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Sex with my hot cousin

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My weird relationship with my cousin who lives in another part of the world

So I had a weird relationship with my cousin. We live in different parts of the world and would visit relatives in Europe when younger. For some unknown reason I didn’t really like her but was attracted to her. One summer when we were both in our teens we visited relatives. We hadn’t seen each other for years and grown up. Damn she was hot with a great body. A few times we were alone and we started to feel each other out. We didn’t have sex, but we’re close. Fast forward about 10 years when I visited the family. She was married with a child. I could tell she really wasn’t happy in her relationship as her husband was a bit of a jerk. One day I slept over. We were going to get up the next day to go shopping. I woke up after her husband left for work. I went into their bedroom to wake her up when she asked me to sit on the bed. At that time I could see she was only wearing a T-shirt and no underwear. She started to tickle me and I did in return. Before I knew it she was hugging me and we started kissing. Next thing I know we both had all our clothes off and I was ready insert my cock. I sat back and thought for a second. She really wanted me inside her so I thrust into her warm juicy pussy. I remember 2 things. How wet her pussy was and how firm her ass was. We went at and just before I came I pulled out. It was great.
A few days later we both got up and I couldn’t help but notice her ass and legs while she was wearing black leggings. We were I. The kitchen and I couldn’t keep my hands off her. We took our clothes off and jumped in the shower and went at it in there for a while.
Unfortunately that is the last time we went at it but it was memorable.

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    At least your experience sounds legit, unlike most of the other ones I see on this site.

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