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I wish it was me – Part 2

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Daddy left us alone in the tub and mommy removed her breast from my mouth and gave my lips a little peck. Mommy and daddy have never kissed me on the lips before, but I liked it, it made me feel grown up and special like when they kiss each other on the lips. Mommy was very happy with me and told me what a good girl I was and that she wanted me to suck her nipples often like when I was a baby. I asked mommy what she liked best about it…and she told me it made her pussy wet and achy which felt good. I said I didn’t understand, so she told me to give her my hand and she placed it on her pussy. Her pussy was like mine – hairless, but her lips were bigger and swollen, they were open a bit and a hard nub was sticking out. She guided my fingers inside the lips of her pussy and asked me if I felt the wetness…not the water from the bathtub but a silky wetness that was covering my fingers? I wasn’t sure if I was feeling bath water or not? Mommy could see the confusion on my face…she suggested we get out of the bath and dry off.

Mommy lifted me out of the bath, and she dried us both and then took my hand and led me to her and daddy’s bedroom. Mommy laid down on the bed on her back and motioned for me to lie next to her with my head on her stomach so that I would be lower on her body. Mommy opened her legs a bit and again mommy took my hand and placed my fingers between the lips of her pussy…and asked me again if I felt her wetness. Yes, it was very wet between mommy’s pussy lips, she said it wasn’t bath water, it was the moisture that I caused her to have by sucking on her nipples and how good I made her feel. I smiled, I was happy to know that I could make mommy feel good and told her so. She said that she was very proud of me to be able to make her body respond so well to my touch. And that we shared a special love and bond because of our girl time together.

After we laid there for a bit she suggested we go watch TV with daddy, which was our typical evening routine.

Looking back, I realize how much self-control my mommy had and how much she wanted to bring my sexual learning and satisfaction to a peak which would prove to be insatiable.

Mommy put a robe on, and I stayed naked, sometimes mommy would put my PJs on and sometimes I watched TV naked. I think mommy and daddy preferred me to watch TV naked. I was never cold because I was usually under a blanket with one of my parents, usually daddy.

As we entered the living room daddy was in his recliner as usual and mom went to sit on the couch. I followed mommy to the couch, I wanted to suck on her nipples some more, especially now that I knew I could make her feel so good. But mommy encouraged me to go sit on daddy’s lap like I did most nights. I went over to daddy and got on his lap between his open legs and my back against his front, he placed the blanket on me to keep me warm and my mommy gave me a great big smile and said I was such a good girl.

My daddy was a strong man with big shoulders and long arms and legs. He had brown hair at onetime, but now it was mostly grey and very distinguished. I didn’t realize at the time how much older my daddy was in relation to my friend’s dads, but I did notice how my friend’s dads still didn’t have grey hair. In some ways, the age difference between my daddy and me almost made him old enough to be my grandfather. Although, I have never met any of my grandparents. At my current age ten, daddy was already in his mid-forties.

Daddy liked me in his recliner with him. He would place his arms around me and caress my chest and stomach. He would sometimes lean down and blow in my ear or gently suck and nibble on my neck telling me how beautiful I am and how much he and mommy loved me. But tonight, he whispered to me that he loved seeing me sucking mommy’s nipples and said that I should do that more often and maybe I would like my nipples sucked. I hadn’t thought of that, my nipples were not as large as mommy’s would that make me feel good? Would I get that wetness in my pussy that isn’t bathwater?

So I asked daddy…would it make me feel good and would my pussy get wet. Daddy said that we would find out later when he tucked me into bed. Daddy didn’t usually tuck me into bed, it was mostly mommy. But mommy looked over from the couch and said maybe going forward daddy should tuck me into bed more often since she and I had our bath time together. She said I should be spending more private quality time alone with my daddy. I liked that idea…I loved my daddy and I secretly wondered what would happen if I sucked his nipples – would he get wet too?

I laid my head back against daddy’s chest and closed my eyes…daddy’s right hand was on my stomach and his left hand was on my left thigh. Daddy moved his left hand towards my pussy, I guess he wanted to check if I was wet? Daddy slipped the tip of his finger into my pussy and felt around a bit. He gently moved his finger up and down my slit while gently rocking me back into his body. At first daddy’s finger felt odd, but then as he rubbed the top of my pussy it was starting to feel really good and I didn’t want him to stop. Daddy leaning down and whispered in my ear – do you like what daddy is doing to you? I said yes, and told him I didn’t want it to stop. Daddy said it wasn’t going to stop, I was getting older and it was only going to get better and soon daddy would be doing more and more things to my body. I didn’t understand what daddy meant, but I was happy to be with daddy and as far as I was concerned daddy could do anything he wanted, daddy had never in my life hurt me, so I had nothing to be afraid of.

A little while latter daddy said it was time for bed – I was a little sad, I didn’t want daddy to stop stroking my pussy. Daddy lifted me up and I went over to mommy for my goodnight hug. Mommy hugged me close and then she lowered her lips to mine for the second time that night and gave me a longer lingering kiss. Mommy said for me to sleep well, and she looked forward to seeing me in the morning, and that she loved me even more today than yesterday.

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  • Reply Aussie79 ID:1dujftzbxpq2

    Very exciting part two. To an intriguing series

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    Can’t wait for more parts

  • Reply Truth teller ID:1danmg42k7fe

    Stolen story

    • I wish it was me ID:1dfldgjb5kn5

      If you read this story on NIfty…it is me, the author also posting it here as well.

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      Don’t listen to negative comments they just being jealous lol Great stories, Thanks for sharing