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Amy Tale/s – Saturday Game/s

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I make my way to the living room, and I curl up on the couch rubbing lotion on my arms and legs and flashing my trim hairy pussy at Tony.

The next Saturday I decided to go to Ken’s basketball game. Clair could not make it, so it was just me riding with Ken and Greg. I had sex with Janet and Sophia last Saturday, and I spurned Tony Sunday when he was trying to get his third “at bat” with me. I talked with Sophia and knew she would be there at the game. I sat beside Sophia who was between me and Carol. Tony saw this almost immediately and was concerned. I am not going to talk about the game other than, they lost, Tony was off his game.

Me and Sophia did a lot of ear to mouth whispering the entire game, and we were sitting close, but so was Carol, it wasn’t sexual. Tony’s continuous stares during the game not only caused him trouble playing, but Sophia wondered why Tony was looking at us so much too, and she asked me? So, I asked Sophia, did you tell Tony about the shower incident with me and Clair when we were camping? Sophia said, yes. I then asked, does Tony ever talk about it, like, in the bedroom? Sophia had an eye-opening moment, and she confided in me that Tony would get excited in the bedroom if she described me and Clair kissing and rubbing each other’s pussy in the shower. I said, there you go, Tony is wondering if I am putting the moves on his wife.

After the game the guys were doing their good game grovel, and I was standing on the court with Sophia. Ken and Greg walked up, and Tony too like he was entering a minefield. Sophia says, I invited Amy back to the house for lunch. Tony is like…okay…what about Ken? I speak up before Ken can answer and I say, oh, Ken and Greg have something else to do; and they agreed with me. They know better than to interrupt my plans. Ken says, how will you get home? Sophia says, I will bring her. I tell Ken to get my duffle bag before they leave, and Sophia sits with me in the back of their car as Tony chauffeurs us to their house. We do some more ear to mouth whispering. Tony could not see one time, and I nibbled Sophia’s ear lobe and she giggled. Tony watches us in the rearview and looks paranoid. Tony has played with the fire of hell with me, and he was feeling the heat.

Sophia is a real homemaker. She had a main dish cooking in a crock pot while we were at the game, and 20 minutes later there was a full meal ready. Tony showered and came down in shorts and a t-shirt and we ate. We went into the living room and Sophia started showing me photo albums of their trips, wedding, college graduation, all kinds of stuff, while Tony watched a game on the TV. They do not have kids. Sophia had a sewing room, and they had a home gym. The gym had two treadmills, weight machines, a large shower and bathroom, and a jacuzzi. Sophia asked if I wanted to get in the jacuzzi? I was accustomed to the unexpected overnight, which is why I now carry a duffle bag wherever I go, and that is why I had Ken get it before they left.

I told Sophia I had a bathing suit in my bag. Sophia said, I can lock the gym door and we can get in naked. I said, okay, let me get my bag anyway so I can put my hair up. Sophia said, I will go get it. She tells Tony we are using the jacuzzi. Sophia comes back, and I do my hair, and get undressed with her. She gets in the shower first, and tells me to come in. Sophia washes me, and I let her. She was enjoying touching my wet naked body, ass, and breasts; and for some reason, they always want to lather my pussy hair and rub it forever. We rinse and get in the jacuzzi. Sophia is all over me, not forcibly, real gentle, but she is kissing me and rubbing her body on mine, closing her eyes as our body’s rub against each other.

After about 10 minutes, Tony knocks on the door, and Sophia jumps, and there are splashing noises to an otherwise serene moment, because the jets are virtually silent in this jacuzzi. Now, Tony has been sitting in the living room, while his wife and a mistress he slept with twice is in a jacuzzi together. Tony must assume we are naked. He knows his wife knows, that I am a bi-lesbian. He knows that I know, he has cheated on his wife with me. Tony’s mind is going from top to bottom with imagination, worry, desire, fear, everything assaulting his sanity at once. Tony says, do you want me to put the leftovers in the crockpot away dear? Sophia has this, what the hell look on her face, and she says, sure, that will be fine. I ask Sophia, what, what’s wrong? Sophia says, Tony never offers to help with stuff like that.

I say, Tony is probably thinking about the shower seen you described from the camping trip with me and Clair, and he is wondering if you are in here making out with me (which she was). Sophia gets worried, to her this was just girl “friend” time in her husband’s eyes. No doubt Sophia and Carol had jacuzzi baths, but it had never occurred to them that it was anything other than two housewives relaxing after a workout, and it was seen that way by their husbands’ too. I was Sophia’s first lesbian experience, until me she was a model housewife. Sophia’s conscience takes over almost instinctively, and she wants to get out. Sophia showers again, puts her bra on, t-shirt, panties, and shorts. She takes off before I can barely stop her, and I ask, do you want me to dress to go home now or what? And Sophia pauses. Sophia is torn, she does not want me to leave, but she does not want her husband to think she is cheating on him with a woman.

I relax in the jacuzzi some more, and watch Sophia stand at the door and ponder her dilemma. Sophia looks back at me and says, just wait a minute and I will be back. She returns after 10 long minutes, and I ask, what happened? Sophia says, oh…you were right…Tony thought I was in here doing sexual stuff with you (and he was right, ha). I say, what did you tell him? Sophia answers, I just told him we were relaxing in the jacuzzi, and that he needed to get his mind out of the gutter. I swim around naked in the jacuzzi, and I lean back against the wall with my breasts in Sophia’s view. I ask, should I get dressed to go home, it is almost 6pm? Sophia says, I don’t know, I don’t want you to go, but I don’t know what to do? Tony is suspicious of you.

I ask Sophia, well, if you don’t want me to go home, what are you wanting me to do? Sophia was broken, I broke her, she replies, I don’t know…damn it! I say, maybe I should go home now. Sophia says, no…not yet; stay a little while longer, please? I ask, do I need to put my street clothes back on now, so you can take me home later? She does not answer, so I ask the question she wants to, do you want me to stay the night Sophia? Sophia says, yes, I do, I just don’t know how to let Tony know without him being so suspicious of you right now. I tell Sophia, say this to Tony: I told Amy what you said about her trying to seduce me, Amy said she would never try and seduce someone who is married (I am playing on Tony’s guilty conscience), Amy was shocked and offended by your insinuation, I asked Amy to stay the night so we could go shopping tomorrow, so I could show her my regret for upsetting her. After about 5 minutes of me trying to convince Sophia this would work, she went and told Tony.

What was Tony going to say? Tony did cheat on his wife with me, now he is going to think he has stirred the pot too much, and that I might get mad and reveal his infidelity. I am turning into Janet, playing with people’s relationships, and if I can, breaking them. Sophia returns and says, Tony was sorry, I mean really sorry, not like, oh, I’m sorry I offended the lesbian. Tony was actually worried that you were mad at him for saying that, and he wants to apologize personally. [I am thinking, see, Tony is worried…I have the power]. So, I ask Sophia, Tony said I could stay? Sophia says, yes. So, I can put on my pajamas instead of my skirt? Sophia says, yes, and she says, I am going upstairs to change while you shower and dress. I say, okay.

I shower and put on a hot red nightie from my bag, no panties. It is not see-through, but with my bouncy rack, my nipple points will be well defined. What can they say, they came to my apartment one Saturday morning and saw me dressed like this together? I make my way to the living room, and I curl up on the couch rubbing lotion on my arms and legs and flashing my trim hairy pussy at Tony. Tony tries to talk to me as cheater and mistress, but he hears the footsteps of his wife coming down the steps. Tony is looking at me like I am crazy. Sophia enters and sees me in my nightie, and she is wearing loose knit shorts and a t-shirt and bra. Tony apologizes for offending me in front of Sophia. They are both looking at me and wondering, did you put that on for me?

Sophia sits beside me but not against me, and she says, I am sorry Tony thought that about you, please don’t be mad. They are both trying to save face in relation to upsetting me; and hide their own weakness in front of each other. I say, it’s okay, I am sorry for the shower seen when we were camping that led to this misunderstanding, I assure you, Clair was just washing my back. They both know this is a lie, but they trust that the other believes it to be the truth. Sophia looks at Tony and says, to make up for it, I asked Amy to stay the night and we are going shopping tomorrow. Tony says, that’s fine. Sophia begins talking about shopping, and Tony is watching a game on TV in a recliner almost directly across from me. I stick one leg over the edge of the couch and slowly move it up and down.

My sexy leg, pretty foot, and red toenails, Tony has to look, and he does. I watch out of the corner of my eye as I look at Sophia, and she is watching the same thing Tony is, my sexy leg, foot, and toes. Sophia does not see her husband, her husband does not see Sophia, they both see my sexy leg slowly shaking. I turn toward Sophia and put my arm on the back of the couch. I pull the leg I was shaking so my heel is resting on the couch, and I slowly move my foot up and down over the edge. My knees are so that I can spread them apart and reveal my trim hairy pussy to either of them, or both. I flash Sophia, and she looks at my pussy, and then looks me in the eye like what are you doing? I close back up, and she averts her gaze. I flash my pussy at Tony, and I can tell he is looking and before Sophia can glance again, I close my knees. I repeat this several times until Tony gets up and goes to get another beer. Sophia asks me if I want a wine cooler and I say, yes, and she goes to the kitchen too.

I hear talking, what could it be? I would guess the husband is trying to convince his wife to try lesbian sex, and the wife is trying reluctantly to say no, but she really wants to say yes. They probably debate because they are respectable, or the wife does not want her husband to sleep with another woman. The wife is scared she will love it more than her husband, bringing them back to their marriage, and what it means to them and their reputation. However, it is within their grasp to fulfill fantasies, I mean, there is a hot woman that is a bi-lesbian almost naked on their couch. What man is not plying his wife to do it, and what bi-curious wife (no longer) is not wanting to do it. I can expect words or touch when they return, you will have to read Amy Tale/s – Sunday Blame/s to find out which.

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