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Sharing fantasies pt 3 & 4

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My girlfriend wanted to know my deepest fantasies, she said .’I’ve seen you looking at my friend Sarah’s ass in her tight leggings, do you want to fuck her ass? Tell me honey, I don’t mind, have you ever jerked off over her?

My gf knew exactly how to turn me on and as soon as she said this her stockinged foot found its way up my leg to the bulge in my pants. ‘Yes I’ve jerked off over her and once when she stayed with us for the weekend and the two of you went out for lunch, I jerked off as I smelt and licked her sweaty tight running shorts…’ I replied. ‘You pervert! That’s so hot! Could you taste Sarah’s sweat, how about her pussy?

My gf let her black mini dress fall to the floor, she stood in front of me in only her black stockings, her skinny tight body was as aroused as mine. ‘Yes I could taste both, I imagined she was still wearing them’.

My girlfriend knelt down in front of me and licked my pulsating dick. I told her how I wanted to lick Sarah’s sweaty runners body, every inch of it. My gf took my cock in her mouth and swallowed it. ‘I rubbed Sarah’s clothes against my naked body and I jerked off into them. I soaked her shorts with my cum’ I admitted. I was fucking my gf’s mouth as I continued talking about her best friend ‘Sarah’s legs are so toned, I want you to watch me lick them and then watch me fuck her’.

My girlfriend paused and said’ I want to watch you fuck her too honey, cum inside her and then pull out and keep on spraying your cum over her athletic sexy legs’. With that my cock soon erupted in my gf’s mouth and she swallowed every drop. Every drop meant for Sarah that is.

The next time Sarah visited, I was a little embarrassed in front of my girlfriend but she wasn’t. She had no problem getting me off over her best friend. My girlfriend said to Sarah ‘fancy going for a run with me Sarah, you can change here’. she looked at me and winked….

Sharing fantasies pt 4

My girlfriend asked me if she could have non penetrative sex with a hot guy she worked with. She told me she would do anything in return. I finally agreed, I have to admit I was turned on by the thought of it too. She went out that night to meet him, looking really hot in a short black skirt with side split and nude colour stockings and flat black shoes. Her top showed how small and firm her breasts are. I stiffened at the sight of my girlfriend and I knew the other guy, who I hadn’t met, would do too.

My girlfriend got home in the early hours. I was awake and waiting for her. She was glowing and I could smell sex. She looked guilty but satisfied and mischievous. She saw I had been looking through her best friend Sarah’s social media feeds and she walked straight up to me and asked ‘Looks like you’ve been enjoying Sarah’s photos. have you cum honey?

I told my girlfriend I hadn’t and she said ‘well we can’t have that now. She noticed the photo of Sarah in her swimsuit that I had paused on and said ‘I can see why you would jerk off over that photo. Want to talk about her? Look at her and fuck me?’ As much as the offer was incredible, I had a bigger taboo, I said, ‘actually I want you to do that over another girl’.

My girlfriend replied ‘ sure sweetheart, anyone’. I hesitated for too long and and she said ‘let me see, a size 6, pretty, has a short ponytail and is only 18?’ I looked ashamed but she said ‘would that be my younger sister Chloe by any chance…?’

Before I could answer my gf put her arms around me and kissed me, her thigh rubbed mine and I grabbed her tiny ass. As she kissed me I could smell and taste cock on her lips, she sensed this andI tried to pull away but she kissed me harder. I could taste traces of cum in her mouth. Despite this I got harder and harder. My gf unzipped me and cupped my balls. She broke off the kiss and lightly stroked my cock ‘ do you like the taste baby?’ she giggled and said ‘just think of my sister’. We kissed for ages, we both new I was imagining she was Chloe. The taste of cock and cum in her mouth no
longer bothers me so much.

‘My girlfriend said f you let me fuck another guy, we can look at Chloe’s Instagram feed, She’s got a lot is sexy pictures on there. We can look at them together and you can rate her body in her sexy little outfits’. I couldn’t say no. We wasted no time and we’re soon looking at a photo of Chloe was wearing a denim jacket and a very short grey skirt. She was sat with her legs crossed. My cock gave me away as it grew to its maximum length and thickness. ‘Oh you like Chloe there do you? She does look pretty, such sexy thighs too. Not sure when that picture was from but I can see how much you like it’.

She rubbed the shaft of my cock with her hand and slowly wanked me ‘Take your time and have a good long look at my younger sister. so sexy isn’t she, barely 18 and you can’t take your eyes off her. You want to fuck her don’t you, you naughty boy. Would you like me to watch you?’ I grunted, I had never been so turned on. I moaned out loud that I wanted to lick Chloe’s pussy before I fucked her and then I came, jets of cum sprayed over my girlfriend’s black skirt making her look even sexier. ‘Ooh baby look at that you’ve cum so much, far more than you ever have over me..’ She giggled and said ‘I don’t think you’re done yet and neither am I’. My girlfriend sat on my lap and said ‘ so you prefer my sister’s 18 year old skinnier body to mine. Is she prettier than me, look at her hun, look at those legs in that ridiculously short skirt’. She lowered herself onto my cock and started to ride me. ‘ I know you had a thing for my best friend, I should have known you also have a thing about my younger sister I’ve just never caught you looking at her that way. Do you think of her when you fuck me baby?’

My girlfriend was driving me wild saying these things and she knew it. ‘How would you like to fuck her in front of me then I’ll lick your cum out of her when you’re done…’. I couldn’t stand it and my seed flooded into my gf’s pussy. The same pussy another guy had been fingering and eating a few hours ago. ‘I’m Chloe, fuck me’ she whispered as I emptied my balls inside her. If my girlfriend minded being a substitute for her sister she didn’t let on, in fact she seemed to take perverse pleasure in it.

Over the following days and weeks my girlfriend watched me masturbate over pictures of Chloe in front of her, a huge turn on for me. She jerked me off, and I came in her mouth, pussy and ass as we looked at Chloe’s pictures of her in swimsuits, yoga pants, mini dresses and skirts, tights, skinny jeans, little shorts and even a sexy leotard. I came so much. My girlfriend even had slow sex with me as she chatted normally to her sister on the phone. Hearing her sister’s voice was a real turn on as was knowing my girlfriend knew it.

One day my girlfriend came back from a night out. She told me she had fucked two guys and they didn’t wear condoms. I was shocked but aroused. She told me she had a treat for me, she borrowed a pair of Chloe’s dirty panties, she waved them at me but said ‘before you get to enjoy these, there’s a price to pay’. She led on the bed naked and told me to lick her out. It only dawned on me why she was so turned on when I started licking away at her pussy. She still had fresh cum in it, she couldn’t have waited around long after the guys had emptied their loads into her. It was foul tasting and humiliating but my girlfriend said ‘lick me clean honey, eat their cum and then I’ll let you sniff my little sister’s panties’.

My face burned with shame especially when she teased me about being hard. I cleaned her pussy and made her cum only to be told to do the same to her asshole. My girlfriend had cum in her every hole, she was fucking men while I was only fantasising about other girls. Still, having licked her ass clean I got my reward. She kissed me, even though I’d just licked her ass. She held up her sister’s panties for me to sniff. ‘Chloe was wearing these only hours ago. Chloe, my sister, your dream girlie’. Lick them, taste her.’ She laughed, ‘do you want me to put them on and you can fuck me in them?’

The thought was amazing but I told her I wanted her to jerk me off into them. As she did so we looked at more pictures of Chloe, I told my girlfriend how I’d like to fuck Chloe and what I liked about her. She noticed me looking at two photo of Chloe one she was wearing a very short pink skirt and the other she was in figure hugging skinny jeans. ‘Chloe looks a bit younger there doesn’t she? Do you like that?’ She gave me a knowing look as she wanked me faster. I didn’t answer but she wasn’t put off. ‘Enjoy her honey, I don’t mind and you obviously think she looks hot, I agree, I totally understand why she makes you hard and why you want to fuck her’.

I made a mess in Chloe’s panties with the help of my girlfriend’s hand.

One day Chloe was about to go to her yoga class she looked stunning in tight red yoga pants that showed off her long slender legs, form ass, shapely calves and sexy cameltoe. She also wore a red bra top, her flat stomach and belly ring, ponytail and ballet pumps completed the look and my bulging jeans must have been obvious to Chloe and my girlfriend.

My girlfriend both horrified and excited me by saying in front of Chloe, ‘put your tongue away honey you’re drooling. Maybe you should take a photo it will last longer!’ Chloe blushed and I headed to the kitchen and my girlfriend followed me. She said ‘well at least Chloe knows that you fancy her, although I’m sure she did anyway’. My girlfriend rubbed my aching bulge saying ‘ poor baby did my younger sister give you this erection? I guess you like the way she’s dressed huh, do you want to put this hard cock inside her? she knows you want to fuck her’. I moaned and writhed under her touch. She rubbed me harder and said ‘imagine how flexible her teenage body is in those stretchy tight yoga pants, all the positions you could fuck her in’.

I don’t know if my gf intended it but I came in my pants, so much cum, it left a big wet stain on the front of my shorts. My girlfriend teased me saying’ you going out with the wrong sister, you wish I was Chloe’. Chloe entered the kitchen and I quickly grabbed a hand towel and held it in front of my semi hard cock and cum stain. If she knew or could smell cum she didn’t say anything. My girlfriend watched my discomfort with a smile on her face. She knew that one day soon she would wear Chloe’s sexy yoga outfit for me and pretend to be her for me.

Over the coming months my girlfriend brought men home and fucked them in our bed while I was in the spare bedroom listening to the creaking bed and my girlfriends moans as men satisfied her every desire. She would tell me what she did to them and they to her and insisted that I fucked her when they had left, adding my seed to theirs, or just licking it out of her holes.

Only once did I fuck another girl, it was at a party. I told my girlfriend who was extremely turned on and wanted to know every detail from what she looked like (19, a student, short dark hair, petite and pretty, skinny and A/B cups) what she was wearing (denim mini skirt, bare legs, pink converse, band t-shirt). The girl made me wear a condom so unfortunately my girlfriend want able to taste her on my dick, however she licked my fingers and cleaned off the dried pussy juices from when I’d fingered her and rubbed her ass slit. She got off on that and we had sex as I told her how good it was fucking that tight little 19 yr old girl. My girlfriend said I had a thing for girls younger than her and said that maybe she should dress that way for me.

My girlfriend’s good looks and slim body meant she had no trouble picking up guys. One day she sensed I was getting a little jealous so she arranged a weekend away with the two of us and her sister for my benefit, eye candy for me to lust over.

My girlfriend noticed me staring at Chloe’s toned body in her one piece black swimsuit she wore around the outdoor pool, it was cut high showing off her slim thighs and it showed off her pale, toned slim body. Her barely there breasts looked so inviting. My girlfriend said ‘I’m glad you like the way Chloe looks honey but you’re hard on is obvious to everybody. Here let’s go back to the room and I’ll fix the swelling’. She grabbed my hand, muttered something to Chloe and led me back to the hotel room.

From our window we could see Chloe and my girlfriend got my cock out and told me to look at Chloe. She wanked me as she asked if I liked Chloe’s pale legs against her black swimsuit. My hardness was her answer. She took me in her mouth as I told her how young and cute Chloe looked in her flip flops and how fuckable she looked in her swimsuit.

My girlfriends tongue circled the head of my cock as I told her I couldn’t keep my eyes off Chloe’s amazing legs. I pulled my girlfriend up from her knees and pulled her swimsuit to one side. Her pussy was already wet and I entered her. My girlfriend positioned herself so that we both had a good view of Chloe and said ‘look at her thighs hun, imagine it’s her you’re fucking, I want you to impregnate her and give her a sexy little baby bump’. That finished me off and I came inside my girlfriend.

Without cleaning up we headed back to the pool, both flushed, smelling of sex. I guiltily looked at Chloe and my girlfriend said to her that she looked really good in her swimsuit and that I thought so too. I’m pretty sure this left Chloe wondering what we had just been up to……

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    Anyone else enjoy short skirts and tights?

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      I wear them most of the time ! Why do you ask ?

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    Damn Nik, you got me again! I have an open relationship as well…such a hot fantasy life with my partner just as you do with your gf. I hope you enjoyed the pics I sent!

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      Open relationships are the best but my wife does not wa t to hear about the other women. Visilor@gmail

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