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Daddy-Daughter Dance #1

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I took my 13-year-old daughter to a very special event with other girls ranging in ages from 11-15. The main event was a game called “Musical Daddies”

*** The Set Up ***

My daughter was 13 but already very excited to attend her first Daddy-Daughter Dance, and it would be an absolute lie if I said I wasn’t thrilled as well. We always had a very close relationship, and while Mandy and I had not been fully intimate until she was 11, we did share a number of special experiences together in the years leading up. But this dance was not going to be about us, at least not exactly. It was going to be Mandy’s time to make new friends who also share our lifestyle of Father/Daughter love.

I first heard about the dance from a close friend who has a 15-year-old daughter, Ashley. The story of how we found out about each other’s special relationships with our daughters is another story, but for now know that Kevin was more than thrilled to hear about our interested in attending. He said the dance was open to fathers with teen and pre-teen daughters of all ages, but that it was usually attended by girls between the ages of 12-15. He said when girls got to be around 16 and older they were more interested in going to parties with their friends, although there were still some girls as old at 17 at the dance. The official minimum age requirement was 12, but a special exception could be made for 11-year-old girls who have already had their first period and were sexually active.

The dress code for the event was fairly simple. Dads were to wear comfortable clothes which could be removed quickly, or at least with access to genitalia fairly easily. The girls should arrive dressed in a babydoll of any color and style, and a pair of panties. Access to her pussy should be easy once her panties have been removed. Shoes could be worn when arriving but all participants would need to remove them and wear either clean socks or sandals or go barefooted. Most of the teen and pre-teen girls preferred to show off their cute painted toes.

All of the girls were required to be on birth control for at least 2 months prior to attending, but as an added precaution, the girls would take a morning-after pill as well. Daddies who had a vasotomy actually received priority placement on the guest list.

I asked Mandy if she wanted me to buy her a new babydoll and matching panties for the dance and she was delighted. We went to Victoria’s Secret and told the young woman we were shopping for Mandy’s mother and that they were similar in body size. At first the woman seemed confused but eventually accepted the scenario and suggested a few colors and prints to try on. Mandy tried on several while I waited outside of the dressing room. The store started to get busy so I entered the room to check on her. She had just finished putting on a sheer, baby blue top with matching blue flower print panties. There she stood before me, my beautiful daughter, with her small titties showing through the thin fabric. The blue from outfit accented her blue eyes and golden hair. She smiled her awkward, 13-year-old smile and asked me, “What you do think about this one, Daddy?” I told her it made her look like the stunning goddess that she was and she blushed.

A few weeks later the day of the dance had arrived and Mandy was excited but nervous. We arrived at the door of a large, private activity hall and after producing the correct information we were escorted into the main meeting room where many of the fathers had already stripped down to their underwear. All of the teen and pre-teen girls had removed the coats covering them during their arrival and were standing about, mingling, all in various colored babydolls. Beautiful, soft legs, radiant hips and asses, titties of all sizes, but mostly smaller, covered only by a little material. Some of the girls had sheer babydolls, like Mandy, and you could see their areolas clearly.

The first activity, if you could call it that, was a general meet and mingle. The host explained to everyone that there would be games, prizes, and various rooms and smaller activities guests could participate in. He gestured to several rooms connected to the main hall. These rooms were filled with pillows, soft chairs, and other relaxing furniture that anyone could use at any time. There were several tables around the area with fresh fruit and other food that would be pleasing to eat and smell nice when a girl had just consumed them. There were a few rules everyone had agreed to before arriving but we went over them again.

*** The Rules ***

1. Girls could stay with their fathers but were highly encouraged to spend most of their time with other girls or dads, unless they were participating in a daddy/daughter activity.

2. Each girl was given a large hair clip that matched her outfit. Depending on where she wore the clip she could indicate to the dads and other daughters what was currently acceptable to her.

3. If a girl wore the clip at the top of her babydoll, it meant you could freely talk and flirt with her but that you would need to ask her for permission or wait for her to initiate any physical contact. This was a way to allow the children to feel safe, especially when they were new or just warming up to an experience. Even if they weren’t wearing the clip on their babydoll, they could still refuse contact at any time, though this rarely happened.

4. If a teenager or pre-teen wore the clip in her hair, it meant she was open to being touched, fondled, groped, and kissed by anyone at any time. The girls were encouraged to move their clips from their dresses to their hair as soon as possible, and that it was normal to be nervous about it at first. Prizes would be given out to the girls based on several categories related to the hair clips. Girls could earn a prize by wearing their clips in their hair for long periods of time, or by initiating physical contact with dads frequently. They would get prizes for searching for other girls with the clips in their hair and kissing and feeling each other up. These prizes were all designed to get girls to be as open to an assortment of activities and physical contact as much as possible, and it worked. Even as the rules were still being explained many of the teens had already put their clips in their hair and were caressing the asses of the younger girls next to them, or fondling the titties of another girl nearby. The teens who had been to previous Daddy-Daughter dances knew one of the best ways to earn prizes was to seek out the pre-teens and fondle them. While these rules were being explained, one 16-year-old girl had her hand down the panties of an 11-year-old and was gently fingering her.

5. If a girl removed her panties and had her clip in her hair, it meant she was open to being fucked by any of the men at any time. This meant she could be talking with another girl by the fruit table and one of the fathers could come up to her and penetrate her while she was mid-sentence. Dads would still need to be gentle and mindful of the situation. If a girl did not appear wet enough for penetration, he would need to lick her first, or apply some lube from one of the many pump dispensers located around the hall. After fucking her for a while, he could pull out and move on to another girl.

6. While a teenager or pre-teen was in physical contact with one of the dads, she belonged to him for that moment, and no other dad could touch her. This included hand-holding, kissing, groping, blowjobs, and intercourse. If a daddy wanted to go to one of the side rooms, or take a girl over to a game or a food table, he could hold her hand and walk with her anywhere with no interference. Although this gave the men temporary ownership of that girl, all participants were encouraged to switch up partners frequently to experience as much pleasure and enjoyment from as many girls as possible.

7. Men were allowed to cum inside any of the girls they were fucking, but were told they would likely enjoy the evening more if they held off until later in the evening. If a dad did ejaculate on or inside of a girl, he was free to join the other “spent” men at the bar or in the lounge, until the evening was over or until the dad had recovered and was ready for more action. This meant that as the evening progressed, the ratio of little girls to men would greatly increase. Usually this would mean that by about the 1.5 hour mark there would be 2 daughters for every 1 dad. The longer a man could hold out, the more girls he would have available to him.

8. When a girl needed to clean up, she could access wet disposable towel dispensers located around the facility. She is also encouraged to visit the bidet to get cleaned out. If a man came inside of her, she would need to swap out her hair clip for a special black clip with red trim and a white circle in the middle. This told the others that she had cum inside of her. For those girls who craved the taste, they could find girls with these special bow and go down on them, eating out their creampies. Or, if dads were into that sort of thing they could do it as well. For the other men, they could either avoid intercourse with a girl who had been creampied or take that girl to the bidets himself.

9. When a girl visited the bidet, she would use it to clean out her vagina or ass. Girls could use the bidet on their own, or at the request of one of the dads. Once the girl had been cleaned, she would switch her special black, red, and white hair bow for her original color. This told the others she was clean again.

10. There was also a rest area for the girls, but was limited to only a few girls at a time. This was to encourage them to stay in the other areas to experience as much as possible.

By the time all of the rules had finished, many of the girls were already making out with other girls and some of the dads. The host told everyone that the side rooms were now open, and that the first of the games was about to start. There are several very exciting things which happened during this time, but I want to jump ahead to my favorite part of the evening. I will tell you the rest of the story in a future chapter.

*** Musical Daddies ***

It was time for the first round of one of the games I had been looking forward to the most, Musical Daddies. Earlier in the week I had asked Mandy if she would be comfortable in participating and she said had secretly been hoping to play but didn’t want me to be mad at her for wanting that. Of course I wouldn’t be upset with my angel, I told her. When the main organizer told us to gather around the circle of chairs I took my daughter’s hand and we joined 4 other couples who were also eager to play. The rest of the guests were either dancing, in a side room, or were going to watch the first session of Musical Daddies to decide if they wanted to play the next time.

The rules were very similar to Musical Chairs. Fathers would sit in their underwear, or naked, on a chair while the daughters would circle the men as the music played. When the music stopped, the teens would have to quickly find a place to sit, on the nearest daddy’s lap. Since there were 5 father’s and 5 daughters, but musical chairs normally required one fewer chairs than walkers, the host explained that it would make sense after playing a little. There were 5 teenage and pre-teen girls between the ages of 12 and 15 walking in a circle around 5 very happy dads. To give everyone a chance to get comfortable the host told the girls that when the music stopped on the first round only, that they should sit on their own daddy’s lap.

Mandy passed me several times and smiled each time as the music played. All of the girls were beautiful, but I especially had my eye on a young brown-haired girl I later found out was Freya. She wore an all-white babydoll that made her look like a child bride waiting to be deflowered on her wedding night. She was 13 but smaller than Mandy and had the largest brown eyes I’d ever seen.

Before I knew it the music had stopped and little blond Mandy was straddling me, her lips inches away from mine. “This is fun!” she said. I reassured her that I was having fun as well.

The host announced that the first several rounds were non-elimination, and that each round the girls would have to do something different. For this next round, the daughters would have to straddle the dads, facing them, and make out until the music started up again. Around each of the young girls went, and when the music stopped I had the oldest teen, Destiny, sitting in my lap. I’m sure the 15-year-old could feel my erection through my underwear and her panties as we began kissing, first softly but very quickly with our tongues dancing. The music started again and the dark-haired Destiny got up.

After a moment the music told the girls to find the nearest seat again and this time 12-year-old Sarah was sitting on me. She was the smallest girl in the group, and I barely felt her weight on me as we kissed. Her tongue was blue and tasted like a Jolly Rancher. Her chest heaved and her breath was fast as she offered her tongue to me to kiss and gently suck. I slid my hands from her slender hips up her waist to feel her small, underdeveloped breasts and she gave out a small whimper.

When the music started again, the host instructed the men to remove their underwear if they hadn’t already. Every dad there was fully erect and ready for one of the daughters to join them. The music stopped, and Freya, who had noticed my glances at her and I think was eager to meet me, attempted to sit down, but Mandy arrived just a moment faster. I thought she might say something first but she just immediately planted her mouth on mine and began licking my tongue with hers. “Mmm, Daddy,” she moaned as my erection pressed up against the outside of my barely teenage daughter’s panties. I could feel her warm moisture through the fabric.

The music started again and as the young teens walked around the circle the host told them each to remove their panties and give them to their next sitting partner. Each of them obeyed and I got the first look at each of their beautiful pussies, all clean and smooth. Both Mandy and Destiny had visibly wet cunnies as they passed by. The music stopped, and finally I was face-to-face with the girl I had my heart set on, 13-year-old Freya. She had small but round titties, tiny, puffy areolas, and a very slim waist leading to light but curvy hips. Her ass was small and perfectly round. She handed me her little white panties as the reward for being the one she sat on. I held them in my hand for a moment while the fingers on my other hand slid across her young tight skin. The panties were damp at the crotch. I pressed them against my nose and mouth and inhaled her intoxicating scent. She giggled softly and I could feel her wet slit pressed against my raging shaft. I wanted to push it into her right then, but the music started back up. I held her tightly for a moment, not allowing her to escape me, and planted a goodbye kiss on her small lips. She welcomed my mouth and darted her tongue out briefly to give me a taste of her.

The music continued and the girls proceeded with their promenade. “Now what we’ve all been waiting for,” the announcer said. “The first elimination round. When the music stops, girls, you will find the nearest musical daddy and slide his cock into you as you sit down on him. Girls, if you can make the daddy you’re sitting on cum, you will earn a price. Daddies, if you can last the round without cumming, your prize is that you will get to keep playing!”

Moments after the elimination rules were explained the music had already stopped and Destiny returned to my chair. She looked down at me with ravenous 15-year-old eyes, spread open her legs, and squatted down onto my cock. Her pussy was slick and warm. She immediately began rocking her hips, clearly desperate to win the first prize. I squeezed her titties over the top of her babydoll and she kissed me and moaned into my mouth. Our tongues slide across each other while my cock was deeply implanted inside of this teenage girl. I happened to glance over and could see Destiny’s father watching me fuck his daughter while he fucked Sadie. Just then one of the other dads started moaning. We all looked over and saw Sarah, the girl whose mouth tasted like Jolly Ranchers, riding a daddy who about to go over the edge. After a moment he grabbed Sarah by the waist and thrust his hips in the air with several loud grunts. Everyone stopped fucking and cheered. “We have our first couple out of the game, and our first winner goes to 12-year-old Sarah!” the announcer said. “Sarah, come and get your prize!” She climbed off the dad and cum began to trickle out of her cunny and down her leg as she walked over to the prize table. The man there handed her a small pink vibrator as her price.

One chair and one father was removed from the circle and now there were four dads and four daughters left. When the music stopped again I finally got a visit from Sadie. She was a pretty freckled redhead with pale skin and boney hips. Instead of sitting on me, she stepped up onto my legs with her bare feet and squatted down with her pussy and ass brushing against my shaft. It was still slick with Destiny’s cream as Sadie impaled herself on me while still in a squatting position. I had never had a woman fuck me like this before, and I guess I still hadn’t, as Sadie was just a 14-year-old teenager. I guess her youthful flexibility was paying off. I held both of her ankles for fear of her falling off, and I admired her beautiful small toes painted an emerald green to match her babydoll. She was incredibly tight and before I knew it I could feel some precum leaking out of my cock. “Oh no,” I thought to myself. It took everything in me not to cum, and I grabbed Sadie’s hips to try and slow her down.

“Fuck! Fuck yes!” We all looked over at Freya’s dad who was plowing Destiny. Clearly he had finished inside of her and I picked up Sadie and held her in my arms in order to stave off my ejaculation. A few more seconds and I would have been gone. Sadie nuzzled her mouth against my neck and gently licked me several times while I watched Destiny remove the fourth chair. So Freya was still in the game, but her father would now watch his daughter with the three remaining daddies.

The announcer said for this next round the girls would suck off the nearest daddy when the music stopped. Round and round they went, and when it stopped I could see Mandy had landed on me again. “Oh no,” I thought. Mandy was incredible with her mouth and she knew just how to suck me perfectly to blow my load in seconds. Mandy had guzzled my cum almost every day for several years before we started fucking. In an instant she had swallowed my cock completely and was rocking her head as I deep throated my daughter. “Please, Mandy,” I begged. “There is another girl here I want to fuck. If you don’t make me cum I’ll give you anything you want when we get home.”

“Anything?” she verified? I nodded, about to lose control. And then she just pulled me out of her mouth and started to gently lick my shaft. “Thank you,” I whispered. I must not have been the only dad with a daughter who knew how to please her daddy with her mouth, because Sadie’s dad grabbed her head with both hands while his body shook with ecstasy. Once again everyone cheered and the girls stood up and resumed the walk. Meanwhile Sadie and her father left the game.

It was now the final round. Whoever made it to the end without cumming inside one of the girls would be the winner. Or would he? What kind of a prize is that? To not cum? Well, I had gone this far, I thought. I might as well try and win. And the two girls walking around the very small circle were my daughter Mandy, and the girl I had lusted after since the game began, the beautiful light brown haired, brown eyed little 13-year-old Freya. I could see her father watching her as she did her half-naked walk. I knew if Mandy ended up fucking me I would be done fast, but I might also be done fast with Freya. After all, I wanted to be inside of her teen body so badly.

The music stopped, and Mandy was standing right next to me. “That’s okay,” I thought. I love fucking my daughter. But Mandy did something special for her daddy. She took three massive steps around my chair and slid her ass right up against the other dad just as Freya was about to sit down. For a moment Freya’s naked ass was pressed up against my daughter’s pussy, but then she realized her only option was to move away and join me. Freya looked at me, smiled, and laughed as she stepped closer and lifted one slender leg over my legs in order to position herself to be penetrated by me.

“Actually, before you get started, Daddies. Go ahead and remove the little girls’ babydoll dresses now.” I reached forward and slid my hands up her warm body. The fabric lifted from her skin and up over her head effortlessly. There she was, the young teen I desired, sitting on my lap, moments away from being fucked by me. “This is the final round everyone. Girls, are you ready? Set? Go!”

I realized now why Freya has lasted so long. While all the other girls were trying as hard as they could to win, Freya had been taking her time. She slid closer to me, then slowly and methodically lowered her pussy down onto my waiting shaft. It was incredibly wet and tight, which would normally make any man cum within seconds, but Freya was in no rush, and milked my cock with her early teen pussy very very slowly. It was one of the most incredibly experiences of my life, delivering all of the pleasure of fucking a middle school student without the urgency of feeling like I could cum at any moment. Freya was truly an expert, even at such a young age.

The race was on between me and Freya as a couple, and my daughter with another dad. I was so focused on Freya I was barely aware of Mandy close by, but if I knew my daughter, she was going to do everything she could to win this round, because then she would win a prize for herself, and she would ensure that I won the entire match. I wasn’t sure what the prize would be for me, as the last remaining daddy, but I was eager to find out. Freya continued her slow, rhythmic ride of my cock, and I could feel the eyes of the room on us. Just then I noticed Freya’s own daddy watching me fuck his daughter. He was mostly expressionless but I detected perhaps a faint smirk on his face. He had already been satisfied by one of the other daughters, and this was no place for jealousy.

I started to hear some moaning coming from my 14-year-old daughter as the girl of the same age continued to ride my shaft. Mandy’s moaning grew louder, that distinct whimper I would recognize anywhere as I had fucked her so many times before, and when her cries of pleasure climaxed I could hear some small noises of relief from the dad she was with. “And with that,” the announcer declared, “we have our winner!” The room erupted in applause and Freya broke out with a smile on her small teenage face. She leaned forward and hugged me tightly, with the head of my cock pressed hard against her cervix, and I got a close view of her beautiful little titties. Mandy got off of the other dad and went to the table to collect her prize while Freya and I remained joined together in sexual union, waiting for instruction.

*** My Prize ***

The announcer addressed the entire room. “Since one daddy made it to the very end, he will get to enjoy a very special treat from six little girls AND his current game partner! If you two could make your way over to the VIP room!” Freya pulled herself off of me and my cock was slick with her cream. The host directed us over to one of the side rooms that had a large bed in the center with a red velvet spread on top. I held Freya’s hand the entire way, as a sign that I was not finished with her and she was still mine. Inside of the room, lined up against the side wall were six children, completely naked except for their hair clips. Four of them were 12-years-old and two of them were 11. It was their first time at this party, just like my daughter. As part of their initiation into the Daddy/Daughter Love community they were each given a separate task to fulfill as I fucked Freya on the bed.

I laid on the bed with my erection pointed straight up and the beautiful 13-year-old Freya climbed on top of me. The 6 pre-teens got on the bed as well and each one removed her babydoll dress. Two of them took my hands and put my fingers in their mouths. They began licking and gently sucking my fingers. It felt incredible to have each hand in a different 12-year-old middle school student’s warm mouth. At the other end of the bed, a 12-year-old and 11-year-old each pulled my legs to their corners of the bed and started licking my feet, sliding their tongues between my toes, and sucking on them. I felt guilty at first, like I should not have my feet inside of two pre-teen’s mouths, but the pleasure was undeniable.

The other two girls waited a moment while Freya sat up on her knees, still straddling me, and then lowered her dripping wet cunt onto my shaft. With my fingers and toes inside the mouths of 4 other children, I could do nothing but relax and enjoy having these five girls bathe me in pleasure. After Freya rocked her hips for a few moments and my cock started to get really slick with her white cream, the last two girls climbed onto the bed between my legs and laid facing each other with their mouths positioned next to my balls. The 12-year-old started licking my sack first, but the 11-year old quickly joined her, their saliva mixing as their tongues slid off each other and massaged my testicles. I could not believe I had two grade school aged girls pleasuring my balls with their mouths.

I could do nothing but watch and feel the intense pleasure these mostly pre-teen girls were giving me. My hands, arms, legs, toes, and cock were all helpless against them. Freya continued her slow ride on my shaft, and leaned forward, placing her delicate 13-year-old hands on my chest and opening her mouth to place on my welcoming lips. Her tongue was wet and her sweet, teenage saliva flowed into my mouth and tasted like the fresh strawberries she had been eating earlier. The pre-teens at the foot of the bed had wrapped their legs around me and were grinding their smooth bare pussies against my legs with my toes still in their underage mouths. The two girls holding my arms had moved my fingers to their wet, tight slits and were using me to rub their clits. I held out both middle fingers and inserted them into the two little girls. The 11-year-old gasped while the 12-year-old moaned softly, which was difficult to hear over the sound of Freya, who was now starting to whimper as she quickened her thrusts and the tip of my cock hammered her cervix harder and harder.

Freya started to gasp rhythmically with every bounce, and I could feel her whole body start to tense up as she prepared herself for a massive climax. She leaned forward, placed her face directly into my chest, and wrapped her arms around me tightly as the first intense cry escaped her lips and her hips lurched. Her pussy suddenly contracted and squeezed my cock tightly, pushing me dangerously close to the edge. Another moan came from Freya and her teen mouth opened wide against my chest. I could feel her warm breath and her saliva drooled out of her mouth onto my skin as she had completely lost control of her body. This, combined with the two pre-teens with my fingers in their cunts, the two other elementary school girls giving my toes a tongue bath, and the other two underage daughters licking my balls covered in Freya’s cum sent me into orbit and my cock throbbed and exploded inside of the 13-year-old. Her pussy clenched me again, and my cock’s swelling head, pressed up to the very back of her cunny, started shooting jets of cum directly into her cervix. I couldn’t believe I was filling the womb of a middle-school student I didn’t even know with my cum!

Finally, Freya’s contractions subsided and she laid motionless with her head on my chest, my cock twitching inside of her, and her arms still wrapped around me. I slid her light young body forward so that her mouth was nestled against my neck, and her pussy reluctantly released my dick. The pre-teen girls with their heads in my crotch were now licking up all of the lustful juices Freya and I had mixed together, and they were happily swallowing every lick like it was ice cream on a warm afternoon. After a few minutes the other little girls joined them and they all took turns licking my cock, balls, asshole, and Freya’s cunny until we were completely clean. Their innocent, underage tongues tickled my taint as they cleaned me.

There are more things that happened that night, and at other Daddy-Daughter events I attended with Mandy, but I will save those details for next time. It was certainly a night I will always remember.

(Author’s Note: This will be the only thing I write and share unless there is overwhelming support for more.)

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