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Moving to Rhode Island where adult incest is legal 16 and older

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How I mostly got away with Jessica and couldn’t nobody stop us

After me and Jessica got to my house. We put all her clothes and stuff in the empty bedroom. Jessica asked why can’t I sleep in your room. I said you can but it’s gotta look like you sleep in this room. And you can’t tell anyone that we’re having sex. Or we could get arrested and they will put us in jail. Okay she said
We fucked every day, sometimes several times a day. We both had a disability check and didn’t have to work. Of course its like half pay compared to working
After a few days her sister Abby came over with out calling and of course when I was at the store with out Jessica. She was sleeping and I would be back in 15 minutes or so.
It ended up being closer to 30mins. When I got back. They were sitting at the kitchen table when I came in. After a few minutes of Abby glaring at me and both of them not saying much.
Abby asked me to come outside for a minute and for Jessica to go get some clothes she had brought.
I know that you are fucking Jessica and I don’t care. But she told me that you had fucked me when I stayed at your house when I was 18 years old. And that was the only time I ever got pregnant as you know me and my husband haven’t been able to have any more children in the last 14 years because he has low sperm count.
My son Jimmy looks more like you than his father.
Randy won’t even consider a sperm doaner. And anything else else we can’t afford.
I want you to fuck me and get pregnant or I will call the cops and get you arrested. When Jessica came in she told her to put her clothes away and go watch TV. That we had to go get something from the barn.
When we got to barn there was a old couch. Abby sat down and pulled her panties off and pulled her dress up and told me to lick her pussy. I got down on my knees and started licking her back and forth she let out moan and grabbed the back of my head. Mashing my face as I tongued back and forth between her clit and vagina after a few minutes her legs started twitching as she gushed in my face as she orgasmed. She pulled my head up and told me to get up and take my pants off
She got up and got on her hands and knees on the couch. Now fuck me and don’t stop until you cum in me she said and don’t take him out til I tell you. I got on my knees behind her took my 8 and half inch cock and when I got the head in I rammed it balls deep in a couple of strokes. Oh God it’s so big she said with a loud moan, I started off slowly but she would have none of it. As I pulled back she rammed her ass back and told me to fuck her faster and cum. I grabbed her hips and pumped her as hard as I could for few minutes finally holding her as I pushed all the way to her cervix I felt my cock spurt 3 or 4 times. I fell forward landing on her back with her holding onto my legs. Saying don’t pull out yet now I know why mom and Jessica and Christy let you fuck them. I stayed there for a while till my cock got soft and slipped out. Abby got up put her panties back on and told me she would call me in couple days because her next period was in a week. I fucked her twice more before she had her period. Then not for 3 more weeks.

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