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Daddys new start

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Rosie was 5’1 with c cup boobs and a small bubble butt with pale skin and nice flowing Raven colored hair.

Rosie’s dad Jim was talk and muscular with hair on his chest arms and legs and reminded her of a lumber jack.

Bye the time Rosie turned 19 she decided on not going to college and she wanted to live with her father.

So she did and they moved to a rural town by rural I mean the town was 5 miles away and the houses were atleast 2 miles apart.

There house was surrounded by a large feild with cattle chickens and goats they hired people to take care of the farm while they learned.

But it all started one winter morning Rosie was in the shower and her dad got in she turned around her eyes turning to his stuff cock.

It was meat and long with a nice tip his balls were big and they sagged in a good way he had hair base base neatly trimmed.

Rosie wanted to drop to her knees and suck it but this was her dad she snapped out when her dad lifted her head up.

“Eyes up here princess” she blushed turning backs round feeling his cock on her ass and lower back as he reached for shampoo they stayed like that and had a naked hug.

Rosie couldn’t stop thinking about how her dad palmed her pussy and laughed about it but really she wanted more.

She made a plan she teased her dad grinding rubbing showing her pussy to him and boobs even making sex jokes.

One night she got in bed with him with a small tank top and panties she cuddled up to him before groaning “daddy can we take off our clothes it’s itchy” he grumbled stripping himself after she did.

She grabbed his cock moving it between her pussy lips as she begin humping him “princess with his wrong” he grunted.

“Daddy you take care of me and this would make me feel better” she slipped it in her moaning .

He begin thrusting slowly the sloshing and breathing out was the only thing heard “daddy I wanna have your kids breed me” Rosie moaned out getting onto of him.

Jim begin fucking her hard flipping them “daddy’s gonna make you his housewife” he pounded into her deep and hard she cried out.

“Daddy now cum in me don’t even think just fill me up” and he did all night until his ball sack was Empty.

She layed down smiling rubbing his hairy chest “I love you daddy” he smiled “I love you to princess”

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