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My Young Peeping TOM

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It’s a hot summers day here in Florida. Rocky is away on business so I’m all alone. I think I’ll have my coffee, take a shower and do some nude sunbathing. I’m drying my body and now I’m headed outside.

I go outside and I have my short red satin robe on. I take my robe off, grab my big tits and sit on my lounge chair. I love it back by our pool because it’s really private. We have no neighbors. The pool is surrounded by a fence and there are large manicured bushes .

I grab the bottle of lotion and start to put lotion all over my body. When I’m naked in the hot sun it makes me very wet and horny. I put some music on and lay down on my back. OMG I need to cum. I’m playing with my big tits and running my pussy, putting fingers inside me.

I cum and I’m laying there relaxing. I close my eyes totally relaxed. All of a sudden when I open my eyes, I see a head peering through the bushes. I pay no attention and lay back down.

This went on for a couple of weeks. I also moved my chair so my peeper could get a better look. I wanted him to get as horny as he made me. I thought about confronting him, but I figured he’s welcome to watch.

The next day I go outside and he’s there. Now I want to see what my peeper looks like. I get up, go in the house and put a pair of shorts on. I go out the front door and I’m going down the fence line.

I get to my peeper and I yell what the hell do you think your doing. I look and he’s a small young man with a huge cock. He’s about 17 years old and has no body hair at all.

I tell him don’t run since I’m not going to call the police. He says I’m very sorry but I’ve seen you walking and I got so horny looking at you. I laugh and he’s trying to put his cock back in his shorts.

I ask him would he like to join me and would he like something to drink. We walk back to my pool. I takeoff my shorts and top and I say to him, you’ve already seen me naked dozens of times.

He says my name is Tom. I had to laugh and I say I’m Carol nice to meet you. Tom says Carol you’ve got a great body and I love your big tits. I say thanks for the compliments.

I lay down and Tom asks do you need me to help you with the lotion. I say ok and hand him the lotion and lay down. Tom puts lotion on my shoulders and his hands are now on my big tits.

I grab his hands and ask are you trying to make me horny. Tom pulls his shorts down and his big cock is now rock hard. I tell Tom to take my towel and lay next to me. Tom does what I ask and he says ok Carol what’s next.

I give him a clear view of my pussy and say jerk your cock Tom. He does what I say and I spread my pussy open. I ask Tom don’t I have such a pretty pussy. Tom says yes it’s beautiful.

Tom now stands up and he straddles me laying in the chair. I say ok young man what’s on your mind. He looks at me and says nothing. All of a sudden he’s rubbing my nipples with his cock. My nipples are rock hard and my pussy is soaked.

Tom grabs my hand and puts it on his cock.OMG I start to jerk his cock. Tom grabs my head and says suck my cock Carol. I open my mouth and start to suck him off. Tom’s cock doesn’t match his body. Tom cums on my mouth and I swallow every drop.

I can’t believe Tom’s cock is still hard. I say Tom I think you better leave now. Tom gets up and he picks my legs up. I say ok stop Tom. He starts to rub my pussy with his cock. Tom says Carol do you still want me to leave.

I tell him no Tom I want you to fuck me. Tom sinks his cock into my pussy. Tom says my god Carol your pussy is so wet. I grab Tom’’s ass and say fuck me Tom fuck me. He slams his young cock into me and I can feel my wetness running down my ass.

I wrap my legs around Tom so he’s deep inside me. Tom gives me this huge kiss and puts his tongue deep in my mouth. Tom says rollover Carol. I do and Tom is now fucking me doggy.

Tom slaps my ass hard and he says be my slut Carol. I say yes Tom I’m your slut. Again he smacks my ass. Tom takes his cock out of my pussy. He’s rubbing my ass with his cock. Tom says I want to fuck your ass. I spread my ass cheeks and tell him do it.

Tom wastes no time as he pushes his young cock into my ass. OMG yes Tom fuck my ass. I love anal and I can’t wait for Tom to cum in my ass. Tom cums in my ass and I cum so hard it takes my breath away.

I can’t believe Tom wants to fuck me again. He lays me on my back and again rubbing my pussy with his big cock. I grab it and guide him into my pussy. Fuck me Tom fuck me.

I cum and Tom cums once again inside my pussy. Tom asks where’s your husband. I tell him he’s away on business. Tom says so I can comeback tomorrow. I tell him no once was is enough. Tom smacks my ass really hard and he says I’m coming back and I’m going to fuck you again.

I again say no and he says sure use me and throw me away. I say I’m not throwing you away. Tom says so it’s settled so I’ll be back tomorrow. I tell him ok but just walk in and I’ll be waiting. Tom says good and I want you naked.

I tell him yes Tom I’ll be ready to be fucked. I also tell him no more peeking as he leaves. Who knew my young peeper was going to fuck me? I can’t wait until tomorrow.

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  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    I enjoyed and would love to hear more and share with you. Reach out

  • Reply Sat it isn’t so ID:1ea77fc04hk6

    Well it’s not always putting out a good story but it’s definitely helpful

  • Reply Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

    GA don’t read them. I don’t write them to satisfy you or anyone else. I write them because I enjoy doing so.

  • Reply Lynette ID:7ylren4oic

    Enough already.you and your rocky stories suck.their not getting old they been old.

    • Carol ID:5m8fvdv1


    • Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

      I’ll be writing a lot more. Nobody forces you to read them. Now get lost.

    • G.A ID:hooi4itoik

      I agree with you. The stories are bad.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenbb0a

      OMG!, You know your fucking up when a woman says they are bad lol! On sex stories at that lol!

    • Carol ID:5m8fvdv1

      It’s seems it’s always the same assholes who criticize peoples stories. I never see any from any of these misfits.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1ee34llivg22

    You sound like my wife when we were younger. And I could have easily been Tom, that lucky fucker.