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BBC Ganb Breeding Pregnany

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I found that husband was watching wife breeding videos, So I decided to really do it an teach him a lesson.

Ok, My husband and I had been married for 2 years. I was 5’7″ 115 lbs with red hair and brown eyes. We did the usual stuff, rented sex videos and the likes. After a while we got into swinging with single men. I always used protection and we had a lot of fun. Well after a year or so of that things were getting a little boring. I was watching porn on my computer and my husband was watching porn on his. One day he went to the store and left his computer logged on. I decided to take a look at what he was watching. Needless to say I was shocked. He was watching interracial wife breeding videos. So I watched a few and was like wow. After I got up from his computer I found myself wet down there.

When he came back home I said nothing and acted normal. I started watching more of the breeding videos and was really getting excited about this, But the idea of having a black baby scared me to death. What would our families say?? After a while it got the better of me. We had been going to a swing club and knew the owners well. I decided to get up a fake breeding for my husband to watch, Then I thought if this really turns him on lets do the real thing. This is what he wants me to do so I thought fine I`m going to do the real thing. I`m going let black men impregnate me for real. The only catch was he would not know the girl being bred was me.

That weekend we went to the club was the weekend I was ovulating, The owner and I had found 3 black men, I mean they were black. Super black. They knew I was there to be impregnated. So when I arrived I went my usual way and mingled, My husband went and talked to the guys. I went into the owners bedroom to get ready. Ann had a friend who was into waxing so I got my pussy waxed and put on a blond wig and sexy face mask. My pussy was red and swollen after my wax job. It was super sensitive. The owner Ann went to find my husband. She found him and asked if he would like to see a real black breeding live. needless to say he said hell yeah, He asked about me and Ann said I was busy mingling and would send me in when I got done.

My husband was led into a dimly lit room, There was a gyno table with leg restraints and everything. He sat at the bottom of the table in a chair with a perfect view of all the action. I was led into the room by Ann, She then said to make this real we have an ovulation test that she will take. I will show you the result so you know this is not fake. Of course it was my fertile time of the month so I was good to get pregnant. She grabbed a new test kit.

She handed it to my husband to open. He opened it and handed it to Ann, She brought a pan in for me to pee in. I got down and peed on the stick. Ann handed it to my husband to hold. Ann said when the result is in let me know. After a bit he said it shows positive. Ann said all right lets go, My husband said ok, He was ready to see this blond girl black bred. Two of the men walked in and picked me up and placed me on the table. I was strapped into the stirrups legs spread wide and arms tied down tight and ready for a BBC breeding. I was excited and wet I said you three fucking niggas want to impregnate me huh? This was going to be my first black cock and bareback.

The three of them looked ay my pussy and said, Wow look at those long thin legs And bald swollen pussy and how tiny it is. Look how pale she is, Man this is going to be one tight sweet fuck. Have you ever had a nigga fuck you before. I said no. They said listen you little white married whore, Your pussy is ours from now on and your gonna have our black baby, Your belly will swell with a black baby. Do you have any children, I said no. They said well you will after tonight. Do you understand us, I said yes I do. You want a black baby right? I said I do. And from now on if any of us want to fuck you we can come to your house anytime we want and fuck you as many times as we want, Do you understand and agree. I said yes my pussy is yours till you don`t want it anymore. That`s a good black cock breeding whore.

They all looked at me and said, What a sexy married whore we have here, You will look great getting fat with a black baby. Nothing better than seeing a married white whore giving birth to a black baby. The first guy got on his knees and started to lick my pussy. It felt so good. My little pussy was swollen and wet. The other 2 got on either side of me and I started to suck their cocks. My husband had no idea it was his wife about to be fucked and impregnated by 3 black men. I was ready to cum from the oral I was getting. I started to moan and the cum started to drip from my pussy. The guy got up and said are you ready. I nodded yes. He placed his huge black cock at my pussy and started to run it up and down my slit. I looked up at the mirror on the ceiling and could see his black cock against my tiny pussy. I was getting really excited. He stopped at the opening and started to push it in. I felt the thickness of his cock, It was splitting and ripping me open and hurt. I never had a cock that fat before. He said look I ripped her open and she starting to bleed, This bitch is really fucking tight.

He went slow and after what seemed forever finally got it all in. He started pumping me slow and deep. I looked in the mirror and saw his huge black cock going in me and then back out. He said this is a breeding you white bitch so we are not going to drag this out, Do you understand? I nodded yes. He started to fuck me harder and faster, I could feel his cock start to grow fatter. I knew he was getting ready to cum. He pushed the stirrups as far apart as they would go. My pussy was his 100% I can not explain how I felt knowing a black cock was going to cum in me any minute and impregnate me. The first black cum ever in my life. His thrusts were getting faster and he was now hitting my cervix, I said to him give me your nigga baby.

Make pregnant, Suddenly he yelled out fuck and and I saw in the mirror his cock slam into me, His belly was against my pussy. He was all the way in, All eight inchs of his wife breeding cock was in me getting ready to give me his baby. I felt the gush of hot sperm shooting into me. Pulse after pulse of his black sperm was shooting deep into me. My pussy was clamping down on his cock, I could feel my pussy sucking and milking his cock of all it`s sperm. My husband`s eyes were glued on my pussy as this black cock fucked me. He didn`t know his wife just had just taken black sperm into her fertile pussy just like in the videos he was always watching. I said give me ALL your baby making sperm, Give me your baby please. My husband was going crazy watching my breeding and loving it.

When the he was done fucking me he said you have just been bred you fucking white whore, Then he pulled out slow to keep the sperm in me. The second guy took his place and put a pillow under my ass and said this is to keep the baby making seed in you. I`m going to fuck that black sperm deep into your womb bitch. I was getting turned on by being called a whore and a bitch. His cock slid in easy due to all the sperm and the fact I was stretched out. It was not long before he was pumping me hard, Then I felt the gush of his hot sperm shooting deep in me. I never felt anything so good before. I was completely relaxed and giving myself freely to black cock knowing I was fertile and ovulating that night. My husband had no idea I was getting bred for his enjoyment and he was most likely going to raise another mans child. A black child.

I was getting sore and wanted to take a break. The other black man said no this is a breeding, When I`m done then you can get up. My husband said yes you have to take the last guy. He looks at the black man and says fuck that white whore bitch, Knock her up good. Make her belly swell with a black baby. I figured what`s the point, So I let the man enter me and start fucking me. I was getting excited thinking about what could happen, He said I`m getting ready. Without thinking I was telling him, Cum in me you fucking nigga give me your baby. That`s all it took, His hot sperm started to shoot deep in me. Spurt after spurt after spurt, He came way more that the other 2 did. I could feel it running down my ass, It was leaking out there was so much. At this point I wanted a black baby so bad I didn`t care what anyone thought. The three of them said we will see you again after you have our baby to give you another one, You got that. I said yes as many as you think I need to have.

After he was done, My husband said you need to put a plug in her to keep it in, The black guy asked Ann if she had a plug. Ann said yes I have a new butt plug here. He said get it. I was really excited about all that sperm inside me looking for my egg, She returned with it and he put in my pussy. It was fat and tight. The black men untied me and lifted me off the table. The guys said get her clothes, Ann picked up my clothes. The guys said put your panties on. I did with the plug still in me. Put your jeans on. I did and could feel my tight jeans pushing the plug deeper into my pussy. None of their sperm was leaking out. I was pretty sure I was going to get pregnant at this point. I could not let their cum drain out till I got home. It would be way too late by then to stop an impregnation. Now go home you fucking married white whore and have your husband eat our cum from your impregnated pussy.

I left the room and went back to Ann`s bedroom, I took off the wig and fixed my makeup. I went back out into the club and found my husband, I said what have you been doing. He said he watched a black breeding, I said wow really? How did it go. He said it was hot, She was a little blond married whore with a shaved pussy and a face mask. It was awesome watching those hug black cocks fuck her and their huge balls slapping her ass. The best part was when they came in her. I could see their balls pulse as they filler her with cum.

I said wow, He said don`t get mad but all I could think of was you laying there getting black bred. I was dreaming it was you they were impregnating, And I was going to be able to watch your belly swell with a black baby. They even had her take an ovulation test to make sure this was going to work. It turned positive right away. She wanted to get up after the second guy but the last guy said no and I said breed that bitch, Make her belly swell with a black baby. They even put a plug in her pussy to keep their sperm in her. I said were you serious if that was me to take a chance on having a black baby. Yes, We could deal with it. I said ok, Well lets go home, I`m tired.

When we got home, I said you want to make love. He said sure. I lay on the bed and said I want to do something kinky. He said ok. Tie me to the bed and cut my jeans and panties off. WOW he said. Those are your new jeans, I said so just do it. Ok. So he tied me to the bed legs spread legs and grabbed the scissors. He started at my ankles and was working his way up. I was getting excited as hell and he knew it. He got to my pussy and started at my bellybutton and started to cut toward my pussy. When he got close he ripped my crouch open. My panties were soaked. He began cutting my panties off. Once off he could see the plug.

He said OMG that was you being bred, I said yes. Are you mad. Hell no. I said ok, Untie me I want to sit on your face. He untied me and I mounted his face. I said pull the plug out and open your mouth. He did as I said. I said now your going to eat the nigga sperm from my well black fucked pussy and like it. I put my pussy in his mouth. I said it`s my turn and this is what I want to do. You wanted this right. He mumbled yes. Open wide and cover my whole pussy, I got on him 69 and started sucking his cock, Once I sensed he was ready to cum I stood up. I felt tons of black cum pouring out of me and into his mouth. He swallowed it all. I said I`m not done yet I think there is more in there. I had to pee really bad. I said I feel some coming. He mumbled ok. I said I need to pea and your going to drink it. He said ok. I started to pee real slow, He started to swallow it so I kept going for what seemed like a minute. Finally I was done. Now fuck me hard and give your sperm. We fucked several times that night. I had a new thing I liked doing and that was peeing in his mouth, He enjoyed it as well.

As the weeks went by I missed my period and was pregnant. As the nine months went by We kept in touch with the guys. They would stop by one or two at a time and sometimes all three. They would tie me down and fuck me silly and fill me with their potent sperm. It was the best nine months of my life. When I finally had the baby I had a c-section. Out came a black baby boy. I let the guys know and they were all happy. A few months went by and I was all healed up. My husband said it`s time we have our own baby, And I said yes lets do it now while we are young. So I watched my cycle and my fertile was here. I said tonight is the night babe. He said great. That night he said Let me run to the store for some beer I will be right back. A half hour went by and I heard him walk back in the front door.

I said it took you long enough. I looked up and there were my black studs who impregnated me. I said not tonight they looked at me and said you remember the deal. They grabbed me and tied me to the bed, They ripped my undies exposing my shaved pussy. All right guys lets get this done. I said I`m ovulating and want to have a baby with my husband, We know he called us and told us. Before I could say anything I had a black cock in my mouth, As before one of them licked me till I came. Then he fucked me hard and deep, As before I felt him start to cum in me. My fertile womb was waiting for his potent sperm, I felt his sperm flood my cervix. He said you want my baby right, And not even thinking I said yes. They all fucked me multiple times that night. My husband walked in the middle of the action and just cheered them on.

After they were done he said is this what you really wanted, I said not at first but once I got started it was all I could think of. Thank you I said. The group said we will be back over the next nine months. I said ok. But remember we may want you pregnant again do you understand. I said yes. That`s a good black breeding whore. Then they left. My husband and I made love that nigh but it was not enough, Nine months later I had another black baby.

Our families don`t talk to us anymore but we don`t care. The more I think about it I want 2 more black babies, And this is the most exciting way to get them. Plus now we are really kinky, He licks my ass hole and begs me to pee in his mouth. I tie him up once in a while and come home full of cum and make him drink it from my pussy. Life is sweet.


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