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Spit roasted at Daycare

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It was fun with my grandfather while it lasted, he passed away sometime when I was 13 years old a year after he took my virginity. I was still a horny girl
my pussy needed a penis, so I played with it whenever I got the chance. I also started to get real turned on when I’m near adult men, and I wanted to be fucked so badly. That one day at the park I followed a guy into the men’s room and asked him,”You want to have some fun with me?” He of course took offense to this and demanded that I take him to my parents! I of course ran outta there, couldn’t understand why though I’m offering a chance to let him fuck me!
My parents, took me to daycare after school which of course ruined my idea of walking home ask for a ride. Where if it’s a grown man I would have sucked on him as a “thank you” for taking me home! However, at daycare there were a bunch of boys of different ages 6-14 the oldest there was this “bad boy” type. Who was 16 and ran a group of guys like his own gang!
I and 6 other girls were the only ones there at this daycare, and some of these girls were lesbians or bi. I even have to admit the one chick that was bi and that was the same age as me was hot! She was always flirting with the guys and one time she sneak out with one of the boys. Never came back after 20 minutes only to return with the guy bent out of shape.
I knew exactly what she did; sex and my pussy is getting impatient, so I started to walk up to one of the boys.
Only to realize, I suck at holding a conversations because I‘m a shy girl and never the social butterfly. But I was horny and I needed a penis in me now! I believe my conversation went like this,”Hey” I said to a boy who has to be in 6th grade. He responded saying,”Hello” and he smiled, and I also had some comfort knowing he was friendly,”You want to play with me, in the restroom?” The boy, looked very confused asked me,”Why in the restroom?”
My response,”Because I want to show you something, silly!” I said while giggling,”Let’s sneak away and go there.” The boy asked,”What is your name?” Which I answered,”Jane! What is yours?” He told me his name but we will call him “Gary” so we waited until the next activity to begin. As all the kids were busy playing with the caretakers, me and Gary sneak away without being seen, and head to the nearest restroom at the school where the daycare is based in.
We go into the restroom I made sure no one was around and Gary asks,”So what is it you like to show me?” I didn’t reply I just lifted my dress up and showed him panties, and began to pull them down! Revealing my pussy to my surprise Gary never flenched instead he laughed at me, and suddenly the bathroom stall doors open to reveal. The older boy and his cronies and they looked at me like I was a piece of meat for the pack of hungry lions!
To this day, I have forgotten the name of this 16 your old we will call him “Clyde” and his buddies
“Henry” and “Adam”.
“Get the fuck outta here Gary!” Clyde says and Gary does as he was told and left me with the boys, and Clyde immediately runs towards the door to block it. To stop me from escaping. I didn’t like what was going on and I was shaking a little bit. “So I heard from Gary that you wanted to play with him in the restroom, and I just laughed at how funny you worded it! I mean just how dumb do you think you can ask my little brother?” I responded saying,”I didn’t know that he was your brother.” I said and started to cry a bit, and the two other boys begin to laugh at how pathetic I look when I began to cry.
One of the boys lift up my skirt and says,”Shit look at how fine this pussy is and it’s leaking which means she wanted your brother dog,” He says I didn’t do anything and then Henry came and took a closer look at my leaking pussy,”She’s still horny, Clyde I say we should get some of her!” Henry says hungrily. “Don’t worry we will but first,” He pulls out his phone and tells Henry and Adam to hold my hands up so he could take pictures of my pussy. Than he says that he needs to see me, all of me. They both took my dress my training bra, and my panties off. Took more pics of my naked body. Then after they were done.
Clyde came up and draws a switchblade and point the blade at my face,”You scream or call for help I give you a cut on your face, I will admit to you I don’t wanna cut up such a pretty face like yours! Henry and Adam began to grope me kiss and lick me all around, then Clyde began to unzip his pants and tells me that to get down on the ground and get to sucking no teeth he aims the switchblade to my head and began sucking Clyde’s penis which looked 5 inches but began to grow as he got horny at like 6 to 7.5 inches!
I hear Adam and Henry unzip their pants and began to shove two of their penises in my face demanding that I too suck them off! I didn’t want to be forced into having sex, but at least I was getting what I wanted! Sex! I started to feel a bit better as I suck them off, one of the boys got behind me and put his penis in my ass, and he was happily pounding away! Henry got underneath and put his his in my pussy! I was in heaven! They all pounded me in unison never missing a beat, I feel Adam began to tense up a bit and shot his cum in my ass, next was Clyde in my mouth I was forced to swallow because he told me to do it! Then lastly was Henry dumped his cum into my pussy! I loved it! The three boys left me a ruined mess on the ground, I got some cum from my pussy leaking Henry’s cum and swallowed some more!

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  • Reply Ben

    That is one crazy day care center I thought teenagers all they did was play video games?

  • Reply Johnny c

    Wish to hear more from you need a bit more details

  • Reply Psiberzerker

    14yos at Daycare? I don’t know where this is supposed to have happened, but where I’m from, that’s practically Child Abuse. It’s like getting a freshman a babysitter, or still spanking him. No wonder they have behavior problems. Even 11 year olds in daycare is really pushing it. Tweens, and Teens need to get out, and experience stuff. Not sit around in a kindergarten after school.

    • AP

      I presumed that she meant something like a Latchkey program. In a small enough town or Village is plausible that there could be a wide age range of kids.

  • Reply AP

    And all Gary got was blue balls.

    • Jane

      He actually did got a chance to fuck me and that was my last day at that daycare. Since he doesn’t have to worry about his big brother anymore, so he had me all to himself on the playground!

    • snap - varunsodh2

      Mmm.. that’s hot… do you have snapchat ???

    • AP

      Jane, your fun with Gary sounds like it would be an interesting second part or follow-up to this story. I hope to read it soon.

    • Jane

      @AP it would be nice to come back and talk about the sex we had. However, I have to start telling other stories. Especially, recent ones with my bf, and my best friend. Also I may have mention that her father also fucked me when I was growing up, so that’s gonna be told. So much to tell, so little time.