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Sleep Under

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What happens in a small town doesn’t have to stay there…

I knew what was going to happen, because my sister Arleen told me. Okay, first when the quarantine started, mom, and dad decided to take us out of school, and stay with my mom’s brother. Out in the country, but instead of a farm, they had an apartment over the antiques store in town. Small town, so everyone knew everybody else, and news traveled fast, by word of mouth.

If somebody turned up sick, then by the end of the day, everyone heard about it clear across town. So, that’s how quarantine worked there, even if it was just a cold, or a bad cough. However, being from the city, none of the other kids wanted to hang out with me, and my brother. They all seemed to think that’s where the virus came from, so we’re kinda quarantined as well, and so were our cousins.

Speaking of which, there was Arleen, named after the same aunt as my sister. Then, there was the boys. Trey was 17, and his little brother Kob was 14, but even he was strong, and muscular from moving furniture. Mostly, he got a job working down in the antique store, but with the quarantine and all, there weren’t a lot of people coming through town, and stopping to shop, I guess.

Arlee started going by Arlee, so you could tell her, and Lee apart, when somebody said “Arleen,” it was just confusing. However, she had her own room, since she was the only girl, and a trundle bed on the floor under it. The boys had one too, but we didn’t have a brother, so the Arleens shared a bed, while I took the floor, for the first few weeks.

That turned into the longest sleep-over ever, but the sleeping arrangements weren’t really ideal. So, my sister Arleen decided to try sleeping on the other bed one night, and then she told us what happened, later. It turns out that she tried sleeping in a bra, for once.

We don’t usually, because it’s uncomfortable, and also kinda getting too hot. Especially sharing a bed with Arlee. Then, she woke up in the morning, and she had her bra undone. She’s a pretty deep sleeper, once she goes to sleep, but she also tosses, and turns, which makes sharing a bed hard on Arlee.

Now, when she said her bra was off, of course Arlee asked some questions. “You mean all the way off, or just pushed up?” In her country accent, but Lee shook her head, and answered. “No, unhooked, in back.” She even turned around, to show her. “I didn’t unhook it in my sleep, and no matter how I toss and turn, it’s not just going to unhook itself.”

“So, what are you saying?”

“I know,” she put her hands up, “It sounds bad, but it’s not just that.” She went back in the bathroom, to the laundry hamper, and came back with her clothes from last night. That’s another thing, the small apartment only had one bathroom, and though it was big enough for all 3 of us to crowd into, in the morning, it still wasn’t easy to timeshare, between both families. 2 boys, 3 girls, and both sets of parents, that’s 9 of us all together, so we learned how to take turns, and the 3 of us went together, most mornings.

One in the bath, another on the toilet, and the third at the sink to use the mirror, for example. Saving our bath water, and switching out, so we didn’t use up all the hot water, for the whole household. She took her dirty clothed back to the girls room, and closed the door to show us, though.

“Oh mgh?” Arlee shook her head, holding her mouth, but she had to believe her. When Lee showed the cum stains, on the inside of the teeshirt she wore to bed. So, they didn’t just unhook her bra, they must have pulled her shirt up, and jerked off under it, then pulled it back down, but they couldn’t figure out how to hook up her bra again, in the dark.

Or maybe, she rolled over on her back, so they couldn’t. I started sleeping face down, pretty much as soon as my boobs got big enough to pad my chest, and hold my head up on the pillow, but not Lee. She sleeps on her back, one side or the other, and face down, tossing and turning through the night. I don’t know why she’s so restless, when nobody else in the family is, but then again, when she does fall asleep, you could march through our room with a brass band, and drum section, she’d sleep right through it.

So anyway, that gave me an idea, and that night, I told Lee she could have the trundle bed. I’d go sleep in the boy’s room, on their trundle bed, so Arlee could get another good night’s sleep, but lee said “That’s not a good idea.”

“It’s okay, I’m a light sleeper, so. If they get up, and try anything, I can wake up, and tell them to stop, or I’ll tell their daddy.” They still called their father “My daddy,” because that was the trend, in their town. Everybody did it, even the grown up. You could hear them tell each other stories, like “My daddy, or like my grandaddy used to say…” Even when they’re old enough to be fathers, and grandfathers themselves, so I guess it’s not a new thing? Now that I think about it, maybe it’s just a small town thing, and not no after all.

So anyway, I didn’t lie, exactly. I mean I said I Could tell them to stop, if they tried anything, but I didn’t say whether I Would, or not. Honestly, I hadn’t really decided yet, but I was almost 13, an adolescent, and starting to look at boys seriously. Especially Jakob, being about my age, he’s only a year, and 3 months older, bu working in an Antiques shop, moving furniture to save up for college.

Even with his shirt on, I could see his muscles, especially in the arms, with the sleeves stretched tight over his tan lines. His hands were strong, and felt rough too, but I’d never felt them on my body before. Oh yeah, and I had no idea who got up in the middle of the night, to molest my big sister in her sleep, neither.

I know I shouldn’t be jealous, but she is 16, and a bit bustier. You know, so when there are boys around, they tend to look at her, instead of me, but in the bathroom, I did what I could to make up for it. For one thing, I didn’t want to wear a bra, it would just get in the way, but as much as I wanted to come out naked, I knew that would be a dead giveaway. I had mom, and dad, and their parents to get past, but especially my mom, and dad, pulling out the sofa to make the hideabed in the living room.

So, Instead, I wore one of Arlee’s tee-shirts. Since she was only 9, and barely even wearing training bras, it was too small, and tight over my otherwise bare boobs. A pair of panties over that, and I took a shower to get nice and clean. Hoping I’d get dirty, so I could take a bath in the morning, but that was also a good excuse to wrap a towel around me, like a dress.

So, our parents couldn’t see how tight the shirt was, let alone that I wasn’t wearing a bra, but as soon as I got in the boy’s room. They already had the trundle bed pulled out, and Kob was wearing nothing but his underpants. There he was, in all his glory.

Tan lines around his neck, and arms from wearing his short sleeve shirts. That just reminded me to take off the towel, but I used the hair dryer, so I didn’t need another one. “Oh, uh.” He stared for a second, then turned, and practically jumped in bed, before his boner started showing. I just turned out the light, and got on the trundle bed in the dark.

I didn’t even bother with the covers, I just felt around for the pillow, and turned over, with it stuck behind my head to get comfortable. Then, I waited…

That was the worst part, because I didn’t know whether they would take the bait, or not. Lee couldn’t say how long they waited, but it must have been after she fell asleep. Well, it couldn’t have been right before she woke up, because the semen had time to dry, sticking her night shirt to her, but I was so excited, and my mind was so busy imagining who might try what, I couldn’t fall asleep.

Oh yeah, and they had one of those old fashioned alarm clocks, with the brass bells on top. Instead of a digital one that glowed in the dark, so I had no way to check the time, or tell how long I lay there, waiting for someone to get up. Just the seconds, ticking in the dark, but too fast to keep count. There was no reason to wind up the alarm, and set it.

Neither one of them had to get up, for work, and home school was in the afternoons, so everyone could sleep in. In fact, that’s what we did, so we could stay up late, too. Just like summer, in fact it was bright, and sunny during the day, like summer vacation. Only instead of the beach, we put our swimsuits on under our clothes, so we could hike out to the swimming hole, and I got to see both boys in nothing but their trunks for the first time, this year.

Roy the third, that’s one of the problems in our family. The grownups aren’t really creative, when it comes to naming us kids, so it’s confusing. Like Leroy, his father being Leroy Jones Jr., and his daddy Leroy. That ment when Arleen. My sister Arleen, that is. Listen to me, starting to even think like foghorn leghorn, from spending so much time in the country, that I almost can’t even hear their accents, it just sounds normal.

I tried touching myself, in the dark. With my soft little fingers, trying to imagine what a boy’s big strong rough hands would feel like, through my borrowed night shirt. My panties starting to warm up so much, they even felt a little hot, and uncomfortable. I couldn’t tell if that was sweat collecting in the crotch, or something else leaking out, but I dried real good before i put them on, and I knew that that time of the month wasn’t due again for a couple weeks, at least. Even assuming it was on time, which it never was yet, but it never came this early, before. If anything, it was late, and I even skipped a month here, and there, but I was starting to get more regular.

I don’t know why I was even thinking about that, waiting for the boys to get horny, and get up, to touch me. Let alone why thinking about my period wasn’t a complete turn-off, but I guess I was so excited, it didn’t matter, so I just let my mind wander, until I fell asleep.

I didn’t lie, I really thought that I’d wake up, as soon as one of them touched me. Then, I didn’t realize that I was dreaming, until I felt something weird on my hand, and I couldn’t figure out what that was. Then, I woke up, and realized that clammy hairy skin, brushing the backs of my fingers had balls rolling around it it.

I was still on my back, but the next thing I knew for sure was the ticking alarm clock, which told me where I was. On the trundle bed, in the boy’s room, still on my back. My shirt was pulled up under my arms, and my back, but he wasn’t touching me at all. Just his balls, moving slowly, but not very much. Just brushing my knuckles, not even an inch from the skin pulling tight, then going loose.

“Huh!” He stopped, as soon as I gasped, when I figured out that he was jerking it. With my hand between my legs, but my heart beat out of control, and I tried to breath deeper. Slower, so it sounded like I fell back asleep, but it was too late. He was gone, and all I got to feel was his balls brushing my knuckles for a couple seconds before I ruined it.

Then, I heard the bed shake, and Kob’s covers pull back, when he sat up. Over by the ladder on the side, he whispered “She’s still asleep.”

“Sh, don’t wake her up.”

“They never wake up, but what was it like?”

“The same, but she almost did, she doesn’t sleep like Arleen, so don’t risk it.” He didn’t say which one he ment, but I guessed Lee, my sister.

“Owh,” Kob whined, but I head him lie back down, while trey climbed up to his bed, and lay down again.

I couldn’t help my breaths getting short, and shallow again. I was more upset that Trey had gotten my top up, and probably even got a good squeeze with both hands, but I missed it! Even if I had hoped that it was Kob, after all he was closer, and I hate to say it, much better looking.

I mean, yeah. Trey’s been working longer, being older, but he runs a cash register at the gas station. So, he’s taller, but also skinnier, with softer smoother hands, and not as much muscle. He’s not as tanned either, I got to say that when they both stripped off their shirts at the swimming hole.

Then, I heard the bed shaking again, but not as slowly, and also they weren’t even trying to keep the same pattern, but I knew right away they were both playing with themselves. So, I sat up, “Huh!” Kob stopped right away, but I guess trey didn’t hear me, because he kept going, but I just decided screw it.

I’m sick of waiting, he’s right there, and if I don’t do something, he’s going to blow it while I have the chance, so i took my shirt off. I got on his bed, and felt under the covers. His tummy first, but then he touched my side, and felt up to the front.

My boob, and finally I got to feel his rough callouses rubbing gently. Especially his thumb, he found my nipple, and it got hard right away, but he also stopped playing with himself, as soon as I sat up. So, i could feel around for it under the covers, and then he pulled it back, so I could feel it sticking out of his underpants.

Not the fly, but the top of the waistband. I picked it up, to grip it, and squeeze the warm hard tube of penis. Took a deep breath through my nose, and enjoyed the smell of hot horny boy sweat. Between the two of them, the whole room stank, and then I think Trey leaned over the side behind me.

“What are you doing?” I jumped, and turned to look back in the dark. I couldn’t see anything, but I said “Sh, keep your voice down.” I started pumping, as hard as I could, so he could hear my arm hitting his little brother’s leg, but I barely even got started when Jakob caught his breath, held it, and started shaking.

I had to cover my mouth, so i didn’t laugh out loud, but I couldn’t help giggling when it twitched, and a nice thick warm blob rolled down my thumb. “Hm!” I moved my hand, to whisper. “Trey, you didn’t finish up there, did you?”

He was already climbing over the side, and he dropped down on the trundle bed, to touch my back.

“Uh!” Jakob pushed my hand off, so I’d stop trying to pull his soft Peter hard again, but lucky for me, I didn’t have to. I had his big brother, feeling over my shoulder, to find my booby, and squeeze it, so I turned around on the bed. He even squeezed it harder than his little brother, but his fingers weren’t as rough.

Felt up his legs, past his undies pulled down, and found the bigish. I don’t know, bigger then his brother, but in the dark. It didn’t feel as big as say a porn star’s, let alone a black one from one of those interracial gangbang ones I watched with Arleen. Lee that is, my sister Arleen, since my cousin was probably too young for that kinda thing, but standing up like that.

I knew what to do, so instead of jerking him off in the dark, I held it straight out, and leaned over with my mouth wide open, until the tip brushed the tip of my nose.

“Snh?” It smelled clean, wit a hint of his hot horny sweat, but not hairy on the pecker itself. I licked it, and this time felt the hairy balls with my fingers, but as soon as I found that it didn’t taste gross, or pissy, I popped it right in my mouth, and started sucking.

“Uh,” Jackob just sat up, and scooted over to the end. Got out around me, and went to the door. He looked back, from the bright light shining in from the hall, even tough it was just like a nightlight. Over the sink, so you could find the bathroom in the dark, without fumbling around in the hall, but he shut the door, as soon as he left.

“Huh, don’t stop.” His older brother patted my head, but my finders were still a little sticky, and slimy from jerking of Kob’s knob. I didn’t care, I really got most of what I wanted, but I knew that i was just a few minutes away from sucking the sperm, right out of his nuts, so i started sucking harder, while he held onto my head, and fucked my mouth. His butt in my hand, so i could feel it flex, and clench, with each thrust, but then Kob got done washing up, and came back from the bathroom.

He shut the door, but this time it wasn’t too bright to see him naked. He took off his underpants, and the blue light shone through the door, so I could really see the shadows from his muscles, then it was gone. So, I just closed my eyes, and went back to sucking, but Ii had that beautiful image in my head, and sure enough, it didn’t take long for Trey to grip my head hard. He stopped pumping in and out of my lips, so I just held the head, on my tongue, and felt it twitch.

The thick hot spurts hit my tongue, and the back of my mouth. I gagged, and coughed, but he slipped out, and finished himself off, with his hand. A lot of it missed my face, but some of it hit my shoulders, and a little got on my boobs. I didn’t care, I could still taste the first couple shots I got, before it hit the back of my throat. So, I just rubbed it on the roof of my mouth, and felt the last of it dribble out, right on my tits.

Then, I had to get up, go out, and wash up. In nothing but my panties, but I knew that if I finished myself off with cummy fingers, I’d probably get pregnant. As much as I wanted to, I really wanted Kobb’s babies, but I knew that was a bad idea. Even if they didn’t come out with birth defects from being cousins, it would be a dead giveaway, and I’d have to explain how it happened, but it didn’t take long to get cleaned up. Rinse the soapy water off my hands so they didn’t sting when I got in the bath tub, to fiddle off, as quickly as I could.

So then, i thought about, all the other stuff we could do. Now that the cat was out of the bag, the boys were passed out, satisfied when I got back, but I made up my mind to put on my swim suit in the morning. Take the boys out to the swimming hole, just the 3 of us, where I can see Jakob naked in broad daylight.

Then, we’ll see what happens next!

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    She couldn’t finish herself off with cummy fingers.
    First time I ever read that truism. Most ignor that fact.
    Well done!

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    How was it to all of you naked together?

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    Alabama intensifies

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    Sounds like a fantasy to me, but well written.

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      Thanks! Yes, it is a complete fantasy.

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