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My son wants to fuck me

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I (37F) have a young son (15M). I mostly raise him alone because my husband is always away on business trips. This also means I am very sexually frustrated all the time since even if my husband is home, he is often too tired to fuck me.

Recently I noticed that my son would stare at me a lot when he thought I wasn’t looking, specifically at my ass and tits. He would also try to “accidentally” touch me there every now and then (like acting like he’s just trying to nudge me out of the way but touching my ass for too long or hugging me from behind and grazing and squeezing my boobs with his arms). I also noticed that my underwear went missing for a bit before reappearing again and I was sure I wouldn’t just misplace it so often.

But at first I really thought it was all a coincidence or I was imagining it until one night two months ago. I usually am a very deep sleeper and almost nothing can wake me but that night I had stayed up very late to finish something for work the next day. I was walking to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a water before finally going to bed when I passed my son’s room. I heard strange noises and his door opened just a little bit, so I decided to peek in to see he was alright.

What I saw was my son fapping into my missing panties while sniffing my bra and moaning my name. He kept calling “mommy, mommy” and saying how badly he wanted to fuck me and all the things he would do to me. He was dirty talking by himself. At first I was shocked that he would do this but I quickly realized just how aroused I was getting. I went back to my room and started fingering myself and playing with my nipples while thinking of my son and I orgasmed. I felt so bad after and decided to never do it again.

But I just couldn’t stop thinking of him and each time I saw my son from then on, I got aroused and horny and ended up masturbating to the memory of him stroking his cock to me. I never wanted to go further than this though.

Until three weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night again. I don’t know why I woke up, I usually don’t easily, but when I opened my eyes, I saw my son hovering above my face and stroking his cock over me. I was surprised and so was he and he quickly jumped off the bed and ran back to his room. But the biggest surprise was that I wasn’t shocked or disgusted at all… Instead I was only super horny. Now that I had seen my son’s cock up close and knew how big and girthy and veiny it was… I just couldn’t help myself.

I went to my son’s room and he immediately started backing away and apologizing as soon as I entered. But I told him I wasn’t angry at him, quite the opposite actually. I sat down next to him on his bed, pulling his body close to mine. I told him it was natural for a boy his age to be sexually active and just asked him why he chose me to masturbate to. He hesitantly told me he had stumbled upon incest porn and watched a lot of it. The thought of incest got him extremely turned on like nothing else and he had always thought I had a good figure and was pretty. When he always had to see me sleep in nothing but a tank top and panties, he couldn’t help but want to fuck me. He said nobody else turned him on as much as I did, not even girls at school.

The thought of my son choosing me over every other woman he knew made me extremely happy and I told him that. Then I took his face between my hands and started kissing him, on the mouth, full French kiss. He tried pulling away at first but then he got lost in our tongues lapping together and got more aggressive. He pulled me up into his lap and dug his fingers into my plump ass, pulling my panties to the side. I could feel his hard cock bulging against his pants and started grinding on it. He took off my tank top and began playing with my nipples, occasionally breaking away from our kiss to suck and bite on them or to leave kisses on my neck and shoulders.

After a while, he couldn’t contain himself anymore and pushed me down on the bed, taking off my panties completely and getting naked himself. He started eating out my pussy and pinching my clit and fingering me, something not even my husband had ever done for me before. I quickly orgasmed and just as I was hitting that high, he lined up his cock with my pussy and thrust inside me. He fucked me hard and good. His dick was the perfect size and shape for me, like I was meant to take him inside me, into the hole that had given birth to him. He told me when he was about to cum and I locked him in place with my legs, forcing him to cum inside me raw. I could feel his warm semen gushing inside me and orgasmed again. He got nervous because we didn’t use a condom but I told him it was fine because I loved him and I wanted everything of him inside me. I kissed him again and could feel his cock get hard inside me again.

We ended up fucking the entire night. He fucked me from behind, slapping and bitting my ass cheeks and pulling my nipples or he made me ride him with my tits bouncing up and down and him telling me how beautiful I looked with his dick all the way up in me. We made sure he came inside me each time with no drop dripping out and by the end of the night, my womb was flooded with his sperm. When nothing came out anymore, I sucked his limp cock clean and he taped my pussy shut as I requested so his semen wouldn’t leak out until the next morning. We cuddled as we fell asleep and it was the best sex I ever had and I still can’t believe that was his first time.

We have been fucking daily since and can’t keep our hands away from each other. He recently opened up to me about his other kinks and I want to explore them with him since my sex life with my husband has always been very vanilla, something I always hated. I am planning on divorcing my husband and living with my son since he got me pregnant that night too and we are very excited about it and don’t want to abort. I am planning on letting him take my anal virginity for his 16th birthday and am excited for our future life together as both mother and son and lovers.

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    Boys and moms are very Hott. Brought back memories of my mom and aunt.
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    That is so Hot and the fact your pussy was his first, how it should be. I want to hear more.