Well,” you’d be surprised. I sure was! “Huh, you don’t mind if I do it too? I don’t want you to be disappointed, so I have to warn you. I’m not very big yet.”

She was already buzzing the little egg shaped head around between her legs, but she hadn’t even unbuttoned her pants yet. “I don’t care about size. I guess you mostly heard about sex from older boys, and they bragged about their big dicks a lot?”

“I don’t know about a lot, but.” I nodded, “I heard about that.”

“Well, let me tell you that girls aren’t really obsessed with big dicks. Well, maybe some of them are, but not me. If I was, I’d probably have a big 10 inch dildo like her.” She nodded over at the other bed.

“Really?” She nodded. “Ten inches long?”

“And black. Yeah, I mean.” She shook her head, “Black plastic, I don’t mean she likes black guys, because of their penis size. I think that’s probably a myth too, but her boyfriend’s white, and it doesn’t even look like the real thing. It’s just black instead of dark brown, or pink. Huh!” She dropped the egg on her blanket, and started unbuttoning her pants. “Go on, don’t be shy.”

Well, I’m not going to be able to pinch it, and pull it in the skin with it my pants on, but I already saw her in nothing but her panties. Well, her shoes too, but she kicked those off, and turned around, to put her feet up in her socks, and started wiggling out of her pants.

“Oh, I didn’t say earlier, but I don’t really have to see your breasts.”


“You don’t mind the word tits?” She shook her head, “Oh, my sister does, my big sister, Tasha.”

“Like Tasha Yar?”

I nodded, “No, not really. Yes, she’s named after her, but no, she’s not really like her at all. She’s tall, but not as tall as you, and a lot more.” I held my hands up, which let my pants fall down, but I finished the sentence. “Tits.” With my hands up, right about where they’d be if I had them, that big. “I don’t care about big tits, either.”

“Huh?” She looked up from the front of my underwear, and I almost covered it up again, but then, I realized what we’re doing again. No need to be shy, she wants to see it, and she’s already kicked her pants off the end of her bed.

“Come here.” She waved me over, and grabbed the waistband of my underwear when i got close enough. Sitting up half naked now, but the other half. She pulled one sock off then used her toes to pull the other off, but kicked her underwear off with her pants, and now she had her legs spread wide open so i could see the hair on her. Well, pubic hair, and then I felt something warm, and wet.


“Smuip!” She let it slip out, and licked her lips. Giggling, “It’s so cute!” She looked up, “No offense.”

“None taken. I don’t have to see your.” I giggled a little. “Tits.” Such a funny word, “It sounds so silly, but I got a good look at them out in the woods, and I’ll remember them, always.” Not the first pair I’ve ever seen, I guess I was breast fed for one, but I don’t remember that. Then Tasha got self conscious about them, so I stopped looking, but before that. She was young, and even a little smaller than Gwen’s.

I guess she kept growing, while I wasn’t looking, but I didn’t mean to walk in on her changing. She kicked me out, and yelled loud enough for dad to come up. To ask what was going on, so she told him, yelling through the door. So, he spanked me, the last time I got a real spanking, he stopped even before that, but I guess he didn’t know what else to do, but remembering that, my butt started blushing, I guess.

She must have felt that, because she stopped sucking my penis, and let it slip out again. “Swip!
Turn around.”

“Okay?” While I was at it, I kicked off my shoes, and bent over, to pull my pants off.

“Ooh, you’ve got a cute little butt, too!” She squeezed it in both hands, “Just like the rest of you, and I love your cute little balls.” She goosed me, too.



“You just scratched me a little, with your nails.” I turned around, and looked down at her hairy crotch. About to ask her how she fingered herself with such long nails, but then I saw the little pink chords sticking out to remind me. So, that answered that.

“Oh, come here.” She goosed me again, but this time from the front. “Let me see, put your leg up here.” She grabbed me, and helped me up. Practically picked me up by the waist, and pulled me over. Scooting down on the bed, she pushed me up to her face by the butt, and squeezed it, with both hands.

“Let me kiss it.” She didn’t just kiss my ball bag, where she scratched it. She licked them all over, and popped them in her mouth. First, one, then the other to suck them, and let them pop out. Her nose got shiny from her spit, and she rubbed it back, and forth like a switch. Sucking my balls, both of them at the same time.

I giggled. “Swop! Huh! She grinned, and wiped her mouth. “That tickle?”

“No, you went crosseyed for a second there, and then looked back and forth.” I looked at my nose, then held a finger up. To look at, and wave it back and forth. So one eye crossed, then the other. “Like this.”

“She giggled too, then her eyed drooped, and she let out a breath. “Hah!” Then, a moan. “Ah, huh!” She held up the egg again, dangling, and shiny, then turned it off with her thumb. “Huh, I’m wet, and now you’re wet. You want to try putting it inside me?”

“Uh,” I got up, off her pillow. or at least my knees were on her pillow, when she had my dick in her face, to suck my balls. “Yeah.”

“I want you inside me now. Don’t you want to feel inside me?” She pushed me back, and felt down, to pinch my dick.

“Uh, huh!” I fell down, and tried to stop the feeling rushing over me, but it was too late. “Upmh! Fuck, I’m sorry! Nghm!”

“Sh,” she held me, “It’s all right.” Kissed my hair, and rubbed my tummy. Up, and down between my legs. She held one side of my butt too, but she didn’t squeeze it, just rubbed it with her thumb while just the second orgasm I ever had in my whole life died down, and went away. “It’s okay. You did good, enough. You did real good. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Let me see your hand.” I sat up, and showed her one. The one I didn’t have down between us, to lean up on my elbow, she felt my fingertips. “Who does your nails?”

“My sister. My little sister. She didn’t have any nail polish, so she just pretended, but she had a nail file. So, she filed them all off, until I had to make her stop, before she drew blood again. She’s getting better at it.”

“You must be a great big brother.” She sighed. “I wish I had a big brother like you, growing up.”

“You an only child, or the eldest?”

“No, the middle child. I had a big brother, but he turned into a peeper, and a perv.”

“Oh,” I nodded. “Now I get it.”

“You’re nothing like him though, which is why I wanted you.”

“You still want me to feel inside you?”

“Oh,” she pulled my hand up, and sucked my fingers in her mouth. “Mhm?”

She nodded, then let them slip back out. “Smuip! Can i suck your balls some more, while you finger me?”

“Yeah,” I turned over, and switched around. So she could do that, while I found her hole, and stuck my fingers in to feel around inside her.

With no idea what I was doing, but I was starting to learn. Meanwhile, with my boner gone, and satisfied, she managed to get it all in her mouth at once. “Hmn!” I got my pinky right in, and she squirmed.

“You all right?”

“Mhm!” She pulled her mouth down, so my balls popped out first, and then they pushed my pins out to flop down her chin. “Huh, more.”

“More finger?” I tried pushing it in deeper, but with my hand twisted around like this, it was hard to get a good angle.

“More fingers.” I popped it out, and tried the middle two. “Huh! UH!” She moaned loud, but those went all the way in, with no problem, and her sweaty pube hairs crinkled on my wrist. “Auwooloolooh!”

“Uh!” I tried to clench my butt cheeks, but she grabbed them, and pulled them apart to lick up to my butthole, and tried to wiggle it in. I squirmed, just like she did when I stuck my pinky in, which reminded me to try pulling my fingers out to push them back in again, and again. Faster, and harder, until she made wet squishy noises, and her hot breath blew up around her nose, with her tongue wriggling deeper, and deeper so ti felt like it was almost inside men, and it was so dirty, I could hardly even believe it.

Heck, I can’t believe she even went that far, and no wonder it was so easy for her room mate to talk her into running in her underwear with the rest of the Panty Raiders. I laughed, getting it. I think whoever came up with that idea from that old Revenge of the Nerds movie, where the nerd fraternity raided the girl’s dorm for underwear, and all the girls ran through the halls, squealing in their underwear, and jiggling even when they weren’t topless, but I was so young when that came on Encore, I just thought it was funny, because it was a funny movie.

I wasn’t ready for all this sexy stuff, but I even made a drop of sperm, so I must be about to start puberty any day now, and I somehow stumbled onto the right thing to say, and do, when I had the chance. I feel so proud of myself, getting everything right the first chance I got with a girl, and not a middle school girl, or even a high school teen, but a beautiful outgoing brave young lady in college. Fighting for the right to go out at night without fear of bad boys ganging up, and grabbing them, or drugging their drinks to fondle them in their sleep, and what kind of guy does that to girls anyways?

Fucked up sexists, that’s who. Because they hate girls, and I bet they’re really scared of them too, to hear them talk. Yeah, of course they’re not going to admit that out loud, because there lying cowards, but not me. I’m not a lying pervert like them, and she knew it too, because I had the chance to stare rudely, but I didn’t.

“Huh!” I got up, and looked down. “Look!” I swung my leg down to turn around. “You still want me inside you?”

“Oh, yes. Come here, lover boy, and let me.” She sat up, and pulled her sweater off. “Can you help me with my bra?”

“Uh,” she turned, and I leaned over. “Maybe, yeah.” It’s just 2 little buttons. “There.” I stuck them through the holes, and the other holes that were stretched out snapped back when the elastic pulled tight. “Huh! Come here.” She pulled me down, and held one boob up, squeezing the other with her arm to bury my face in. So soft, and warm, and a little damp with sweat, but I didn’t mind. It was sexy girl sweat, and she just got a shower, let alone the fact that she just tried her damndest to stick her tongue all the way in my butthole, but as soon as I took over squeezing them around my face. She felt down between us, and found my hard on. Pushed my back, and felt down my butt. Guiding me down her crotch to split her open, and aim the head into the deep wet hot opening of her sex.

“Uh!” I tried to pump it in and out, but it kept slipping up, and she had to stick it back in. “Just hold it in.” She gasped, breathlessly. “Don’t try to fuck me, just hold still, with it inside me. Huh, you feel so good inside me, just keep it there, okay?” I looked up, and nodded, but she was looking away. Feeling around the covers, she found the chord, and held up her vibrator, so it clacked against the remote control. “Here, taste this.” She tried to stick it in my mouth, but it wouldn’t go. So, I licked it, and sucked the end. Then, she put it in her mouth, and pulled it out. “Smooch!” Kissed it. “You want to try it?”

“You mean, in the butt?”

She smiled, and nodded.

I shook my head. “No, that’s okay. It’s probably too big, and I’m too tight, but if you want to lick it again when we’re done, that would be okay.”

“Huh!” She set it down. “Fine.” Disappointed.

Well, maybe. If I loosen up a little more? “No!” She stuck her fingers in my crack. “Don’t, I don’t want you to scratch me with your nails.”

“I won’t, calm down. Jeeze, just hold still. Don’t you trust me?”

I nodded, “I’m sorry, I just got a little scared.” She just rubbed it. “Uhn!”

“You like it?”

“Uh, hun!” Surprisingly. “Not as much as your tongue, but you can’t lick me with me inside you like this, but you can rub it faster? Huh! Nh yeah. Rub it faster, I think I’m close, uh! Huh! Uh!”

She pushed me, but as soon as I slipped out, it popped up, and beat my tummy in twitches of pleasure. “Oh shit. Uh mhn! I mean. Fuck uh. Yeah, fuck. Yeah. Huh. Huh!” I collapsed, and she held me again. “Huh, that was the best one yet!”

“Good.” She felt my hair, and I felt her breast on my cheek, like a pillow. A soft warm pillow of flesh, and skin, I can hear her breath, until it slows down, and goes too quiet, but I’m barely aware that I’m falling asleep before I pass out.

Molly (FB Lies)

“Huh!” I really should cut my nails. The little fucker finally passed out, but he’s still shooting blanks, and yeah. I guess he’s right, even that little egg is probably too big to stick in his tight little butthole.

I don’t know what it is, about little boys. They’re just so cute, and now that I actually went all the way with one, it’s starting to feel a little gay? No, that’s not right, I just don’t know any other way to put it.

I’m not a boy, I’m not even a sexually confused girl that thinks she’s a boy inside, they’re just so different, it’s a mystery. He curled up, as soon as I pushed him off, and sat down to dig around in the desk. I found Abby’s nail kit, and the clippers. They snapped, and my pinky nail flew off to hit the wall, and land somewhere.

“Huh!” I never cut my nails before, and now, I know why. I guess, deep down, I knew that this was holding me back, because I’m a pedophile. I tried almost everything else, I avoided anything that’s even more extreme, like dogs, horses, incest,and necrophilia. “Uh!”

Where would I find a dead body anyway? “No,” forget that. I’d have to kill him, and then get rid of the body, when there’s no need to. Even if he tells someone that he made it with some college girl in her dorm room, nobody’s going to believe him.

I can’t be the only one. The only girl that ever wanted to molest little boys, and. Fingerfuck their tight little buttholes until they squeal, and struggle like little pigs. Little pigs, let me in.

“Uhmn nhmhmhmn!” I don’t want to wake him, but. “Whew!” Butt, that’s enough. I can’t feel any sharp edge on my pinky nail with my tongue, so I can finally do what I always wanted to do, but never had the guts to go through with it. “Oh!”

It’s so pale. I mean, there isn’t even a pink right around it, there’s nothing. Just a hole, still tight, and wet. Glistening from my tongue, but I couldn’t get that in either. Gently, don’t want to wake him, but he’s so relaxed, and wet. Like a pussy, his tight little boy pussy, ripe for the plucking.

“Uh!” Don’t. Just shove it all the way in like that? “Ow, no don’t mhn, PhfbpH!”

“Sh! Relax, don’t tense up, and it won’t hurt so much. Just relax, and keep your voice down. You know what’ll happen if they catch you in here. You want to get arrested, and go to jail?” You know they’d just love his cut little ass in jail, and you think I was rough?

“Mh hm!”

“Hhuh, there. That’s right, just relax, and take it. You like that?”

“Mno? Stop, I don’t like it, please. Uh!”

“Huh!” The way it puckered, and spasmed on my finger tip, when it slipped out.

“Sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you wouldn’t like it. How could I know, until I tried it?”

“Huh, it’s okay. I understand, just don’t do it again.”

“Okay, I won’t.” I don;t have to, I got what I wanted anyway, and I’m satisfied?

“Uh, could you hand me my underwears?”

“Of course, you better get dressed, before Abbie gets done with her last class, and comes back. I better go check on your jacket, and put it in the drier for you. It’ll be nice and warm when it comes out.”

I put on a bathrobe, and my shower sandals, as if I’m going to take a shower. So, nobody thinks to suspect the truth. That I somehow snuck a little boy into my dorm room, fucked him, and nailed his tight virgin ass while he was asleep. The perfect crime, and I’m getting away with it too!

I never felt so awesome in my whole life! You know, I think I even raped him? I don’t know for sure, he was pretty willing, but what would the girls think, at Take Back the Night, if I told them? Of course, I’d have to change it around, so the roles are reversed, but you know they never even asked?

Why would you want to get involved, in the fight against the establishment, their boys will be boys attitude, and the thoughtful suggestions to avoid them. No, it’s not a curfew, of course. Just to be safe, it might be a good idea not to go out alone at night, or stagger back from the strip drunk, and vulnerable.

“Huh!” Oh, “Vulnerable.” Jesus, that’s what it is? How the fuck did it take so long to realize it. It’s not their cute little faces, or their big eyes looking up from my chest, embarrassed ad getting caught. I know, that’s a rapist’s excuse. Now, that I’ve graduated from child molester, to rapist. Okay, it’s the power, too. I can;t deny the power trip now, when it’s still pumping through my blood, and swelling up my head, but don’t get cocky, and stupid.

“She was asking for it, look what she was wearing!” Well, of course I wear tight tops to show off my eye catchers, that’s no excuse to get gropey. I just don’t want to get raped as all, but now I can sympathize. With the rapists, the other. Male rapists. I mean men, that rape women, but now I know exactly what they’re looking for in a victim.

Vulnerability. How could I be so attracted to that, all this time, and never realize that’s what turns me on? Beats me, but boys don’t think about it that way. Boys aren’t victims, they’re not scared of girls, and even if you rape them, they’ll tell themselves anything but the truth, or believe the dumbest lie I ever told in my life.

“Phbh! I didn’t know you wouldn’t like it, until I tried it.” That’s the kind of stupid shit your mom tells you, to get you to eat brussel sprouts. “That’s why i waited for you to fall asleep, because I knew you wouldn’t go for it.”

“Go for what?”

“Huh?” She just set her basket down. “Oh, nothing.”

She muttered, “Didn’t sound like nothing.”

“Huh, can you keep a secret?” I don’t know her, so she’s the perfect girl to test my story on. “Huh, I never told anyone this before, but. I have to tell someone. I hope, maybe someday, I might be able to tell the cops, or someone who can do something about it.”

“Oh, you’re assaulted?” She turned around, and leaned back against the washer. “You’re one of those Take Back the Night girls, right?”

“Yeah, but. It wasn’t like, a. Assault assault.” I rolled my yes, “I met this boy, and he was, you know. Cute, and charming. Smart, funny, and polite, but just until I found out that was all an act, to get me in bed.”

She nodded. “Mhm?”

“Huh!” I rubbed my arms, and turned around. It always helps, because people assume that it makes it easier to say. Tell the truth without them looking, when really, the opposite is true. I don’t have to hide the smile on my face, when I can just cover it up, and pretend to cry.

“Huh, we hooked up, and boned, and that was. All right, but then I made the mistake of falling asleep. I trusted him, and. I guess i let my guard down, but when i woke up. He was on top of me, and inside me, but instead of going in the right way. He turned me over, and snuck in the back.”

“Ew, anal?”

“HhuhHhuh! Uh. Huh?”

“What’s with guys, and anal, anyway? Oh, I’m sorry.” She hugged me, so I had to cover my face before I started laughing.


“How thoughtless of me, that was so insensitive, I’m so sorry.” I swear, it’s so hard not to giggle, or to giggle, and make it sound like sobbing, but she was so distracted by trying to make up for her hilarious mistake. I finally had to hold my breath and push her off. Grab the wet jacket, and run before she noticed the name tag, with his address sewn into the lining.

[Scott E. Dancey]

“Huh!” That was so funny, I had to take it in the restroom next door to laugh out loud. “It’s so precious! Ahahahehihn!” [If you find this, please return it to Scott E. Dancey] and the address. “Beam me up, Scotty! Nahahahuh!”

It’s hysterical!



Note, Molly started her sexual predation in “Naughty, and Ice.” If you want to go back, and read the parts that she knows better than to even allude to. Because she’s a pathological liar, but she’s not in Denial. Basically, the only person she doesn’t lie to is herself.

Also, the song for this chapter is Elvis Costello – “Mystery Dance” (My Aim Is True) Or, if you prefer the pun, Mr. E. Dance.

Next track on this playlist is “Imagination is a Powerful Deceiver.” Followed by “Little Triggers…” (This Year’s Model.) If you want to listen along.

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