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Another Day, I will be moving to Philly

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Hello everyone, David privately sold our house and bought an estate just outside Philadelphia, called King of Prussia, just on the border of a place called Conshohoken. He called this Tuesday, and he’s returning to make the move to Pennsylvania a smooth one. Just so you readers know, I am not happy about it, because I didn’t want to leave all of my lovers. If you don’t see my stories online, just know that I will be very busy next Thursday, until the second week of June. My boyfriend, who has become such a father figure and friend is Brent. He devised a plan for me to temporarily stay in our town, and it’s brilliant. He got me entered in a very serious and long court case as a member of the jury, and secondly he hired me in the accounting department, then enrolled me in an accounting coarse in our local college, and if I still had to move, then I could live in his company’s townhouse indefinitely. Fuck yeah, I was so happy that we were able to thwart my husband’s hasty decision to leave.
Brent did ease my mind when he looked at the online information and pictures of the property, and he loved it, and said that he wanted me to go and spend time with my husband from time to time and set up areas on the huge property, to have as many lovers that I can hide safely from view of my husband. I’ve grown accustomed to daily sex, especially rape and anal sex, why should I give that up, why? I want cock, lots and lots of it, thanks to Dean. I need to eat pussy, and make love to Kathy or Angelina, it’s necessary, really necessary. Since Steve was gone, I had to call him and tell him what was happening, and he was cool with it, and said, “I will go wherever you are, and we will fuck behind your husbands back forever, I love you Katelyn and my cock belongs to you, remember that we will sneak around as much as possible. I am going to send my Dad and Uncle C, and my cousin Tony to remove the security cameras, I love you and I’ll see you in a month or two, they know that your my girlfriend and they know that your married, so I know that they’ll behave and I want you to behave also…don’t let them fuck you, bye my love.” I hung up, and let Brent think I was talking to my hubby while he plowed me the entire time that I was on the phone with Steve, and remarkable as this sounds my husband David calls and wants me to role play again, but this time I told him about what I signed up for in-terms-of work and school. He was furious, but eventually calmed down and agreed for me to remain at the companies townhouse during the days and return to Philly on the weekends, I was so fucking happy. I put on a show for him, and his bunk mates, and they watched me masturbate to a wonderful orgasm as I shouted out Steve’s name. I was so happy and told my husband that I loved him and that I would see him soon, he then responded that the house if perfect for being private with the lifestyle that he wants us lead, saying, “remember what you said, Katelyn, that my all my buddies could get the chance to fuck you, and I want you to think about being a hotwife for me, so that I can watch you fuck any man or woman that you want, just think about it and we’ll talk when I return, okay?” I said, okay and hung up. I was surprised and turned on, and Brent felt it, he could feel my pussy clentch his cock like a vice grip, as he plied his cock like a piston, in and out of my pussy while trying to get me pregnant. My husband eased my fear, and I actually became wet at the thought of my husband being away for long stretches of time and having that massive house all to myself and all of my old and new and future lovers in it, especially my new black Philadelphian lover and his two girlfriends. I can have as much strange black cock as I want.
I said nothing to Brent, and agreed with his offer as he raped me as his little girl, while saying his daughters name as he fucked me.

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