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My girlfriend and I are open minded

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My girlfriend is very pretty and if you like slim, flat 23 yr olds, she’s perfect. We have been together a while and have a semi open relationship. I agreed initially just to keep her, she could have her pick of men.

Over time though I loved her having sex with another man and especially if they didn’t use a condom. She would come home to me and I’d slip inside her already cum lubricated pussy and I’d know that she had just made another guy orgasm inside her. Hot, I didn’t even mind the faint taste of cum or dick on her lips and mouth.

She was as excited to ride my dick when she was full of another man’s cum as I was. She liked me knowing she had done filthy things to another guy and we both got off on her having another guy’s cum in her pussy and me mixing my load with his. She wasn’t a slut though, she only fucked 2-3 other guys, although she fucked them lots.

I only watched her fuck another guy once. It was incredible watching her writhing body orgasming with someone else. The smell of their sex and my girlfriend looking into my eyes as she moaned with pleasure was intense. I played with myself at the time. As soon as the guy left my girlfriend squatted over my face and his cum dripped out of her into my mouth. Then she sat on my lap and I slid into her messy pussy and she rode me while she asked if I liked watching her being fucked. She got her answer straight away when I came inside her as well.

The only thing that came close in terms of excitement for me was when I was at a party and picked up an attractive 18 yr old leggy student. I brought her back to our flat, having texted my girlfriend first to warn her.

My girlfriend wanted to meet her so she pretended to be my flat mate. The girl didn’t mind and soon we were kissing on the sofa, my hand was rubbing her crotch as my girlfriend walked in on purpose. We made our way to the bedroom, I was proud that I picked up this girl, 5 years younger than my girlfriend, her tony ass and long slim legs looked incredible on her skinny jeans. Behind the student’s back my girlfriend gave me a thumbs up and mouthed ‘she’s hot-enjoy’.

I soon knew what it was like to fuck another person with your partner’s blessing. I knew my girlfriend could hear every creak of the bed and every sound as the student and I fucked each other senseless. She left on the early hours. My girlfriend wasted no time, she asked me if I enjoyed ducking the girl then pulled out my smelly cock. I warned her that I had been on the girl’s ass. She raised her eyebrows and said ‘with a stranger, no condom? I bet she was tight though, her ass was tiny’. She licked my cock all the way down its shaft to my balks before taking it on her mouth. It would have tasted of the girls holes. We both knew this but and she sucked me until I came in her mouth.

My girlfriend asked me how old the student was as she looked young, I said I knew she was 18. To my amazement t my girlfriend looked like she didn’t care but I did. I met up with the girl once more and we had sex but she proved me about my flat mate and I had to admit she was my girlfriend. The student thought that was weird that my girlfriend would not only agree to let me, but encourage me to fuck another girl. ThT was that but to this day I enjoy sloppy seconds in my girlfriend.

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    Sloppy Seconds feel awesome.