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Dork and Dad

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A Teenager couldn’t wait for the Valentines Day dance…

“Oh my god!” I couldn’t wait to tell the girls. “You won’t believe what happened last night. Come on.” We ran off to the girl’s room, to talk in private.

“What happened?”

“Yeah tell us!”

“Well, Dale asked me out,”

“We know,”

“You told us.”

“Yeah, but then we hooked up after school. I thought, maybe we could go out on a date, before the dance, and. Oh my god. It’s huge, like.” I held up my hands, and broke down into giggles.

“His dork?”

“Yeah, even bigger then his dad’s.”

“You saw his dad’s?”

“Let me go back, earlier than that.” I took a deep breath, and fanned my neck. “Huh! Okay, so I told him I needed help with my math homework.”

“Good thinking, since he’s a nerd.”

“He’s not that nerdy!”

“Well, he’s on honor role.”

“That just means he’s smart, And good looking.”

“With a big dick.”

“And glasses.”

“So?” I shook my head, “I like his glasses, and he’s an orphan, or he was. He lost his whole family in a fire, but he wasn’t home when it happened. So, when he got home, the whole house burned down, with them in it. He was really sad about it, when he told me about all this, and he cried.” I held up a finger, “One tear, but then he tried to smile, and he was so brave about it, I just had to kiss him. So, then we started making out, and. I guess I started rushing ahead, but only over the clothes stuff, until his foster dad got home.”

“But you felt it,”

“And it was big?”

“Huh! Well, first, let me tell you that’s not so great, honestly. I was a little scared when I saw it.”

“In his pants?”

“Well, through his pants, at first. But then his foster dad got home, and I had to hide under the bed real quick. He just looked in, and asked him if he’d eaten yet, and he said no, and then I had to come out from under the bed real quick, when he got in the shower. Or so I thought, but then I hit the bed, and the feet thumped real loud on the floor. They had wooden floors, in their apartment, but then Fred.”

“Who’s Fred?”

“His faster dad? He came to see what that was, and he caught me in there, with Dale. Huh! We still had our clothes on, and he was just helping me up off the floor, when the door opened, and there he was.” I took a deep breath, and sighed. “Fred. He still had his boxers on, but. Huh! He’s really super muscular, and, a little hairy. Especially right here.” I felt my blouse over my heart, and laughed at myself a little. Shaking my head, “And a little around his nipples. 4 around his right one, and 6 around the other.”

“You counted?”

“Uh, huh! He wasn’t even mad, I thought he’d be mad at him, at least for bringing a girl over, and making out in his room, but we already did a little dry humping, on the bed.”

“Through your clothes.”

“Well, I kept my undies on, but. Huh! I wasn’t planning on going, too far until the dance. I wanted to save myself for Valentine’s, but then I saw them, together.”

“You didn’t.”

“You did?”

“Both of them.” I broke down laughing. “It just kind of happened, but. Fred, he got a hardon, telling Dale what a catch he got. He called me a catch, and I was so flattered, but then I looked up.”

“From the floor?”

“No, I was standing up, by then. Then, they started saying such nice things about me, to make me blush, but then I looked up, and saw it, sticking out of the leg of his shorts. Not all the way out the bottom.” I pinched my pantleg, “Like this?” Held it out, close to my crotch. Too close to my crotch. “I’m feeling ooy gooey inside just remembering that. Huh!”

“So, then what happened?”

“Well, then Dale asked him how to touch a woman, and Fred asked him if he’d gotten into my underwear, and I said, “no not yet, but maybe you could show him?” I just wanted his hands on me, right then and there, I never felt so hot, and sexy in my whole life, and I had, not just a boy there with me, but a grown man, and he touched my shoulder. First, and then he turned me around, to show Dale. her rubbed my shoulders, and said “You want to get her to relax, so nothing beats a good massage to get her in the mood,” but he gave my neck a lot of attention, and his hands. God, he’s got such strong, rough fingers, and they really worked wonders!”

“And then?”

“Well, I guess I got daring, enough to bend over, a little. I touched his leg, with the back of my dress, but I missed. So, I had to feel up behind me, like this?” I demonstrated, rubbing the seat of my pants up, and down the side of the stall, and feeling up the corner. “So then he said, “See that? It means she’s ready, so you can work your way down.” I was soooo ready, so I nodded, and told him “He’s a real good kisser.” Just to explain why I was already so randy, but then Dale took the hint, and came over to kiss me. With Fred’s hands on my bra, and 2 handfuls of. Mhnm!” I bit my lip. “Well, that’s when I found out how big Dale was, compared to Fred’s. I mean, he’s not small, by any stretch of the imagination, but Dale’s some kind of freak of nature.

Huh! Now, let me tell you, that’s not, a good thing. Well, really it’s too much of a good thing, but you wouldn’t know to look at him.”

“Yeah, he’s kinda short.”

“And dorky.”

“Adorkable,” I laughed, and they laughed with me. “Yeah, he’s super cute, but then Fred said. Well, “That just means more foreplay.” When he saw it, you should have seen the look on Fred’s face, when I unzipped his pants, and fished it out. It’s not just long, but so thick, I could barely get one hand around it, but my other hand was busy. So, I turned around, sideways so they could both feel me up, and Fred stuck his hand down the back of my dress, to unhook my bra…”

Then, the bell rang. “To be continued, I guess.”

“Oh no. Let’s skip.”

“Yeah, it’s just homeroom, it’s not like we’re getting graded on it.”

“And we want to hear the rest.”

“Did they both screw you?”

“Yeah, who nailed you first?”

“Huh! Guys, slow down, I can only answer one question at a time, and let me tell it, okay?” They just nodded, and bit their lips, but looking around. I could tell that my story had the same effect on them. All 3 of them. “Huh, well. Fred, honestly. He was the one who was showing Dale, the right way to do it, so. Yeah, after he got my dress unbuttoned, and down off my shoulders, I pulled my arms out, and dropped my bra.

So then, we went in the living room, to make out on the couch. Dale took his pants off, so the first thing I did when we got in there was grabbed Fred by the hips, and pulled his shorts down. I hugged him, and reached around, to get 2 big handfulls of dick, and balls.

“Huh! You mind if I go. Sit down?”

“Yeah, me too. All this sexy talk, makes me have to pee.”

“No, go right on ahead.” I moved over to lean back against the sinks, while the girls got in the stalls, and closed the doors, for some privacy. Of course, I didn’t hear any peeing, just heavy breathing, but I could see their legs spread under the doors, and their underwear down around their ankles. “Huh, go on?”

“Oh,,” where was I? “Well then, Fred said that it helps, to get her wet. I pulled down my panties, and shimmied out of my dress to show them, both. I was already pretty drenched, it was practically running down my legs.”

“Uh huh?”


“Huh, so then he sat down on the couch, and pulled me over to his face. Huh, bent over like that, he had his nose right in my butt crack, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was really good at kissing, French kissing me.”

“Down there?”

“Huh!” Down here. With them in the stalls, for privacy, I didn’t have to keep my pants buttoned up, or my hand out of my underwear, and as soon as I got my top pulled out, I could feel up my tummy, and to my bra. Inside it, and find my nipples, I closed my eyes, “Huh! He didn’t neglect, any part of me. At all, he licked up, and down, all around, the insides of my legs, and even my butthole.”

“Ew, you liked that?”

“I loved it, huh. Yeah, it just prepared me for when he finished, and pulled me down, to sit on it.”

“Oh my god, you didn’t.”

“He did! First, he just let me hump it, in his lap. With my butcrack, and felt me up, but then he stopped feeling my chest, and felt down to my legs. He started fingering me, front and back, then whispering in my ear. He kept asking, if I was ready? I kept shaking my head, so he could keep adding fingers, and loosening me up, until I finally said yes. He got his fingers wet inside me, then smeared it on my back door, then another finger, and another, working his way down, but after a stinky pinky, he worked the other one in. Then, he pulled me open. I don’t know, how many fingers he had in me by then. It felt like a lot, but I forgot all about Dale, the whole time, until he said, “See?”

He was just sitting on the coffee table, watching. That big fucking thing shriveled up in his lap. That’s when I saw that he was a grower, not a shower? I swear, you couldn’t even tell, until he started getting a chubby, except for all the wrinkles. When it’s not hard, he’s really wrinkled, like a sharpei?”

“Uh, huh!”

“Mhn! Hmn!”

“So then, he went down on me, for some oral practice, but he wasn’t as good as his dad. Not nearly, but then Fred asked me if I was ready again, and oh got I was. Oh so ready, so he picked me up by the butt, and held me open with one hand, while he felt around with his dickhead in the other, until he found the spot, and you know? I never thought about it, but really, I’ve had bigger turds than that. So, it slipped right in!”

“Huh, up your butt.”

“Uh, huh! HmnNnNnN!”

“Omh!” I covered my mouth, and the other 2 girls just giggled in their stalls, while the 4th one tried not to moan too loud. Thinking about me, sitting on a dick, while Dale licked me out, and my fingers started working overtime to get caught up.


“No, come on.” I had to laugh, “You guys, huh. Uhnm!” I had to stop, and hold onto the edge, of the sinks. So I turned around, and put my elbow down. Held onto the faucet, and tried to take a full breath, but my tummy was already going into spasms. So I just held on, and pinched the top, so it crushed, and sparked with electrical fire running all up and down my legs, my nipples, my back, and neck. “NGHM! Snh! HhHhHhuh! SNH!”

“Dirty liar.”

“Yeah, you’re a total slut, and a whore, too.” I shook my head.

“Buttbanging that nerd’s stepfather, and making us think he had a big huge dick.”

They’re just talking dirty, trying to catch up, but now I can breathe. “Who hoo, huh whew!” Not real deep, but the rush of air just made the pleasure wash over me again, and.

“Huh, god. That was one hell of a hot fantasy.” I heard the toilet paper roll, in the stall. I guess she finished first. She started first, and I caught my breath enough to say, “Yeah, huh!”

She came out, and washed her hands, with her pants, and underwear up. Her bra fixed, and dried them before buttoning up her blouse, and fussing with her hair, while the girls grunted, and moaned, back in the other two stalls.

“You really got a dirty mind, you know that?” She grinned, and shook her head, but then she leaned over, to ask. ‘you ever tried that, the back door?’ In a hushed whisper, so I nodded, and leaned over to her ear.

‘huh, yeah. last night, that’s how I thought of it.’

‘huh, I thought so. how many fingers?’

‘huh, well, all of them. six up front, but 2 in the back. Not counting the thumbs, I use those to pinch the top together,’ I rubbed them together in circles to show her.

“Huh, thanks, I think I’ll try that.’ she picked up her backpack. ‘we’re late, we better get to homeroom, before we’re counted as skipping.”

“Huh, yeah.”

“In a minute!” From the handicapped stall.

“Yeah,” a grunt from the other one, “I need another minute, too.”

Outside, we stopped in the hall. “So, he’s not really an orphan?”

“No, and he’s not so well endowed, neither.”

“What about his dad?”

“Well, I didn’t get to see it, but I heard it.” At least him grunting, through the door. “He looked in on us, but we’re just working on homework together.” I made a face, and shook my head. “Math, but then I had to pee, and when I got up, his dad Fred was locked in the bathroom, so I had to hold it. He finished up real quick, and flushed the toilet, but then when I went in, I saw the tissue in the trashcan. I don’t know why he didn’t flush it down the toilet, but I smelled it, and sure enough. He didn’t blow his nose in it.”


“It’s not, that gross. And it’s not like I sat there licking his wad out of the kleenex on the can, I just threw it out, and went back to math.” I couldn’t find a ziplock, to save it, and I left my purse in the kitchen, with my bookbag. I sure thought about it, later.

“Yeah, but his foster dad.”

“No, he’s his real dad, and just as nerdy, but. You know, bald, fat, and neck bearded.” At least he doesn’t try to hide it, with a combover, or a hat.

“Ew hew hew hew!” She shook her hands, as if she’d touched something gross.

“Huh! Yeah, creepy. He’s a real creepy freak, but then that night, I was thinking about what if he wasn’t? You know, what if he was hot, and, I just let my fingers do the walking, and you know the rest.”

I don’t know, even the way he looks. Just like Dale when he was that age, but I was thinking, he’s not a total virgin. He must have gotten lucky at least once, to have Dale, and his mom is out of the picture. So, when was the last time he had his hands on a real girl?

“You really should write that down, it’s a terrific story.”

“Oh yeah? Thanks.” Nobody on that site I like, knows how young I really am, so, “Maybe I will…”



No, I’m not a teenage girl, it’s just a story. So, I don’t want your number again, either.

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