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A youngmidteen cheerleader pt 3

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After school the next day I went to the coaches office and went in with him, we were alone as he closed the door and then he smiled and asked me if I could arrange to stay the weekend at his home and he would have some special friends over to have fun with me I told I d try and let hi kow the next day and then I undresse for him and we had sex and I went home.The next day I told him I could and asked when he wanted me and he said he would pick me up early sataurday morning not far from my house and I agreed.That morning I met him I ws wearing jeand no bra or panties and we went to his house and went in ,there were a couple of guys there one of them was a black man and I sat down between them and we chatted for a bit,and then the black man smiled as he took me into a kiss and caressed my tits I felt my tits get firm and he whispered in my ear that we should go into the bedroon and I went with him ,after we went in and closed the door he asked me to undress and I did he smiled as he looked at mme and then he felt my ass and fingered my tight pussy and then he undressed,he asked me to get on my knees and I did and I opened my mouth as I looked at his 10″ dick and then I wassucking it he got very hard fastand I noticed his balls were very full,after he was hard he had me lay on my back and spread wide in the middle of the bed and he ate my pussy and then he slid up and got into postion and slowly pushed his huge dick into me it hurt as he went deep I wasn t used to his size yet but he finially managed to get all into me an held still a momentand then he slowly fucked me it soon felt good and then he asked me to wrap my legs around him and I did I felt him go slightly deeper as he fucked me , he looked down at e and said he was goin to cum soon inside of me and I said ok a moment later I felt his dick swell and he pushed eep and I fel his hot sperm filling my tight pussy he kept cumming for a moment and then he stoped and he slowly pulled out as my pussy closed so I could hold it all in I looked down and my belly was swollened full of his sperm and I rubbed it and my pussy,he laid next to me I reached oer and stroked his dick as I kissed him he told me to clean up and he would have the other guy come in to fuck me also and I said ok soon the other was in the room undressing as I came I and I sucked his dick and he had anal sex with me I loved it from both them,that weekend I was fucked by several guys and I even took two of them at once in my ass and pussy at the same time it was wonderful

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