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Little Sisters – The Beginning

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Brad couldn’t believe his life. As the only child things were pretty good. He didn’t know that when he was five his mom would be downstairs fucking a neighbor while his dad worked the afternoon to 11 P.M. shift at a grocery warehouse.

Then a year later Ellen was involved in an accident with another man driving. She was supposed to be at the mall and grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon while his dad watched Brad at home. It banged her up pretty bad. Alan, Brad’s dad thought their car was wrecked until the nurse mentioned that the driver was in really serious condition.

“Driver???” What do you mean driver? You mean the other driver?”

“No, the driver. They ran off the road and hit a tree. Are you a relative?”

“Just to my wife. She wasn’t supposed to be with a guy.”

“Oh, sorry.”

The nurse could see trouble about to happen. Brad’s dad insisted on seeing the guy. She told him the man had life threatening injuries and was not conscious. Alan watched a family arrive. The woman left three kids with another lady and went back with the nurse.

His wife Ellen seemed half awake with injuries to the back of her head where she hit the steering wheel, some cracked ribs and a broken arm.

“Steering wheel? How would she hit the back of her head on the steering wheel?”

The nurse pulled him aside where she incorrectly thought Brad’s young ears wouldn’t absorb what she was about to reveal.

“Before we medicated her she told me she was performing oral sex on the man while he drove. Apparently she had him to the point he was shooting sperm in her mouth and lost control of the vehicle as well. He has a nasty gash on his penis.”

Alan should have sat in the room with her and found someone to take Brad home. He had no idea she had been cheating, nor who the man would be. He sat in the waiting room, not wanting to be in the room with his wife.

The driver’s wife became hysterical and seemed to be trying to attack the injured man. They half pushed her to the waiting room. The conversation with the woman watching her kids was loud.

“He wrecked because he had some whore with him and she was sucking him off when he ran off the road.”

After some comforting and calming the man’s wife settled down and said,

“Some whore was sucking his cock and he drove off the road into a tree.”

Then she noticed Brad staring at her and apologized to Alan.

“I totally understand. The whore is my wife.”

Alan sat there a few minutes. Sucking a guy’s cock in his car? She was a fucking whore. How had he missed it? It wasn’t the first time he watched his son while she went out shopping. It did take longer than it should. He could see a chance of her fucking someone while he was at work, but the idea of in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon while he watched the kid was a kick in the nuts.

But, what about her fucking someone while he was at work? Alan hadn’t thought of that. From the grocery warehouse it was hard to call home and rarely did he have a need to call. Probably three times he had called home in the last few months.

Once she said she was out of breath from running up the stairs to answer the phone in the bedroom. Another time she let out a gasp and said she thought a spider was on the bed. The last time he had called she said the dryer was making a noise. Now he realized it was balls slapping her ass and the bed squeaking while her stud fucked her.

Alan was kind of a “until death do us part” kind of guy. Marriage meant something to him. Apparently it meant something else to his Ellen. Was the guy in the hospital bed both night and weekend guy or his wife spreading it around?

Brad missed his mom. Alan didn’t ever go back to the hospital to see Ellen. The hospital called after almost two weeks to ask him to come get her. Alan told to them to send her home in a cab. Ellen was pretty sore, but could walk around on her own. Dad wasn’t even home when she got home. It was a work day and Alan left early to avoid his wife when she arrived.

Brad was in school and had been going home with a friend until his Dad could pick him up. He paid the woman a few bucks for her help and would take his sleeping son home after eleven work nights. His mother screwing with other men had fucked up life for the first grader and for his Dad.

The first thing was to reach an understanding. Ellen was out of the master and into the 3rd bedroom. There were married in word only. Alan wasn’t forgiving the cheating slut.

Alan missed the signs over and over again. Working until eleven at night meant sleeping until about 8 A.M. Ellen would drive Brad to school. One morning her heard Ellen talking in the front yard. This tall, sold on himself, prick from a couple of blocks over was standing talking to Ellen while she stood holding the newspaper. She didn’t raise the garage door when she came so she wouldn’t wake her husband.

What she didn’t know this morning was that Alan had just awakened and pulled the curtain aside to see who was talking. It was the asshole, as Alan referred to him. They chatted several minutes. Ellen would glance up at the bedroom window to see if Alan was watching. The curtain barely moved when he let go of it.

The asshole was ten years older than Ellen, divorced several years. His wife had run off and left him with the house. Alan learned this later. It was Alan’s routine each morning after that to check the front yard. Ellen tried to close the car door quietly, but she had always been a slammer. Quietly wasn’t a mode on Ellen.

Within a week Ellen was reaching to touch the asshole’s arm when she would speak, then glance at the bedroom window. Everything he would say must have been funny by then as Ellen would giggle at almost every thing he said. The first day of standing with her arms folded across her chest quickly became thumbs hooked in her belt loops of her jeans with her chest out to accent her boobs.

Alan thought of it as a little flirty and would get hard watching her, sometimes stroking his cock while peeking around the curtain. Naughty, but not in his marriage would anything be let to happen. Then it stopped. The guy that usually appeared to have been jogging quit stopping by.

“Oh, shit!” Thought Alan. “That’s when she started fucking him.”

She had been screwing him for a year, slipping him in their bed at night while Alan worked and Brad slept in the room down the hall. But, that didn’t explain car crash guy. If he was getting between her legs for a year he wouldn’t be taking a chance on a Saturday afternoon. Besides, this man had a wife and kids unlike asshole guy.

Although not much was being said between the couple Alan seemed to start to tolerate Ellen again. A couple of times Alan thought Ellen was trying to get him to fuck her. She had resumed normal functions with the help of some pain killers, driving Brad to school and picking him up, doing the shopping and she had the house spotless.

Suddenly seeing his wife in a good mood Alan decided that someone must be fucking her. Hardly a month had gone by. Alan decided to set some traps. First a check of the laundry basket showed some dried cum in her panties and some on her sheet. Alan hadn’t fucked her so he must have some outside help again.

Alan took a sick day at work. Also, switched cars with a friend for the day. Soon staked out down the street he saw her leave early. He followed her minivan into a park. A man walked up to the side, slide the door open and got in. The van rocked for about twenty minutes. The man got out and walked right towards Alan. He knew the man. It was the man from the insurance company that met with her at the hospital and stopped by the house a couple of times.

Then Ellen had the nerve to pick up Brad from school all fresh fucked with cum in her married cunt. Alan followed them back home, parking in a driveway of a house for sale. He ducked down when he saw his son on his bike ride to a friend’s house. Five minutes later a car passed the house and turned around the corner on a street with no outlet. A man walked quickly up the street and to the side door on Alan’s garage.

Thirty minutes later the man left and the car drove back past Alan. His son Brad was at home on his bike a few minutes later. His wife fucking two guys an hour didn’t do anything for Alan’s temper or build any trust for his wife. Figuring nothing would happen Alan left for a bite to eat. He wondered if he should go on to work so as not to take a hit on his paycheck.

Persistence paid off. Alan parked blocks away and returned in the dark at Brad’s eight o’clock bedtime. The stranger wasn’t the only one that could slip in through the side garage door. Alan took a comfortable seat in the minivan. He could hear if the front door opened and would see anyone entering through the garage. As long as Ellen didn’t fuck the guy in the minivan Alan would be safely hidden.

It wasn’t long after Brad was in bed that Ellen came to the side door and let someone in. To Alan’s surprise it wasn’t the asshole from the past although he couldn’t tell who it was. He grabbed Ellen’s ass as they went into the house. Alan gave them a fifteen minute head start to get things going.

Tiptoeing down the hallway was a waste of time as with the noises Ellen was making they weren’t going to hear his approach. Alan watched them fuck in the dim light. They didn’t even notice the door open and close when Alan entered the room. The stud was between Ellen’s thighs pounding away at her with his cock, his face buried in her neck. Ellen was flopping her head side to side with no focus to her eyes.

“Oh God, Baby. That’s it. Shoot that cum in me!”

To Alan it seemed like a good time to flip on the light switch.

Ellen’s eyes flew open. She almost tossed her lover off the bed trying to get out from under him.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She screeched.

Ellen never knew Alan to miss work. She hadn’t ever been caught except for the wreck.

“Watching my wife fuck a stranger evidentially.” Alan snarled.

Ellen’s open, cum leaking cunt was in full view as she tried to get to her feet. Alan quickly corrected his suspicions. It wasn’t a stranger. It was a kid from up the street. The oldest brother to the kid their son played with every afternoon while Mom sneaked in the extra pecker. This kid, whatever the fuck his name was just got his driver’s license. He couldn’t even be seventeen yet. Ellen was twenty six.

The kid grabbed his clothes and ran. Alan walked out and sat on his bed in the master bedroom. He could put the sleazy cunt in jail for this. That would be rough on their son. Alan almost reached for the phone to call the police. Ellen came in to the master bedroom. She sat on the bed beside him.

“Get you nasty ass off my bed. I don’t want your cunt drippings where I sleep.”

Ellen stayed put. Even wiggled her ass a little to prove a point that it used to be her bed, too. Then she started a bizarre explanation for her actions.

“It was lonely at night with you working the afternoon shift. It just kind of happened.”

“The asshole I saw you talking to on the sidewalk?”

“Well, yes, but there were others before him.”

Maybe not a good time for confessions.

“Others? How many others?”

“I cheated on you while I was pregnant. Then fifteen or twenty men after that, including the guy you saw me with out front. It was always kind of random. Someone I met at a store, someone that came to the house. Especially salesmen. I liked the wham-bam effect of fucking salesmen. A few I met at PTA while you were working. Single dads and husband’s at PTA meetings that you missed. Those that had wives that worked the same schedule as you worked out well.”

Alan got up to leave the room.

“I still want to be married, but I need a lot of cock.” Ellen called out after him.

He paused. Alan was banging his wife during the day almost every day. How much cock did she need? Alan moved out. Divorced her and agreed to pay ninety dollars per week for Brad’s support.

Ellen starting leaving Brad alone after he went to sleep. She’d slip out to a local bar and bring some guy home to fuck her. Soon she had some drunken loser renting out the spare room. All of that was a cover for him fucking Brad’s mom and part of his paycheck would help with the bills. There was still a room for rent with the first renter moved into the master bedroom with Ellen. The second guy was fucking Ellen, too. It was an understanding between the three of them.

The fucked up part of Brad’s life had began. A year later he had a little sister. Ellen couldn’t pinpoint the father until after her birth. The flaming red hair pointing to the second renter. Men kind of rotated in and out after that. Ellen would still fuck guys at parties. Often times when Brad and his new sister, Della, would be sleeping in the house. To be sure there was room for men Ellen made Brad and Della share a room. Sort of making an eight year old boy a babysitter.

Some nights Ellen didn’t come home at all. That resulted in another sister for Brad a year and a half later. A dark haired girl Ellen named Amy. With kids aged ten, two, and an infant Ellen kept fucking anyone that asked. She let up on the drinking, wanting to be more sober when she fucked.

Brad loved his little sisters. He and they with different dads. Two they knew about and for poor little Amy? Who the fuck knows!

Alan didn’t disappear on his son. Taking him almost every weekend. He even would take the girls when Ellen would be fucking her share of the world population. Brad begged his Dad to get custody of him and his sisters. Maybe it was rude, but he told his son that the two girls would probably be cunt whores like their mother and didn’t want to deal with them.

Brad was the male figure in the house. Ellen went from having “room mates” to fucking guys for cash. Some nights she would fuck a guy and go out for a second one. Still with good looks and a better than average body Ellen had adopted a “suck them, fuck them, and chuck them” attitude towards men. Brad would go in to tell his Mom goodbye before school. She no longer got up to drive him. There would be a stack of twenties on the dresser. Sometimes a hundred, but mostly twenties. Had she upped the quality of her clientele or was she making change?

They were doing pretty well. Everyone had nice clothes and most anything else they wanted. Except for a Mom that was home for them and not a whore. She was out of the house most every night after the kids went to bed. No one looks for a whore before 9 P.M.

For safety sake with men in and out of their lives Ellen moved her kids into the master bedroom and moved on down the hall. That left Brad in the king size bed with his little sisters. The girls would think nothing of undressing in front of their older brother and slept in nightshirts with no underwear. Sisters or not peeks a their innocent little pussies would make Brad hard.

Sharing the master bathroom meant the girls were comfortable naked around their brother. Things moved on to where the girls slept nude. Right before she turned eleven budding tits on Della with that flaming red hair caused Brad to be hard watching at her small cone shaped boobs. Della discovered some pubic hair starting to grow. Wild and as red as the hair on her head Della showed it to Brad and her sister. Only a light patch of a few stray hairs randomly covered her mound.

Amy reached out to touch her sister, looking down in amazement at the sparse covering.

“Look at Della, Brad. She’s getting pussy hair.” Della made sure Brad had a good look and asked him to touch it. All the contact in the past had been accidental, or so it seemed. Sleeping three in a bed things got touched. Lord knows the girls touched his dick a lot and Della had gotten those little titties on him a lot. The little nipples could get hard.

When his fingers went across her soft pussy it was the first time he thought of fucking his own sister.

“Look, you made Brad’s cock stick out.”

Maybe a little harsh for a nine year old girl, but they lived in a house full of harshness. The three of them had caught glimpses of all kinds of sex between their mother and a parade of cock Ellen attracted.

“Mom would suck his cock for twenty dollars!” The little girl exclaimed.

“How do you know that?” Her older sister demanded.

“I’ve seen her do it.”

Little sister may have seen more than the others. She grabbed her brother’s almost nineteen year old penis in her hand and pumped up and down the shaft. Brad gasped as she stroked him. Should he really let her be doing this? Della kind of shifted to get a better look. A little pre-cum had already leaked from his cock slit.

“Then when the guy starts to groan Mom does this.”

How many nine year olds take a cock in their mouth? Little Amy leaned into it and took the head and some shaft towards her throat. She must have been watching Ellen closely because she soon was bobbing up and down. Brad pushed against her face to move her away. The little girl laughed and went right back down on him again.

The redhead Della could only watch. Between her little sister’s persistence and Brad’s total shock at the feelings the young mouth was giving him there was nothing to stop Amy from her goal.

“You’re supposed to shoot your load in my mouth. I’ve seen Mom swallow a lot of them. Guys really like it.”

Brad’s hand had gone to the sparsely covered cunt of his older sister where his fingers had brushed just a few minutes earlier. He found her sticky and slick between her cunt lips. Della squirmed against his fingers. The tip of a finger teased her inside. The older sister let out a moan more like a mature woman than a girl ten and a half when the finger tip explored her inner moisture.

Della kissed her brother on the mouth, snaking him a little tongue. Brad felt seed boil up his shaft. The kiss kept him from warning little Amy. When the first spurt hit she had the tip of his cock into her throat. She gagged and spit. Like the little trooper she showed herself to be she still smiled at Brad and swallowed his cum.

“Mom doesn’t usually gag, but I’ll get better.”

“Yeah, like nine year olds do this all the time.” Her brother scolded.

“Well, this one does!” Older sister found it hard to believe what she had just witnessed.

Brad really studied Amy when she stood by the bed. Except for the wild look in her eyes you couldn’t have guessed she just gave her first blowjob. Her body was like a little boy except this little boy had a puffy little hairless slit between her legs. Her words interrupted Brad’s stare.

“Mom usually fucks the guy after that. Sometimes she let’s them eat her pussy … I think they really just lick it and kiss it.”

Brad would have liked to try. Then Della caught his attention. Her gaze was fixed on Brad. Her mouth slightly open, nipples hard, breathing short breaths. She was wet around Brad’s finger tip. She was taking his bumping her clit and tracing her pussy opening more seriously than her previously occupied brother.

Not knowing what he was doing another finger rubbed her clit and he put the finger in to the first knuckle. Della jumped to his face and lip locked him. Brad kept his fingers going. The kiss ended when she pulled him over her and shoved his head down to her open thighs.

They had wrestled in bed in the past and his face had come within scant inches of her little pussy. This time there was different meaning. Their little sister sat nearby with the taste of his cum in her mouth, watching closely. Della was open down there, maybe a quarter inch gap that had always been pressed tightly together. Something slick ran along her slit.

It seemed natural for Brad to flick his tongue at it. The first touch made Della lunge at his tongue. His tongue slid deep making her lunge again. Seeing what she liked he continued until stumbling onto licking her clit. Her body knew what to do whether she did at ten and a half or not. Brad loved being between her thighs with his mouth giving her so much pleasure. Her first orgasm scared the little redhead. Her legs clamped his ears though and her hand pulled his hair to get his tongue in deeper.

“I think you are supposed to fuck her now.”

Sneaking peeks at Ellen and her men friends let the nine year old know what should be coming next.

Della gave her brother a dreamy look. Her half closed eyes and spread pussy gave her a “fuck me” look. Brad wasn’t so sure. What if they told?

“It’s okay. Fuck me.” Dana rubbed her little nipples and ran a finger over her clit.

“Go for it, Brad. Fuck her. Shove you cock in her.”

Della wasn’t sure it was going to fit. Not that Brad had a huge cock, but six and a half inches would be a lot for his sister that hadn’t reached her eleventh birthday. What he was about to do was probably so wrong, but the three of them were their own little family. Della was thinking something must be great about fucking a man because her mom sure did do it a lot.

“Go ahead, Brad. Put it in me. Fuck me.”

Della’s voice was almost a whisper. Brad ran the head of his cock up and down her slit gaining her moisture. He was leaking precum into his sister’s cunt slit. He pushed the head in with a little bit of difficulty, but not like he expected. She looked so tiny, legs spread, eight years between their ages and Della at a mere seventyfive pounds. It was some tight pussy.

Brad felt the resistance. Della’s eyes widened as she knew what was coming.

“Push, Brad. I don’t want to be a virgin any more. Fuck me.”

The membrane felt rubbery. Della let out a little cry when it tore, then two more inches went in. Brad got it in almost full length when his cock began spraying the insides of her cunt. Brad managed to bottom out and kept pumping his cock in and out of his sister.

“This isn’t so bad.”

Della had tears in her eyes and a big grin on her face. The spunky ten and a half year old wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her ankles around his his waist as she had seen her mother do several times. The hard cock working in and out of her felt good and she was going to want to fuck her brother a lot.

Brad looked down and his little sister. The look of pain had turned to a look of passion as she took his load and worked her pussy up and down his shaft. They began to kiss as his cock softened inside her. She didn’t cum but knew what she was after. It would happen soon and happen often.

Little Amy had been quite the cheerleader as she encouraged her brother to fuck big sister Della hard and for Della to take all of his hard cock. A slut for a Mom had given the nine year old a lot of insight about two people fucking.

“Eat my pussy now, Brad. I want to see what Della felt. And, see why Mom fucks all the time and loves her pussy eaten.”

Amy looked so much tinier than her sister and Brad had towered over Della. Amy at 65 pounds and four feet in height hardly was a fuckable woman. Yet getting her little bald pussy eaten may be a viable option. Brad was almost six feet and 160 pounds. Della at four foot four and 75 pounds was hardly a match for her brother, but had taken his whole six and a half inches.

“Go ahead, Brad. Eat her pussy. She knows everything about it except for how it feels.”

Amy laid with her legs apart with a look on her face that she needed her brother’s face in her crotch. That seemed wrong. Brad had seen her pussy a lot the way she climbed around on him naked. She had even had her little twat right at his face as they has wrestled. He wouldn’t be any more fucked up for eating his little sister than he would fucking the slightly older red headed one.

She had a womanly look about her in small scale. Her eyes had a “eat me” look. Her pussy lips were slightly open and puffy like a woman aroused. Should a nine year old be wet like that? Not soaked kind of wet, but wet on Brad’s tongue. Her little cunt opened a little wider after being worked with her brother’s tongue. Her little nub doubled in size as he began to suck at her clit.

Everything stopped when they heard their Mom’s footsteps in the hall. A man told her in actual words that she was a great fuck and well worth fifty dollars. He offered to walk her back to the bar. Mom was going to earn some more cash. Probably a double if the second man spent the night. The three were ready to bolt under the covers if the doorknob turned for Mom to tell them goodnight.

Ellen was more interested in cock than checking on the kids. The hallway was silent. Amy began to wiggle for Brad to get him back to her little pussy and clit. Della was beginning to leak cum. She would dab it from her cunt to her mouth not wanting to waste perfectly good sperm.

Amy wanted to cum. Her body was reacting to Brad’s attention. He ran his hand over her smooth titless chest and rested in on her stomach. Could a nine year old orgasm? It seemed like this nine year old was about to try. Amy started to gasp for breath. Her stomach heaved under her brother’s palm. Brad was getting a flow from her young cunt. He gathered it with his tongue. That’s what set Amy off. Bang! This little girl knew how to cum.

They lay naked together knowing their Mom would be back from the bar in an hour or so with another man. Exhausted little Amy went to sleep. Della decided she wanted to suck her brother’s cock until he would cum. She wanted to swallow his load like Amy had done before he fucked her big sister.

Brad had his sisters tucked in when Ellen came home with a drunken man in tow. She breezed past their door. Moments later fucking sounds were coming from her room. About 5 A.M. the fucking sounds happened again. Brad heard his Mom show the man out. No shower sound. Ellen was content with the sperm of two men, at least three loads, firmly up in her cunt.

Brad got the girls off to school. It was his final year. What a night. Normally one could brag to friends about fucking some girl, but not when it’s your little sisters. Thinking of even the hot girls in school Brad knew he was content with what he had at home.

When they got home Ellen was preparing for them to have a nice dinner before she went out cock chasing. At dinner she bragged about having another Hundred and Fifty Dollar night. Well, nice Ellen. Your ten year old would is getting fucked and you nine year old is sucking cock. You set such a good example.

They waited for Ellen to return with her first trick. Usually good for an hour or so. Della wanted fucked before Amy got a turn. Brad fucked her and grunted a nice load in small body. Amy sucked him dry and removed all the gooey mess from her sibling’s sexual romp. Della didn’t seem sore at all and enjoyed her brother’s load of cum he gave her.

Little Amy begged for his tongue in her slit. Twenty minutes later her cumming the night before was proven not to be a fluke. The nine year old could get off having her pussy eaten. With all the noise it was a good thing Mom wasn’t home and Brad wasn’t sure the neighbors couldn’t hear orgasm.

After some naked cuddling, the two tiny girls squirming over his body and adding some tongue to tongue kissing the three of them prepared to sleep with school the next day. But, not before little Amy sucked her brother’s cock until he spunked in her mouth.

As they drifted off to sleep they heard their mother giggle in the hallway when some man just arriving with her commented on her round ass and expressed how he couldn’t wait to get his cock in her. All three kids were awakened at about 3 A.M. by their mother taking it hard and deep, as she was describing it. She had never mentioned cock size, but this man was being told he was one of her biggest. At 5:30 they were at it again and soon at the door Ellen was expressing that maybe she should be paying him.

Fourth grade was rough that day on Amy. Maybe another kid in class was thinking about sex in some manner, but surely only Amy was thinking about fucking her brother. A yearning was building in Amy’s young cunt causing her much distraction. Both sisters had maintained nearly “A” averages in class despite their bizarre home life. Today Amy couldn’t think about class. Della in fifth grade was having the same problem as she thought of getting home and getting her high school senior brother to fuck her again.

Lunch time had Amy in the restroom stall fingering her own clit encouraging an orgasm that left her a bundle of quivering nerves as her young body seemed to melt around her cunt from then sensation.

“Why couldn’t I fuck Brad?” Amy asked herself. “Della could take his cock to the balls. Amy could certainly take a good part of it if the width wasn’t too much. Why should she be the last in the family not to lose her cherry that was now very ripe for the picking?”

The rest of the day went much better with an orgasm out of the way and the anticipation of trying to fuck her brother that night. Della was having trouble holding still in her fifth grade seat knowing she needed some cock in her to settle herself down.

Home after the kids have returned from school Ellen was in a glorious mood. Humming and singing around the kitchen she finally put both hands on the table in front of her daughters and offered some motherly advice.

“Girls … when you start fucking boys don’t settle for one that doesn’t have a huge cock.”

That probably didn’t come from the parenting class the Judge had made her take twice.

The girls just looked open mouthed at each other. Brad came into the room and noticed the blushing faces.

“What are you women folk talking about in here?”

“Oh, nothing. Just girl talk.” Ellen winked at her daughters.

By eight Ellen was at a bar hunting for cock. Cock with money, and hopefully cock of some great size. Brad and his sisters were soon naked on the bed. Della spread legged on the bed wanting her brother to fuck her. Brad kissed her little nipples on her tiny boobs and worked down her stomach until his face was eating her pussy. As much as she wanted his cock in her she wasn’t passing this up. Her juices coated his tongue. Her orgasm added to the flow.

Brad was aiming his dick at her slit when Amy’s voice pierced the room.

“Wait … No. Don’t fuck her. I want to try it.”

Brad almost laughed. Della rolled her eyes at her.

“You’re nine, Amy.” Della scolded.

“But, you’re only ten!”

“Ten and a half. There’s a big difference.” The redhead’s eyes flashed fire at her little sister.

“I can do it. I want Brad to fuck me.”

Brad was left out of the conversation. His thoughts were that he shouldn’t even try. But, Amy had spread next to her sister on the bed. There was that little cunt. Hairless and gaping slightly it did look fuckable.

“It will never go in, Amy.” Brad warned her as he stroked his dick to keep it hard for Della.

“It will. I’m already wet enough. Maybe if you just kissed on my clitty a bit.”

“Do it, Brad. Teach the little cunt a lesson. Then when it won’t go in she’ll leave us the fuck alone.” Della almost spat the words.

Brad liked eating Amy’s pussy. He was surprised when it made her cum. He could get her off and maybe at the worst when he tried to fuck her his cock trying to gain entry would push her four foot tall, sixty-five pound body across the bed.

Wow! She was wet enough and her little clit was sticking out from its little hood. Amy watched his cock as it moved closed to her eager pussy. Pussy eating cums were nice, but she wanted fucked. The head was pressing against her slit, outer lips slightly hugging the tip.

“God, Amy. Are you sure you want this?”

His cock was saying “Go”. His mind having given up trying to over ride his cock unless little Amy said no.

“Fuck me, Brad. Fuck me.” Amy was gasping for air.

Brad pushed. The slickness helped. Amy whimpered as the head went in. Brad held it there. Amy was crying. It stretched her, but it didn’t hurt or tear. It was almost obscene, a six foot tall boy towering over this fourth grader, his cock sliding in another inch. Then there was her cherry. The hymen about to break.

“Go head, Brad. Bust my cherry.” Amy was reaching for his ass to pull him deeper.

With the barrier to her sex out of the way four inches, then five went in. It wasn’t going any further, but Amy was taking cock and loving it.

“Jesus, I guess my little sister is fuckable.” Della’s voice sounder near, yet far away.”

While Brad was trying to be gentle Amy was fucking him back hard. He made her cum before he did. Her orgasm fueling his as his seed shot as deep as he could get his cock in her. Although he had fucked her Della hadn’t cum on his cock yet. Brad left it in her, holding it in deep with an inch or so of his shaft still outside her Amy’s little twat.

Once out of her Amy started sucking his cock back to hardness and them taking the next load in her mouth. She showed Della before she swallowed his cum. Amy gave Della a triumphant look that almost got her face slapped.

Della got up to watch some TV in the living room, sitting there naked under a blanket when her mom brought a man in the house and introduced him as Jimmy. She watched them go down the hall and into her mom’s room. She sneaked to the door and listened to them talk dirty and then fuck.

Now back in her own room Amy and Brad knew she was pissed at them. Soon all were playfully wrestling nude. Brad’s attention to her nipples and boobs moved between her thighs. Getting her legs spread and her pussy kissed changed her mood. Amy stayed out of the way when Brad started to fuck her older sister. For a girl that hadn’t cum from a cock before Della got off twice. The second one was so intense that she left claw marks on her brother’s ass trying to get him deeper into her cunt.

Both girls were happy now. Ellen had her first guy out by ten, was back by ten thirty, and brought a third guy in by one in the morning. Each time the sound of her fucking her men could be heard in the kids’ room. This was the first time Brad could remember bring home three men in one night. It seemed like all three females in the family were in extreme heat.

Della came out of the shower in the morning to find Brad fucking her little sister. She watched his balls tighten as he fired a load of his seed into the nine year old now fuck ready cunt.

Ellen wouldn’t be up until noon. There was still an hour before school. Della was going to get fucked, too. When Brad came out of the shower she ambushed him and got sperm pumped into her while Amy showered for the day. The new experience for the girls would be cum leaking into their little girl panties during classes. The seed would make it easier for them to get through the day. At eighteen Brad could both fuck girls in the morning and again before bed time.

Brad watched his sisters dress. Amy put on a shirt over her flat chest and stepped into a pair of shorts. Della needed the little bra to keep her nipples hidden and the padding to look like she had a little bit of tits starting. Brad remembered their panties. Amy had little ducks on hers and Della’s had a red heart and the day of the week. He was going to hell for fucking little kids. But, he wasn’t going to stop.

New rules went into effect that night. Each girl gets fucked once at night and once before school. They could suck him off if they wanted but two fucks a day each would be all he could keep up with and still make it to school.

Having cum in their young pussies got the girls through school and looking forward to getting home and round two. Brad’s grades went up because he didn’t spend much time thinking about fucking girls in his class. Two cock hungry sisters were all he needed to keep him off the market.

That night sex was more organized. Della even left the room for an hour while Brad and Amy licked, sucked, and fucked. She crept in by her Mom’s room to listen at the door. Not totally closed she could see her Ellen on all fours while the man’s assed shoved at her from behind as he buried his cock in her and then fifty dollars worth of cum.

Della had never directly seen her Mom take money for pussy before. The man gave her three twenties an told her it was worth it. Della rushed back to the couch, soon watching Mom and her latest fuck walk by to the front door. The man spoke to her and gave her the once, no twice over. Della hurried in for her brother to fuck her, wonder what it would be like to fuck and actual man. Maybe no better than Brad, but she thought about what her Mom had said about a huge cock.

Brad told her about him fucking her little sister, how she had laid they and had orgasm after orgasm on his cock. Fresh cum trickled from her tiny little slit. Della was having no part of that. After sucking her brother hard they started to fuck. The few previous times she wasn’t sure of the feelings. Now she thought she knew the feeling of being about to cum and would exploit it. Brad wasn’t sure how many times the ten year old had lost it, but Della was quick to tell him it was five.

They lucked out when Della got her period right after her twelfth birthday. Brad could have knocked her up during her first fertile time before her first period. Brad would just fuck Amy when Della was unsafe. Her periods were light. They would fuck right through that. Amy was loving the double time when Della couldn’t fuck. Brad made sure to eat Della’s cunt to multiple orgasms her turn each day.

After a couple of periods her Mom set her up with birth control pills. The kind that spaced her periods out to just once every few months. It kept her Mom fucked on a regular basis and Ellen’s word’s to the wise were:

“When you find a guy you like you are going to want to fuck him.” Good advice when you are twelve.

With Amy now eleven she was a better fuck than her older sister. Not that Brad would ever say anything. The kissing had become more romantic than sexual with both sisters. Brad landed an eleven to seven job where his dad worked. That still let him fuck both girls before he went to work and again when he got home and before they went to school. It brought in some income for himself and gave him some self worth.

Amy had been taking Brad to the balls for a while. Her period started. Mom put her on the pill first time out. Della had produced a nice set of boobs and Amy shaved her pussy because she liked it smooth and had some nice little titties growing on her chest. Della’s red bush was rather tangled but very sexy.

Then an odd but not surprising thing happened when the girls were sixteen and fifteen. A man with a lot of money and that huge cock Ellen talked about asked her to move to Los Angeles with him. With no interest in her family the man insisted there would be a “no kids” policy. Ellen would fuck around on him like she had Brad’s dad, but be discrete about it.

The house sold for a small profit and the money went into Brad’s account on the condition he take care of his sisters. How had Ellen missed that? Brad was definitely taking care of his sisters. A two bedroom apartment was rented and Ellen covered the rent. Sort of a payoff from her new man to keep her kids at a distance.

Brad passed Della off as his wife and Amy as her sister. Both were looking fit and fuckable at the time. First thing in the new apartment was the king sized bed into the master bedroom. Any one they met was told the husband and wife story. People referred to Della as Mrs. and so did Brad. Any was the cute sister and demanded a lot of cock from her brother.

At sixteen Della was into a comfortable C-Cup, Amy was about to push out of her B-Cups. There fake life became real. Brad and Della would go out as a couple with Amy tagging along. The girls were never tempted by boys at school. Although they were curious about what constituted a huge cock that their mother bragged about they allowed that Brad’s six and a half inches was enough as long as he fucked them at lease twice a day. The girls were pretty hot. Fucking them was not a problem.

Senior year Della went to prom with a boy and let him fuck her. His less than five inch dick made her appreciate her brother more. In telling Amy what she had done her little sister made fun of her for taking on a smaller cock than she had at home. Brad never looked anywhere else for pussy. None ever looked better than his own sisters.

The three of them seemed dedicated to each other.

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