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An Object of Desire Ch 2: Just A Hole

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Present day

Maya was forcefully brought back to reality with a sharp pull of her hair. It was her Masters’ way of claiming His right on her, having strong hold on her thick, long, shiny mane. she thinks of her hair as her mane, a symbol of her pride. And by claiming His right on it, He reminds her that her pride is completely under His control. He can and will pull on, hold on, and drag her by her sense of pride at His will to remind her of her place. Which will always remain beneath Him. He controls her rights, her senses, her mobility, her voice, her words, her breath, her life, and everything that once had belonged to her, are now His. It was queer how she always capitalized Him even in her thoughts. It was fear that had helped teach her how important and superior He was, His desires were, His control and dominion over her were. But now, it all came to her so naturally.

As she was forcefully pulled up on her knees, she slowly realized that her head was no longer sealed inside the restrictive leather hood. She was however, kept blindfolded and had an open mouth ring shaped gag inserted into her mouth. The gag forced her mouth to be kept open in a position that was hurting her jaw, and causing her to drool all over herself. her hands and elbows remained bound behind her back, she could feel the rope digging into her skin and knew it would leave her skin chaffed. She was tired and worn out, any sings or even thoughts of struggle had been long forgotten. She had accepted this to be her reality, and to be honest she secretly even enjoyed this rough treatment.

As ironic as it may seem it gave her a sense of excitement. The rough treatment gave her a sense of strength to endure the ordeal, the ropes provided her with a strange sense of security, and the gag somehow made her feel safe and free of all worry. Whenever Master would let go of her hair she often felt empty and disappointed. she often thought to herself, that maybe she had started to loose her mind, why else would she have enjoyed the overwhelming sense of captivity and enslavement.

her thoughts were interrupted by a sharp slap right on her right cheek. “I asked you a question slut.” “stop day dreaming and tell me why you are wet? you enjoy being dragged around by your hair don’t you slut?” The question did startle her, but with a gag in her mouth she didn’t know how to answer it. This earned her another slap, this time on her left cheek. “Answer it you whore”. she tried to speak but all that came out was a muffled “Yfffff Mffftrfff”. Master pulled her hair with a greater force, so much so that for a second her ass was lifted from where it rested under her feet, and she was now standing on her knees. A painful “Aaahff” left from her throat. “Louder slut!” “Yesmff Maffterff.” “Good girl. Now. it’s time for you to serve your purpose and worship Masters’ cock.”

He roughly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth towards and onto his large and hard cock. He continued to throat and face fuck her for the next 10 minutes, and then finally came inside her mouth and used it as a mere hole for him to deposit his cum. Once he was done, and she had been forced to swallow all of His cum He once again used her hair to push her to the floor and left her there. she had landed harshly on the floor, her head hit the wooden floor with a ‘thud’ and tears started to form in her eyes. her mouth hole was still leaking His cum, the little she couldn’t swallow due to the large ring that kept her mouth open in a large capital ‘O’. “its just a hole” He had always said. she should remember to call it her hole and not her mouth, it was just a hole.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1e04lr5xxpf2

    I was raised as a good catholic girl but this really turns me on ! Ilove having my hair pulled hard while being fucked and having my tushy slapped and whipped hard until i my fanny turns red and purple as i cum all over the guys cock !!

  • Reply Eric ID:1e5jtspmcc9y

    My dad taught me about cock when I was young. I remember when Mom went to work my dad’s cock in my mouth he taught me everything

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      Hello Eric I would love to get together with you and I always wanted to have sex with a young man and my email is [email protected]

    • JD ID:21c71dkgqj

      You sound like you were pretty lucky