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Best friends sleeping sister

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My first ever story 100% real mind the spelling mistakes Im gonna use fake names for privicy

Im very bored at home so bored I go and call my friend (Steve) and I go Hey Steve Im bored can I stay the night Steve goes sure of course u can then I said Will ur sister be there as a joke but little did he know i wasnt u see his sister (Isabella Bella for short) was a smoking hot latina girl there twins steve said yeah she will be there and then we ended the call I knew this would be my only opportunity.

I cant drive yet so I ride my bike down to the chemist and buy strong sleeping pills I buy alot for the whole family tonight was gonna be the night so I ride back home and just wait till its time to go thinking about the amazing time im gonna have i go too hes house and the first think i look for it a place to put the tablets I find a secret place to put them and we go on with our day Bella is still out with her friends so me and steve are just hanging around playing games on his PS4 while were playing steves mum knocks on the door and comes in and in her hand are the sleeping pills.

My heart droped and i though shit shes found them and is gonna asked what they are she says boys is this one of yours steve goes nope not mine and I said nope not mine also so steves mum says oh ok must of been Anthony’s Steves dad so she puts them back were they were few minutes went passed and I said Im going toliet be right back I run to the place were I put the tablets and thank god there still there dinner arrives and we got pizza and as were setting the table Bella arrives home and comes and eats dinner lucky me she sat next to me I could smell her God she smelt good all i cared about was her pussy and I was rock hard we all eat our food and go on with our night we all sit down to watch a movie.

This is were i got scared I needed everyone to take a drink for this to work so I asked everyone if they wanted a glass of water and thankfully they said yes I got up and went to the kitchen I took the tablets and broke them apart I but 2 in Bella’s one and 1 on everyone else’s I gave them the drinks and they all drank It I watched as Bella drank it and I got so exited It was 9pm and it took an hour for it to kick in it was the longest hour of my life The hour passed and everyone started to yawn Steves mum said aright Im off to bed Im so tired we all said goodnight to her and continued watching the movie I kept seeing bella doze of and could wait But i thought to my self I cant fuck her here its uncomfortable so I tap her and say let me help u to bed and bella says thank u but I dont need the help and she walks off the her room not closing her door 20 minutes later Antony and steve both head of to bed leaving me to finish the movie eveyones fast asleep in just turned 11 and I was ready.

I get up start walking to Bellas room and start jerking my dick I get to her door and then doors open best thing was her door was quiet so none could hear it I stand next to her and just stear at her I pull down my pants and stroke my dick I was rock hard I grabed her hand and places it on my dick and slowly start jerking myself with bellas hand I did that for about 20 seconds then stop dick was still hard and i went and took of her shirt and bra Her tits for small dont know size they were just small but ok size but that wasnt what i was thinking about I was think about her pussy I jump on the bed with her She didnt move because she was out cold I go to her pant and start pulling them off my heart was pounding I was so exited as I pulled them off I forgot she was wearing panites but I didnt care I grabed my dick and started to stroke it while starting at my friends sisters pussy I beg that is was shaved so I grabed her panites and took them off with my eyes closed and I was amazing her Latina pussy shaved and just stearing at me I got so hard pre cum was coming out I laid down inbetween her legs and slowly started licking I was in heaven I licked faster and faster and then I began eating her pussy she started making noise and i got scared so i stoped then the noises stop I grabed my dick and started rubbing it on her pussy I was ready to enter I cup my hands under legs and pull her closer My dicks and the entrence and I slowly start entering keep in mind I’ve never had sex I go as deep and i go untill i reach the hymean With one big pull I shove my dick hard into her pussy I hear a Ow and Froze I though bella woke up but she didnt Im a 5,8 inch dick so pretty big as soon as soo as I broke the hyman I took my dick out and got out of the bed I grabed her legs and turned her around placed her on the side of the bed.

I stand at the enterance once again I go into positions and enter her again missionary style I pound her for a solid 5 minutes before The biggest blow of my life I cummed so hard it started oozing out of her I let her go and sat on her chair congratulating myslelf of what I’ve just done I take photos and start putting them in my eyes only I wait for a bit and I begin round 2 This went on for most of the night Im so sure shes pregnant with my baby I havent told anyone but anytime I go over I did it all over again

I hope u injoy my story

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  • Reply A. ID:1dvgz9nkj2gk

    Try using the grammarly app to help. Needs more descriptive detail

  • Reply [email protected] ID:45xxp0l1qr9

    Decent story but your writing needs a LOT of work. Separate your sentences, and use quotations

    • Bill62552 ID:1clcmc077tjj

      You should’ve went in and fucked your friends mom

  • Reply Ian ID:5vyiv7cdqrj

    Good story, i sleptover friends alot during schooldays same problem with his teasing little sister, wish i had slipped some pills and had my way with her.

  • Reply Bothy241 ID:60zjb7wwd1

    Add my telegram Bothy241 love to hear more