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Dominated by a Kid (Part 2)

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Kevin brings his friends to gangbang me. (Story is only a fantasy)

His parents came back home just when he finished filling me for the third times. I could feel his cum dripping on my thighs.

After telling his parents that everything went well, I left to go back in my home, my legs wobbling a few times after such a heated night.

But my mind kept replaying the moment he took advantage of me. I blushed and the remaining of his sperm had dripped on my panties.

At home, I took a warm shower, my hand going down to my pussy and touching briefly to feel the wet sperm still there. I brought my hand back to my face and stared at the sticky semen. I remembered swallowing it and my pussy warmed up in need. I licked it tentatively, the salty taste making me hum.

The thought of getting pregnant had got me worried and yet I decided to not buy any pills.

Weird, right ?

The next day, I knew what would happen. I waved at his parents leaving, this time Kevin just next to me waving at them too and groping my ass. I flushed but didn’t say anything.

I just closed the door and I yelped when he shoved me against it. He grinned. “Ready for tonight whore ?”

The name made me bit my lower lip, “Y-Yes.”

He slapped my ass hard jolting me up before sitting on the couch and turning on the TV. “Then go make me food bitch.”

I put my belongings on the couch before doing as he said.

“Oh I forgot,” he suddenly spoke, going towards me in the kitchen and opening a drawer to an apron. “Strip, I want you just in that.”

I blinked, “What ? But—”

“Shut up and do as I say !” He frowned.

I blushed and looked at the floor, unbuttoning my white shirt then my purple bra. I could feel his stare on them while I tugged down my jeans with my panties, throwing them on the floor. He smiled before handing me the apron that I quickly wore.

“That’s perfect like that,” he said staring at me.

My ass was in complete display and he took the chance to grope it. My pussy was starting to get wet and Kevin quickly noticed it.

“You can’t wait to be fucked, isn’t it ?” He smirked and I quickly shook my head but I moaned when his hand rubbed it slowly, looking at the slick sticking to his fingers.

“It’s n-not that—”

What I didn’t expect was him suddenly bending me over the counter and slamming his cock into me making me scream.

“You fucking slut,” he groaned as he snapped his hips into my ass harder every time.

I moaned, my pussy dripping as his cock ravaged my inside. It felt so good, at every thrusts a spike of pleasure would fill my sense and I was craving for more.

He grabbed my breasts, pinching my nipples and pulling on them hard making me throw my head back.

“Ah ! Sir !”

“You like that fucking whore ?” He growled as he fucked me deeper, almost pulling out all of his cock before plunging back in.

“Yes ! Ah !” I was just his submissive slut and he dominated too easily.

“You’re a good cocksleeve ! You finally understand your place !” He said pounding into me and I whimpered at his comment.

My pussy kept tightening around him whenever he said those things. “S-Sir you’re going too rough !”

He slapped my ass, the burning feeling making me almost orgasm. “You think I care ? You’re just my personal sex toy ! I’ll fuck you until I’m satisfied !”

I moaned and let him use me like he wanted. His hard cock mercilessly abusing my pussy. Being treated like a toy felt amazing and tears started to gather in my eyes from the constant onslaught.

He didn’t even care if I was pleasured or not, just fucking into me and trying to reach his climax.

I didn’t know how much of a pervert I was until yesterday.

“I’m gonna breed you !” He took me by my hips focusing in violating me deep.

“Please don’t sir !” I moaned out just to make him rape me rougher.

“Shut up you dumb slut ! I’m going to fill your pussy so much that you’ll finally get pregnant !” He said in a low voice and I quickly understood that I didn’t have a choice.

He kept banging me against the counter like there was no tomorrow. Just thinking of being impregnated by a kid made me tightened so much that his deep thrusts made me scream as I orgasmed.

“Fucking bitch, get pregnant !” he growled before giving one last thrust, his sperm shooting into my womb.

I gasped, slumping down on the floor, feeling the sperm dripping down.

“Clean me,” he ordered and I obeyed, licking his cock clean.

He then pointed at the small pool of sperm on the floor, “That too dumb slut.”

I almost whimpered bending over and licking the salty sperm on the wooden floor.

“Good slut, now make me food,” he said before going to the living room and pulling out his phone.

I stood up, feeling the sperm dripping from my pussy and I quickly focused on making food.

What I didn’t expect was the surprised guests.

There was a knock on the door and I froze in fear. His parents couldn’t come this quick. I glanced at Kevin who was going to open the door, sending me a smirk.

Kevin opened the door before I could stop him and two boys entered in, age the same of Kevin.

“Where’s the whore ?” The one with glasses asked, frowning and crossing his arms.

“Yeah, where is she ?” The chubby kid asked.

I almost gasped.

He called his friends to fuck me ?

“She’s over there,” he let them enter before closing the door, “Come here dumb slut !”

I bit my lip, face flushed and pussy starting to get wet.

I was going to be gang banged.

“Move your ass if you don’t want me to punish you !” He yelled in anger.

I quickly walk towards them, looking down at the floor embarrassed.

The two kids stared at me, as if judging my appearance.

“Her boobs are small,” the fat one said, disappointed. I flushed at his comment.

“Well, it’s not me who took her as my babysitter, Bob.” Kevin retorted.

Bob huffed while I didn’t notice but the other one was behind me and slapped my ass making me yelp.

“Not bad,” he spoke, spreading my asscheeks and staring at my ass hole, groping me roughly maling me whine.

“I didn’t fuck her ass yet, I thought you wanted to first, Mike,” Kevin said with a smirk.

Mike tentatively licked my anus and I moaned loud at the touch before he pushed me on all four, face right in front of Bob’s crotch.

Bob smirked before yanking my hair backwards, staring at me with a predatory look.

“Hey, let’s do it in my room,” Kevin cut them before they followed him, Bob still pulling on my hair and forcing me to walk on all fours.

He was treating me like I was his dog and it turned me on.

In his room, they didn’t lost a second, Bob pulled my face to press it against his bulge, while Mike slapped my ass a few times hard turning it red.

I whimpered and Bob pulled down his pants with his boxer revealing his hard dick. He pulled on my hair and started pressing his cock to my face, rubbing it and slapping against my cheek. I opened my mouth to moan at the strong scent of his dirty cock that was turning me on just as he rubbed his balls against my nose, humping my face.

Mike suddenly pushed a finger in my anus and I gasped, Bob taking the chance to shove his cock in my mouth making me gag.

Kevin had taken his phone, filming the scene.

Bob pounded into my mouth, his cock hitting the back of my throat uncomfortably. Saliva and sperm ran down my lips, moaning at his harshness. “Fuck, she’s great at sucking.”

Mike had pushed almost his whole fist in my anus and my pussy was dripping more and more, I couldn’t stop spasming in pleasure, thighs shaking. He spat on his cock, rubbing himself before thrusting in one go in my ass.

My back arched and I screamed around his cock from the burning pain but that didn’t stop them from abusing me.

They were just using me as their fuckhole, and the thought made me tighten, eyes rolling back while Bob throat fucked me and Mike raped my ass, my breasts bouncing at each pounding.

It felt so great.

“Drink everything slut !” Bob groaned as he came down my throat, I tried to swallow everything, gasping as he pulled out.

Mike grunted as he reached his climax and filled my ass of his sperm.

Kevin turned off his phone, “My turn and I have an idea.”

Kevin opened the window and pushed me towards it, forcing me to take off the apron, face and breasts in full display from the people outside.

I was still half unconscious, panting, the salty taste lingering in my mouth and the sperm dripping from my ass.

Without a warning he plunged his cock in my pussy and I screamed in pain before quickly putting a hand on my mouth.

He fucked me deep and my eyes rolled back every time. My hole was burning at the pain but it soon changed to pleasure.

“Bitch you’re ours now, you’ll do whatever we order you to, got it ?” He growled, railing me from behind hard, bruising grips on my hips.

“I’m your master and you’ll be my pet slave,” Bob added with a smirk as he continued filming me but with his phone, getting assaulted.

“Girls need to learn their place, on their knees for boys,” Mike added as he was already jerking off.

I moaned at their words and in my delirious state, I nodded hastily, submitting to their young cocks, just wanting to cum so bad, “Yes— ah I’m your slut !”

Kevin smirked as he slammed so deep and fast, “Get pregnant then bitch !’

His hot cum spilled deep in my debauched cunt and I squirted hard just as I saw his parents’ car pulling over.

My hair got roughly yanked on and Kevin threw me against the floor. I could barely comprehend what was going on when sperm flew to paint my face dirtying my glasses too, the strong scent of cum intoxicating me.

They were all smirking as Kevin ordered me to go shower before his parents could come up. But I didn’t expect him to follow me in the bathroom and locking the door.

In the end, I was forced to drop on my knees and let him fuck my face.

After a few weeks I found out I was pregnant with Kevin’s child. I told him and he simply smirked and resumed fucking me, telling me he was going to move out soon. I decided to keep the child and to this day I still think of his cock when I let other kids fuck me stupid. I wonder if I will ever meet a boy that will put me back at my place like he did.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:4172wlylfij

    Brava fantasia?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 scritto in modo da potere leggere piacevolmente. Brava👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Reply Janette ID:2xn8xlep49a

    I baby sat a 14 Yr old boy. Ended up him tying me up and him raping me.
    JanetteStein on kik

    • TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

      So it happened to you to Janette !

  • Reply Mr lover lover ID:1evy9ywd4hou

    A long wait for part 2 but I actually do remember part 1 xx

  • Reply TARA ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    The 13 year old boy i was babysitting not only pinned me down, but pulled up my skirt and ripped my pantyhose with a great struggle from me but was able to shove his skinny cock into my pussy. he fucked me with my legs up on his shoulders until he shot his sperm load in my pussy while i squealed and moaned out no ! I never did tell his parents but for a 13 year old ! he is much stronger than me !

    • Daddy T ID:1ck60e2a5lwr

      Loved to hear that so sexy

    • IncestFeelsGood ID:1cyit7azwpvh

      A teenage boy once got handsy with me. I ended up giving him a hand job after letting him grind on me and suck my nipples, but no more. He was a virgin and I just didn’t want to be his first.

    • Will ID:1dy85lqj6p07

      Have you posted the entire story?

  • Reply PO469 ID:1dl9k8kua3f3

    I thought part 2 would be the parents coming home while the son was still fucking her. The father would join the son, telling the wife/mother to sit there and watch. Father fucked her cunt and son fucked her mouth. After they both came, the mother was made to clean both cocks and then the sitter’s cunt.

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      Ich liebe Preeteen Geschichten und ich bin offen für vieles aber bitte er ist 11 und zieht bald aus

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    Such a good lil girl taking her rightful place under a hard cock.