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stranger things (incest)

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my mom gumtha tried her best by wearing indian petticoat alone after bathing and a bit a wetness makes petticoat transparent.

hi everyone this arun again.here is the story about family going through a strange situation during covid-19

this story happens in south india(madras),where the family with a young son,daughter,mother and father live.
because of lockdown father had to work from home and the childrens didn’t have school and there classes were
being conducted online,there mother young and lusty woman gumtha took care of all of them.

there father was very workacholic and had no sex for the past several years because of the work pressure.
because of the lockdown father was always home and he tried to satisfy our mother gumtha.

gumtha our mother with her shape and rigid body can easily draw attention of most of the men in our surrounding.
my mother usually wears south indian dresses like saree(panty+bra+petticoat+saree)& nighty(night gown with no
under garments).

my father because of workahcolic nature he never touched gumtha for a longtime, he usually wear lungi with no
underwear.my mom gumtha tried her best by wearing indian petticoat alone after bathing and a bit a wetness makes
petticoat transparent,but still my never made an attention on her.

at last the time gumtha waited for came ,my father after work started watching porn and started exercising.
but there was one problem my father antenna got some issue,it is not working ,so he decided to use some medicine
to boost up the antenna.he bought some tablet named superpower extra.

my father to surprise my mom gumtha he made a secret plan and kept the tablet in my cupboard.he eagerly waited
for night.but gumtha didn,t know anything,she was asusual in her saree cleaning utensile in kitchen it was summer night
because of humidity gumtha was dripping in sweat and it made her blouse wet and transparent.

my father took a tablet from my cupboard and waited for gumtha after work she returned to the bedroom,where my
father was standing like a bull seeing this gumtha ran like a cow and her dress was stripped.my father spanking
gumtha and gumtha was in a shock now her saree pull away her blouse teared away by my father.only she was in
her black bra and wet petticoat.my father grabbed her thighs and pulled near to his dick.

but dick was still soft and it was not standing.my mom gumtha left in worry.

my father started crying and he grabbed my mom’s boobs and licked it and said sorry gumtha i can’t do it gumtha
don’t worry i will hire someone for your pleasure.gumtha hearing this left the bedroom and she was still in her
petticoat and bra only costume entered my room like a diva.

it is now i her son enter into the story like a hero.i mistakenly ate a tablet that my father bought,i was
feeling like anything tablet was doing something inside me.i started crying because of the pain.looking this ‘
my gumtha came near to me and sat on my bed.i was wearing only a underwear.she looked the bulg and carressed
it with her hand.because of this my dick got even bigger.my mom called my father for help.

my father came and saw the bulg,he was shocked to know that i ate the tablet that he bought.my mom gumtha knowing
this felt sad.my father said he should releaved of pressure otherwise he will die.my father said to my mom
that you can help him to releave the pressure and you too can get satisfied by doing this.
gumtha a conservative woman unable to do a forbbiden act.but to save me she decided to do with a twist,she
decorated my room like a honeymoon suit my father was doing the decoration while my gumtha was reading for
the firstnight.my sister brought my gumtha to my bedroom and she left the room in shy,gumtha wearing a full
white saree came with a milk jar and gave it to me,she said me to drink,i said i will take it from you gumtha.

gumtha sarted laughing,with my gumthas command i started doing things,she first said remove her saree,i pulled it
slowly.her petticoat was know in the view,then she slept near to me and sarted kissing me pasionately ,licking my
face and base evenly.

now the time to untie the knot she said,i said what?.gumtha told me to remove her petticoat,i gently pulled it
away it was already wet because of the precum.gumtha told me kiss her body,i jumped on her and poured honey
all over her body and licked it brutaly,she was moaning in pleasure,i removed her bra and panty without her

now gumtha licked my dick and prepared it for the mission,she then wide opended her vagina.i inserted my dick
like a missile hit a target,gumtha was moved by my move.then i discharged my load in her vagina.
then i felt relaxed a bit.then i got up to drink some water wear my gumthas petticoat i got out of my to see
my father standing near to my door.i asked him what are you doing her,he laughed.i said to get inside,let gangbang
gumtha.my mom gumtha was nude and my father kept his dick in vagina and took the ass hole and lifted her body with
our dick.gumths’s double damaka will continue….!!

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