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I’ve Had A Lot Of Sex And Here’s Proof

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I was thinking back when I was younger and all the crazy things I’d done. An example is when I was going with guys we’d be in the car driving. I had more than one who wanted me to suck their dick while they drove the car. I did that several times to several guys. I wonder why that was such a thing for them?
It was exciting for me too, at the time. They would be moaning or pulling my head down on their dick to go deeper in my mouth. I’ve had them cum in my mouth while driving. That would almost make me cum. Maybe that was it. They just wanted to cum. Anyway, back then we didn’t have any place to go have sex but, the car.

But, that was the good thing about living in the country. It wasn’t hard to find somewhere to park, like living in the city. We’d just go out and pull off some road or into someone’s field and no one knew you were there. And, when I was young we went to the drive in but, we went there to fuck not watch the movie. We’d go in close to the time for the movie to start so most everybody was already parked. We’d park in the back rows where somebody wasn’t right next to you and I’d take off my panties, put them in my purse. I always wore a skirt so he could stick his dick in me. We’d fuck through the whole movie. The guys would cum several times. I would get so full of cum, I actually brought a couple of washcloths to wipe my pussy off with. Ah, those were fun times.

In the country, when we parked the guys would take all my clothes off and fuck me. In the city, they just lifted my skirt, pulled my panties aside and fuck me like that.

I remember getting caught in the city once. We were parked in an alley behind my house. The guy I was with had taken my clothes off completely. He had just unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. He was fucking me and the windows were all steamed up when, the cops turned their flashlights on. There were two cops both shinning their lights on my titties and my pussy.

They knocked on the window, we were in the back seat, and told us to set up. I tried to cover myself and the cop said, put your hands to the side miss. They, the stood there looking at my titties and pussy for a long time while asking us questions. I guess they liked my naked pussy. They told us we can’t fuck out here in the alley. I told them it was my house. They ask if they should tell my parents what I was doing out here? I ask them, please don’t do that. They never took their flashlights off my body. I finally just let them look, I even spread my legs a little so, they could see better. It pissed me off they weren’t looking at my date. I heard the other cop ask the guy I was with, “She any good?” He nodded yes. They finally left the car and waited until I got dressed and went in the house. My date pulled away, then they pulled away. I never allowed my clothes to be taken off again in the city.

In the country I worked at a truck stop. The guys would come in eat, drink coffee, hit on me and after I got off work, I’ve gone out, got into more than one guys truck and fucked them. It was so nice, those big sleepers, in the trucks. Now, these guys weren’t strangers. They would come through all the time. Some were every night some, were every week or so. But, I did know them. I know most of them were married but, I was young and I didn’t care about that. I wasn’t having affairs with these men. We were just fucking one another. I liked it a lot. I also made good money with the tips they left me.

There was a little shop area in the truck stop where you could buy things like, clothes and all kind of things. They had some little sexy tops and short skirts and one guy bought me one of those outfits and when I got in his truck he wanted me to put it on. So I did. It showed off my tits actually, it barely covered the nipples. The skirt barely covered my ass. But, he sat there jacking off his big dick while I put it on. He was so hard when he saw it on me. He took several Polaroid pictures of me in it. I ask him to not show my face. He had me in all positions. He said that they were for when he was out on the road he had something to jack off to. I told him I was glad I could help.

He had me put that little outfit on more than once then, he’d fuck me hard as he could when I was in it. I really liked his big dick and he would get so hard, I thought it would bust the skin open.
I was only 17 at the time but, I had a sex drive like a man. I wanted to fuck all the time. I know the guys liked it. I would hear about how their wives didn’t want to have sex anymore and at the time I couldn’t understand how they could pass up these marvelous dicks I was fucking. There were 9 different truckers I fucked while I worked there.

A couple times there would be two of them waiting for me to get off work. It was awkward but, I just went with whoever got there first. The other trucker would wait if he could which, not one guy left when this happened. So, yeah, I fucked more than one in a night. I hated to disappoint the guys and I was always ready to have sex. They didn’t seem to mind fucking me after someone else had. They wanted sex as bad as I did, I guess.

I had a couple guys that wasn’t married. They ask me to marry them and go on the road with them so, they could fuck me all the time. That tickled me. Of course I said, no. I was too young to get married.
But, I did have fun and I did some crazy things. One time while I was in this guys truck we had just got done fucking and his wife pulled up. She wanted to know why he hadn’t left out for his route yet. He got out of the truck because, I was still naked in the sleeper.

He told her he had to take a little nap, he was too tired to drive when he left the house. He was about an hour and a half behind schedule.
She must have believed him because, she left. I got dressed, left the truck and he got on the road.

Another time one of the guys wife’s came in the truck stop. I guess she came in to look at me. Her husband said he called out my name in his sleep and she wanted to know who I was. I wondered why she kept staring at me. But, he did tell me that after that happened, she started fucking him more.

I did realize that, there’s always someone will always fuck your husband. I’m sure I wasn’t the only sex craved girl or woman out there.

I’ve got a bunch more stories but, I’ve got a man that needs to be sexually satisfied waiting on me to suck his dick so, I’m gonna go take care of my man. Thanks for reading. 💋

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