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Breeding At Will Chapter 3

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Tyler continues finding all sorts of women he can breed and ensures Jaylen keeps her promise as a personal Fuck Toy

*If you haven’t read the previous stories, this will not make as much sense. The first two chapters have exciting content, just like this one, so I highly encourage you to read them. This chapter will be working with concepts already established in previous chapters. As always enjoy, rate and comment. It means a lot to me, even if it is criticism”

They didn’t remain outside much longer. Tessa, especially, wanted to go in and Jaylen didn’t want to be around Tyler for obvious reasons. Meanwhile Chloe was oblivious to both girls’ anxiousness. So when Tessa suggested they go in, Chloe was hesitant at first.
“It’s okay,” Tyler replied. “I’m going to go talk to your mother anyway.”
“Okay,” Chloe replied. This was fairly normal. Tyler was in the middle of Chloe and her mother in terms of age. Despite being a bit old, Bud, when he was alive, was Tyler’s good friend and in term he became friends with Julie. They’d never gotten married. There were plans to, but Covid struck and ultimately took his life before they could tie the knot.
Originally, Tyler had advised his friend from being with such a woman, one who had four children already. But his heart and mind was set and Bud began dating her anyway. Before long they moved in together and Tyler thought he was crazy. But as Tyler watched Chloe walk in front of him, knowing he could have her whenever, he was having second thoughts. However, he needed to take a break and followed them inside.
Once inside, he walked over to where Julie was sitting. “You want to play Mario Kart?” He asked. It was a common game they often played. Julie enjoyed video games and was one of the things that Bud and her enjoyed and had in common. Tyler had spent countless days with them playing games, staying for dinner and much more. It was still a bond Julie and him shared.
“Sure, can I finish this show first?” She asked. “It’s almost over.”
“No problem,” he said, sitting down on the couch. It was some doctor’s show, he thought while looking at a few scenes. Whatever it may be, he didn’t care much for it and pulled his phone out. He browsed Facebook for a moment, still surprised of all companies that went under, almost none of the social media companies fell, except Twitter of course. They fell hard, but he wasn’t surprised since Elon Musk was running it into the ground even without Covid.
However, there wasn’t much going on and he quickly grew bored. He scrolled through his phone and finally decided he should explore the app he had from the Federal Repopulation Act or FRA. He already read the rules for the most part and simply scanned through what there was. Mostly forms, he found. But then Tyler found the chat room.
He clicked the button and entered it, but was disappointed when he found it mostly dead. There were a bunch of old messages, mostly complaining about the government. He found it strange that on a Federally governed program they’d openly criticize the government. Not that it was anything rash or radical. Just small complaints. He kept reading through them until suddenly he got a private message.
“Follow the link here. It’ll explain more about the program,” was all it said. Obviously, he was wary about clicking random links, but it wasn’t an expensive phone and it would prompt him if there was a download or anything. So Tyler clicked it and was immediately brought to a different app with its own chat room. He immediately saw messages popping up. Everyone apparently used their real name.

Chad: I sent Tyler the link, he should be here shortly.
Chad: There he is. Welcome Tyler to the real chat room!
Andrew: Welcome to the club. Our 5th member!
Jason: Welcome buddy. Your world is about to get awesome.
Tyler: What is this?
Chad: This is our chatroom. It’s encrypted and not monitored so we can be frank about what we’re doing. We put up some bullshit stuff on the other one, but this is the real thing we actually use.
Tyler: I’m the 5th guy? I thought there were ten guys chosen in this state?
Andrew: Technically the ten are already picked but they stagger it when they give out stud cards. We’ll have another member in like 1-3 months.
Tyler: Oh okay. So what’s this chat for exactly?
Jason: Give each other ideas, share our experience and such. Like this morning I smashed this cute 16 year old out of nowhere. Was grocery shopping and saw her. Long legs, blond hair, all in a mini skirt. Just had to get a baby up in that
Chad: Ignore Jason for now. He’s a bit more forward than anyone else.
Jason: Oh please like you all haven’t just went for it when you saw a hot one.
Tyler: Seems a bit much.
Chad: Yes, but not really. They knew what they were doing when they picked us. Jason just likes to brag.
Tyler: What do you mean they knew what they were doing?
Andrew: So everyone was tested, blood sample, sperm sample, and that questionaire you got. Obviously they needed above average fertile males who were healthy. But they also used the questionnaire to make sure we’d breed females.
Tyler: They did?
Chad: So in a normal civilized society, you’d probably never force yourself on any female. However, if given full permission to do so without consequences, you might be hesitant, but you’d still do it. It’s essentially in our personality or DNA. The thought of dominating, being powerful, and such. Not only are we willing but we enjoy it. They knew what they were doing when they chose us. That’s why you took a million questionnaires and did those virtual interviews with the quacks.
Jason: Have you really not just made someone do it?

Tyler thought for a moment. He never considered himself a rapist or anything of the sort. But after getting his stud card, he wasn’t being so hesitant anymore and certainly used his new found rank. He’d always been polite to any female, patient, kind, and never pressured anyone. But he couldn’t deny he was greatly enjoying his most recent experiences. Perhaps it was in him the whole time.

Tyler: I guess you’re right and I have been more, uh, aggressive
Chad: It’s alright, don’t be ashamed. They literally picked us for this purpose.
Andrew: They also believe we’re more likely to pick suitable matches.
Tyler: What do you mean?
Jason: We’re attuned to our natural instincts. We know which bitch we’re going to breed opposed to which ones we won’t.
Tyler: Bitch? Seems a little offensive.
Jason: Bitch is a term for a female dog, typically one used for breeding. It’s actually accurate. Every girl you breed is basically a bitch for you.
Tyler: Well I suppose so, but don’t you mean women?
Chad: Some of us do.
Jason: lol
Chad: What he means is we have different preferences. I’m guessing this was done on purpose to spread out who we’re impregnating.
Tyler: Really?
Andrew: Yeah, for example I like older ladies, like 30+
Chad: I seem to prefer mid 20’s
Tyler: Hmm, I guess I like college age for the most part lol
Jason: I like the mid to younger teens.
Tyler: I seemed to have guessed that.
Jason: I’ve been doing this for a year now and seeing their bellies bulge with what I put in them… Gets me excited thinking about it.
Chad: Ignore him, he’s a bit more out there than the rest.
Andrew: They messed up when they tested him.
Jason: Fuck you guys.

“It’s crazy, isn’t it?” Julie said, pulling Tyler out of his conversation.
“What is?” He asked.
Julie pointed to the tv where a commercial had just ended. Tyler had no idea what it was about though. “This program to help repopulate and fill in the missing gaps.”
Tyler felt alarmed. “Why do you say that? Was there a commercial for it? I wasn’t paying attention.”
“Yes there was. The normal stuff, saying this is for our future, it’s bigger than us, and such.” She explained.
“So you think it’s bullshit?” He said.
“Not entirely,” Julie confessed. “Truth is, our children are in trouble. If we don’t at least balance the population, my kids are going to be fighting for resources, because we won’t keep a civilization running. It’s not pretty, but after all the feminism and crap, no one wants to have a baby. But let’s be honest, we need a younger generation to support the older one and to keep things going.”
Tyler nodded. “It’s funny, when there were billions of people on the planet, they were worried about a small drop in population. But now it’s all real.” He paused for a moment, thinking. “But wouldn’t you be upset if someone got your kids pregnant?”
Julie took a while to respond. “It’s complicated. Of course not. I mean the twins are only 13, and I don’t want someone their age to go through that so young. Chloe on the other hand could handle it, but she’s very smart and doing so well in college. I think she could really make something of herself. Yet if they were to get pregnant now, at least I’d still be young enough to help them out and get them through it.”
Tyler merely nodded, which she seemed to take as a sign to continue.
“I know we definitely need to boost the population, or when my babies get older, they will be in trouble. I studied enough in school myself to know that we need a younger population to help support the old. Additionally, the numbers are very low in this country. If we don’t do something, it’ll turn into a dystopian wasteland. Critical business will shut down and soon it’ll be every man and woman for themselves. So we need babies. Do I want my kids to supply those babies? Of course not. But that is just me being selfish, yet I don’t know. I have thoughts that I don’t like sometimes.”
Tyler was slightly confused, feeling there was more. “What do you mean?”
“Well, don’t tell Chloe or the twins. But as it stands, part of me wishes the twins would have kids before Chloe. Maybe it’s because she’s my firstborn or something. But she’s doing well in school and like I said, she could really make something of herself. Her studies in biochemistry is what this world needs given the virus we all barely survived. Seeing Bud go through that was horrible. We could never hug or kiss him goodbye. Just watch on the other side of the glass as he faded away.”
Tyler knew that feeling. Bud was his best friend and he remembered watching him go from perfectly healthy to deceased in less than 48 hours. He barely held on for more than 24 hours before succumbing to the virus. The funeral was short and worse than a closed coffin funeral, it was a socially distanced funeral. No one could go near the coffin and to say it sucked was extremely inadequate for a description.
“I’m sure it’s what fuels Chloe as well,” Julie continued. “She’s done so well and gotten so far. I’d hate to see that ruined as she carries a child into this world. I’ve carried 4 into this world, I know what it does to you. It siphones your energy, it takes up your time, and changes you. So that part of my mind says if anyone, don’t let it happen to Chloe. But the twins are so young, so I obviously wouldn’t want that to happen to them. If it had to, I’d want it to be gentle and ease them into it. Does that make any sense?”
Tyler thought about it, and it did make sense. “I understand. If someone was going to do something to your family, especially the twins, you want them to be gentle and not grab them and just force their way with them.”
Julie seemed to think about this. “Yes, basically so. Ideally nothing would happen, but I know that isn’t necessarily the case. This is only the first program the government has laid out. I’m not naive enough to think there won’t be future programs if this doesn’t pan out. It might almost be better if they were to get knocked up now, if the guy wasn’t terrible.”
Tyler nodded, while all sorts of thoughts went through his head. He wasn’t sure how he felt. On the one hand, he was nearly handed a go ahead to impregnate the whole family. On the other hand he’d watch half these people grow. He was the one who taught Chloe to drive, for the most part. She still had to take her driver’s test, but at this point he felt confident she would pass. But he also had the ability, no, the right, to create life wherever he saw fit. He could breed the whole family if he wanted to. It was a lot to process and Tyler had to think about it. His morality stood in the way, but his libido had a very clear mind.
“Well hopefully if there is a guy in the area who can do it, they’ll be understanding,” he said.
“I certainly hope so. I feel like a bad mother for it,” Julie confessed as well.
“It makes sense,” he assured her. “It’s a very conflicting situation in your case.”
She made a non-committal noise and that seemed to end the conversation.
“Give me a minute, I’m going to grab water and then I’ll be back,” he said, getting up.
He walked towards the kitchen and saw Tessa knocking on the door of the bathroom far across the room. There was a response from what sounded like Jaylen and Tessa walked away. Since the house was mostly empty she walked over to the section of the house that was an addon. It had originally housed Bud’s parents and was essentially its own apartment. The section was cut off from the rest of the house and had only one entrance to and from, excluding one door to the outside directly. It held a bathroom that had likely not seen a lot of use overall since Bud’s parents had passed.
Tyler had an idea and let Tessa go into the apartment area. He waited a short while and followed. The first room in the house’s extension was a simple small room that used to lead to the back of the house, but ended up sealed off. The next was a living room that also had a kitchen that split into either the bathroom or bedroom. As such it was a good distance from the rest of the house, something Tyler had counted on. He was just walking toward the end of the hallway when he heard the bathroom door opening. Tyler managed to turn the corner into the living just as Tessa reached the hallway, nearly running into each other. Tessa
“Whoa,” he said, reaching out and grabbing her shoulders to hold her steady. “You okay?”
Feeling a bit off kilter, she replied, “Yeah, sorry.”
“Good,” he said with a smile. “We’re going for round two.”
Her eyes widened as she looked at him. “No, no way. I just cleaned that crap out of me.”
“I doubt you got it all,” he said with a smirk.
She scowled. “I got what I could. You left a mess down there.”
“Let’s make another one,” he replied, pushing her backwards towards the bedroom.
“No. Not again Tyler,” she said struggling against him. But the floor was a fake hardwood and slippery. Tyler was not only stronger but taller and no matter how hard she dug her heels, he slid her across the threshold past the kitchen area and into the bedroom.
“Look, we can do this the hard way where I physically make you, or you can do the easy way and submit.” He explained all this while managing to push her into the bedroom. “However, realize it is going to happen.”
Tessa stopped struggling suddenly. So sudden that Tyler nearly pushed her over and him on top of her. He gave her an inquisitive look as Tessa stared forward mulling over her options. She knew she’d never win and even though it was completely unfair and wrong, the law was on his side. “Would you report me to the police or whatever if I fought?” She asked, quietly.
“Nah, I’d just strip you and do you myself, however, I had to.”
She nodded as if he confirmed her thoughts. “Fine, but can we be quick?”
Tyler was surprised and almost thought it was a trick. But the look on her face told him everything. At first he was almost disappointed as he enjoyed the thought of going at it roughly. But the look was that of someone who’d been completely conquered and knew they’d lost. If anything, the look turned him on even more. The way she reached up and slowly took off her glasses methodically and placed them on a tv stand near the front of the bed, only confirmed what he saw.
He certainly didn’t want it to be quick but, on the other hand, people might get suspicious. “Yeah, I’ll make it quick.” Then he smirked again, “usually you girls are upset if it’s quick.”
“Usually, us girls aren’t being forced against our will,” she replied with a little fire in her voice. But then she began unbuckling her pants and turning around to bend over.
“Oh no, not that quick,” he said.
She turned around in response with a confused look. He placed both hands on her shoulders and firmly pushed her down to her knees. He quickly began undoing his own pants as she kneeled. “Oh please no. I don’t want to do this,” she whined.
He’d already pulled his dick out and pointed it at her mouth. “It’s not that bad. Besides, I still have some of you on me. Don’t you want to know how good you taste?”
Tessa made a disgusted face and started to say, “No, I don-” but Tyler forced his cock in. Her words began unintelligible as he implied her face and grabbed her head to stop her from pulling back. She looked up at him feeling pissed but knew there was nothing she could do. Once she’d gotten down on her knees she knew it was no use. Initially she tried to pull back but he’d grabbed her head and fucked it as if her pussy. She didn’t enjoy his hard member smashing into her throat and instead voluntarily took over trying to work him over. Soon he’d stopped thrusting and left her in charge. It was a very marginal win, but Tessa was willing to take whatever win she could get at this point.
“See, you’re a good girl, aren’t you?” He cooed while petting her hair and stroking her cheek. He felt accomplished in making her blow him without another struggle. He couldn’t pinpoint what the feeling was exactly. But controlling a girl and forcing them to submit her body to his will was extremely hot.
He’d wanted a wife before but every girl was always up on their high horse wanting a man who had ridiculous demands. He always didn’t make enough money, was too nice, didn’t drive the right car and such. So he switched to simply hooking up. That was surprisingly easier but he wouldn’t necessarily get anyone he wanted. But now he was free to use any girl’s body the way he saw fit as long as it was in the name of breeding. Even that in itself was still hot.
Tessa was running her tongue all around his cock, but wasn’t going very deep. He got tired of her only giving half of his length her attention and decided to take matters into his own hands. He grabbed her head and began ramming it into her mouth. Tessa’s eyes widened and she made noises that sounded like “uh uh,” but he didn’t let up. He was able to go much deeper now and it felt great. To say Tyler was enjoying this, was a huge understatement.
Tessa was miserable. He used her face the way her ex would pound her pussy. She took the abuse for some time until her throat began to hurt. She was about to push or punch Tyler when suddenly he pulled almost all the way out of her mouth, so just the tip was left inside. Then she shoved his dick to the back of her mouth and it pushed into her throat. It was so unexpected she could barely react.
“Make me happy and I’ll take it out,” he told her.
Tessa struggled for a moment and realized he was too strong. With no other options but to choke, she complied. Tessa tried massaging his cock with her tongue, running it up and down his shaft. It elicited a groan of pleasure but he didn’t pull out. Her air was running out and she could feel herself past the urge to choke and closer to puking. She re-doubled her efforts and doubted she even moved her tongue so fast in her life. Tessa wanted him to hurry and finish. She didn’t want him sticking his cock anywhere else inside her. However, she was terrified she’d pass out before he finished
Just when Tessa thought she could take no more, he finally pulled out completely which left her choking and coughing. But Tyler wasted no time and grabbed her hair, jerked her body around and threw her to the floor. She caught herself with her hands and Tyler took half a second to admire her ass sticking in the air. She had wide hips and it was very inviting. He wasted no more time kneeling behind and pulling the panties to the side. He plunged himself into her already wet pussy before she could stop coughing.
Tessa arched her back at the unexpected intrusion. Tyler took this opportunity to grab her hair and pull back, hard. She felt trapped, impaled by his cock while he bent her neck and head back as he began fucking her relentlessly. She was still trying to catch her breath and the angle didn’t help. She was helpless and immobile; there was nothing more she could do than remain there and take it from him.
“God, you’re good,” he moaned. “Now I know why your ex liked you so much. Your tight and always wet as fuck.”
“Just finish,” she managed to breathe. At this point she had no will left to fight. She wanted… Well a lot. For one she didn’t want him doing this and she definitely didn’t want him to cum inside. But reality had set in and there was nothing she was going to do about it.
“Oh I’ll be done in a moment,” he said, releasing her head. Instead he grabbed her hips and slammed into them as hard as he could. Tessa began making grunt noises every time he hit the back of her cervix. If anything that pushed him further along and nearly a minute later he let loose.
Grabbing Tassa’s hips, he thrusted inside as deep as possible and held himself there. Torrents of cum poured out into her unprotected womb for the second time that day. She felt it pulsating inside her. ‘God, if I wasn’t pregnant before, I am now,’ she thought drearily. In nine months her whole life would flip and she’d be another single mother. The process seem to go on forever. She couldn’t understand how he could have so much sperm left in him as he continued pulsating dumping load after load. Finally she had too much.
“Aren’t you fucking done?”
He grunted one more time. “There ya go.” He took a deep breath. “I would hope after two dumps you are pregnant now.”
“You’re disgusting,” was all she could reply.
He pulled out slowly and Tessa could feel the juices start to leak out. She began to get up but Tyler pushed her back down. The unexpected push caused her to fall flat on her face leaving her ass poking up in the air more than before. The sloshing inside her seemed to stop coming out.
Tyler reached down with his hand probing her pussy. “It’s really swollen. You actually enjoy it, don’t you?”
“No, I don’t,” she retorted.
“He moved his finger to her clit, circling it. Tessa let out an involuntary gasp. “It’s definitely bigger. You do like it!” He exclaimed. “You females all love this, don’t you? You like it when a man dominates you.”
“No one likes that.” Tessa replied quickly. However, a part of her mind began wondering. She liked being dominated when it was voluntary. However, she was against rape, but her body did like this. Was this really rape? Her mind was confused, her body was confused, and emotionally she felt distraught. What did she want? What did she like? She hated herself at the moment.
Tyler laughed hearing the doubt in her voice. It was like he was reading her mind. “If you say so.” He reached back down and shoved two fingers into her slit.
She felt the liquids move around to accommodate his fingers. She let out another grunt. “Okay, you’ve done me, you’re good. You put a fucking baby in me you asshole. Leave my body alone.”
He chuckled. “If you recall, once you’re pregnant you’re still mine. Sex during pregnancy helps for a good birth.”
Tessa pulled forward and his fingers slipped out. She quickly stood up. And regretted it. She immediately felt Tyler and her own mixture started dripping out of her pussy and down her legs. But she tried to ignore and keep her dignity. “I’m going to be fat and you’re going to fuck me?”
Tyler shrugged. “At least I can’t fuck another baby into you.”
Tessa merely scowled at him, which Tyler ignored. Instead he pulled up her pants, put his dick away and blew her a kiss. Without another word Tyler walked away.
Tessa stood there, cum dripping down her leg, wanting to cry. But she also didn’t want people to know she’d become his personal whore. She took a moment to compose herself and slipped back into the bathroom.
Tyler left and headed towards the bathroom near the main room where Jaylen had been. He went in and cleaned the juices off his cock. Twice in one day on a sexy 19 year old girl. He was feeling good. Afterwards he joined Julie on the couch.
“Long water break,” she remarked. There was nothing meant by it and Tyler knew that. Like Tyler, she had a tendency to joke around and lightly push buttons.
“Had to use the bathroom first. Then get water, which led to another bathroom break, but then I needed more water-”
“Ha ha ha, you’re very funny,” Julie responded. “At any rate my show is done, you want to play some games?”
For a few hours they played some casual games. Julie couldn’t manage more than Mario Kart, Mario Party, and the like. Her daughter Chloe came out and wanted to see if the rest of them could join. Tyler and Julie said it was fine, but when Chloe went back to ask them she came out a while later saying for some reason they didn’t want to. Julie shrugged it off, while Tyler smirked. Instead the twins Aya and Miranda joined them for some time. During the time Tyler felt the conversation with Julie, from earlier, buzzing around in his head. He, of course, didn’t do anything, but thoughts were still there.
The day was coming to an end finally and Tyler was finally getting ready to leave. He said his goodbyes and popped by Chloe’s room to say goodbye to them as well. Tessa mostly ignored him, but Jaylen gave a weak wave and Chloe said the only formal goodbye. He started heading towards the door to leave when Chloe suddenly came running out.
“Tyler!” She exclaimed, just as he opened the door to leave.
He turned around cautiously. “Yes?”
“Jaylen can’t get picked up tonight by her parents,” Chloe explained. “They’re apparently doing something and can’t get her. Do you think you could give Jaylen a ride home?”
Tyler smiled. “Sure I’d be happy to.”
“Perfect. Hold on, I’ll get her,” Chloe said quickly before disappearing. Tyler waited at the door until he heard Chloe’s voice again. “You know me, I always have a solution. Come on, I’ll show you.”
They both walked out and Jaylen stopped dead in her tracks.
“See,” Chloe announced, feeling proud. “Tyler can bring you home.”
“Uhm, I’m not so sure,” Jaylen stammered.
“Sure you are,” Tyler said adamantly, taking a step forward. “You wouldn’t mind if I took you back, right?” Chloe was already looking at Jaylen and didn’t notice the look Tyler gave her. It allowed for no argument. “Besides, if I don’t take you home, something bad could happen later on.”
Chloe looked back at Tyler inquisitively, but Tyler could tell by Jaylen’s face she understood. Tyler looked at Chloe. “What if she got stuck here and couldn’t get home to get to work tomorrow.”
Clarity spread over Chloe’s face. “Oh right.” She turned back to Jaylen. “See you should go now.”
Jaylen’s face fell. She knew what his threat was. He promised to not impregnate her if she allowed him to use her whenever and in whatever way he wanted. If she didn’t go with him now, he’d surely impregnate her next chance he got. Since they worked together it’d be much sooner than later, she knew. “Yeah, I’ll go. Let me get my stuff.”
Before Chloe could say another word, Jaylen disappeared. Chloe looked back at Tyler, “I’m not sure what’s going on with her. She’s been weird today shortly after getting here.”
Tyler shrugged. “I’ll get her home and maybe after a night’s rest she’ll feel better.”
“Yeah, maybe,” Chloe said.
A few moments later Jaylen and Chloe came out. Chloe said goodbye and soon Jaylen and Tyler were on their way. Tyler said nothing to Jaylen as they got in. She got in the passenger side and he started the car.
Finally Jaylen turned to Tyler. “Can you just bring me home? I really don’t want to do anything tonight. I’m tired.”
Tyler looked at her as he put the car in drive. “Why because your parents aren’t home?”
She sighed. “They’re always at some friend’s house or something.”
“Well unless you want to get pregnant tonight, I’m coming up to your bedroom voluntarily.”
For a moment panic set in on her face. “Please no.”
“We’ll worry about that when we get there. For now, unzip my pants. I’m needing some inspiration while I drive.”
She stared at his crotch and back to him, unwilling to move. She didn’t want to give him a blowjob in the car. She didn’t want to give him a blowjob at all. She wasn’t worried anyone would see. Chloe lived almost in the country and it was already dark out. Shejust didn’t want to do it. She didn’t feel anything for Tyler and her house was a distance away, she didn’t want to be doing that for the whole time.
Tyler gave her a look that was easily interpreted as “Well?”
She continued to stare back blankly. As Tyler stared her down. Finally he looked away. She took this as she’d won. He instead focused on the road, almost ignoring her. She breathed a sigh of relief and then suddenly Tyler swung the car onto a side road. She didn’t know much about this road and had never been down it. He drove down it for about 20 seconds before speaking.
“You know where this is, right?” She shook her head. “The house up here burned down a while ago. It’s a dead end.” He stopped the car just as he finished his sentence.
She looked at him confused as he unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. He left the door open and walked around the back of the car. Her car door opened up and he was standing right there. Without a word he reached over and pressed the button to undo her seatbelt.
“Get out,” was all he said.
“No, I don’t want to.”
Tyler merely sighed. “I guess you want to get pregnant.
“No, no. I don’t want that,” she pleaded.
He seemed to ignore the statement and pulled her out of the car. Jaylen barely put up a fight knowing it was essentially futile. She allowed herself to be essentially dragged out of the car. When she was finally standing upright, Tyler grabbed her shoulders and turned her around forcibly and moved her towards the passenger seat. He bent her forward until Jaylen was bent over the seat.
Realizing this was going to happen, she didn’t fight any further. Instead she pleaded, “please not inside. Just do it on my back.”
“You’re back?” Tyler laughed. He didn’t elaborate further and reached in front of her jeans and undid the button following by pulling her pants down quickly. “You should make you swallow this load.”
The idea was not at all pleasing to Jaylen. However, the idea of pregnancy was worse. “Can’t you just do it on my back?”
“I wouldn’t worry about it,” he replied, lining himself up with her pussy.
She felt his tip up against her entrance and tried making one final plea. “Just not inside please. Anything else you want. I’ll do-” Her words were cut off and she gave a sharp yelp as he plunged inside. Jaylen was not expecting it and it hurt. He didn’t go all the way in and pulled out quickly to the tip. This time Jaylen grabbed the edges of the seat and braced herself as he rammed himself back in.
The experience wasn’t exactly amazing for Tyler in the beginning. Jaylen wasn’t very wet and it went in with difficulty. But his annoyance and anger sustained him through as he pulled out and forced himself back in over and over. He continued slamming into her pussy so much that even her petite ass shook. He grabbed onto her hips and pushed his way inside until after several strokes he was all the way in slamming against her cervix. Tyler reached forward and grabbed her hair pulling her entire head back causing her whole body to react. Each thrust felt better than the last especially with the groans that escaped her lips.
“Not inside,” she pleaded once more.
Tyler hit her cervix and stopped balls deep in her. “If you insist,” he grunted.
He pulled his dick out completely. Tyler took his two fingers from his right hand and plunged them into her pussy. Jaylen didn’t react much, albeit she was more confused than anything. Using her juices he took his index finger and began trying to slide it inside her asshole. “No!” Tyler ignored her yell and continued moving the finger in and out, forcing its way in. He soon added the second finger and attempted to stretch her out. He pushed his cock back into her pussy as he continued fingering her ass.
Jaylen had never felt so full before. It could have almost been pleasurable if it wasn’t Tyler forcing her to go through this. She never had anything in her ass before and even two fingers seemed like far more. It stretched and pulled and hurt. Every inch felt like a mile inside her.
Even though two fingers seemed excessive, it only got worse. He pulled his cock out of her pussy and lined it up with her ass.
“Please no,” she whimpered.
With only the lube from her pussy, Tyler pushed into her ass. The pain was immense. Tyler forced his way in, centimeter by centimeter. Jaylen started to yell and Tyler pushed her face into the passenger seat, muffling her screams.
She tried lifting her head an inch to yell back. “It doesn’t fit, it won’t go in.”
But Tyler pressed in a bit more and soon his tip disappeared. Jaylen howled as Tyler pushed her head back down. But after a moment he stopped pushing and lifted her head. “Would you rather get pregnant?”
Jaylen didn’t make a sound. She stood there bent over, impaled and breeding heavily. Her body began perspiring from the exhaustion. Tyler took this as a sign and began wiggling himself inside her squeezing his way in. She started to yell out again but he shoved her face back into the seat. It became clear that Tyler wasn’t going to make it much further in and even he was starting to hurt a little.
Remaining inside Jaylen he leaned forward between the seat and door to reach for his backpack he kept in his car. He fished through the pockets a little bit with his hand until he found a small bottle. He pulled it out and pulled it and uncapped the bottle of lube. He drizzled a little onto his cock that wasn’t spearing Jaylen and some over her ass as well.
He pulled out slowly and pushed back in. Tyler moaned in pleasure, but Jaylen still cried out. Despite the lube it still felt like her insides were being torn open. But Tyler merely pushed her face back down and continued pounding her ass. He’d finally gotten to the point where he could go balls deep and feel her whole body wrapped around him. “God, you’re even tighter here,” he moaned. “I could just keep you around for ass fucking.”
Jaylen could feel his cock all the way up his ass. Her bowels either stretched or ripped to accommodate him. He moved so fast the already painful experience was searing. But worse yet she felt completely used; owned by this man. She was pinned, unable to move as his cock slammed back into her over and over again. It was similar to being paralyzed, feeling him split her open again and again. She couldn’t and didn’t dare to try and move in fear of making it worse. All she wanted was for it to end.
Soon her wish was granted and Tyler let out a loud groan. “You won’t get pregnant,” he managed to say as he plunged deep into her bowels as far as possible. Then she felt him twitch inside her and a warm wet feeling spread from within. Compared to everything else this was just icing on the cake. Tyler felt wave after wave of cum pour into her body. He didn’t think he had so much left in him but the excitement had built him up and he was unleashing torrent.
Finally Tyler slumped forward on top of Jaylen. She was left pinned and impaled, feeling much like a pig. Mercifully he began to shrink giving her some respite, though she was still very sore.
She felt like it couldn’t get much worse until Tyler whispered in her ear, “I just blew a whole daycare right up your ass.” It was the last thing she wanted to be reminded of. “At least you’re not pregnant.” He told her mockingly.
Jaylen said nothing and slowly Tyler eased out of her. His cum slowly trickled out of her ass and down her crack until it dripped onto the ground. Only a few seconds after Tyler pulled up her panties and pants sealing the rest inside. Jaylen tried to stand up right but found it hard. She awkwardly got herself into the car, feeling quite sore.
Tyler slid in the driver seat, his pants still unbuckled. “Now you’re going to suck on this on the way home or I’m coming up to your room when we get there.”
Unwillingly, Jaylen agreed and did so the entire ride back.

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    Part 4 is still on the way guys. Been having a few stuff going that’s been slowing me down. but I have plenty of content planned. A few have asked how to get in contact with me for suggestions and such. For those with suggestions and anything else you are able to email me [email protected].

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    Damn the twins just got thrown under the bus by their Mom even if unwittingly.

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    raped up the ass like a bitch should be!