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2 sisters part 1

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Hello. My name is Kevin. At the time of this happening I was 10. I have two sisters one who was 13, the other was my twin so she was also 10. I knew well on I was sexually different than most, I was easily aroused not only by girls but also boys. My sisters and I were sent to stay at my aunt and uncles house for 2 weeks one summer. They had one son , our cousin who was 14, down the street was another male cousin who was 15. A few days into our stay my aunts and uncles we going away for a couple days so it was up to our older cousins to keep an eye on us. That night we were all watching a movie in their basement. My older sister was on a couch to the side of the chair I was sitting in, both cousins on either side of her. My other sister was sitting on the floor close to the television. I could see out of the corner of my eye that my cousins were getting really friendly with her, I turned to look and seen them both taking turns kissing her mouth as their hands had her top pulled up , rubbing her budding, puffy nipples. I stared as I could feel my cock getting hard, my heart beating faster. One of them unbuttoned her shorts and slid his hand down to her pussy. Her hips wiggled as she moaned in the others mouth. I tapped my twin sister and motioned with my eyes towards them. She got up and squeezed into the chair with me.we both watched as my sister took of her top and then her shorts, leaned back and spread her pussy. She looked so good naked, small tits and a tight smooth pussy. I could hear my twin sisters breathing get faster, I turned to her and looked down her body. I could see her perky nipples poking out of her tight tank top. I grabbed my cock over my pants and squeezed as I watched her spread her legs and begin to rub her pussy over her shorts. We both watched as my cousins sucked our sisters tits while taking turns fingering her pink hole, the groans and moans were so hot but not as hot as when they pulled off their pants and unleashed two very thick cocks. Veiny and big. Bulbous heads.My sister sat foreward and took each cock in her mouth, licking and sucking…..looked so Hot! By this time my other sister had her shorts unbuttoned and was groping her pussy. I turned to her and lifted her tank top off, her small puffed up nipples were so sexy and perky. My mouth went straight for them as I replaced her hand with mine ……her pussy was so smooth and warm as I spread her lips apart and began fingering her.Before long my cousins and sister were on the floor , they told us to come join them. One cousin slipped my twin sisters shorts off and began licking her pussy, the other had his mouth all over my older sisters hole. I knelt down and took his hard cock in my mouth. Sucking the tip , then going down his shaft up and down. I could hear him moaning as he put his hand on my head and started pumping that cock in and out. This all felt so dirty and good…..I loved it!

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    Made me cum

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      How tiny are you? I would love to help you cum if you want [email protected]

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    Great story need more especially with your twin

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    That is so hot but hoped you would have fucked your twin

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    Wow very hot

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    Holy hell that was hot