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Holiday of a lift time

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What we did on holiday in Thailand was amazing food some and sex good time was had by all

I was on holiday with my mum Ann 64 her friend Ruth 65 myself penny 38 we had gone to Thailand this was due to my dad and Ruth husband had passed away 2 years earlier we had booked a 4 weeks holiday
For the first 4 days we stayed round the pool we were going out for our meal to the same restaurant we got to know one of the young waitresses on our fifth afternoon we were speaking to her when she asked us had we
Seen any of the night life we explained that the hotel said we shouldn’t go out at night with a guide
After we had finished our meal we sat at the Bar she come up to us She had finished work we sat talking for a good hour afterwards she said she would show us the sites as she only work until 1900 and that town did not come alive until 2100 we ask her how much she would charge she said you give me want you think it was worth we said we would
we agreed that she could do it we would pay her 100 thai Baht abouĺt £20
we told her our name and she said her name was Han we told her what we had agreed she said to much no if she did not agree then we did not want her she agreed
We made a time for the next day to meet outside the hotel over the next 8 days she took us to lots of places and arranged for cabs to take us to beaches and day time markets
Next morning while a breakfast mum told me her and Ruth was going shopping so I could have a relaxing day on my own
So I did just that 4hours later they come back looking very relaxed and refreshing but no shopping they said there was nothing they like
We only had 6 day left we went to the restaurant had just finished when Han come up she had her boss with her
He said the next day at his villa he was holding a party and would we like us to go as we’ve been such good customs mum said straight away yes Han said she would pick us up at 1200 and to bring our swimming costumes
We arrived at the villa just after 1.30
very big Han boss Kasen and popa his wife
There was a lot of men that did n seem to have anyone with them
Popa said she would show me round the villa as Han had taken mum and Ruth over to some women by we walk round the villa it was stunning 7 bedrooms 5 bathrooms 3 living rooms cinema room sauna and steam room then there was a room call pool entertainment popa we did no go into this room .
We walk outside just as a gong sounded popa said lunch is being served and we walked over to a big marquee there was a stage in the middle
We eat there were dancing on the stage very erotic
Han and popa said we should go and relax they took us to the massage room there was a communal changing rooms and towels we all undressed popa said I should go first with her so I layed face down and put my face in the hole on the table popa said there was candle burning under the table and not to worry about it they smelled lovely
The towel was removed and Smalls placed on me started on my head Shoulders back then move down to my legs the hands moved up my legs the top just brush or pussy indicated that she wanted me to turn over towels placed over the top of my legs but there’s no towel covering my top she was massaging my shoulders hands coming down rubbing my breasts I was so turned on she would treat my nipples then she moved down to my legs show for my legs slightly and a hands was moved up and down I had my eyes shut I was in heaven the fingers moved to my pussy and she was slowly rubbing me I was so wet and my clit was so hard i was so Randy’ and turned on then she stop and mum and Ruth had there same treatment.
Popa and Han was speaking when we got next door to our clothes we found roman tunic there said tonight was roman night there was no underwear Han heaped us to put them on then we got the marquee everyone was dressed the same
Karen was there there was a lot more men then women there was very large cushions for two to sit on each cushion had a Baraku pipe Han showed to our cushions mum and Ruth on one me and Han on another the show started Han told Ann and Ruth they should try the pipe it’s strawberry so they did Han gave me ours she said just suck on it I did the taste was Pleasant as we was watching we was using the pipe after about 10 min I was so turned on so wet between my leg the show was erotic the dancing stop then acrobats come on then some jesters they were very funny they had a old fashion stocks were you put your head and hands then you were lock in if you did something wrong paper would throw rotten food at you
They had a game you had to get 3 rings over a pole you were put in the stocks 10 min for each miss three people went up two got two over the other person got all three two were put in the stocks a month gags was put on you to stop you from screaming or talking there was a screen that went either side of your body so only your head and hands were showing great fun
Then they come and got us to do it we were all laughing I was still very horny and wet i went first missed all 3
I was put in the gag was put on mum and Ruth was both laughing all they could see was the front of the screen and my face I could move my head the people had move more back so they could see then back more then the front mum and Ruth did not notices
I could hear movement behind me small things were being thrown the tunic was lift right up I tried to move but my leg were pulled apart and strapped to something could not say anything then lots of hands was running over my body a mouth was on my pussy and fingers were fucking me mouths sucking my tits I tried to wiggle to stop this happening but in the end just gave up sensational was great the fingers with pulled out my pussy can someone put his prick up me and started to fund me and a Ruth just look on they could not see what was happening after the first fuck and three 4 orgasms someone else got between my legs he seemed a lot bigger he must have fucked me and come within three minutes then the next person I could feel something being rubbed on my pussy it seemed to sting for a minute something being pushed it was a lot larger I could feel while putting you being stretched to the Limit it hurt a little then it stopped then started again being pushed in he kept pushing then he was old way in right into my womb the sensation was unbelievable I’d never had anything that big he must have fuck me until the time was up he did not come he pulled out I was so frustrated I was taken out the stocks and then immediately taken to to my cushion where popa and han said you were great I was still very horny popa gave me a drink I drunk it she said that will keep you on heat all night
Mum was next Han moved me so I could see the action they did the same to her I could not believe the site has up the cock that was pushed in her
Popa told me he was 12″ long 5 wide and the cream that was rub on her pussy helps him put it in she would not fill it much unit he was hit her cervix and into a worm when she had finished she came back and was given a drink Ruth got the same treatment and a drink
With in half an hour everybody had no clothes on I was taken by three men laid down and cushions with a play with me onel one layed his back his cock must have been 10 ” and 4 wide I was put on his cock he put it in slowly unit it bottom out in my whom womb he be me forward the everman got behind me he rubs something on my ass I had never had anything up there I turned and told him he said you would like his cock was long but not thick who started to push it in it hurt he stopped waited then carried on and until he was fully in then they both started to fuck me the other man came to my face that lifted my head told me to open my mouth and he pushed it in the started fucking my mouth he pulled out he asked me had I ever been throat fucked I said no he told me when he push on breathe through my nose then he put it back and started fucking he pushed it right in I could not breathe he pulled out slightly and said when I’m at the back breathe through your nose and he started again pushing in the for seconds then pulling out until I got used to it I was actually in heaven he kept this up he speeded up put his hands on my head and pulled it right onto his cock and shot his load right down my throat the other two had speeded up and they had shot up me then three other had me I look and saw the mum and Ruth had the same when three finished three other moved in we did have break of 30 to 45 min during night until about four then they let us sleep next morning I woke up still naked in a room the only clothes in the room was the tunic I put it on it was 1130
I made my way downstairs Han was sitting outside she asked if I wanted something to eat and drink I asked where was my mum and Ruth she they were with Popa she said have something to eat then we go find them which we did we got to a room there was a lot of noise from people inside laughing and cheering Han said seem like Ann and Ruth are have fun she open the door it was dark we went in there was a stage in the middle of the room Han was in front she said popa and Ruth are having fun
The she turn to me and said so is your mum when I looked mum was on a chair naked with her legs open and a Dog head between them and a cock in her mouth Ruth and popa was on there hands and knee’s and a large dogs on there back fucking them I shouted what the hell are you two doing the man who cock was in her mouth pulled out so she could speak enjoying myself Ruth shouted out you want to try this having orgasms after orgasms his so big I looked at my mum she was now on her hands and knees Han pulled me over to her a man was putting some cream on her pussy a great dame was brought in o e o the lady’s start to touch the dogs cock it start to come out I was getting wet between my legs just watching The dog got up onto mum back the lady put it cock by her pussy the dog started to fuck her a few times he miss her hole but a man got behind the dog the lady helped his cock the man pushed the dog behind and it went in and the dog started fucking her Han said look at Ruth when I did there was a man on his back Ruth was on top of him fucking
then a big dog was brought in a lady rubber cream in her ass then the dog mounted her the lady put his cock up to her ass and a man behind the dog push the dog and his cock went up Ruth scream a man put his cock in her mouth to stop her screaming the dog started fucking her once he was all the in Ruth started moving the cock from her mouth was removed she look at me this is fantastic.
I was rubbing between my legs popa now finished with her dog walked up to me pulled the tunic off me her and Han took me over to bench table layed me down on it then started to give me a massage I closed my eyes my
Arms and legs were strapped down i open my eyes to see three young boys
naked popa said they are 14 and they are going to fuck in every hole no I scream the top of the table was lowered so my head was hanging down one of the boys walked I was at the right high for him to put his cock into my mouth I tried to keep it closed then the boy between me legs put his mouth on my clit and bit it as I opened my mouth the scream the cock was in my mouth
Popa told me to suck him the one on my clit stopped got between my leg and started fucking there other one was a my side he started to rub my clit
I orgasmed the boy in my mouth come
the one up my did the same the change over the one rubbing me was now fucking me look over at my mum she was standing with popa smiling at me Ruth was with Han being taken out a door theone fucking come got off me the table was put back to normal
I was taken off the table mum said how many orgasms did you have she said she lost count I said so did I we both asked popa about Ruth she said she enjoying her self I take you to her later.
They took us into a room to get some food we were still naked there was men in there naked the size of there cocks were enormous we had food te men was just standing there rubbing there cock popa said they are all about 12 to 14 long 5 to 6 wide me and mum just look at each other popa layed down on a mattress one man got on between her legs there was a pot of cream nearby she put her fingers in it the rubbed some on her pussy he just pushed in about 4 inches then stopped popa just layed there then she said something to him She look at us and said he is going to push all his cock in me all at once then she nodded her head and the man gave one mighty push and it went all the way in popa let out a long moan then the man really starting to fucker hard one off the others come over to me layed me down he got some cream put it was out of a different pot rubbed it on and inside my pussy he waiting about 10 min he was playing with my tit and clit Mum was getting the some treatment then both got between our legs they look at each other then they just pushed all the way in he hit my cervix and into my womb the Sensation was pain and pleasure all at once they both come we both had some many orgasms they got off us and we just layed there getting our breath back
Popa then took us to see Ruth she was in the a barn sort of building there were all sorts of animals Ruth was on some sort of table a horse was over her when we walk to the side we saw the it was a Stallion and he had some of his cock up Ruth there was a man holding his cock and Han was asking Ruth if was wanted more she just nodded so more pushed in her she looked and saw us and smiled then said it’s fantastic I’ve had so many orgasms mother so many animals the horse was moving the stopped Ruth said he’s coming after the took the horse away we all got showed and got our clothes back we were driven back to our hotel it was later and we all got some sleep .
The next few days we stayed by the pool then we come home not much was said about what had gone on .
Three week later there was a knock at the door will let you know about this at a later date

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