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The Numbers pt 1: Figuring it out

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a middle school girl has intense hallucinations… unlesss they’re more a super power?

It started on a Monday, a day like any other; the fluorescent lights of Northwood Middle School harshly illuminated the hallways and students. However, that day, as I walked down the hallway, something felt different—almost as if the air was charged. I noticed it first with Jake, my childhood friend and the captain of the soccer team. He’d been talking to his friends, the usual post-weekend banter, but now, above his head floated a shimmering number: ‘8’.

I blinked, figuring I’d just had one of those weird eye glitches, like when you stare at a light for too long. But as I continued walking, I realized it wasn’t just Jake. All the guys had them—these ethereal numbers, each unique, hovering just above their heads.

Michael, a mean boy from my math class, had a ‘3.5’. The quiet bookworm, Ethan? ‘9.8’. the numbers seemed to mostly range from ‘2’ to ’11’. And as I walked past the teachers, I noted with growing bewilderment that the older men generally had larger numbers, although there were glaring exceptions.

During lunch that day, I sat with my close friends, Lily and Mia. looking around, I saw my two friends Lily had long pale blonde hair and striking pale blue eyes, every boy loved her. Mia was a quiet Asian girl with long black hair and sweet green eyes. The muscle head boys at the next table over were as follows: Travis had a ‘7.4’, Kevin, had a ‘6.6’, Liam had a ‘5.9’ and Noah had a ‘5.3’

“I think I’m going crazy,” I whispered to my friends. “Does anyone else see these numbers?”

Lily and Mia exchanged puzzled glances. “What numbers?” Mia asked.

I explained the mysterious phenomenon to them. They both stared at me like I’d grown a second head.

“Are you serious?” Lily exclaimed skeptically.

I nodded and explained that I was seeing numbers above men. In response my two friends shrugged, unable to help.

The two continued talking away but I was too distracted to pay attention or participate in their conversation.

As we continued chatting, my gaze landed on Travis. Out of boredom and curiosity, I wished for his number to go down, even if just by a little. As the thought crystallized in my mind, I felt a strange sensation – a tugging in my chest, as if something was being drawn out of me. Suddenly, Travis’s number changed to ‘6.4’, while Kevin’s rose to ‘7.6’. My heart raced. I had changed their numbers!

Feeling a rush of dizziness and a piercing headache i clutched my forehead.

Lily and Mia shot me a concerned look.

“I’m… I’m fine,” I replied, still trying to understand what just happened.

Throughout the day instead of paying attention to classes, I experimented, albeit discreetly. I could change the numbers by just focusing on them, but I couldn’t increase one without decreasing another. And with each change, I felt increasingly drained. The bigger the change the more tired I felt afterwards. Additionally I could disperse the change across multiple guys, so if i wanted to decrease a number by one it was easier to increase ten other guys’ numbers by .1 then it was to increase one other guy’s number by 1. Vice versa too.

At first i thought i was going crazy but day after day i saw them  again and again as clear as i see anything. Eventually i accepted this was my life now.

As the days rolled on, my observations became more meticulous. I tried my hardest to figure out what these numbers mean. I took obsessive notes for weeks, wandering around the school, mall basically wherever. I noticed patterns and correlations. Those on the soccer team, for example, seemed to average around a ‘7’ while the boys of the Wrestling team averaged around 4. An astonishing 8 for the chess team, 3 for the swimming team, 4 for the football team and 7.5 for the basketball team. Most of my male teachers had a higher average than the students (6.2 for teachers, 5 for students) but there were plenty of students who had numbers much larger than the teachers. After wandering around the mall I made some interesting discoveries. Baby boys had very small numbers sometimes only a few tenths but those numbers were also hard to see being very faint. I wouldn’t have realized it anyways but adults always had very clear numbers while the younger boys had sort of transparent numbers.

I needed help somehow, at the end of a cold week in october i was at a sleepover with my friends Mia and Lily. Lily almost always hosted us since her house was the biggest and her mom the nicest.

It was late at night when i brought it up took out my notes and showed my friends what i was up to, fully knowing i looked crazy.

The girls looked over it. “Woah” they said together suddenly serious. Before when i brought it up they thought i was joking, but now that i’ve filled up a notebook full of notes they were taking me a little seriously.

“So, any idea what it means?” i asked hopefully.

“Maybe how mean or nice they are?” Lily suggested.

I shook my head“ i thought of that but michael has a 3.5 and ben is 10.1” i responded showing them in the notebook “and they both suck”

The two girls nodded in agreement.

“Maybe how strong they are?” MIa volunteered.

I shook my head again “then you’d expect the sport teams to be a little less all over the place and to be on one side or another of the general population” i said

Mia nodded in agreement, “you’re right, then maybe it has something to do with mental state, like mood or awakeness, or maybe even something like how many decades they’ll live.

I frowned, that kind of thing wasn’t exactly interesting or useful to me, but it was a pretty likely solution.

Lily chimed in with a sly grin, “maybe it’s how big their -” she pointed to her crotch “is”

I couldn’t help but giggle, mia and Lily both soon followed and soon the three of us were laughing at the idea. Mia was the first to come out of it, she scoured the notes i’d taken. “Hmmm we can’t exactly discount it it would explain a lot” she said

“Would it?” i asked skeptically

She nodded “think about it, you told us a number was faint for boys and babies but solid for adults. That would make sense if the number could change easily for boys and babies but is more set in stone for adults”

I nodded feeling flushed, I had noticed that it was easier to change boys’ numbers than it was mens’.

“Plus that would explain why babies have low numbers”

“I don’t know…” I stammered embarrassed.

“Why don’t we test it out?” Lily asked.


Lily and i turned to Mia, the smartest of the three of us.

“Umm well-” she was blushing now too. “We can ask some guys but they might lie… we can measure it ourselves but we’d have to do a few… or well i guess we can start with one if they don’t match then” she shrugged “we can drop it”

Mia was staring at the floor clearly embarrassed at the suggestion.

“Let’s do it” Lily said confidently. “I have a ruler, what could go wrong?”

Over the course of the night I’d become fairly certain that the numbers corresponded to the boys’ dick lengths. But still it’d be nice to know for sure. “I guess…” i mumbled half-heartedly

“Oh come on, don’t be like that, we’ll invite Jake,” Lily said with a grin.

I couldn’t believe they were actually considering it – asking a my childhood friend to get naked and measure his dick. But as much as part of me felt hesitant and reluctant, there was another part that was intrigued by the thought. Mia seemed to sense my inner turmoil and spoke up.

Lily chimed in with a mischievous grin on her face. “C’mon Hayleigh you know you want to! oh and there’s the number mystery too!”

I rolled my eyes but couldn’t deny the truth in her words. Squaring my shoulders, I took a deep breath and said, “Fine, let’s ask him.”

“Great, get out your phone and ask him over here,” Lily said with a smirk. Mia and I exchanged a nervous glance before I spoke up, my voice tinged with hesitation.

“Um. guys, are you sure about this? I mean, what if Jake doesn’t want to get naked in front of us? Or worse. what if he thinks we’re being weird or disgusting?”

Mia chuckled softly, rolling her eyes playfully. “Oh please, Hayleigh. that boy is so into you.”

Lily nodded in agreement, “Yeah, besides what guy wouldn’t want to strip down before three eager girls”

Feeling a mix of apprehension and curiosity bubbling within me, I reached for my phone and sent Jake a text:

“Hey Jake, we were thinking of playing a game tonight,” I texted him, trying to mask the nervousness in my words. “Wanna come over to Lily’s and play with us?” As soon as I sent the message, a knot formed in my stomach. What the hell had I just done? Asking Jake to come over and strip down for us sounded absurd even to me, but there was no going back now.

A few minutes later, Jake responded with a simple, “Sure thing, I’ll be there soon.” My heart raced as I imagined what he might be thinking as he prepared himself to come over. The anticipation mixed with uncertainty left me feeling a little sick to my stomach.

When Jake arrived at the door, he looked handsome as ever. His eyes lightened up when he saw me standing there, and I couldn’t help but blush under his gaze.

The first thing I always notice is his hair. It’s this rich shade of blonde,t hat cascades in gentle waves, looking like the softest silk his eyes are the color of the clear autumn sky, a brilliant blue that seems endless. And of course there was a scarlet number ‘8’ floating just above his head.

“Hey ladies!” he greeted us with a grin. “What kind of game are we playing?”

Lily stepped forward, her confidence shining through even in this absurd situation. “We’ve got a little experiment for you,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

I shifted uncomfortably, unsure of how to respond. I glanced at Mia, She just shrugged.

Jake raised an eyebrow, clearly intrigued by the mystery surrounding our “experiment.” He leaned against the wall “Well, what is it then?” he asked with a smirk.

I cleared my throat, summoning all the courage I could muster. “We were just curious. about. um. different things,” I stumbled over my words, feeling like a total idiot.

Lily interjected, her enthusiasm bursting forth like a rainbow in full bloom. “We were wondering if you could get naked for us?”  She announced.

There was a beat of silence as the reality of what we’d asked set in. I could practically see the gears turning in Jake’s head. Finally, after several long moments, he said, “you want me to get naked for you?”

His tone conveyed more than a hint of skepticism.

“Yup!” Lily exclaimed happily.  “You wanna know why?”

Lily shrugged, seemingly unconcerned with his rejection. After a brief pause, she added “Because we’re testing Hayleigh. she says she knows the size of a boys dick just by looking at him!”

Jake appeared unfazed, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, clearly weighing the pros and cons of this potentially embarrassing task. When he finally spoke, I almost jumped out of my skin. “So…you want me to take off my pants and measure my penis?”

I glanced at Lily and Mia, Lily was nodding but Mia looked a little nervous. i probably looked like Mia. but the cat was out of the bag, i turned back towards Jake and nodded too.

Jake shrugged and flashed a michevious smile. “go ahead” he said with a smirk. “if you can take it out and make it hard you can measure it all you like”

I looked towards my two friends. Lily was grinning. “since Hayleigh and you are the closest i think she should do it. it’s her superpower anyways”

Jake chuckled, if it were possible for me to grow redder, i did. I took a hesitant step towards Jake and knelt before him.

I looked up at Jake and gave a nervous smile. i slowly fumbled with his belt, then his button. then his zipper. Finally, i felt the zipper go down. Taking another deep breath, i slowly pulled his jeans open. There wasn’t much fabric between Jake and me, and his bulging meat seemed as though it would tear through that fabric at any moment.

i reached up to his waistband and gave a gentle tug. I awkardly began pulling his underwear down further, feeling awkward at every touch.

Finally, i could feel the material loosen, sliding down his thighs. i could barely contain my excitement. There it was! the massive bulge had been revealed to be a rock hard cock. super thick with well defined veins, and a large pink head.

I felt Lily slide behind me she pressed a hard wooden rod into my hand. my heart skipped a beat. This must have been the ruler!

i gently stroked Jake’s massive cock and lined it up next to the ruler.

it measured exactly eight inches. exactly the number above his head.

i reported the results with a wavering voice.

I giggled. “um thanks Jake, I guess that’s all-”

Jake shook his head, “You’re gonna get me all hard and not even finish the job?” he asked holding the base of his large cock with his right hand.

I gulped nervously. i supposed he did have a point, but i’d never done anything like this. “wh-what do you want?”

Jake looked down and smiled at me, a smile that warmed my heart and chilled my soul at the same time. he gently held onto my head, i froze and he rested his cock on my face. it was a warm smooth texture, smelling of sweat and cologne. i stared up at Jake, overwhelmed by his presence. The smell made my mouth water, suddenly, it occurred to me that i wanted to taste him. i swallowed audibly, caught completely off guard by the impulse.

Jake grinned. “a blow job should do for now”

his cock was already resting on my face. i tilted my head back and opened my mouth. i was scared it wasn’t going to fit but after a second my tounge was being pressed to the bottom of my mouth and his tip was wedged into my throat.

My heart was pounding loudly, my ears ringing, my body trembling. i heard Jake chuckle lightly as he pumped his hips slightly forward. his thrust pushed his dick further back into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat.

As soon as his thick mushroom head slid into my throat, i felt the need to gag. I tried to pull away but Jake gently held my head in place.

I felt my throat expand and he began thrusting into me, with each new pulse in my neck i knew he’d gotten just a bit further. eventually my nose was buried in his crotch, and I felt a strange sensation on my chin.

my vision blurred and i couldn’t remember the last time i took a breath. then suddenly he removed his cock from my mouth i took a moment to breathe and then my face was wet and sticky. i put my hand up to my face to wipe it off only to find that there was something dripping on my hands.

i rubbed my fingers together and discovered the source of the sticky liquid. My eyes widened as i realized that it was cum. Jake’s Cum covered my face. mortified, horny and excited i couldn’t help but smile. i did my best to lick my lips seductively. I tasted the salty sweet taste of Jake’s man juice.

Jake looked down at me and smiled, i noticed his eyes wandering lower. i followed his gaze, his cum now splattered my sweater. i looked back up at him, blushed and giggled. hoping to diffuse his intense gaze.

His gaze did falter, it flickered to our audience, my friends Mia and Lily. he gazed across the three of us. “I hope this doesn’t mean the party is over” he said half joking.

i looked at my friends too trying to silently communicate their intentions. our lack of forethought was rearing it’s head…

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenbhrd

    Well honestly this started off really boring and I almost stopped reading but then it finally started to get interesting with a good ending. I like her first interaction with a hard cock n the fact that you had her not back down. I think part two will be much better now that all the unpleasantries, introductions are out of the way. Who doesn’t what to hear of a 12 and 13 year old sucking cock.