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The Dream Sleepover

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“Being a single parent can be stressful, though it does have its perks. Name’s Mike, I’m a 32 year old supervisor working at an industrial plant and I live in a beautiful home that I somehow managed to keep after the divorce 5 years ago. I share this home with my cute 11 year old daughter Mia who I also managed to keep full custody once the divorce settled. Lucky me, considering Mia is very special to me. She’s literally all I feel that I have and I spoil her. Mind you, she’s not a spoiled-rotten brat that gets everything she wants, but being the only child and the only family I have – best believe she gets what she wants. Of course, she helps around the house and is always eager to spend time with me after school.
Mia is about 4’9, curly brown hair and is light skin with the most softest set of skin and for her age she’s almost developed with small titties and a cute plump little ass and she knows it too. Her and I share a unique incestuous bond that’s been going on for a year and needless to say I have taught her well…”


Rod Wave music thumps in the background. Mike laying on his back completely naked with his balls under Mia’s ass as she rides his dick. He slaps her ass. Mia sexily rolls her hips in a backward to forth motion like a professional bull rider. Between Mike’s low grunting and Mia’s moans the bed squeaks as she suddenly picks up her pace. “Oh Mia” Mike’s toes curling in. Mia’s face turns red and she grips her father’s shoulders while her body twitches and facial expressions contort. “Do it, do it, do it, babygirl,” he watches his daughter’s reaction to her powerful orgasm. “Aggghhh, mmm” she squeals. “That a girl.” Mike cups her silky smooth ass in his firm hands and rolls her on her back, boarding a missionary style position now with him on top. Mia’s thighs around his waist and her hands caressing along his back while he goes balls deep inside her little pussy. Mike keeps his hands on Mia’s ass, squeezing them as she’s pinned beneath his body weight. Her head nestling right under his shoulder so her moans are muffled. He breathes heavily into her soft neck, occasionally kissing her lovingly. “Ughh, Mia” Mike’s dick throbs as he’s close. He flips his daughter over on to her stomach and proceeds to now prone bone her. Mia brings her legs together so that Mike’s balls slap against her thighs and his pelvis clapping her ass cheeks. He chokes her neck and whispers heavily into her ear, “isn’t this your favorite, babygirl? Hm?” Mia nods her head yes while she pants and says in the pillow, “harder.” That’s Mike’s cue, and so he pounds the everliving fuck out of her until he cums deep inside her pussy. “Ohh fuck,” he rolls off her but not before slapping her ass. Mia lays on her stomach for a moment to catch her breath and then lays her head on her father’s chest while he pulls some covers over them. He wraps his arm around her and kisses the top of her head and gently pets her soft shoulder.
“Thank you, daddy” Mia says genuinely, pecking a tiny kiss on his chin. “My pleasure sweetie,” he kisses her head again, this time sniffing her hair which smells like candy-flavored shampoo. “First day back to school was fun, I take it?”
“Yeah, and remember tomorrow is the sleepover.” Mia reminds him eagerly about it. “Is that so?” he checks his daughter’s happy expression across her doll-ish face. “Mhm. I’m inviting Amber and Caroline. They both my age and we happen to share same homeroom.” Mike stares at the ceiling before turning to meet Mia’s gaze, “they still on board?”
Mia shrugs, “yes but Caroline swears she just wants to watch because she hasn’t done anything before.” Mike smirks, “we’ll see then.” Mia tosses the covers off her and stands out of bed and hops down to go in the adjacent bathroom that connects Mike’s room. Her ass still has her father’s hand prints on each bubbled cheek. “Your tooth brush should be in there!” he says aloud. “I got it!” Mike fixates the pillows and fluffs them out as he rolls on his side and closes his eyes, “and just turn out the light when you’re done.”
“Yes, daddy” Mia says cutely as she steps out of the bathroom, flicks off the lights and crawls back under the covers and cuddles in her father’s arms.


After school had let out, Mia had taken the bus with Amber and Caroline and walked to Mia’s house since they all lived just a few blocks separately from each other. As they gossiped and talked about their classes and homework, Mia brought up the plan for the night and both we’re anxious about it. Although, Caroline hadn’t much practice if any at all than she’s ready to admit. Amber is a about 5’2, the tallest in the group and has blonde straight hair that dangles past her shoulders and is built like a gymnast. Caroline is about Mia’s height and build with wavy dark hair and cute little freckles across the bridge of her nose. That night as their sleepover ensued, Mike had come home from work, showered and fixed dinner for the girls. After that, he sat and watched sports until 11 pm…
Mike sighs and gets up off the recliner and makes for his daughter’s room. Just a few feet away from her door he could hear giggling and fumbling around and he smirks. When he opens the door he sees all the girls happily playing around in just their tshirts and panties. Mia had on one of Mike’s old work tshirts that accidentally shrunk in the dryer so while it was still baggy it came just shy of her hips so any movement she made, her ass would be peeking underneath. She had on a pair of pink Paw Patrol on. Amber is wearing a nice cotton set of purple panties and a v-neck shirt that barely touched her waist, and Caroline from what Mike could see had on a pair of whities and a half buttoned flannel shirt. This excited him. The room filled with so much estrogen and innocence. “Hey, daddy” Mia glees. The rest of the girls wave, smiling shyly. “Hey, you girls ready?” Mia looks at her friends and they all nod. And one by one they walk past Mike and down the hall as he holds the door open for them.
As they walk, Mike watches how their cute asses move in their snug-fit panty bottoms. Inside Mike’s room he begins stripping naked and the girls all take a seat at the end of his bed and look intrigued and in awe by his dick dangling before them. He strokes his dick while stepping closer to them. Mia sat in the middle with Amber on her right and Caroline on her left. He leans down and kisses Mia on the lips and rubs her chin before standing straight up again and Mia is the first to grab his dick in her small hand.
Mike takes each of his hands and rubs Amber’s and Caroline’s small tits through their tshirts while his daughter strokes his dick. “Mm,” he moans lowly. Amber takes off her shirt and is the most developed out of the three with a set of perky tits and puffy pink nipples that Mike gropes. Caroline follows after nervously and she’s practically flat chested and Mike plays with her tiny nipples. Mike’s dick is now hard as Mia sucks his dick and the other two watch her, getting more aroused. Mike grabs Caroline’s wrists, plopping her hand down on his dick as Mia switches from her mouth back to her hand. Amber without hesitation takes it upon herself to grab his dick and leads the girls as all three fists curl around Mike’s throbbing dick. He sighs in pleasure.
After a few minutes of the girls stroking and rubbing his dick, Amber dives in and sucks it. Amber is definitely a slut for her age or otherwise will turn out to be. Mia lowers her face between Mike’s thighs and tongues his balls while Caroline watches and Mike feeds his thumb in her mouth letting her suck that. Mia and now Amber both lick and suck on his balls while he strokes his dick over their cute faces. He grabs Caroline’s hand for her to stroke his dick while Amber’s tongue reaches his asshole. This girl is a freak and he’s enjoying her very much. Mike sets his balls over Mia’s nose before stepping back for all three girls to sucks him off at the same time. Mia sucks the tip of his dick while Amber and Caroline trail their lips and tongue on his shaft. Mike groans and feels close to nutting all over their pretty faces. He strokes his dick as they huddle close together and Mike shoots several ropes of his cum out. Mia’s lips and tongue take some of his cum, Caroline gets some on her cheek, and Amber who Mike wanted to bust the most on, got the rest of his cum all over her forehead and her blonde hair.
Mia gets up and comes back with towels for them to wipe their faces while Mike steps away for a moment. The girls all share the same wide eyed expression and seem all eager to continue, even Caroline. When Mike returns her instructs them to all bend over on their knees over the edge of the bed. Mia takes her shirt off. Now they are all just in their underwear, bent over in front of Mike as he gets down to his knees and tenderly gropes each girl’s soft ass. Giving it a playful squeeze and gentle slap, thoroughly enjoying watching their asses and loving how they fit nearly in the palm of his hands. He slides his daughter’s panties down first but only enough for her ass to be poking out as he runs his nose between her ass crack and kissing her ass cheeks softly. He then goes to Amber, sniffing her ass through her purple panties. Amber moans. While planting soft kisses on her ass, he slides her panties all the way down and smacks her ass hard to which he knows she likes. He sees Amber’s air tight slit and looks at it for a moment before parting it with his tongue. Amber moans. He presses his nose against her tight asshole and already begins eating her out for she tastes really sweet. He spreads her ass and rubs his face in between her soft ass cheeks while Amber wiggles her ass and moans wildly. He moves away, definitely thinking he’s going to enjoy Amber. He smacks Mia’s ass and begins fingering her tight little pussy while he leans down for Caroline’s turn. He licks her ass and pussy through her white panties while tenderly rubbing his thumb over her clit making her squirm and pant. He notices Mia and Amber are kissing each other with passion and wraps his arms around Caroline’s thighs and pulls her back against his face to smother it in her panties before peeling them down to her knees and kissing up her thighs and kissing her pussy.
Mike then has them all sit up as he sits on the floor with his back against the bed. Mia climbs on top of the bed sitting in a way where her ass hangs off the edge and right over her father’s head. While he spins Amber and Caroline around so their asses are across from each other and directly over his face. Amber and Caroline shake their cute, bubble butts in Mike’s face while he strokes his dick. “Mm” he groans loving the amazing view he has, being surrounded by fresh little girl asses. Amber and Caroline sit on his face while Mia plays with her clit right over his forehead and all he has to do is tilt his head back to watch or lick her ass and pussy which he does on occasion when Amber and Caroline aren’t riding his face. He caresses each of their thighs simultaneously and tongues their cute tiny assholes. Half the time he can’t see anything with one of either the girls asses smothering his face and they smell so fresh and sweet.
Mike taps his lap for Amber to get down and straddle him. She carefully sits on his dick and begins bouncing her skinny body up and down. Like Mia, for her age Amber definitely isn’t a virgin by how she rides. Caroline stands bent over in front of Mike’s face leaning down and kissing her friend Amber while Mike sucks on her clit. All the while Mia looks back and watches while she continues rubbing herself right over her father’s head.
Amber’s ass claps loudly off Mike’s lap as she fucks his socks off. At this point an assembly line gets going. Amber mounts off his dick and goes down on him, sucking his balls while Caroline takes her turn and then Mia stands over her father’s face and he cups her ass and licks her pussy feverishly. Caroline slowly grinds back and forth, whimpering from how big he is for her as she’s still new to this. Amber then climbs up on the bed and takes Mia’s place and rubs her clit. Caroline gets off his lap and now it’s her turn to go down on Mike’s balls while Mia fucks him.
Mike clasps Mia’s ass and raises his waist off the floor and thrusts violently inside her pussy making his balls slap quickly against her ass. Caroline watches in disbelief how her friend can take such a cock like that and can only confirm Mia wasn’t exaggerating when she’d tell them about having sex with her dad. Amber being that little up and coming whore, turns around and watches and rubs her clit hard and cums all on her own. Mike sees Amber is breathing hard noticing her pussy glistening and gets the urge to fuck her. He stops thrusting inside his daughter and she climbs off him and goes to make out with Caroline while Mike stands up and bends Amber over the bed and literally doesn’t waste a second and fucks her from behind.
He makes damn sure to pound his pelvis into her ass. He grabs her arms and pulls them behind her back as Amber moans loudly. Mia and Caroline watch Mike’s firm ass flexing as he drills into their friend. Mia takes Caroline’s hand and leads her to the bed as they climb up and Caroline gets her pussy eaten out by Mia. Mike watches his daughter take care of her friend while reaching down and rubbing Amber’s clit and never letting up from fucking her. Her moans turn to screams as she cums all over his dick. Mike leans over her and kisses her lips gently to relax her.
Mia flicks her tongue over Caroline’s clit while Mike and Amber get up on the bed. Mike and Amber get into a raw position where he sits on her face and she licks his ass. Mike gasps loving the sensation of a young girl’s tongue inside his asshole. He leans in and kisses Mia, tasting Caroline’s sweet pussy on her lips. Caroline reaches over and sucks his dick.
“I love your friends sweetie,” Mike tells Mia between kisses.
Amber keeps eating out his ass and sucking his balls while he fingers her pussy, gets his dick sucked sloppily by Caroline all while making out with his daughter Mia. This goes on until Amber cums again Mike sits up. Amber, Caroline and Mia all sit up in a semi circle in front of Mike and he gently kisses each of their sweet lips and fondles their tits. “Lay down girls,” he tells them and they all turn around and lay flat down on their stomachs while he licks his fingers and strokes his dick watching their cute sexy bodies get into position. Amber on his left. Mia in the middle. Caroline on the right. All three bare asses under his control. He switches between them, spanking their ass watching his hand print turning red especially on Amber’s fair skinned ass. They all giggle and wiggle their little tushes in the air. The room permeating with the smell of their sex.
Mike climbs over Caroline as she’s first to be prone boned. He goes relatively easy on her and throughout it he steadily massages her clit until she cums.
He then moves down to his most loved and supports himself up by holding down her hips and slams his waist down hard, fucking her at a constant pace until Mia gradually cums. He pecks a kiss on her head and moves to Amber knowing how he’s going to fuck her.
He slides his dick inside Amber’s tight pink hole and presses his body against her back and chokes her neck and the arm wrapped underneath her waist and groans in her ear. “You ready little whore?” She nods whimpering. He smacks her face, “say it.”
“I’m a little whore” she moans. “Damn right,” Mike immediately rocks his hips back and forth, fucking her deep and very quickly picks up his motions to the point he’s pummeled her little pussy to a sudden climax. He smacks Amber’s ass hard and he’s already figured out that he’s inviting Amber over more.
The girls sit up again as Mike turns to Mia and scoops her up off the bed and stands up with his precious little daughter cradled in his arms. She puts his dick inside her pussy and he begins bouncing his girl on his dick. He and Mia’s eyes lock, “you like having your friends watch you getting fucked babygirl?” Mia’s hands wrap behind her father’s neck as she nods, moaning. Her curly head bobbing up and down while getting railed suspended in air. Mike’s arms tucked under her knees. Mike presses his forehead against hers and says in a husk voice, “you want to show them what you can do?” Mia smiles devilishly knowing exactly what her father means. She tilts her head back, breathing heavily as he pounds the fuck out of her.
Amber and Caroline watch while fingering their half little pussies. “Ahhhh mmmm yeaahhhh” Mia moans, “do it babygirl, come on” he grunts, his eyes filled with encouragement. Mia suddenly squirts all over him. Amber and Caroline’s jaws drop. They’d never knew that was possible.
Mike kisses his daughter’s lips and is proud of her as he then sets her down. Mike then hovers over the girls and strokes his dick vigorously. “Ohhh fuck open your mouths” he inches closer to their wet tongues and shoots role after rope of loaded cum across their cute faces. “Ohhh yes, yes.” He groans.
The girls licks and share the cum off each other as Mike steps off the bed and leaves to the bathroom, “you girls don’t stay up too late.”
Mia, Amber and Caroline all look at each other and smile and blush.


“Uh…” a co worker stands outside Mike’s door, “you okay there?” Mike snaps back to reality and sits up at his desk. “Oh, yeah. Lost-lost my train of thought,” clears throat, “you were saying?”
Confused, the coworker stumbles his words, “Oh, no you were just saying how being a single dad has its perks.”
“Oh, right.” Mike nods.
“I, uh, have a daughter as well. Her names Amber. Anyways, it’s past my shift. I’m heading out. You coming to watch the game?”
Mike smirks, and fixes his tie and gets up from his desk, “I wouldn’t miss it. Besides that bitch has Mia for the weekend anyway so you know how that goes.”

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    Just love it, i love ass sniffing more than sex.never married no kids and very financially off.for years i have been paying single women, married women, women with boy friends to sniff their ass through their dress slacks, booty shorts, leggens.money talks because these women do it.the very hot ones i pay $200 for like 30 minutes of sniffing, i pay the young college bitches $100 for 30 minutes.some have taken just $40 or $50 bucks.i dam love it.i am 51 now and have been doing it for like 3 decades now.

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      Would love to talk more, anyway to contact you?

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    My neighbor Don loves sniffing my ass through my silky pink shorts.

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    obviously fake 11yo would never do things like that willingly

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