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Author: Nic

Model in a brothel fulfils my desires

As with all my stories, this is fiction and all characters are 18+ Whilst I was visiting a large city In Europe on a work trip without my girlfriend I decided to have some fun. It wasn’t... # #

1330 words | 0 |3.50

Hot neighbour mom and daughter

My attractive, slim dark haired 39 yr old neighbour Sarah and her very pretty, very slim blond 18 yr old daughter Chloe got locked out if their house and asked me if they could hang... # #

799 words | 2 |4.32

Sis indulges my fantasies

When I was 20 my younger sister, Sara caught me sniffing her dirty panties and wanking into her tights. She walked in in me and the sight of her in her tiny blue netball skirt and tight... # # #

2164 words | 6 |4.61

Sharing fantasies pt2

After a fair few drinks my girlfriend and I were making out and she asked me who I fantasised about other than Emma Watson. I was wondering how to reply when she said, ‘be honest,... #

843 words | 6 |5.00

Sharing fantasies Pt1

My girlfriend and I have an active sex life and to spice things up a bit she asked me on bed one night, who did I think was the hottest celebrity? It wasn’t that much of a surprise... #

261 words | 0 |5.00