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Fucked a brother and sister at a swimming pool (part 1.5)

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Plan to fuck the sibling duo with my friend.

In the last one I told you how I fucked the little girl(13) while her brother(10) was getting his dick sucked off by her.
After that evening, the very next morning i went to my friend’s place to tell him about all the stuff I got to do with those young sibling duo. As soon as I got to the door his pornstar mom opened the door for me. Her name was Lara. She was 38 years old blonde woman with 36d cup boobs and a fat ass to die for. She was an ex-pornstar and everybody at school has seen her videos and was quite famous. Lara opened the door and she was wearing some black leggings and pink a tank top.
I greeted her and hugged her tightly making her tits get squeezed in my chest while i have a good feel of that busty ass. She never shyed away from getting groped and always behaved like a pretty little slut any chance given.
She told me ray(my friend) was in his room doing some “homework” on the laptop. We both knew he was just jerking off. I went in his room and sure enough he was jerking off to his mom’s panties. He didn’t stop after seeing me because we’ve always been close and we both wanted to fuck Lara since the first time when we saw her getting fucked by a black dude in a porn. Ray was stroking his 7 inch dick while smelling the black panties and was getting a little hard with all this. Ray has always been this feminine looking kid but suprisingly hung. He took after his slut mom with those pretty eyes and that cute bubble butt. Looking at his big white dick getting stroked i couldn’t control and dropped down to my knees and started giving him head. He always loved my blowjobs since we were 10. He was already covered in precum and close to cumming so the moment I put that dick in my mouth he started shooting ropes in my throat and pushing my head deep till i could feel his balls on my chin. I was never a spitter. And so I took all that in my mouth and showed him my cum filled mouth. He always likes when I behave like a little whore. I was going to drink it all but he held my face and kissed me and and we both shared a cum kiss. Him slurping up his cum from my lips got me sooo horny. I got on top of him and threw my shorts and took of my tshirt. His dick was now a little soft, resting on my ass while we made out like hungry sluts. After some much needed cum play he asked me what’s up while stroking my dick and I was licking his pink cute nipples. I told him the whole story about the siblings and how I have their contact info and we could practically go fuck them whenever we please. All this got him hard and he said that he really wants to fuck that girl’s ass. I was super horny and told him that if he gets me off right now with only his dick then maybe we both go their house right this moment. He smiled and then gave me a slow sensual kiss while his hands spread my asshole. He put two fingers in and i moaned a bit in his mouth. I broke the kiss and told him that only his dick would count. He turned me around and on my stomach. I put my ass in the air for him. And suddenly we heard a knock on the door. It was lara asking us when are we leaving for school. I looked at ray and said “maybe at school you’ll be able to fuck my ass”
We got dressed and got down.
Lara was getting ready for her yoga class. She has been giving yoga classes for the past two years. Her husband left her when ray was born so she was only doing porn and all that stuff to bring food to the table for ray and her. But now she’s saved up enough for her to focus on herself and ray. She’s always been open with us since we were young. Looking at her in those tight leggings and that pink tank top really makes her one of the hottest women in our town. As we said bye to her ray hugged his mom a little too long I’d say. But i know it as well as lara knows it. One of these days she’ll accept his very obvious advances. So she lets him have his way with her. Their sexual hug with him grabbing her ass cheeks ended and we get to school. School was pretty much the only time we were keeping our dicks in our pants. But the usual making out with our English teacher Ms. Johnson was always there. How we caught her with a vibrator in her skirt is a story for another time. The school ended without ray getting to fuck me which sucked but it is what it is. After school we get to his house and plan that later this evening we’ll call the brother and slowly move accordingly to our little plan.
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    Just keep going, is so hot

    • Shelly ID:1eqsh41ab84x

      Alright 🥰

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      I agree with my honey Paul ! Hi Paul ! Hi Shelly i like the story and i also wear the sams black spandex leggings with a pink sports bra ! Tara !

    • Shelly ID:1eqsh41ab84x

      Hey TARA. Thanks for the positive feedback. And I’m sure you’d look even sexier without those spandex.

  • Reply Shelly ID:1eqsh41ab84x

    I’d like to know everyone’s opinion on this chapter and if i should continue this or not 🥲

    • HornyHolly ID:1clholgjel1p

      Please please continue

    • Shelly ID:1eqsh41ab84x

      I’ll post the next part soon HornyHolly. Thanks for the positive feedback

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      Please keep going!