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Sis indulges my fantasies

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When I was 20 my younger sister, Sara caught me sniffing her dirty panties and wanking into her tights. She walked in in me and the sight of her in her tiny blue netball skirt and tight top made me lose control and I emptied my load into her tights.

I had some explaining to do and I told her that I’d been thinking of her friends and they have tight slim bodies just like her. Sara said she believed I fantasised about her friends but she said she also saw me staring at her legs when I came. She asked me if I liked them and I admitted they were very sexy. Playing with me she asked why I thought so. I told because they were long, slim and shapely. ‘So did my panties smell good Nige? Did you lick them too?’ she purred.

I was so embarrassed but she looked pulled down her blue panties and handed them to me saying ‘you’ve made such a mess in that pair and you’ll be able to taste me better with this pair’

Still horny I sniffed her panties as she watched and licked the gusset where her pussy and ass had been just seconds ago. Sara put her hand up her short skirt and started masturbating. ‘mmm Nige, it’s so hot watching my brother being such a perv, so which of matt friends were you thinking about’

I said ‘Rachel is hot but you’re hotter Sara…’ I was stroking myself as she rubbed her clit in front of me. ‘Would you like me to strip for you Nige?’ she purred. I said ‘ I’d rather fuck you wearing that sexy shirt skirt Sara…’

She said ‘well that’s honest, not many guys would tell the younger sister they want to fuck her!’ With that she stood in front of me. ‘do I look hot in it then? Does it make me look girlie? Show off my barely 18 year old legs?’ I was rock hard again, standing close to her my erection lifted the hem of her tiny skirt. We kissed and My hands greedily caressed her tiny ass cheeks and then her equally small breasts. We kissed like lovers, our tongues explored each others mouths. No one would have guessed we were siblings. In a moment Sara was sat on my lap and my throbbing cock was rubbing up and down the entrance of her soaking pussy. ‘Do you want me Nige?’ she asked. I told her I wanted her so badly as I looked into her pretty green eyes.

Sara slowly lowered herself onto my sticky cock, inch by inch I entered her. We both moaned and she set ‘it’s so wrong but feels so good, fuck me brother’. Her tiny body bounced up and down on my lap as I thrust into her faster and harder. My fingers traced Sara’s ass crack and she said ‘put a finger in my ass’. I did and asked her to do the same. Finger fucking each others holes, as the squelching of us fucking got louder, the room filling with the scent of sex.

‘I’m not in the pill Nige, don’t get me pregnant! ‘ She said but at the same time she stuck another finger in my ass and said ‘does my skinny young body turn you on Nige, do you like skinny girls with long legs wearing short skirts?’ She seemed to know the effect her words would have and she smiled as I emptied my load again, this time not in her tights but in her cunt. ‘am I bette fuck than your girlfriend bro? she asked. I admitted that I had fern thinking about Sara when I fucked my girlfriend anyway which Sara thought was hot. I ended up dumping my girlfriend, she was not on the same league as Sara.

Over the next few days Sara and my hands touched each others thighs under the dinner table, our parents had no idea. Sara would wear shorter skirts and shorts in the evening and when our parents weren’t around she would cross and uncross her long teenage legs for my benefit. I would openly stare at them in her tan, blue, black tights, or her silky smooth bare legs. She would dangle her flat shoes if her feet while I licked my lips at the sight of her legs and feet masturbated under a cushion into a kleenex. She knew what I was doing and would give me a warming if she heard our parents about to come on the living room. When I was done she would often put her hand out and I’d give her the kleenex I’d just cum in to sniff etc.

On our own that weekend Sara entered my bedroom and asked ‘so I turned 18 two weeks before you fucked me, how long have you been jerking off over me?’ I was speechless and she said ‘I don’t mind, it’s hot!’. I told her that I never thought of her that way until she turned 18 but she didn’t believe me and said ‘so you never thought about how I looked in my bikinis on in our holidays?, I’m disappointed. She said wait I’ve an idea’ and went back into her bedroom.

Sara called me into her room shortly after. She was dressed in her old school uniform, short grey skirt, grey tights, light blue blazer, white shirt, blue tie and black ballet pumps. ‘It still fits. What do you think, do you like it?’ Sara had put on a little make up, she didn’t need it she was naturally pretty and she had fixed her dark hair into a short ponytail. She looked stunning. ‘I’ll take that as a yes!’ she said, looking at the big bulge in my jeans.

I asked her why she was wearing her old school uniform and she said ‘I thought you might think I liked sexy in it, do I?’. She smiled and made a cute face. I said ‘ yes, very. You look amazing Sara’. She was pleased and asked me if she should take it off or keep it on. I replied ‘definitely keep
it on’. Sara said’ Thought so! I look younger in it dont I. I bet you like that. Take your clothes off and show me how much you like your sister in her old school uniform’ . She sat on the bed, crossed her legs and her short grey skirt rose higher in her legs exposing more thigh.

I stood naked and very hard in front of my sister I asked her if she minded if I enjoyed the view. She loves the compliment and told me to take as long as I wanted on condition that I stroke myself and tell her what I like.

I felt self conscious standing naked in front of my fully clothed sister, my swollen sick in my hand as I peeves over her sexy body. ‘you look so pretty Sara and that tiny pony tail makes you look really cute and younger too, it shows off your cheekbones’ She smiled ‘thank you, do continue. Say what you really think, you can’t shock me and it will make me wetter’.

‘Well Sara you’ve no idea how much you turn me on in shorts skirts, tights and flat shoes’. She replied I think I do Nige, I can see how hard you are. Am I sexier on my uniform?’ I told her she was. I continued ‘your calves are long and slender, your thighs are so toned and slim, your narrow hips and tight little ass are so sexy. Your breasts are perfect, a handful and so pert. Your slim body is perfection, I noticed when I was uh jerking off over your clothes that you are a size 6-8, my favourite’.

Sara said ‘do you prefer jerking off into my clothes or in front of me, looking at me like now?’ I told her ‘both’.

Sara grinned and said ‘how would you like to ejaculate over me in my uniform, turn it whiter with your baby batter’.

I moved closer to Sara and rubbed my cock up her long led leaving a trail of precursor on her grey tights. She said ‘poor frustrated brother, you’re obsessed with my legs aren’t you, do my tights feel good on your cock?’
I nearly came right then and had to stop wanking.

I took Sara’s ballet shoe off her foot and sniffed it as she gave me a surprised look. I put my cock in it and wiped my pre cum inside it. I took her foot and caressed it enjoying the feel of it in her tights. I rubbed it up my thigh and down again as she teased me about having a foot fetish. I rubbed her foot against my cock and balls, it felt so good. I stroked her calves at that same time and told her she she looked so incredibly hot. ‘show me, how hot am I? Show me how much I turn you on dressed like this!’

‘fuck Sara, I’m coming,’ I gasped as I sprayed jets of cum over her foot up her legs soaking her tights and short school
skirt and reaching up further over her blazer and tie. I couldn’t stop and Sara’s uniform was drenched in my jizz.

Sara looked down at her cum soaked uniform, globs if cum were running down her grey tights. ‘well I think I get the gist of how much I turn you on…’. She rubbed my cum deeper into her tights and said ‘do you want to cum inside me now darling brother, you’re still hard as a rock’.

I told Sara I wanted her to keep her uniform on. I put my face between her thighs and raised her little skirt, I tore at her tights and panties with my teeth and ripped a hole in them. I licked Sara through the hole until she moaned ‘fuck me, fuck me hard’. She spread her legs as wide as she could on the rightish skirt as I led between them. My cock entered her pussy through the hole in her tights and panties.

I was thrusting away inside my sister when she said ‘my uniform does it for you doesn’t it Nige, I can pretend to be younger for you if you like?’ Sara’s offer turned me on not because I wanted her to but because she was willing and was trying to please me. I told her no but she said ‘are you sure, you seemed to like me looking younger?’ I fucked her harder and told her she was perfect as she was. She told me how much it turned her on being fucked by her brother and liked being able to wear her uniform for me as it excites me.

Mid fuck we heard a car pull in the drive, our parents were home. We panicked. I pulled out of Sara and she fled to her bedroom, the last thing she wanted was for our parents to see her in her old school uniform, let alone one covered in my cum.

I opened the window to get rid of the delicious sex smell and hid the stained sheets.

Sara was frustrated and later on when we were all sat in the living room she texted me saying ‘I’m sorry these leggings I’m wearing aren’t as hot as my uniform bro. I wish you could fuck me right know’. I replied saying ‘don’t be sorry they show off your long slim legs and don’t think I haven’t noticed how they hug your tight ass sis.

Sara had an idea and we both went into separate bathrooms and face timed while we masturbated quietly in front of each other. Sara kept her leggings on at my request and had her hand down the front
and in her panties as she frigged away. She came quickly with me watching her and she made me cum when she told me she would her spunk coveted school uniform next time we were alone and maybe if I liked her tights so much I could wear a pair too…’ I asked her if she meant it and she said ‘you are such a pervert but yes I mean it, if it makes you harder for me then we both win’. I asked if I could wear her skirt too but she reminded me she wore a size 6 so she would be the one wearing a skirt unless I bought my own. I asked her if we could go shopping for one and she laughed and said ‘what are you like? ok we’ll get you a nice short black one and a pair of matching stockings. We better not let mom and dad catch you fucking me wearing that!’

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  • Reply Nic ID:esoxamtv4

    Tara that is hot. Tell me more. Did you mind keeping your tights on?

    • TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

      Nic ! I love keeping my tights on if the guy wants me to !!!

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    When ever i wore tights i seemed to attract some guys with a tights fetish and would fuck me in my tights covered pussy until they unloaded their cum into me !

    • Nic ID:esoxamtv4

      Hot, did you mind?

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2dd0wlevm2

    So nice and makes me think of all those little schoolgirls you see on the bus with their so-short skirts showing their panties and delicious bums, dirty sluts!!

  • Reply TightsLover23 ID:7z8nlykfi9

    Please continue!!