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Public Pool Incest Blackmail Part 2

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A week went by i knocked on the door. She answered it . I said how are you going ? She said ok. I said how did it go with the family.

A week went by i knocked on the door. She answered it . I said how are you going ? She said ok. I said how did it go with the family. She said I talked to my brother he owns the farm and organizes the family meetings. I said ok. I told my brother I wanted to bring Steve my brother-in-law I told him you had been fucking the twins and me. My brother said John your x husband had told me all about Steve and then he said he should be ok to come up. She said by the way my name is Jill you never asked? but you must play with the girls before we go to the farm. I have told the girls and Luke that you are Their father older brother they are cool with that. They had never met him. Their father lives overseas now so we won’t see him again.

I said to Jill you done a good job. Jill said you can’t make a mistake otherwise we will be in big trouble. I said ok
She said do you want to come in see the girls. I went in side the girls come running up to me are you Dads brother ? I said yes. They said we have been waiting to see you we are so happy you came. They quietly said to me do you want to play with us. I said I sure do. They said we cant wait we have been talking about you.

One said have you been to the pool I said no. She said Ok but you just look like the man at the pool that mum was talking to. She said ok it doesn’t matter anyway we are happy you’re here. One of the girls called out to mum, can we play with Steve. She answered that will be fine girls. So they both lead me off the mums bedroom .

It was the same room but I was on the other side of the window this time ha ha. In a mater of seconds one of the girls unzipped my fly and undid my pants then they reached into my undies and pulled out my half hard cock. One said we like them cut and a good size. Ruby loves white cream that’s what she calls it, and by the way my name is Rose and I am 10yo and I love your cock. Rose was the chatty one. I looked down and Ruby was sucking on my cock wow was she good at it. And rose was playing with my balls.

There mother walked in and said it didn’t take you girls long to start playing with Uncle. I felt a little guilty with 2 10yo playing with my genitals in front of their mother. Rose took all he cloths of. she looked spectacular I had not seen her up close nude . she had a little mound and thin slit and you could just see a little clit forming at the top of her pussy. She said to me do you want to fuck me uncle Steve. I just nodded yes I was speechless. She said I will get on top. I lied on my back on the bed and she climbed onto my dick. She just said lower me Steve. It felt so tight as I lowered her all the way down to base of my cock. I never head a sound just saw a smile on the face as she moved slowly up and down on my rock hard cock. She had cum a couple of times I could feel her pussy clamp onto my cock. I could feel Ruby licking my cock shaft as it went in and out of Roses pussy. As I was about to cum I felt Ruby pull my cock out of Roses pussy and put it in her mouth . Then I shot 3 big streams of cum deep into her mouth. I saw her swallow each big stream. Rose said Ruby loves her cream ha ha. Her mother and her Dad were fucking each other in the corner of the room. The twins and I went to the lounge they were still cuddling up to me which was nice. Their mother appeared in the lounge. She said did you girls have a good time? Yes Mum we did uncle Steve was great fun. Jill said can I talk to you Steve yes Jill.

One thing is the family only have a meet every 6 weeks I don’t always go but I will for you .The other thing was, if you released those pics and the family found out . Some of the family can be very nasty. It could be bad for the both of us. I understand this Jill I won’t do anything with the pics for now . Thanks Steve. Are you interested in fucking me? I could be Jill. You can come around when the girls are at school. I may have surprise for you as well. That would be nice.

The next day I went over to see Jill she opened the door and In behind her there was a young girl with dark hair about 12yo I looked at Jill she said what do you think? Very nice. Tell me about her Jill. Well she is a friends daughter and she is home schooled. Her mother works one day a week and I look after her on that day.

Does she know you do things with her. Yes she does Dad has played with her but never fucked her. I told her about you and she said he be happy if you took her virginity. I said you are kidding . Jill said I’m not. Ok. Jill said come a meet Lee I said hi Lee. She said I heard all about you uncle Steve. She said can I call you Uncle? That’s fine Lee. Lee said are you going to take my cherry uncle Steve. I was surprised, I said maybe sweetie. Lee said thanks Uncle I can’t wait. I looked over the room and Jill was sitting on the couch but naked. And said would you like to join me . I said yes Her clit was sticking out as hard as a rock. Lee was watching and she said to me Auntie has a little dick I said to her its called a clit. She said to Auntie can I play with it .? She said you can, Lee moved close to her and started to stroke this big clit up and down. Jill said to Lee why don’t you suck it ? ok. I was undressed and placed my cock near Jill’s mouth and she started to suck it.

Jill had cum once with lee sucking on her clit. She said to me she is so good she must have been licking her mother. Jill said to me you need to fuck me. I said to Lee you can watch me fuck Auntie. I got down close to her pussy and pushed my cock into her flaps she was so wet. I pushed my cock all the way in it was hard to get all the way in because of her big clit. So held her clit down flat that made it easy for me to push all the way into her .I looked to the side and lee had both fingers in her cunt, I thought its not going to take much to take her cherry. Jill had a spectacular cunt big clit big lips and tight hole inside. She had come 3 times in 10 mins and she was about to again. She said to me fill me up Steve. Seconds later 4 big spurts of thick white cum went into her already wet pussy. Jill knew that lee had never tasted cum .So she said to her why don’t you clean up Auntie pussy . she just nodded and I removed my cock. And Lee went between jill legs and started to lick. There was a lot cum running out of her cunt . Jill just said to Lee just swallow it all. I could see her gag a little and she just kept swallowing, till it was all gone. She looked at me and said it tasted nice. I was surprised most girls don’t like the taste the first time.

We had a drink and had a lie down for a while . Lee was rubbing her own cunt I could see it was wet as. My cock was semi hard she put her hand on it and started to stroke it. It didn’t take long it was hard again I said are you ready to lose your cherry. She quietly said yes. I moved close to her pussy and rubbed my cock up and down folds of her pussy and her little clit. It was so wet there was clear pussy cum all over the head of my cock. As I started to push between the folds of her pussy . I felt some resistance she murmured a little as I pushed harder. I felt I break through her hymen. The look on her face showed some discomfort . She made a little noise. I said you ok ? she said I am fine. A couple of strokes I was halfway into her little pussy. I just took it easy to keep her comfortable . I noticed she started to push against me and she started to moan a little . So I pushed harder and as deep as I could. She just groaned with pleasure. She said its real uncle. After 15min she had cum 2 times I could feel her pussy squeeze my dick .I ready to cum again it was so tight it was never going to take long. Jill had been watching and playing with that huge clit fuck it was the biggest I had ever seen. Just the sight of it and I exploded into Lee’s little pussy. I could see the look on her face she could feel me cum in her. Then she smiled and relaxed. She was a woman now.

Jill said Lees mum was very happy . Lee said she loved having sex with uncle. He Mum wanted to know if you could fuck again and she wanted to watch ? Steve said to Jill that would be ok. She wanted to come over this afternoon? I said to Jill I will be there at1pm . I turned at that time knocked on the door Jill came to the door. She said Lee and her mother are here. I walked in and saw Lee and her mother sitting in the lounge. Lee mother was quite young and good looking. I kissed them both. Lee was giving me more kisses and said miss you uncle. Lee mother had a short white skirt on with her legs slightly apart . I could see she had no pants on and a little track of dark hair. Lee had half of her clothes off already and had her hand on my cock. As she played with my cock she said fuck me uncle. I could see Jill sitting in a chair opposite she had he legs apart as well and she was rubbing her huge clit what a site.

Lee had removed most of my cloths my cock was rock hard. Lee was on all fours I got on her back and gently slid my cock into her she took it easy. I thought to my self-someone been fucking her. I whispered into Lee ear have you been fucking ? She said It was Dad he not as good as you. I picked up the stroke I felt her come she was moaning out load . I looked over at her mother she half her hand in her cunt and moaning as well. And Jill as well the noise of the 3 of them was unreal. I was now pounding Lee as hard as I could and she was loving it.

had a another orgasm. I was getting close to Cumming. Lee said to me quietly can you cum in mums mouth ? I said I can. 2 couple more minutes went buy I was ready to cum . I pulled my cock from Lees cunt and moved towards her mother . She has no idea what was going on I raised my cock to her mouth and she opened it I pushed my head deep in her mouth and at the same time I shot my first load into her mouth. She had a look of surprise on her face. Then I shot the next load she swallowed both of them. Then another one she was starting to gag a little but she got it down. She had a big smile on her face and just a little cum on her lips. I went back over to Lee she said thanks uncle mum loved that cum. Lee licked the remaining drips of my cock . I looked over at Jill and her clit was Red as fuck she had been giving it a fair sort of a workout. We as rested and had a couple of drinks.

I said to Lee mother has she been getting fucked since she been with me? She said yes her father fucked her every night. I said ok that’s a lot. She said but she likes you better. I said I really like her too I love young girls. Lee and her mother left . I said to Jill is it ok for the weekend with the family. Jill said I thought you getting enough With what I have got for you? I could see she wasn’t happy . So you don’t want me to go? Not really. Why? Jill said if you let anything slip we are in deep shit. I said to her I wont let anything slip, I cant wait. Jill said under her breath I bet you cant . I said to her I will talk to you Friday ? She said ok but I am not happy.

Friday afternoon I dropped over to see Jill she seemed in a better frame of mind. I think she just excepted that she was not going to get out of it . I said to her how are you, she said fine both girls Ruby and Rose rushed to see me, and they said how are you uncle? I said good girls. The girls both said we a going to see our other uncle on the farm. Are you coming uncle Steve? If your mother will let me? Jill pulled a funny face and said yes he can come. The girls both said goody goody. It will be fun having you there uncle Steve. What time in the morning Jill, 8 am ok .We can take my car there is plenty of room.

Jill said it is a 2 hr drive . That’s ok, see you in the morning girls. I went to pick them up at 7.45, Luke was there but wasn’t coming he was staying at a friends place. We all jumped in the car with there stuff and off we went . In no time the girls were dosing Jill said they always do this on the way to the farm. Jill took the time to fill me in all about Steve . Because her brother knew a fair bit about Steve that my husband had told him . I think I knew enough to get me by. I looked and we were in the driveway of a huge farm house. I said to Jill this place is huge . She said it has about 10 bed rooms. I said ok wow. We parked near some other cars. A guy walked towards us . Jill said nervously that’s my brother be careful , I said ok . He said hi ruby and Rose hi Jill Hi Steve I am Jeff heard a lot about you. I could feel Jill shaking beside me. He said come in side I will show you your room. Before I got a chance to do anything Jeff said come down for a Drink Steve Jill can fix the room up. Fuck the look Jill gave me.

We went down stairs and got a drink. Jeff started talking I thought the best way was to let him talk and just agree with him. I said to him I haven’t heard from my brother in several years . That stopped some of those questions. He said ok so you don’t know what he is doing . Said no idea lately. Jeff said I see you been playing with the girls Rose and Ruby. I said I have they are fun Jeff said yes they are. You like to younger girls? Yes I do . There are a lot here in the family for you to play with. There was quite a few young Black girls and young men and couple old men . I just had to ask about them he said they work on the farm they are like family they all join in when we have a family weekend. Jeff said would you like to watch one of the black guys they like the white girls.

I said ok. He took me to a lower level there were several couches In the front of the room there was a young girl on all fours and a large black man with a huge cock deep inside of her. I said to Jeff she only young how does she handle that big cock. She is only 10yo she is use to have that size cock. She is my cousins daughter he has 6 girls. He said to me would you like to fuck her I said not right now. He put me to shame. All the girls love all size cocks don’t worry about it. But all the same she was loving that cock. I could see his balls twitch and cum spurted out the side of her pussy. Another 2 more loads and she was so full of come . I have never seen someone come that much. I saw this other young girl after he pulled his cock out of her cunt she kneeled between her legs and swallowed 2 big gulps of cum from her cunt. Jeff said that’s he little sister. I just thought fuck this place only been here for 30min. Jeff said plenty of time left for you.

I said to Jeff I might go and lie down. I went back to the bedroom the girls were down stairs playing. I said to Jill just saw a black guy fucking a 10yo girl he had a 10″ cock? Have you had a black guy ? Jill said yes one got me pregnant and I had a Abortion How do they handle them? They get use to them. Rose has fucked a couple of blacks guys here, she told me she liked them a lot. I just saw his cousin fuck a black guy and her little sister sucked the cum out of her cunt afterwards. Yes that’s Gem she loves cum like Ruby. How was Jeff, Jill asked? He taken me under his wing. Jill said be careful with him . I will Jill. I think Jeff wants to show me something special. Jill ok. Next thing Jeff knocked on the door I answered it he said come with me I want to show you something. We went down stairs to the room we were in before. I locked over there was another young cousins with a huge dog behind her .

Jeff said that’s her father helping the dog to mount her. I saw him holding the dog cock feeding it into her little cunt. The dog began to thrust furiously. The thin liquid sperm was running out beside his cock. There was at least 10 people watching there was young girls boys and men old and young watching. I saw a young girl with a old man fingers in her pussy and she sucking another old man. Jeff said when he saw me looking at her he said they are he grandfathers playing with her. i just said fuck

I looked back over the young girl with the dog . The dog had stopped thrusting her father lifted his tail to give all a clear view of her little pussy. The dog had knotted you see the knot between her pussy lips it was huge must have been 2″ in diameter. Her father was stopping the dog from pulling the knot out of her pussy. I looked over at the young 10yo with her grandfathers. One of them were deep in her little pussy and the other grandfather was still getting his cock sucked. I could see he was about to cum in her mouth. I heard him grunt and I could some of his sperm run out beside her lips . I see her gulp as he shot his load and she tried to swallow it. It was big load for a old guy. The father helping the girl with the dog, he let the do go and his huge cock and knot came out of her cunt and a big rush of clear thin cum. I said to Jeff how can she do that being so little. He said it’s her dog and she loves him she does him twice a week. I just said Wow. I turned to the young girl with he grandfather.

He had just pulled out of her she a lot white thick cum running out of her pussy and down her leg. Every body in the room were smiling. But I had a rock Solid hardon and still haven’t been fucked. They said there was food on in the outdoor entertaining area. It was a good chance for me to pick out a young girl to play with after lunch. I said to Jeff how do I find a young girl to fuck . Jeff said Just tell me which one you like. I will tell you if she is ok. I see the pretty one with the long blond hair. Jeff said she be ok she about 10yo she my uncle’s daughter he be to old have a daughter that young. She is his daughter, daughter . She had her when she was 13yo by my uncle. That’s Sue She be fine for you I have seen her with a few of the older men. Should i just talk to her yes she will know what you want. Or she may just talk to you being your new here. Those young girls love fresh meat. I did see some pregnant girls here do they get fucked to. Sure do they love cock. Only a couple of girls that have left the family . Because they don’t like what goes on with multiple partners and relatives. I think only 2 have ever left. We don’t force them to stay they know that. Most of all the pregnant girls here are serviced by there fathers brothers uncle’s cousins close family. Even the older woman 50yo are still fucked by there brothers and fathers . Or the black guys they love them. I went over and started to talk to Sue she said your the twins uncle Ruby And Rose told me they loved fucking you. I am like Ruby I love cum. I said do you. I said would like to fuck me later she said I love to, but can you cum in my mouth I said I can do that. We went up to the room Sue said are the twins up there ? I’m not sure. When we got there Jill was naked on the bed on her own. She said hello Sue . I said do you know everyone Jill haha. I said I do. Sue and I took our cloths off i could see sues tiny little pussy mound with soft pink lips and a very small clit . Nothing like Jill clit Sue just looked at it and looked at me and shook her head and said that a big clit. I said yes. Just then Sue started suck my cock. And I started to lick Jill big clit. It went for while and Sue said will you fuck me. She lying flat on her back so I slipped on top of her and slipped my cock into her soft white pussy It was so tight . I thought I cum instantly, She pushed hard towards me I could fell her pussy cum running down my shaft . I reached under my cock and rubbed her arsehole with my finger. She loved that. She looked over and Jill was using a little vibe on her arse now. Sue just looked , she said can you do that to us? I said can you do that? She said my grandfather did it to me a few times I loved it but I must have lube. I couldn’t believe it a 10yo wanted to be fucked in the arse.

I said to Jill have you got any lube she said yes. They both got down on all fours I covered my cock in lube and I slowly pushed my cock into Sue arse hole . The head went in easy. A couple more pushes and I was in all the way. She was moaning I heard her say push harder I love it. I am going to orgasm . I felt her arsehole grip hard onto my cock. After that I pull ed out and moved to Jill’s arse she had lubed her arse so I just pushed my cock straight in to her. I heard a deep groan as stroked in and out . Sue was rubbing her little clit and her face was red as she was about to cum again. I reached over and rubbed Sues cunt while I pounded Jill arse . I felt them both cum as Jill arse gripped my cock and Sue moaned in delight. I had waited all day to cum and I was ready now. I pulled my cock from Jill arse and moved to sues mouth and pushed my head in , I could see she could taste flavour of Jill’s arse on my dick but she just kept sucking . I just exploded into her mouth it was huge 3 loads . She swallowed most of it and the rest run down her chin . Jill moved over and licked it all of sues chin , that was so hot. I heard a noise apparently the twins had been watching. Next thing Rose said Uncle can you do that to use as well. I was gobsmacked . I said not right now girls maybe later.

I needed a rest for a little bit I said to the girls I am going down stairs for a while. I went to the kitchen and got a drink. And headed for the room in the lower level . When I got their there was a young Black guy pounding this older woman she would have been late 50s. I could see he pussy with this huge cock impaled in it. And she had a huge clit I thought to myself I bet she’s Jill mother ? He was so deep in her he must been 9” He had a white cum on the shaft of his cock, her pussy was quite wet for older woman. I see his balls twitch and knew he was about to unload in her. Her cunt was quite loose I could see a lot cum run down the side of his cock and onto his balls. Fuck me there was lot of cum Sue would have love to lick it up.

I hadn’t done a lot of fucking but just watching the going on in this place was unreal. I looked over and saw Jeff standing watching the older woman. I walked over and said hi Jeff how are you. He said hi Steve ? He said how was that fuck with the black guy? I said unreal. He said that was mum. I said I thought so. He said how did you know her. Her clit looks same as Jill’s, Jeff yes ha ha ha I see what you mean. Jeff asked have you been enjoying yourself ? Yes I have been unreal weekend. Your welcome to come again anytime. I saw a black guy he looked about 18yo I said him how big are you He said what’s it’s to you. I said I have twin nieces and they like to be fucked in the arse would you be interested? He said I would be. I said come with me up stairs . We went into the bedroom and the twins were there with there mother. I said to the twins this guy will fuck the two of you in the arse? They both said goody goody we’d like that. Jill chimed in but how big is he? He said I am just 8” Jill said that still very big? Ruby said we can use lube he will fit in. Please mum we want to. Jill said ok then its up to you but if its to big I will tell him to stop. Ok Mum. Both girls quickly undressed and got on all fours with the little bums poking in the air . I could see there little arseholes were quite open like bigger than finger size. I bet they had been using there mothers anal dildo? The young black guy moved to there little bums his cock was semi hard looked about 6” It was covered in lube he was behind ruby he pushed his head against her arsehole and he head slipped in I was surprised he pushed again and half of his cock went in . It wasn’t very thick so that was good for them but it was now a full 8” he was fucking her gently .

Her mother looked at her and she smiled that she was ok. I heard her start to moan and she pushed back on his cock so it went in further but not all the way . I think she was happy with that. I heard Rose say what about me? He fucked a little while longer with ruby and then removed cock . He put some more lube on it and pushed it against Rose arsehole it went straight in within 3 pushes it was half way in . He slowly pushed in and out with in 10 strokes he was nearly all the way into her arse. I could believe that . She must have done more work with mums dildo than Ruby. She was moaning and starting cum . He was fucking her quite hard at this stage. Ruby want more cock again . So he fucked rose a little more. And then put it back in ruby arse and fucked her hard this time it was nearly all the way in her little arse. Rose was rubbing her clit as hard as she could . Jill had her big clit out rubbing it as well. I was rock hard and think about fucking Jill. But I thought what about Rose’s arse still poking in the air ? I grabbed the lube rubbed it over my cock and put my cock to Roses arsehole and started to push it in, it didn’t take much and it was half way in her hole. She turned to look to see who was fucking her saw it was me and just smiled and moaned. I could see the black guy was about to cum he was fucking ruby hard I heard him call out, he shot a big load deep in her arse. I could see some cum run out the side of his cock . He left it deep in her arse for a minute and then pulled it out with a big gush of cum running from her arsehole ruby had been well fucked for her first anal.

I was close as well Rose was working my cock hard she was so tight I was deep into Rose’s arse and started to cum I shot 2 big loads she was so tight nothing much was coming out . But when I pull out of her hole the cum rushed out . The floor was covered in cum from the black guy and I .I Had a lot of fun this weekend. And I never fucked a 10yo in the arse before that was so good. I asked the girls later how they were, they said there bums are a bit sore but they loved it. Jill said to me she wanted to get going we had a long drive . If that is ok with me? I said that’s fine. So we packed up and said goodbye to Jeff he said I was welcome any time. Jill said to me that good for you . I said yes it is . She said you could come on you own if you wanted to . I said to her I love coming with you and the girls. So we jumped into the car and drove home. I dropped the girls of home and I said I will see you next week.

Hope you like the story. I may do a part 3 not sure.

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