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I started sleep walking recently. I’m 35, work a ton and stressed. Doc put me on new meds. I think they have something to do with the sleep walking as well. Nothing dangerous. My 15yo daughter thinks it’s hilarious and my wife is worried I’ll walk right out of the front door one day. My daughters friend, Cara, stays with us quite a bit. Her family is kind of out there so we have an open door policy with us. She crashes in the guest room or on the couch. She’s very mature for 16 since she practically raised herself. She’s a looker. Great body and beautiful as can be. I’d be lying if I said I never checked her out quickly in the pool or around the house.

Cara asked to talk to me before they left. She told me that I was sleep walking last night again. I had no idea. I didn’t remember anything. She asked if I was sure I remembered nothing. Yeah, I was sure. Here’s what happened. I guess I went down to the living room naked and then the kitchen. I drank something and was talking to myself. She didn’t want to wake me up. I asked then what and she got all red. She said I walked by again and that was it. I knew her long enough to tell she was lying. I wanted to know what else. Apparently I walked in front of her and stood by her pillow hard as a rock. I was mortified. I apologized a hundred times even though she seemed cool about it. I was embarrassed to have to ask if I came. She couldn’t believe I didn’t remember and made me promise not to tell a soul. I agreed. Cara said how she always liked a dominant man. I grabbed her head and she sucked my cock while she touched herself. I didn’t cum, I stopped and went upstairs, leaving her to finish. I didn’t get why she let me do that. She said it turned her on and I have a nice dick.

I was upset that something like that happened and of course, I was asleep for it. Few nights later I was laying with my wife and got hard. I tried pulling the moves on her but she told me she was too tired. I lay awake for an hour debating if I should go jack off in the bathroom. All I could think about was how sexy it must have been getting that blowjob. A plan hit me out of nowhere. I went to the top of the stairs and heard the tv on. I got down to my boxers and did my best sleep walking act I could muster. I went to the kitchen like last time. I went over to the couch like last time and stood there with my eyes mostly closed. I rubbed my cock and made some grunting noises. She carefully pulled the front of my boxers down and grabbed it. Her hand went under the blanket and my hand went on her boob. She had really soft, perfect tits. I grabbed her head and watched her suck. What a phenomenal sight to see. It wasn’t long before she was bent over and I was taking off her panties.

The most beautiful pink holes I had ever seen. She must bleach her asshole or something. I buried my face in there and showed her how a real man eats pussy. She pushed her face in the couch when she came. Something about her muffled screams made my cock throb continuously. I sat on the couch and waited. She kneeled between my legs and sucked my dick again. I made grunt noises and pointed at her pussy. I was praying this would work. She whispered “What? You want pussy don’t you? Is that what you want?”. I stayed silent, she stood up and rubbed my dick on her. She repeated to herself that she couldn’t believe she was doing this. She climbed up the couch and squatted down. I took her ass in my hands supporting her little 95lb frame.

She got some in. It felt like anal with my wife almost, thats how tight Cara was. She whispered not to cum in her and sat down all the way, my dick fully wrapped up in that teen pussy. I spread her pretty ass with my hands and put a finger in her ass. Expecting her to pull it out, I was happy to hear, “Fuck I love it in my ass. Make me cum.” I grunted and fingered her ass. When she got close to having an orgasm, I pulled her off and turned her around. She let me put the tip in her ass and backed up into me. She doc all the work until the end. She rubbed her clit and I watched my cock disappear in her ass over and over. She was going crazy on her clit and got pretty loud as she was about to cum. I wrapped my hand around her mouth and pulled her back fucking her ass deep and hard. I was getting close myself when she came. Her ass clamped on my dick so hard I could barely move it.

She sat catching her breath and I moved my duck in and out hoping to cum. She was too sensitive I think and sucked it again. My wife never sucked me after anal. I pointed and grunted again. She knew what I wanted. She opened her legs for me and I got on top. She was so flexible, I put her legs practically behind her head. She reminded me not to cum in her. I didn’t have much of a choice. The pussy was just too good. I ended up fully inside of her grunting while she tried not waking me up. “No no no don’t cum in me. Fuck I’m not on birth control. Wake up. You’re gonna get me pregnant.” I pulled out of that perfect pussy with a popping sound. She ran off to the bathroom and I went upstairs. We had the talk the next morning and I pretended to be shocked. She asked me to take her to get some plan B. I came out with two. She smiled and said she could save it for next time. I was so happy to hear that. The rest of the ride home she explained in her own eyes what exactly happened. “…and then you came so much in my pussy it was unreal. Next time don’t stop fucking my ass. Wrap a hand around my throat and I’ll take a pounding.

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    Great story! Please tell us about the next night. Maybe also the night he was sleep walking and his daughter had fallen asleep on the couch.

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