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Teen boi and oldman 2

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The next morning he woke me up with a passionate kiss. I asked how long he was awake. He said long enough to admire you for a while and how sexy and beautiful you are. Well he said so do you regret anything that happened..I said nothing at all. He said great.
Well for the next couple of weeks we made love every single day at least 3 times a day if not more. Then one day we were watching tv and I guess my parents were not happy I was gone. So they said that if anyone seen me contact a number. Well I said that I didn’t an won’t go back. I was going to stay with him. Well he kissed me and said let him figure this out.

Well a couple of days later he said well you know Tina and she knows about you and she going to help us so nobody knows you. I said ok but what he said that they looking for a boy. Well later that day she came by and she said if you want to stay with him we have to do this.I said ok know matter what it is. Then had me sit down and cut and styled my hair very feminine and then she did my finger nails a full set of square tip nails and painted them and my toes also cherry red. Well from there makeup and lipstick and corset and stockings and high heels silcone breast. She said that every woman would be jealous of me being completely hairless. I said ok I think it was from the stuff I use to bath with an extremely cold water.
We talked about stuff as she helped me getting ready. She asked me what made me want to be so feminine. I told her that I loved seeing girls smooth and hairless and sexy. She said you lived in a horrible place and terrible treatment. She then whispered in my ear you are more beautiful as a girl. I said I never thought that I would ever consider about doing this. Then I asked her why she was doing all this for me. Well she said that she had not seen so happy in years. Well she said that we need to go shopping for more stuff an clothes and heels and everything else for the new me .
Well her and I went shopping for me mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and heels stockings and ect. Well after a while of us together she told me that I was going to be Paula full time and her daughter that her and Ron never had when they were married. I was surprised when she said that. Then she said can you please do me a favor and call me mom.I said yes. But what do you think he is going to say about the new me. She said that he was going to love me as Paula. Then she said that I should start calling him dad or daddy. I said ok. I said to her you said you were with him an asked if they use to be married. She said baby honestly we are still married. I asked her if I was a problem and home wrecker. She said that I was actually best thing to happen.
Well I asked her why she lives somewhere else she said she doesn’t that was staying with a friend. Then she said that she was going to be coming back. She said that she knew that I loved sex with dad and it was not going to change a bit. I said ok.
Well we got back home and put all my new stuff away. She that she needs to do something before your dad gets home and kissed my lipstick lips with her lipstick lips. I was surprised when she did it. She said that I kissed like a woman an then the phone rang an she answered it and said okay and hung up. Then she said that she was going to do something for me and I said what. She said that it might sting a little I said ok.
Well she had me lay down on the bed. Open my legs and an glued and sewed my cock and balls so that it looked like a woman’s virgia. She said omg it looks perfect an then she said that it was going to make it a lot easier for daddy cock to get in my gurly boi pussi that my little cock and balls were not in the way. She should it to me in the mirror and it really did look like a woman’s virgia for real. Then I said that I liked it alot. Well she said that your mom knows that your dad’s going to love his little girl .
Well since I had a corset and thigh high stockings on under my mini dress she had me leave my g-string off . It was about a hour later when daddy got home I met him outside and I said do you like me daddy? He said no but loved me and gave me a long passionate kiss. Then he picked me up and my dress came up exposing my newly sewn boi virgia as he carried me into the house. He said to mom did you do that and she said yes do you like it gives you much easier access to our daughter’s gurly boi pussi . He rubbed it and said yes he does. Well she said that you can’t have Paula till we go to bed tonight. I was surprised when she said that an he said does that mean that you are going to be with us. She said yes. Well mom and I cooked dinner and cleaned up. I sat on the couch between them for a while and then mom told me to come with her to the bedroom.
She said that we needed to change. So we got undressed and we got dressed exactly the same in sheer pink short night gown and pink stockings. She put my hair in pigtails like a little girl. Then she made me get on the bed in the middle of it. Then she got beside me and started rubbing her pussy and rubbing her wetness between my legs. Then kissing me passionately. She said that she wanted me really hot and horny for daddy.
Well daddy came in and stripped started licking an suck my toes and moms also then licked up our legs then lickig my new boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole an mom’s pussy . Well then he moved upstart kissing our necks and lips. He laid down on his ba k and her and sucked him together and they I got on top of him mom held his cock till it was complete inside of me then she moved so she was over his face as I rode his cock she was riding his tongue. After a good 45 minutes he came in me and she came on his face. Well we all laid back down on the bed both of them kissing me. Then she said well daddy how do you like our new daughter. He said that he loves me.
Well later on during the night she got to go to work for a few hours. After she left he started to kiss me passionately. He said that he loved the new me and said that he was waiting for her to leave so he could make love to passionate love to me. I couldn’t believe how amazing and romantic it was we 69 and he made love to in different positions .
Well after we fell asleep he got up leaving me asleep an went to work. She got home just as I got up. Well she said daddy really made passionate love to his baby girl as smacked my bare ass. I moaned softly when she did. She whispered in my ear asking me if I liked it. I said yes mommy. She told me to bend over the back of kitchen chair sticking out my ass. She rubbed it then smacked it again well she did till I had cum running down my legs then she kissed my red cheeks and licking my cum that leaked down my legs. Then she got up an said that your daddy needs to start using your gurly boi pussi more. Then I told her that I know that he won’t do it but I really want him to fuck me hard. She said maybe he will. Then she said wait here an went in running a bath for me.
After a she gave me a bath and us doing our hair and makeup and lipstick and getting dressed doing housework. She said that we need to go see someone. Well we went a saw a doctor . Well he took blood tests and stuff said that I had to have a couple of ivs which were huge bags. I heard him and her talking about something. He said that I must take the prescriptions he was giving me 4x a day and said other things I couldn’t hear. She left me there getting the iv’s got them filled. Well she came back I was just getting done. He said ok you are going to start feeling different in a week or so and do what your mother tells you to do. I said ok.
Well on way back she stop went into a office building and came back out with papers. She handed me them and it was a birth certificate with Paula Rae an there last name an social security card. The birth certificate was 2 days different than my real one. Then I asked her if this would mean that I would be Paula full time 24/7. She said yes. Then I asked her what the doctor said and gave me. She said that I was going to be going through some major changes. Then she said be honest with me do you trust me and daddy and like being a girl. I said yes. Then she said ok we have one more stop then home.
Part 3 later

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