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Payback for jerking over other girls

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I came home early from work one day and discovered my girlfriend, Lisa in bed fucking another guy. I was shocked but didn’t say anything as they hadn’t noticed me, probably because Lisa was moaning with pleasure so loudly.

The moment the guy left I confronted Lisa who was still dressed in a black mini dress and black stockings, she looked incredible and never wore that in bed for me. Lisa became a different person that very moment and told me that I could either get used to her fucking other men or she would leave me. She told me we both knew she was way out of my league, which was true. Her tight size 8 m, 18 yr old body and good looks had turned many men’s heads.

The bedroom smelt of sex and I could see cum trickling down Lisa’s slim stockinged thigh. To my shame I felt myself getting hard. Lisa noticed and said ‘well look at that, it seems like knowing a real man has just fucked my brains out turns you on Nige’.

I was speechless as Lisa put her arms around me and kissed me. I could taste his cock on her lips and then she kissed me with her cum tainted tongue. He has obviously recently cum on Lisa’s mouth’.

Lisa unzipped me and started stroking my cock, ‘are you gay Nige? Do you like the taste of a man’s cum, or just the thought that I gave him a blow job?’

Lisa took my hand and ran it up her long slim stockinged legs. She looked me in the eyes and then fingered her pussy with my hand. It was wet and sticky with her juices and the man’s cum. My cock was throbbing and pressing into her thigh. ‘He was so much bigger than you’ she said. Lisa took my hand away from her pussy and put my fingers in her mouth to taste the mix of juices.

‘Do you want to have sloppy seconds?’ Lisa asked. I told her yes but she said, ‘first you have to taste him properly’. Lisa guided me to my knees, lifted the hem of her black mini dress and pushed my face between her legs. ‘lick my cunt, lick his thick cum out of my cunt and tell me how good it tastes’.

I was shocked Lisa had never acted this way before but she was in control and we were both turned on. I did as she said and lapped away between her raven colour pubic hairs, I licked the folds of her pussy and my younger delved deep inside her as I licked out what remained of the the guy’s thick cream.

It tasted gross and I tried not to gag but Lisa turned around and said ‘lick my ass. Lick my crack and then put your tongue in my hole. I held Lisa’s narrow hips and payed her small, tight ass cheeks and licked between then. I worked my way into her asshole and was relieved to find no cum in it. Lisa bent over to give me full access. Finally she told me I could fuck her. She led on the bed, still clothed and I entered her, she wrapped her stockinged legs around me and pulled me deeper inside her. ‘Go on you sissy, mix your cum with his, maybe one of you will have got me pregnant’. I lasted about a minute before exploding deep inside Lisa. From that moment I was Lisa’s bitch even though I was 5 years older than her.

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    I would happily eat cum out of her used cunt or dirty asshole any day