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Author: LazyDuke


When a fierce snowstorm rolls in a small town, car sales man Stephen hunkers in a shack for the night. What happens next, he’ll remember forever. # # #

4410 words | 9 |4.45


Ms. Barkley, (23) tall blonde, thin and curvy teaches Math at an elementary school. She dresses in a white flowery sundress and high heels as she teaches her fourth grade class. It’s... # # #

2555 words | 6 |4.79

Taylor’s Early Birthday Present

Tom and his friend Bill have arranged for an early birthday surprise for a teenage girl named Taylor. She’s a popular girl in highschool and is a cute cheerleader and overall... # #

1316 words | 2 |4.20

Tricker ‘ R Treat Her

In a completely different reality, Halloween is celebrated a lot spookier in this telling about a man who passes out more than just candy to girls. # #

2332 words | 10 |4.48

Perv Mom

Saturday morning ten year old Austin liked watching his favorite YouTuber live streaming some popular video game. He has light brown hair and fair skin and blue eyes as he lies in his... # # #

1853 words | 8 |4.57

The Dream Sleepover

“Being a single parent can be stressful, though it does have its perks. Name’s Mike, I’m a 32 year old supervisor working at an industrial plant and I live in a beautiful... # # #

3352 words | 13 |4.56

Mother Marcela

“Ahhh, yea-ah!” 34 year old Marcela’s moans echoed throughout the living room. It was just about 3:30 p.m when the divorced wife had reached her second orgasm riding... # # #

2720 words | 5 |4.83