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Finally fucked my daughter

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I started noticing my daughter sneaking looks at me when she was about 10 years old. Her mom always seemed to be jealous and seemed to be a little mean to our girl whenever she would snuggle up to me and that only seemed to encourage her. One time in the basement when the kids were playing, my daughter was wearing a loose fitting oversized sort of sweatshirt with the arms and collar cut out and she was kind of wrestling around while we were watching TV. I started to notice that I could look down her neck and see her nipples occasionally and that really perked my interest. Wow that was exciting. My daughter seemed to notice I was stealing glimpses, so she kept wrestling around with this gorgeous smile on her face while looking me in the eyes, from that moment on I wanted to see more. One time while visiting family in another city I told her mom’s family I was going to go downstairs and check on everybody. My daughter was sleeping, but she was wearing a loose barely buttoned up shirt and it had twisted as she slept so her bare nipple was partially exposed. I wanted to touch it so badly but all I did was look.
Back home her room was in our basement next to the laundry room and the walls weren’t double-sided and I could see through old nail holes so I knew when she had a shower what I was going to do. I shut off the laundry room light and waited for her to leave the shower and go to her room, looking through the nail holes, I could see her 14-year-old body towelling off. I watched her sweet little breasts with her pink little nipples as she put on a tiny lacy little black bra. Next I was eye level with my daughter’s innocent little pussy with the beginnings of tiny curly pubes starting to sprout, and I could not believe it when she didn’t put on panties, but she just slipped on these tight booty shorts, and I could see the outline of her scrumptious innocent camel toe, oh my God I was in heaven, but I had to get out of the basement soon.

Well, by this point, I was strictly a voyeur of my daughter, but I was becoming bolder. My job took us to another city. By this time she was 16 and we only had one bathroom which we all had to share. Lucky me there was a window in this bathroom so I was able to go in while she was having a shower and I could see her young silhouette outlined against the window through the shower curtain. Oh my God what a beautiful image because by now her tits were growing and filling out. She now had to be a small C cup and firm as grapefruit. She was tall and slender. This image is forever burned into my memory and is actually an image. I still scour the Internet for these days, in hopes of finding something similar.

During these days, my wife and I drank a lot and we also fought a lot but our daughter was becoming more fierce and independent and began challenging her mother’s authority. I mostly stayed out of their squabbles, but one time my wife told me that our daughter told her she could take away her man anytime she wanted to. This greatly excited me and it planted an idea in my brain. Now that I knew my daughter had made such a bold statement it gave me encouragement that all the years of me lusting for her that she was also feeling the same way about me and so one night I saw my opportunity.

As I said, my wife and I were having trouble because of our drinking so lots of the time she wasn’t around and I knew she was chasing young cock herself but I didn’t mind because it kind of excited me too. Actually, we started acting out our fantasies ourselves and had our first threesome with another man a year before, and then she had another affair with my blessing with a young fellow from work, and I would ask her afterwards about her sexual experience as we were fucking. It was hot. She also started seducing women at the parties we had at our place, so we were very open during this time. Well, one night my daughter came home early from hanging out with her friends so she joined me in watching TV and as I was sipping a 40 of rum my daughter joined me. We had a really good talk, and the conversation eventually went to sex as I asked her about her love life and told her about mine. As the night went on, she was making sexual innuendos in a joking way towards me, and we would just laugh. But the drunker I got I was going to finally put the moves on my daughter and wouldn’t you know it she passed out on a pile of laundry, so I picked her up in my arms and carried her upstairs into the bedroom. I tried to wake her up. I shook her, I called her name but it was no use because she was out cold.

Well, after all the years of watching her and peeking at her nipples, and making eye contact with her and the flirtatious moments I could hold back no longer. She had changed into a tight little T-shirt and was looking sexy as hell. I was just so tempted so I kissed her soft, beautiful lips and I slid my tongue between her lips and they tasted so good she didn’t move so that only encouraged me to go further. I pulled her t-shirt off over her head and exposed her full C cup beautiful, perfect tits, and they stood straight up. I grabbed her breasts in my two hands and squeezed and played with them. I pinched her nipples between my finger and thumb and I made them hard and then I rubbed my tongue across them and I sucked on them and looked at her face to see if she would wake up but she didn’t so I continued to swirl my tongue around those little hard pink nipples. I started taking pictures with my phone with my fingers in her pussy. I took pictures of me sucking her nipples and swirling my tongue around her hard pink nipples. I was so excited but scared, but I went too far to stop now, I crawled up to her face and I put my rock hard cock against her soft pink lips and I rubbed her lips side to side opening her mouth and I slowly slid it back-and-forth, making it wet and then I pulled her jaw down a bit and I put my fat cock in her mouth and I took pictures of my cock in her but what I really wanted was her pussy.

I went back down between her legs and I pulled her panties off, she had just a little natural tiny patch of hair over top of her sweet, tight little pussy, so I took my finger and thumb and spread her lips a little bit, and I inhaled deeply and took in her young womanly scent, oh my God I was in beyond heaven, there was a hint of pee mixed with the sweet natural scent of young pussy it was so heavy, but my head was spinning. I took both thumbs and spread her pussy lips and I ran my tongue up and down the length of her pussy and I just savoured the taste. I poked my tongue in and out of my daughter’s Cunt and the taste was indescribable and after eating it for a good five minutes I was ready to plunge my dick deep in to my daughter so I position myself between her legs and I pulled her knees up to her beautiful tits and I grabbed my dick and I swirled it around the entrance to her hole and I slowly poked the head in. I pushed it in and out for a while, and her pussy got wetter, so I worked my cock in a little more with each thrust until I was pushing it all the way in but gently.

She gave me a little moan, but she didn’t give any indication of waking up so I continued to pump my fat cock into her sweet, tight, wet, tasty little whore Cunt, my God she was tight and as I gave her the good slow, long strokes, her breathing started getting deeper and speeding up and I could feel her hips starting to push back meeting my thrusts. I started to kiss her passionately, forcing my tongue into her mouth and she started kissing me back. It was so hot. I was fondling her tits and squeezing her nipples hard, and she finally opened her eyes and looked at me then she really started grinding hard and said daddy Oh my God pound my pussy, pound it good daddy and I did I fucked her for all I was worth as she wrapped her legs around my hips and we rocked back-and-forth until she started to tense up, and she held me tight with her arms and her legs until I could hardly breathe as she grunted loud in my ear with her lips against my cheek, and this took me over the edge, where I couldn’t hold back any longer and I pumped my cock into her as fast and hard as I could and I finally unleashed and exploded into her tight pulsating hot little pussy. Wow what a fucking feeling, what an experience to finally fuck my little girl, to finally taste her little pussy, to finally suck on those nipples that were just tiny nubs a few years earlier. All those sexually frustrating nights I spent so many years ago watching my little girl developing into the young woman she now was and wanting her so bad and now finally getting to fuck her. As she immediately passed out again I got off her and eventually caught my breath and really got the first chance to think about what happened. Well I had to eat her pussy again so I ate all my cream pie and I licked her clean. I put her panties back on and tucked her in and left her alone to sleep peacefully for the rest of the night.

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