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I watched my friend and her dad fuck

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So I spent the night at my friend’s house a few weeks ago and her dad has been sending me videos of him fucking my friend. It started out with me and my friend swimming in her pool and her dad coming out and watching us for a bit. I’m going to refer to her dad as Alex. After a while I noticed him staring at me while I was swimming, he smiled and winked at me. I got a little embarrassed but I smiled back at him. Later on me and my friend get out of the pool and go take a shower together. I always loved showering with her because I got to play with her boobs. She has amazing sized boobs that fit in your hands perfectly, we’re both 15 but her boobs are much bigger than mine, makes me very jealous. Anyway in the middle of our shower I noticed Alex was watching us through the crack in the door, I got really red but for some reason I didn’t say anything. Afterwards we got ready for bed and in a few minutes started to fall asleep. I ended up getting woken up the middle of the night to the sound of my friend moaning. I slowly glance over at her and I notice her and Alex are having sex. I get really flustered but I don’t take my eyes off them. I watch as Alex fucks her relentlessly, and puts her in so many positions. I started to get really turned on from what I was seeing. After about 35 minutes of him fucking her he leans her on her side facing me with her leg up and on his chest. He starts fucking her alot faster then with one hard final thrust he fills my friends pussy with his cum. They lie there exhausted for a few minutes, then Alex slowly pulls his dick out of my friends freshly fertilized cunt. I watch as tons of cum pours from her pussy. Alex then moves to her mouth and slips his dick inside. He thrusts his hips against her face a few times then he pulls his cock out and kissed her cheek. He starts to leave the room but turns to me and whispers “hope you enjoyed the show” then winks at me then leaves.
A few days go by and I get a message from Alex. I’m assuming he got my number from my friends phone. He says “The night u stayed over was really fun and I hope u stay again soon so u can join in with us. ;)” with a video attached to it. The video was of him and my friend fucking out by the pool. I’m really embarrassed at this point but very turned on thanks to the video he sent. I ended up texting him back saying “Ill think about it”. A week later and he’s sent me a video of him and my friend fucking every day. I’m so ungodly horny from all of the videos its starting to become unbearable.

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    More to come?

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    Report to the police, it’s unnatural to have sex with ur own children, sickos

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      He definitely wants to fuck you

  • Reply Frank ID:7zv3ebba8k

    Enjoy it our daughter has had friends over and they have watched me jerk off and have had oral sex with me. You will so enjoy a father teach you about sex because we care more about pleasing ladies than ourselves

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