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How i started having sex with my mum

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I was 12 when we first started doing anything

My mum is lovely and ever since I can remember we have bathed together.
My mum is 5ft7 size 8 34c tits and has long blonde hair .
When I was 12 and started noticing her we still bathed together and I started looking and started getting a hard on in the bath and played withvit she never said anything to me as I rubbed my cock in the bath .
One day while in the bath and I could feel my cock getting hard she asked my why I was getting hard and was it looking at her,I answered yes I get a funny feeling looking at your boobs and it makes me go hard and I touch it I feel good, she smiled that’s OK it’s just growing up and I dont mind you doing it, but you can’t tell anyone .
So I was sitting in the bath this time I was wanking looking at mums tits only took me a few minutes when I cum and mum smiled at me .
As we got out and was drying I noticed mum looking at my cock and she said you have a nice size cock for your age I smiled she then said can I have a hold I nodded as I nodded i felt my cock going hard and her hand went around it, I didn’t realise that she was going to wank me but her hand started moving up and down my cock ,it felt much better than when I do it and I could feel myself getting ready to cum and I said mum it’s going cum She smiled and started going faster as I shot my cum out she kept going and I felt my balls empty , she moved her hand off and she said get ready for bed and come down stairs and we can have a little chat .
I got dressed and went down I had no idea what she was going talk about when I went in the room she was sitting on the sofa wearing a short nighty and her looking at her was making me hard again I sat down quick .
She said I got you a coke and passed it to as she did I could see her tits it felt different seeing out of the bath made me feel horny.
She then said what she did upstairs is what adults do when they like each other but we shouldn’t do it ,if any body finds out I will be in trouble. I said I wouldn’t tell anybody mum it was great and I think your beautiful you make my tummy feel funny when I look at you and my cock goes hard when I see your boobs or legs it’s like I want see more .
She smiled and said thats nice to know you feel like that and I love see you feel like that and if you want I can do it whenever you like if no one around .
Mum I said would you do it again now and can I cuddle you when you do it, I was hoping she would say yes as I wanted feel her boobs , then she said OK if you would like me too take off your shorts so I can see you properly it didn’t take me long and they were off she said come sit next to me and cuddle me, as I sat down her hand went around my cock I cuddled her and was stroking her back moving towards her boobs and felt them through her nighty as I touched them I felt her hand grip my cock harder I could feel the shape of her boob as I moved my hand, my other hand I moved to feel her legs they were so smooth as I moved my hand on them up wards and I felt the bottom of her nighty and my hand went under and her hand was now moving faster on my cock I felt her panties so silky as I did I heard her moan and her legs opened allowing my hand to go o er her crotch area I looked down she had white panties on and I had my hand in-between her legs on her pussy rubbing it and feeling her boob I could feel myself getting ready to cum her hand was going so fast as I started to cum She was still wanking me as I stopped cumming she said that was nice I looked and said mum can I still feel you it feels so nice she nodded and she lay back allowing me to see all her white panties and I was rubbing I wondered how far she would let me go.
I looked at her she had her eyes closed as I rubbed her panties I moved my hand to the top of her panties onto the waist band and slid a finger under then 2 and lifted them a bit and moved my hand so it was inside I could feel her pubic hairs as my hand slid lower then my hand was right in her panties and her body was moving as my hand went between her legs I could feel her pussy lips I moved my fingers on them they were wet and a finger went in and she let out a moan as this was my mum I was going to finger I had seen on videos but had no idea as I moved it in and out I wanted to see so I moved my other hand trying to pull her panties down as I did she lifted her bum and they slid down now I could see her little patch of blonde hair and her pussy lips with my finger in her pussy my cock was hard again as I fingered her this was great my finger was right in she was moving with me.
It was then I felt her cum on my finger and she let out a moan .
I lent over her looking at her pussy with a hard cock I felt something wet and soft on my cock I looked it was her mouth. My cock was in her mouth I could feel her tongue licking it and her lips wanking it amazing was how it felt .
This was the start of sex with my mum more to follow.

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  • Reply Justin [email protected] ID:7yliv6toik

    Love the story. Anyone want to reminisce with me hmu 🤙

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    I Fuck and Eat My Grannys Pussy when i was 14 years old ! She got drunk on gin and passed out !

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    What a great mum

  • Reply Pervo ID:2s8uwqoel02

    I used to watch my mum bathe. She had big dark nipples and a hairy cunt, I’d stand watching from behind the door with my little 8 year old cock in my hand not really sure why. She had such great tits….

  • Reply Lewd1976 ID:1ehg64dis2h1

    Very hot story. It’s exactly how it started between me and my mom, in the bath tub.

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  • Reply Don ID:fzq5zdl43

    That was the age my mom stoked my dick and let me feel her breast. Unfortunately we were interrupted by dad coming home.

  • Reply Rich ID:now95kbm4

    Very enjoyable read and it was so hot. I had a rock hard cock while I was reading that. Can’t wait for more of the story.

  • Reply MommyK4YLA ID:yq8b798k

    Very nice to read about some mummies that know how to take care of their boys. Good story, cannot wait to read what else you got up to. Care to show us what mummy looks like?

  • Reply MommyK4YLA ID:yq8b798k

    Lovely story honey. X

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      My mommy is gone, do you want to chat?