Author: Jane

Spit roasted at Daycare

It was fun with my grandfather while it lasted, he passed away sometime when I was 13 years old a year after he took my virginity. I was still a horny girl my pussy needed a penis,... # # #

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Grandpa takes my virginity

In my last story I have told you about a brief summary of my childhood, about being molested by my grandfather. I don’t remember exactly when or how it all began, but lets talk about... # # #

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High school teen prostitute

I am Jane currently 24 this took place during my (10th.-12th. grade). I’ll start with some back story when I was a little girl I was molested by my grandfather can’t exactly remember... #

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Bachlorette party

Before Mark and I married my friends threw me a Bachlorette party and Mark also was picked his friends #

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