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Hanging upside-down

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I had an accident and ended up hanging upside-down off my bunkbed. Dad came to help me but took full advantage of me before getting me down.

My name is Sally, I was 11 years old, and a funny-silly accident lead to my first sexual experience with my dad.

It was about 9:30 at night and I was in my bedroom, dad had bought me a new bunk bed a few months prior to this, it was made of metal, the bed was on top and below it was a desk and drawers.

I was messing about using the metal railing to exercise when I suddenly slipped, my foot got caught between the bars and I fell over the side, I was hanging upside-down, my arms were just long enough to allow my fingertips to touch the floor, but I couldn’t lift myself up to get my foot free.

“Dad! – Dad!” I shouted, I had to get help.

Moments after I called for my dad I had the shocking realisation that not only was I hanging upside-down with my nightshirt now covering my head and arms and showing off my bare chest, but I suddenly remembered I wasn’t wearing any panties either.

I heard dad coming up the stairs and I tried desperately to push my nightshirt up to cover my privates but I just couldn’t reach, and then my door opened and he walked in.

I heard sniggering when he saw me hanging there, nightshirt covering my face, with all my private parts on show, “Well – Well.” He said.

“Help me, Dad.” I said, he walked over to me and I could see his slippers as he stood next to me, then he lifted my shirt off my face, “Get me down, Dad.” I begged.

“How did this happen?” he asked.

“Just help me get my foot free.” I said.

“Alright, Alright.” he said, dropping my shirt back over my face, then nothing happened for a few seconds and I wondered what he was doing, then I felt his hands touch my ribs and he rubs his hands upward to my waist and then my hips.

“Dad?” I questions, he wasn’t getting my foot free so what was he doing, “Dad?”

Then my body flinched when I felt something wet sliding across my pussy, I couldn’t see in that moment, but knew Dad was licking my pussy, and he was making “Mmm.” Noises while doing it.

I guess him seeing my exposed naked body must have made him horny, mom warned me about horny little boys, but didn’t warn me about horny daddies.

“Dad – Uh.” I gasped.

He held on to my butt and pushed his tongue inside my flaps, and he was rubbing his hands all over my exposed body, fondling my breasts and everything, “Ungh – Dad – Get me down.” I gasped, my arms were shaking from the pleasure of him licking my pussy out.

He stopped briefly and then I saw his jeans drop to his feet, then he lifted up the shirt off my head and I came nose to tip with his now exposed cock and balls, I opened my mouth in shock, not expecting him to immediately push his cock in to my now open gob.

At first I felt a bit sick but then liked the feel of his cock in my mouth, he started to slowly thrust it in and out of my mouth while I sucked and he then continued to lick my pussy, we were doing a vertical sixty-nine, he kept thrusting in to my mouth and I had to keep my eyes closed because his hairy sweaty balls kept banging against my eyes.

Then I felt a sharp pain between my legs when Dad penetrated me with his fingers, “Argh!” I cried out, but then as quickly as the pain came, it went, and I enjoyed the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out my hole, I continued sucking on his thick hard cock while he licked and fingered my hole.

After maybe 5 minutes he thrust his cock far in to my mouth and it swelled up and throbbed against my tongue and lips and he ejaculated warm semen at the back of my throat, and I gagged on it, somehow managed to swallow some and then coughed a lot when he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

When he’d finished filling my mouth with semen he finally got my foot loose and caught me before I fell on my head, he then wrapped his arms around me and spun me around so I was the right was round, I threw my arms and legs around him and used his hands as a seat.

He looked at me a smiled, I smile back, “There’s my girl.” He said, and he gave me a kiss and stood me on the floor, and I straightened my nightshirt and hair.

I knew what he had done was very naughty, but I liked it so couldn’t be mad at him, in fact I felt a little embarrassed about it.

“Be more careful next time, darling.” He said, stroking my hair before he pulled up his jeans and started heading out of my room.

“Dad!….” I called out, then I ran over to him and hugged him tight, “…Thanks.” I said, both for getting me down and for what he had done to me in-between.

He left and then I carefully climbed up the ladder and got in to my bed, my pussy was tingling and I could still taste his semen in my mouth, I had the best night’s sleep ever that night though, I woke up the next morning feeling very happy and refreshed.

A few weeks later Dad would go on to take my virginity, but that’s another funny story for another time.

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    Cute story, with some humour too. I’m also going to try to spot your next story.

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    I wish I had a daddy that could fuck me like this. Love the story.


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    great fun for both of you hope to hear more soon

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    Hilarious and sexy as hell at the same time.
    30 years ago a friend of mine 12 year old daughter and I were in the back yard playing and she did basically the same thing except her foot got caught in between two limbs hanging upside down. She was already sexually attracted to me so it did not take much convincing for her to suck me while i licked her pussy. After her second orgasm I freed her foot letting her down. She immediately hugged and kissed me, grabbed my hand dragging me to her bedroom. We fucked for two hours until her mom and dad got home and many times after. Damn I love young females.

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    Very nice story. Keep writing.

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